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Fonds 173. Onslow Manuscripts, 1887 - 4 July 1906

Papers of Onslow Family of Clandon Park, Guildford.

Series 173/1. 5th Earl of Onslow. History of the Onslow Family. (typescript)

Filmed selectively.

Volume 4 pp. 1012-1103 (File)

The history quotes many of Onslow's letters and diary entries.

William Hillier, 4th Earl of Onslow: Office (Item Chapter 26)
William Hillier, 4th Earl of Onslow: New Zealand (Item Chapter 27)

Series 173/3-26. Correspondence of the 5th Earl of Onslow, 1887 - 1907

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence, 1887 - 1892 (File 173/6)

Items include:...

R. Seddon (Wellington) to Onslow, 23 March 1892 (File 3)

Hopes Onslow will retain Hon. Colonelcy of Canterbury Yeomanry Cavalry.

J. Chamberlain to Onslow, 20 April 1896 (File 31)

Recommendation by Onslow of honour for Sir Francis Bell.

Papers on defences of New Zealand and Australia, (23p., printed), 1900 (File 79)
T.C.M. Notes on Australian naval defence, (16p., typescript), 21 January 1901 (File 80)
Lord Roberts to Military Secretary, 2 October 1901 (File 87)

Delay in filling Australian Command due entirely to Australian Government.

Admiralty paper on naval defence of Australia and New Zealand, (7p., printed), June 1902 (File 11)
E.A. Altham (War Office). Colonial troops for Imperial service in War, (9p., printed), 25 November 1901 (File 12)
Sir Edmund Barton to Onslow, 29 July 1902 (File 22)

Inspection by King of Australian Contingent.

Sir Alfred Milner (Johannesburg) to Onslow, 10 September 1902 (File 24)

Land settlement in South Africa; value of Australian and New Zealand experiences.

Onslow to J. Chamberlain, [1902]-12-13 (File 30)

Offer of Governorship of western Australia to Sir Frederick Lugard; Governor of South Australia; South African affairs. (copy)

Onslow to J. Chamberlain, [1902]-12-20 (File 31)

Colonial Office affairs; Governorship of Western Australia.

Papers on Canterbury Acclimatisation Society (Christchurch) and importation of game into New Zealand, (12p.), 1904 (File 4-10)
R. Seddon (Sydney) to Onslow, 9 June 1906 (File 85)

Introduces Dr Chapple of Wellington, interested in flax industry.

J. Chamberlain to Onslow, 4 July 1906 (File 93)

Thanks for material on New Zealand legislation; hopes it will contain suggestions for Party's social programme.

Series 173/24. Papers of Richard Onslow, Lord Cranley, 9 March 1904

Filmed selectively.

Onslow to Lord Cranley, 9 March 1904 (File 80)

Political affairs; negotiations with France on Newfoundland and New Hebrides; fears there will be great row in Australia over New Hebrides.

Series 173/26. Miscellaneous Papers, 12 November 1888 - 23 January 1905

Filmed selectively.

Lord Knutsford to Onslow, 18 July [n.y.] (File 48)

Onslow's request for colonial governorship; New Zealand proposes to cut down governors' salaries.

Lord Rosebery to Onslow, 12 November 1888 (File 50)

Congratulations on appointment to New Zealand.

Lord Spencer to Onslow, 23 January 1889 (File 51)

Congratulations on appointment to New Zealand.

Lord Carnarvon to Onslow, 31 January 1889 (File 53)

Best wishes for New Zealand.

Lord Wolseley to Onslow, 22 October 1891 (File 54)

Appointment of Captain. Fox to command New Zealand forces.

A.J. Balfour to Onslow, 22 September 1891 (File 55)

Indifferent to attacks from Antipodes; possibility of capital being diverted from New Zealand.

J. Chamberlain to Onslow, 23 January 1905 (File 72)

Thanks for letter of Lady Onslow which confirms impressions received from Australian officials; A. Lyttelton might be unaware of importance of private correspondence with governors.

Series 173/28. Letters to Lord Onslow, 14 May 1887 - 19 November 1891

Filmed selectively.

Lord Knutsford to Onslow, 27 September 1888 (File 8)

Offers Governorship of New Zealand; salary.

Lord Knutsford to Onslow, [1891]-10-13 (File 9)

Offers Governorship of Queensland; New Guinea problem; success could lead to Governship of N.S.W. or Victoria.

Sir Michael Hicks-Beach to Onslow, 25 October 1888 (File 11)

Governorship of New Zealand; Onslow's work at Board of Trade; recommends J. Fortescue as private secretary.

Lord Knutsford to Onslow, 1 November 1888 (File 12)

Approval by Queen of appointment.

Sir Henry Holland to Onslow, 14 May 1887 (File 13)

Proposes K.C.M.G. for Onslow for his work for Colonial Conference.

Lord Knutsford to Onslow, [1891]-11-13 (File 14)

Onslow's resignation; excellent work in New Zealand.

Sir Robert Herbert to Onslow, 19 November 1891 (File 15)

Onslow's resignation.

Series 173/46. Journal of Richard Onslow of travels in Europe, Asia, Australasia, 1889 - 1890

Filmed selectively.

Brief account of visit to Australia and New Zealand, 1889 - 1890 (File f.6-18)

Referring to Adelaide, Sydney, Wellington, Nelson, Milford Sound.

Fonds 1274. Papers of Gammon Family of Guildford, 1922 - 1941

Series 1274/54. Letters from Arthur and Fred Gammon (Kaikohe, New Zealand) to Harold Gammon (Guildford), 1922 - 1941

The letters, which mostly date from 1928-1933, describe conditions on a soldier's settlement farm, referring to wool sales, stock, bank interest, financial problems, impact of Great Depression, World War II, and general family news. (14 letters)

Fonds LG 1629. Papers of Jacobs Family, 21 October 1908

Series LG 1629/14. Programme of Guildford Institute, 21 October 1908

Refers to lecture by G.J. Jacobs on Australasian colonies, including description of Guildford, Western Australia. (8p.)

Fonds RB 1228. Papers of Ware Family of Farnham, 1854 - 1 April 1912

Series Box 5 Bundle 1. Letters to K. Ware from former boys of Ragged Schools and Shoeblack Society, 1854 - 1 April 1912

Filmed selectively.

J. Hall (Melbourne) to Ware, 1854 - 1856 (File)

Wages; family news; gratitude for help. (2 letters)

R. Herbert (Kiama, N.S.W.) to Ware, 30 January 1858 (File)

Voyage to Australia; Sydney 'most dangerous place to morals and spiritual well-being'; purchase of property at Kiama; churches.

C. Restieaux (Clutha, Lyttelton) to Ware, 1857 - 1864 (File)

Voyage to New Zealand; family news; financial affairs; churches near Christchurch; life at diggings; wages; work on Evening Mail; introduces friends; marriage; trade depression; losses in fires; Shoeblack Society; Illustrated London News; Maoris. (22 letters)

R. Restieaux (Christchurch) to Ware, 1860 - 1865 (File)

Family news; British ignorance of New Zealand; rents; prices; Lyttelton and countryside; weather; Maori War; plans of returning to England. (4 letters)

J. Haworth (Beechworth) to Ware, 14 October 1859 (File)

Life at Ovens River diggings; family news.

W. Pocktor (Toowoomba) to Ware, [1865] (File)

Voyage to Australia; work at railway works; weather.

Series Box 6. Journal of Reverend Martin S. Ware of a journey to Newfoundland, Canada, California, Fiji, Australia and New Zealand, (typescript), 25 October 1911 - 1 April 1912

Filmed selectively.

Journal (Extract), 25 October 1911 - 1 April 1912 (File pp.71-170)

The journal describes journeys in Fiji and the people, villages, houses, dances and countryside; life in the Australian bush near Dubbo, including church services, aboriginal camps, kangaroos, and the summer heat; the Blue Mountains; travels in the North Island of New Zealand, fishing, church services, railways, meeting with Sir Joseph Ward; descriptions of Melbourne, Camperdown, Adelaide, Perth; voyage home to England.