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Series 6. Newspapers and newscuttings, 1891-1952

All of the newscuttings in the collection that do not relate to subject activities or events that form the basis of other series are in Series 6. The majority of the cuttings form subject files, which have been arranged alphabetically. A number of the files were formed by Hughes or his secretaries, and these have been added to and new files created where the presence of loose cuttings warranted...

Hughes, W. M., 1921-1959 (File 32) - folder 32

Comprises items 1466-1541.

Billy Hughes and C. Lloyd Jones in luncheon tete-a-tete. [picture].
Fifty four years in Parliament--and still going strong. [picture].

Series 10. Photographs, c.1865-1950s

Most of the photographs in the Hughes papers are in this series. The remainder are in Series 1 (enclosures to some general correspondence), Series 22, Series 23, Series 24, and Series 35 (photographs taken on overseas trips), Series 28 (file on 1917 elections), Series 40 (1938 New Guinea trip), Series 46 (Advisory War Council meeting), and Series 48 (Indonesian and Northern Territory files)...

Photographs, c.1865-1940s (File 1) - folder 1

Includes family and official photographs and some travel postcards...

Portrait of Billy Hughes on horseback [picture].
Billy Hughes with family members (?) standing by a river. [picture].

Postcards, 1900s-1938 (File 2) - folder 2

Mainly travel postcards from England and Egypt...

Portrait of Helen Hughes as a child in bonnet and long mittens with a small posy. [picture].

Photographs, 1927-1938 (File 3) - folder 3

Includes family and official photographs...

Billy Hughes in golfing attire, with three other golfers [picture].
Autographs of those who took part in the First Empire broadcast, Station 2F.C., Sydney. [picture].
Portrait of Billy Hughes walking along footpath [picture].
Billy Hughes sitting with two children and holding teddy bear. [picture].
Portrait of Billy Hughes standing, leaning against Austin Six [picture].

Photographs, 1860s-1940s (File 4) - folder 4

Includes a portrait of Hughes aged around four; his parents; portraits of his daughter, Helen as a child and with her father at the Sydney Cricket Ground possibly in the 1930s...

Billy Hughes with daughter Helen Hughes at Sydney Cricket Ground [picture].

Photographs and postcards, 1880-1939 (File 9) - folder 9

Includes studio portraits of Hughes; the first Legislative Assembly of New South Wales, 1880 and postcards from Gibraltar and Hawaii...

Portrait of Billy Hughes as a young man [picture]

Series 24. 1919 Paris Peace Conference, 1918-1919

Hughes and Sir Joseph Cook were Australia's representatives in the British delegation to the Peace Conference in Paris held from January to July 1919. In addition, Hughes was Australia's representative at meetings of the Council of Ten and one of the vice-presidents of one of the committees the Council set up, the Reparations Commission. His two lasting achievements at Paris, acknowledged by most writers on the Peace Conference, were the exclusion of a racial equality clause implying free migration from the preamble to the Covenant of the League of Nations, and the virtual annexation for Australia of New Guinea under a 'C' class mandate...

Subseries 24-1. Correspondence, 1918-1919

The correspondence includes letters, cables, telegrams, memoranda and copies of replies. This correspondence refers to a large number of subjects such as aspects of the various Allies' attitudes to the peace conditions, the exploration of Papuan oil fields, the Belgian war effort, the proposed International Hydrographic Conference, demobilisation, recommendations for honours, war memorials, an Australian air force, the purchase of ships, the supply of wool and wheat to Great Britain, the establishment of oil refineries in Australia, and trade with Italy...

Correspondence, notes, telegrams and postcards, January 1918-April 1919 (File 1)

Comprises items 1-118.

Letter from (Lord) Robert Crewe to Alfred Deakin, 21/8/1908. First page only.
Correspondence, cables, notes and memorandum, May-July 1919 (File 2)

Comprises items 119-243.

Letter from Lloyd George to William Hughes, 10/5/1919.