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Rex Nan Kivell
Album of Manuscripts of Australasian and Pacific Interest collected by Rex Nan Kivell
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MS 4246
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Item Descriptions

Opinion on payment to Comptroller of Mint, 21 July 1815 (Item 1)

Banks, Sir Joseph; Transcript of letter; No original

[No item at this number] (Item 2)

Description of Island Juan Fernandoes, No date (Item 3)

Unknown; Log entry; Notes made over 3 mths.

Proposed letter to Vice Admiral Saunders, 19 Oct 1761 (Item 4)

Anson, 1st Lord of Admiralty; Letter; Proposed base near Gilbraltar

To Capt Michael Seymour re loss of HMS Challenger, 1835, off Chile, 12 July 1835 (Item 5)

Fitz[gerald], Robert Capt. ; Letter

Forwarding a letter to Sir Joseph Banks, 1 Dec 1801 (Item 6)

Parkinson, R. to his brother John; Letter

Appointing Thomas Madocker, 13 Aug 1715 (Item 7)

Bingley, Lord Robert; Power-of-Attorney

Witnessed by Barron Field, Judge of Supreme Court, Sydney, 2 Apr 1817 (Item 8)

Jamieson, John; Sworn oath [duplicate]; Re no public employment 30 June 1816 to 31 Mar 1817

To Captain Kent, Dec 1794 (Item 9)

Chatham, Lord; Letter; Re command of vessel

Order to pay Israel Hyams for leather, 6 May 1839 (Item 10)

Franklin, John, Lt. Gov.of Tasmania ; Order-to-pay

Peter Atkins' death sentence commuted to transportation for life to NSW, 4 Aug 1807 (Item 11)

George III, King of England; Royal pardon

Accepting invitation to British Museum, undated (Item 12_12a)

Bligh, Admiral of The Bounty; Acceptance; 12a is a rough transcription

To G Linnecare? for purchase of books, 19 Nov 1845 (Item 12b)

Gould, John; Receipt; Australian birds and mammals

Proposed improved method for victualling the poor, 20 May 1791 (Item 13a)

Forrest, Thos. to Dundas, Rt. Hon.Henry; Letter

Receipt of certificates from Deputy Commissioner General, 24 Aug 1815 (Item 13b)

Macquarie, L, Governor of NSW; Acknowledgement

To Rev Samuel Marsden for annual salary, 31 Dec 1825 (Item 14a)

Taber, Thomas Snr.; Receipt

Presenting book to [General] Sir [James]Willoughby [Gordon], 25 Jan 1839 (Item 14b)

Mitchell, T.L.; Letter; Second edition of Thomas Mitchell's book on Australia

To John Holland, 29 Mar 1821 (Item 15)

Bennet, George, The Missionary Circumnavigator; Letter

To Sir Joseph Banks, 11 Nov 1798 (Item 16)

Raven, Edward; Letter; Conveying 2 Wilkinsons to NSW

To John Malley, Public Auditors, London, 24 Nov 1821 (Item 17)

Macquarie, L Governor; Letter; Re cost of shipping troops to India in May 1821

Signature certified by Falkenstein, 14 May 1841 (Item 18)

Kosciuszko, General; Address

To William Wilberforce M.P., 14 July 1813 (Item 19)

Southey, Robert; Letter; Sth Seas colonisation

Provisioning Grenville In St John's Harbour, Newfoundland and (on reverse) transiting Catwater, 19 June 1764 and 4 Dec 1764 (Item 20)

Cook, James; Letter

To [ William Pitt, Ist Earl of Chatham], 27 Apr 1766 (Item 21)

Keppel, Admiral Viscount; Letter; Linked to Capt. Cook.

To Hoole, Rev. Elijah, Wesleyan Mission, London, 21 Oct 1852 (Item 22a)

[Boyan, W.B.]; Letter; [Ecclesiastical secession in NZ]

To Bickerton, Sir Richard, undated [pre- 1792] (Item 22b)

Sandwich, Lord; Signature

From a report of a burial of Captain St. George on 6 Oct 1869 at Pouto, near Te Porere, Lake Rotoaira, NZ., undated (Item 23a)

Extract; Reference to a burial following engagement with Te Kooti on 4 Oct1869 during Maori War 1868-1870

Paper taken from bottle at burial site in 23a, 4 Oct 1869 (Item 23b)

St. George, Capt. John Chapman; Record of death; Body removed to Napier 1871

Offering Thomas Hustler's letter for sale, 6 Sept. [?] (Item 23c)

May, F. Miss; Letter; See 23d

Details of and comments on the will of Captain Cook's widow, Elizabeth Cook, 16 June [18]35 (Item 23d)

Hustler, Thomas; Letter; Includes transcription of 23c & 23d and copy of Elizabeth Cook's will

Members of the royal entourage of King and Queen of Sandwich Islands on visit to England, 17 June 1824 (Item 24 a&b)

Boki, Kapihe and Kuanaoa; Autographs; King and Queen died of measles and were returned home on H.M.S Blonde commanded by Lord Byron

Seeking reference for brother Frederick, 30 Oct 1829 (Item 25a)

Westmacott, Richard Sir; Letter

South Sea Annunities, Midsummer 1811 (Item 25b)

Hackett; Receipt

Comments on a bust of W. Gray, undated (Item 25c)

Westmacott, Richard Sir; Letter

Bearer of parcel of silk from friend in Falkland Islands - duty to be paid, 24 May 1854 (Item 27a)

[Selwyn], G.A., Bishop of N.Z.; Letter; Selwyn signed his name "G.A. NZealand"

Missionary, 10 Sept 1850 (Item 27b)

Williams. John; Letter

Small autographs with notes of his voyage in the Astrolabe., 13 Jan 1905 (Item 28)

D'Urville Dumont, Navigator; Entry from Log

To Pennant Thomas, Explorer and Scientist, 2 Mar 1784 (Item 29a)

[Jonter] George; Letter

Requesting payment of seamen's wages, 18 June 1789 (Item 29b)

Wallis, Samuel; Invoice

Description of 29b with note on Wallis (Item 29c)


Refers to paapers at 23b, 12 Jan 1931 (Item 29d)

Hill,W.; Note; Reference to 23b

[No item at this number] (Item 30)

Copied 24 Aug1866 by I. Balen, 3 Aug 1866 (Item 31a)

Williams, Henry, Missionary; Letter [copy]; Arrived in NZ in 1823

To Mr Smith [William James Smith], 12 Mar 1831 (Item 31b)

Phillips, Molesworth Colonel; Letter; Phillips killed Cook's assassin

[No item at this number] (Item 32)

To a prospective female colonist to New Zealand, 19 May 1851 (Item 33a)

Manners, John; Letter

Re a specimen of [Cerems?] wood, 8 Dec 1851 (Item 33b)

Hooker, W.J., Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew; Letter

[Perhaps, description of attire; turban etc, 24 Feb 1793 (Item 34a&b)

Banks, Joseph Sir; Letter

To Buckland Dr Wm. Oxon., 22 Apr 1831 (Item 35)

Pentland, I.B.; Letter; Specimens from Australia

Author of "Out in the Open" on NZ birds, 18 Aug 1884 (Item 37a)

Potts, Thomas H.; Letter

Re failure to issue carte d'éntre to Mr Campbell for Her Majesty's birthday, 3 June 1885 (Item 37b)

Parkes, Henry; Letter

To Hughes introducing Mr F. Abigail M.P., 4 Feb 1890 (Item 37c)

Parkes, Henry; Letter

Re funding for Samoan dictionary, 11 July 1882 (Item 37d)


To Pratt, Dr. on "Polynesia' entry for Encyclopaedia Britannica, 22 Sept 1884 (Item 37e)


Thomas Truman for £546/17/6, 11 Dec 1735 (Item 38a)

New South-Sea Annuities; Stock certificate

First stone engraving by W. Wyatt Jnr, 1 Feb 1905 (Item 38b)

Bachelor's Ball at Whites; Ball Ticket; Reverse certified by Wyatt on 12 Aug 1868

Molyneux, George William for £440, 7 Feb 1801 (Item 38c)

New South-Sea Annuities; Stock certificate

By order of Governor Gipps, 6 Sept 1845 (Item 39a)

Wells, Joseph who served 7 years; Certificate of Freedom

Stawell, Victoria for £1.for 1 year, 17 July 1862 (Item 39b)

Keogh, Laurence Frederick; Miner's Right

To Crown Lands Office, Perth, 26 Aug 1886 (Item 40)

Forrest, John, Explorer of W.A.; Letter; No enclosure with letter

To Geoge Hammersley (his father), 4 Feb 1838 (Item 41a)

Hammersley, John; Letter; From Leviathan Convict Hulk, Portsmouth

"Traces of worship of the Sun", undated (Item 41b)

Flinders, Matthew, Capt. R.N.; Log extract

Request for six foolscap folio books, 16 July 1835 (Item 42)

Hill, Rowland, Secretary, South Australian Commission, 1833-39; Letter; Hill was also a reformer of the postal system

To A.W.Senior, 1 Apr 1837 (Item 43a)

Torrens, Robert, Political Economist; Letter; Said to be the discoverer of principle of comparative advantage in international trade 2 years (1815) before David Ricardo

To Syman, G.J. re meteorological instruments for W.A. Government, 17 Feb 1886 (Item 43b)

Todd, Charles of Overland Telegraph; Letter

[No item at this number] (Item 44)

To Sir John Franklin, 4 Dec 1837 (Item 45a)

Fry, Elizabeth; Letter; Transcription available

To Miss Craig mentioning Australia, 19 Sept 1864 (Item 45b)

Nightingale, Florence; Letter

Quartermaster General, 19 Jan 1814 (Item 46a)

Macquarie, Lachlan, Governor; Letter

Entitlement to lottery for lot of land, Oct 1848 (Item 46b)

Campbell, A; Ticket for Lottery

Explaining why he berthed at Plymouth, 26 Apr 1725 (Item 46c)

Sherwin, Robert, Captain; Letter

Death sentence of Wm. Meldrum commuted, 18 Dec 1800 (Item 46d)

King George III & Duke of Portland; Pardon

Order to hang named convicts and stay execution on others also named, 6 Jan 1786 (Item 46e)

Adair, James, Recorder; Order re convicts

Aboard The Circumnavigator, 5 Oct 1775 (Item 46f)

Cook, James, Lieutenant; Autograph

Quartermaster General, 4 Mar 1814 (Item 47a)

Macquarie, Lachlan, Governor; Letter

Quartermaster General, 24 Mar 1814 (Item 47b)

Macquarie, Lachlan, Governor; Letter

Arriienorre?, Ariifaaite?, Teriimaivarua? (King of Bora Bora), 1858? (Item 48a)

Tahiti chiefs and royalty; Autographs

[Untitled], 28 Oct 1858 (Item 48b)

O'Brien, William S.; Autograph

Tahitian text, undated (Item 48c)

Pomare V; Autograph

Sentence in Tahitian, undated (Item 48d)

Iaora naoutou ite Atua(?); Autograph; Translation: Greetings to you in the lord.

Maori King, S.S. Sorato, June 1884 (Item 48e)

Tawhiao; Autograph; Tawhiao was the second Maori king, and important chief of the Tainui tribes, 1850s-1880s ; a very significant document

Chief of influence at fortification Wyna?, undated (Item 48f)

Ko Kerewaro Tepuna; Autograph; Translation: Name Kerewaro ; Te Puna could be a place name or a surname?

Letter 20 July, 1881, 23 Feb 1905 (Item 49a)

Papaihia Tamatoa; Autograph; Papaihia Tamatoa ie. Pomare V

certified by Capt. A. Candelot at Tahiti, 10 Dec1868 (Item 49b)

Pomare IV; Autograph

S. Maram, Library Keeper, Lincolns Inn, 8 June 1818 (Item 49c)

McArthur, I for fee to London Bar; Receipt

Hing of Sandwich Islands, 1824? (Item 50a)

King Tamehamalu Eli; Autograph

Queen Dowager of Sandwich Islands, 7 Feb 1905 (Item 50b)

Emma(?); Autograph

In presence of Hugh Ley, Physician to Their Majesties, July 1824 (Item 50c)

Written by Queen of Sandwich Islands; Sandwich Island Hierarchy ; Signatures of Bishops of Carlyle, Ely and Chester on reverse

Enclosing £150 to Prof. R.Owen FRS for publication of Fossil Mammals of Australia, 10 July 1874 (Item 51)

Parkes, Henry, NSW Colonial Secretary; Autograph; Draft reply from Prof. Owen on spare page

Response to request for freight rates to NZ, 11 Feb 1853 (Item 52a)

To Simpson, John, Bookseller; Letter

Quote for passage to NZ, 19 Mar 1853 (Item 52b)

Henry Willis & Co., London; Letter

To Clarkson, Bishop of Nebraska, 23 June 1879 (Item 53a&b)

Martin, William; Letter

To Friend Mr. Cooper, 29 Aug 1864 (Item 53c)

Hare Pomare, Chief of Nga Puhi tribe, North Island, NZ; Letter

To Editor of "Sphere", 4 Sept. 1901 (Item 54a)

Markham, Sir Clements, Pres. of Royal Geographical Society; Introduction; Sent from Norway

To Chapman Hall, London, 14 Feb 1873 (Item 54b)

Tauchnitz, Bernhard, Publisher, Leipzig; Letter; Payment for Trollope's "Australia"

To Gardiner, "Parson of Cotton?", Yorkshire, 25 July 1859 (Item 55a)

Patteson, J.C., Auckland; Letter; Patteson campaigned against "blackbirding" in S.W. Pacific

To his cousin Pena re Apr Fool's joke, 1 Apr 1856 (Item 55b)

Patteson, J.C., Auckland; Letter

To Mrs Frere, 4 June 1850? (Item 55c)

[obscure]; Letter

[No item at this number] (Item 56)

[No item at this number] (Item 57)

Appointment of an Attorney, 8 Nov 1721 (Item 58a&b)

Cowper, Lord Chancellor; Sealed document

Respite of execution of David Guoss and John Whitaker, 7 Oct 1777 (Item 59a)

To Sheriffs of London and Middlesex; Official order

Paying interest from Exchequer, 24 Dec 1722 (Item 59b)

Cowper, Lord Chancellor; Official receipt

[No item at this number] (Item 60)

Certified by Charles Heaphy, Trust Commissioner, Native Lands Fraud Prevention Act, New Zealand, 10/3/1879, 5 Nov 1878 (Item 61)

Between Hema Te Ao and Ropata Te Ao and James Gear; Conveyancing

[No item at this number] (Item 62)

To Mr Catrwright re Australian rights to his play suggesting lunch at Café Royal, undated (Item 63a&b)

Wilde, Oscar; Letter

To Gilmour re appointment with Capt.Tigard, 14 May, ? (Item 63c)

Scott, Robert Falcon Capt.; Letter

[No item at this number] (Item 64)

Advising client of availability of new books, 21 June 1797 (Item 65a_c)

de Boffe, J.[ French book dealer?]; Letter [French}; Includes a typed transcript

[No item at this number] (Item 66)

To General Dugua, Commander at Cairo, 27 Aug 1799 (Item 67a_c)

Tempié; Letter; Includes typed transcript

[No item at this number] (Item 68)

[No item at this number] (Item 69)

[No item at this number] (Item 70)

To Owen Esq., College of Surgeons, 25 June 1837 (Item 71a)

Grey, George [later Gov of NZ]; Letter; Collection of specimens

To Rolfe, S?, E?,, 10 Jan 1838 (Item 71b)

Chute, N?, Meggett?; Letter; NZ colonisation

[No item at this number] (Item 72)

Pay dividend to Mr Philip Booth, 30 Nov 1722 (Item 73a)

To Treasurer of South Sea Co.; Order to Pay

To Treasurer of South Sea Co., 15 Sept 1904 (Item 73b)

Earl of Grantham; Deposit of funds

To Accountant General, South Sea Co., 18 Jan 1724 (Item 73c)

Lord Clarendon; Dividend Payment

To Accountant General, South Sea Co., 18 Feb 1724 (Item 73d)

Trotman?; Dividend Payment

To Accountant General, South Sea Co., 30 Mar 1722 (Item 73e)

Trotman?; Dividend Payment

To Treasurer of South Sea Co., 22 June 1721 (Item 73f)

Drake, Tratten; Dividend Payment

Re paper of member to be read to Royal Society, 10 Jan 1794 (Item 74)

Banks, Joseph Sir; Letter

To George Chelmer, Office for Trade, 25 May 1798 (Item 75a)

Banks, Joseph Sir; Letter; Re Thos. Chapman's petition

To Jourdan Fils re wine order and quality, 14 Oct 1817 (Item 75b)

Banks, Joseph Sir; Letter

[No item at this number] (Item 76)

"Elements of Opposition", undated (Item 77a)

Nelson, Horatio Viscount; Frontispiece

[Untitled], 30 Aug 1839 (Item 77b)

Duke of Wellington; Autograph

Calling out the troops, 4 Aug 1831 (Item 77c)

Duke of Wellington; Letter

To J.H.Piele re who shot his horse, 1 Sept 1801 (Item 77d)

Duke of Wellington, Arthur Wellesley; Letter

[No item at this number] (Item 78)

To Isaac Clayton, 4 Aug 1800 (Item 79a)

Vasey, Rev Thos.; Letter

To Mr Flockton, 5 Sept 1868 (Item 79b)

Prout, John Skinner; Letter; Australian lithographer

[No item at this number] (Item 80)

To Buller, Walter Sir, re portrait of Major and Mrs Kemp. Thanks Buller for translating letter from Rarai, glad they are pleased with "ahua" (appearance). Will do 3 pictures for 20 pounds. Will paint him as "the Tohunga" instead of the full length portrait., 24 July 1895 (Item 81a)

Lindauer, Gottfried, Painter of Tohunga Maoris; Letter; Walter Buller was a politician, amateur ethnologist and scientist. Major Kemp (Kepa Te Rangihiwinui of Whanganui) was a captain in loyalist forces in the wars of the 1860s.

To Buller, Walter Sir, congratulates him on his "victory over the government" over his estate at Papaitonga. "I would be delighted if you could bring Miss Parata with you on Monday next or some other model which would suit the subject best you want me to paint".E166, 8 May 1899 (Item 81b)

Lindauer, Gottfried, Painter of Tohunga Maoris; Letter

[No item at this number] (Item 82)

John Austen's death sentence commuted to transportation to NSW for life, 15 Sept 1825 (Item 83)

George IV & Robert Peel; Royal pardon

[No item at this number] (Item 84)

Later Governor General of India, 1827-32 (Item 85a_f)

Auckland, Lord, 1st Lord of Admiralty; Letters/envelope

To Morice re loss of painting " Talboum", undated (Item 86)

Gauguin, Paul; Letter

Describing a fishing trip in primitive setting, undated (Item 87)

Unknown: Gauguin?; Narrative

[No item at this number] (Item 88)

[No item at this number] (Item 89)

Order to pay from Treasury, 15 Sept 1721 (Item 90)

Walpole, R; Edgecombe,R; Onslow; Autographs

Land transfer certified by Alexander Mackay, 6 May 1879 (Item 91)

Tamati Ranapiri, Maori Chief; Deed

[No item at this number] (Item 92)

[No item at this number] (Item 93)

To Miss Charlotte Stapleton, 8 May 1827 (Item 94)

Oxford, Charles; Letter/envelope

[Untitled], 14 Feb 1873 (Item 95a)

Smith, Samuel ; Letter

Re a Bank Post Bill, 3 Jan 1822 (Item 95b)

Peel, Robert; Letter

To Gordon, 10 Mar 1813 (Item 95c)

2nd Earl of Rosslyn d. 1837; Letter

Re transporting official papers, 14 Apr 1820 (Item 95d)

Palmerston, Lord; Letter

Colony of Victoria, John Hall, 24 June 1865 (Item 96a)

Issued to Isaacson, Samuel; Miner's Right

"Tamihana a NZ chief in the Church Missionary College [Islington?] For education at his own expense". In his own hand: "Entered it in June 1851 and left England the 22nd July 1852. Tamihana Te Rauparaha, Otaki, Niu Tireni, written by himself"., uncertain (Item 96b)

Tamihana Te Rauparaha; Autograph; Tamihana Te Rauparaha is the full name of the son of the famous Ngati Toa chief. Otaki, home just north of Wellington.

Transfer of land at Wellington, NZ., 2 July 1880 (Item 97a-b)

Signed by several Maori Chiefs; Deed of Transfer

Deputy Chief Chamberlain in trial of Warren Hastings: on 43rd day of Warren Hastings' trial, [1787] (Item 98)

Burrell, Peter, 1st Baron Gwydyr [Inscribed with "Sydney"- perhaps Lord Sydney]; Coat of Arms; Hastings' trial began in Commons in 1787 and lasted 148 days;acquitted by Lords in 1795

To Eliser re Newgate Report, 27 Dec 1904 (Item 99)

Fry, Elisa; Letter

[Untitled], 26 Nov 1904 (Item 100)

Sketch of Point Venus, Island of Otaheiti; Copy of painting of "Point Venus", Is. of Otaheiti; Photocopy only

To Edward Parkins, 16 Nov 1821 (Item 101)

Kater, Henry Capt.; Letter

[No item at this number] (Item 102)

To Messrs [?], Palmer Bentson, 1 Dec 1851 (Item 103)

Whitehead, Capt., Hobart Town; Letter

Letter to NZ editors explaining why collection left to Australia rather than to NZ., 17 Jan 1959 (Item 104)

Nan Kivell, Rex de C.; Letter

To Rex Nan Kivell re non-visit, 22 June 1959 (Item 105a)

Menzies, Robert; Letter

To Rex Nan Kivell re congratulations, 13 Aug 1955 (Item 105b)

Ferguson, John A.; Letter

To Rex Nan Kivell re appreciation, 6 Aug 1952 (Item 105c)

Ferguson, John A.; Letter

Provided by James Stack, Government Agent and Interpreter, NZ., 7 Dec 1880 (Item 106)

Paora Take, Native Assessor; Testimony

To William Brunton, Merchant, Edinburgh, 13 Sept 1843 (Item 107a)

Simson, I, Hobart Town; Letter

Hand written text: Paihia June 4 1844. Ki a Neho ki Te Waimate. Kaore ra aku paraihe na Te Wiremu te paraihe I pania ai toku poti, me he mea pea kei konei koe ka inoi atu ahau ki a koe ki tetahi hinu me tetahi wukita ? Ma mo toku poti I a koe, na, tena te ta ? kua korerotia ? kihai pea i rite. Heoi na to hoa. Na Hemi Tautai., June 4,C271 1844 (Item 107b)

Kia Te Koreneho & ki Te Waimate; Maori text; Maori letter from Hemi Tautai at Paihia to Colenso re trade on his ship, mentions blankets and equipment for his ship.

[No item at this number] (Item 108)

To Sir George Grey[?], 5 Dec 1859 (Item 109a)

Albert, Prince Consort; Letter

To Sir George Grey[?], 20 May 1857 (Item 109b)

Albert, Prince Consort; Letter

Re Letter of Chancellor of Exchequer, 17 Jan 1856 (Item 109c)

Queen Victoria; Letter

Re Letter of Chancellor of Exchequer, 11 Aug 1855 (Item 109d)

Queen Victoria; Letter

[Untitled], 27 June 1856 (Item 109e)

Queen Victoria; Letter

[Untitled], 25 Aug 1856 (Item 109f)

Queen Victoria; Letter

Appointment of Trustees, 28 Jan 1858 (Item 109g)

Queen Victoria; Letter

To Mr Searle, 22 Mar 1907 (Item 110a)

Bull, H. J: "Cruise of the Antarctic"; Letter

To Douglas Sladen, 16 Nov 1896 (Item 110b)

Browne, T.A. (Rolf Bolderwood); Note

To Mother from Auckland ( cf 111c), 7 Feb 1868 (Item 111a)

Ryland, M.G (Matilda); Letter

To Editor of Naval and Military Gazette, 4 Jan 1866 (Item 111b)

Gawler, George [later Gov. of S.A.]; Letter; Ref. to Dr Selwyn D.D.

To Mother from Hackwood Lodge N.Z., 15 Aug 1869 (Item 111c)

Ryland, William & Matilda; Letter

Ref. to previous letters of Ryland to whom he was related, 9 Mar 1953 (Item 111d)

Lock, H?, G?; Letter

[No item at this number] (Item 112)

To Hon. H.S.Littleton, London, 28 June 1886 (Item 113a)

[obscure] Morialta Chambers, Adelaide, SA.; Letter

To Commissioner Sir Samuel Bentham, 28 June 18?? (Item 113b)

Melville, Lord of Admiralty; Letter

Brief history of the unchristianized people of the Pacific Islands, 15 May 1839 (Item 114a)

Williams, J., Missionary; Frontispiece

From Epistle of Jude, undated (Item 114b)

Williams, M., wife of J. Williams; Maori text

From Polynesia, undated (Item 114c)

Williams, J., Jnr; Sketch of ship

To Mr Mrs Williams, undated (Item 115a)

Makea, Chief of Rarotonga; Letter; facsimile

"On the Love of Christ", 14 June 1837 (Item 115b)

Williams, J., Missionary; Short homily

To Miss Thompson, undated (Item 116a)

Williams, J., Missionary and Martyr; Autograph

Murdered on Erromanga Island, Nov 1839 (Item 116b)

Williams, J., Missionart and Martyr; Hair sample

To Mr Newcater, Somerset, 4 Apr [17] 91 (Item 117a)

Newton, John, Author of Olney Hymns with Wm. Cowper, 1779; Letter

Appears to be about Pacific exploration of La Perouse and d'Entercasteaux, 20 Feb 1810 (Item 117b)

[unknown] text in French; Part of treatise?

Re 'Captaine Bligg' and the "Bounty", undated (Item 117c)

[unknown] text in French; Research article

No text, undated (Item 117d)

Author of Olney Hymns with W. Cowper, 1779; Title description

To H. Hill, Inspector of Schools, Napier NZ., 1883-87 (Item 118a_e)

Colenso, Wm. 1811-1899; Letters(4); Teacher, botanist, politician and explorer

To H. Hill, Inspector of Schools, Napier NZ., 15 Nov 1895 (Item 119)

Colenso, Wm. 1811-1899; Letter/envelope; Teacher, botanist, politician and explorer

[No item at this number] (Item 120)

To Mr Mundell re submission to Cttee on Promissory Notes, 11 Apr 1826 (Item 121a)

Peel, Robert Sir; Letter

[obscure] Mett? J. W., 27 July 1833 (Item 121b)

Peel, Robert Sir; Envelope with seal

Re representations from Mr Cockburn, [24 Jan 1832] (Item 121c)

Palmerston, Lord; Letter

[Untitled], undated (Item 121d)

Peel, Robert Sir; Autograph

Appointment with Merchant Taylors Company, undated (Item 121e)

Peel, Robert Sir; Letter

To his sister Mary Dawson, 13 July ? (Item 121f)

Peel, Robert Sir; Letter

Re murder charge against daughter of Chief Te Waro, Mar 1842 (Item 122)

Symons, Capt., Cornwallis William; Explanation of "Scene from New Zealand" [painting title]; Symons was Chief Magistrate, Auckland

To General Robley about Maori paintings by Tamana?, 19 Jan 1925 (Item 123a)

[obscure: Alex Glubb?]; Letter; General Horatio Robley, British soldier and artist, was a collector of Mokomokai - dried tatooed Maori heads

To Mr Canthile? About Maori Paintings, 25 Jan 1925 (Item 123b)

[obscure: Alex Glubb?]; Letter

Description of Aboriginal activity, Hobart, 27 Dec 1835 (Item 123c)

Lanyon Mr; Narrative

Obscure: To Mr Kindnaly?, 12 Mar 1852? (Item 123d)

unknown; Letter; Re gold mining and Burra Burra copper mine, SA.

[No item at this number] (Item 124)

To Vice Chancellor re publishing sermons, 29 Nov 1854 (Item 125a&c)

[Selwyn] George Augus (G.A.); Letter/envelope; Bishop of NZ.

To Copleston, 26 Mar 1855 (Item 125b)

[Selwyn] George Augus (G.A.); Letter

To Copleston, 8 Dec 1841 (Item 125d)

[Selwyn] George Augus (G.A.); Letter

tTo C. Mauby Esq., Sec to Institute of Civil Engineers, 26 Nov 1856 (Item 125e)

Denison, W?, Sydney, Government House; Letter

Directions re 24 convicts on hulks under command of Andrew Bradley, 23 Aug 1810 (Item 126)

The Sheriffs of London and Middlesex; Royal Order

To George Morphett, London, 2 June 1840 (Item 127)

Howard, C.B., Colonial Chaplin, Adelaide; Letter

[No item at this number] (Item 128)

[No item at this number] (Item 129)

[No item at this number] (Item 130)

To Keeper of Newgate with Royal pardon for Catherine Murphy, 14 June 1811 (Item 131a)

Silvester, John, Recorder; Warrant

To Keeper of Newgate with Royal pardon for Elias Abrahams, 12 Dec 1812 (Item 131b)

Silvester, John, Recorder; Warrant

Fund raising for the higher education of women, 21 May 1881 (Item 132a)

Barry, Alfred, King's College, Bishop of Sydney, 1884-1910; Letter; Alfred Barry, Religious writer

To Miss Cockrane, 2 June 1893 (Item 132b)

Barry, Alfred, King's College, Bishop of Sydney 1884-1910; Letter; Alfred Barry, Religious writer

Notes on Samuel Edward Marsden (1832-1912), Bishop of Bathurst from 1869, undated (Item 133a)

unknown author; Biographical note; Alfred Barry, Religious writer

To Rev W. Boniface?, 9 Dec 1869 (Item 133b)

Barry, Alfred; Letter; Alfred Barry, Religious writer

To H.J.Scott, 27 Jan 1870 (Item 133c)

Barry, Alfred, Bishop of Sydney 1884-1910; Letter; Alfred Barry, Religious writer

To Rev A.J.D. D'O? (obscure), 5 July 1881 (Item 133d)

Barry, Alfred, King's College; Letter; Alfred Barry, Religious writer

[Untitled], 29 Dec 1870 (Item 133e)

Barry, Alfred, King's College; Letter

To Miss Cockrane, 3 May 1893 (Item 133f)

Barry, Alfred, Bishop of Sydney 1884-1910; Letter; Alfred Barry, Religious writer

To Bishop of Winchester, 23 July 1893 (Item 133f)

Barry, Alfred, Bishop of Sydney 1884-1910; Letter; Alfred Barry, Religious writer

Anticipating receiving 3 books, 31 Dec 1820 (Item 134a)

Duke of Wellington; Letter

Asking enclosed letters to be posted, 31 Dec 1820 (Item 134b)

Duchess of Wellington; Letter

To Holland [Esq.?], 21 Nov 1854 (Item 135a)

Lord Palmerston; Letter

To Miss Nichols, 17 Mar 1860 (Item 135b)

Smyth, W. H., Admiral; Letter; Designed Smyth's Refractor

To Miss Nichols, 12 Mar 1860 (Item 135c)

Smyth, W. H., Admiral; Letter; Re collectibles

To Mr B French, London, 28 Aug 1853 (Item 137a)

Harvey, Stuart E., Launceston; Letter (photocopy); Shipments from Launceston

In favour of William G[ood]win for £30, 1 Mar 1791 (Item 137b)

Hastings, Warren; Bank draft

To Mr Pratt138, 8 July 1816 (Item 138)

Gresham Mr?; Letter

[Untitled], 2 Mar? 1843 (Item 139a)

Reference to James Backhouse, Missionary; Letter

To W. F. de Salis Esq., 16 Nov 1866 (Item 139b)

Pasley, Charles, General & engineer; Letter

To Lord Rosebury, 26 [May] 1886 (Item 140a)

Gladstone, William ; Note

To [obscure], 22 Mar 1857 (Item 140b)

Lord Russell; Letter

[Untitled], 14 Jan 1905 (Item 141a)

Duke of Wellington; Autograph

To Crofton Croker, Irish Antiquary, Admiralty, 16 May 1840's? (Item 141b)

Parry, Capt., Artic Explorer; Autograph

To Stokes, Charles "On Some Species of Orthocerata", 8 Sept 1840 (Item 141c)

Parry, Capt., Artic Explorer; Autograph

Re Prospectus on British Union, 10 Dec [18] 88 (Item 141d)

Earl Grey; Letter

To niece Belle Spence, Gloucester Place, June 1834 (Item 141e)

Ross, John; Autograph

Quotation from Psalm LVIII:11, Mar 1846 (Item 142a)

Queen Adelaide; Autograph

To Mr Walter Yates Mr George [Masterall], 1865? (Item 142b)

Goodall, Joan; Autograph; Copy only

To Sir Walter Buller, 21 Nov 1895 (Item 143a & b)

George Grey; Letter/envelope

To Sir Walter Buller, 30 Mar 1896 (Item 143 c&d)

George Grey; Letter/envelope

Appointment of Edward Ball, Lieutenant, 27 Oct 1760 (Item 144)

George III, King of England and Pitt; Royal Deed

To Rev J Williams, Missionary, undated (Item 145)

Makea, Chief of Rarotonga; Letter(facsimile); Includes translation

[Untitled], 13 Aug [17??] (Item 146a)

Pitt, W.; Letter

Governor of Port Jackson, undated (Item 146b)

Brisbane, Sir Thomas; Autograph

Governor of Port Jackson, Botany Bay (Item 146c)

Brisbane, Sir Thomas; Autograph; Date is 1823 ***

To Mr Christy, 28 Dec ?? (Item 147a)

Scott, Robert Falcon Capt.; Letter

To Gilbert, Davies MP, Biblical Scholar, 22 Nov 18[28] (Item 147b)

Peel, Robert; Letter

Transcription of part of Item 147a, 28 Dec ?? (Item 147c)

Scott, Robert Falcon Capt.; Footnote

To Countess Dowager of Buckinghamshire, 9 May 1838 (Item 148)

Queen Victoria & Duke of Norfolk; Signatures

To Eden, Lord Auckland, 25 Aug ? (Item 149a&b)

Fox, Charles James; Letter; With part transcription

To Lord Templemore, Possibly between 1760-1763 (Item 149c)

Amherst, Jeffrey, 1st Lord Amherst of Montreal; Letter; Amherst was Field Marshall and Military Governor of Canada 1760-63

Appointing James Adair as Lieutenant of 5th Regiment of Foot, 1 Feb 1853 (Item 150)

Queen Victoria and Lord Palmerston; Royal Warrant

To his son[-in-law] and daughter Elizabeth married to David Mason, 23 Jan 1861 (Item 151a&d)

Reid, John; Letter; David Mason was a lithographic artist and watercolourist

Visited Queen Victoria in May 1863 as part of a contingent of Maori Chiefs to Europe, [undated - 1860s?] (Item 151b)

Hapimana Ngapiko, of Te Ati Awa tribe, Taranaki; Autograph

[Untitled], 29 Mar 1837 (Item 151c)

Lord Sandwich; Autograph

To Chief Tati Salmon re sailing in Oceania, 2 Feb 1917 (Item 152)

Roosevelt, Thoedore; Letter

To Rex Nan Kivell re a plaque, 24 May 1961 (Item 153a)

Scott, Sir Peter; Letter; Only son of Capt Robert Scott

To Sir Walter Buller re letters of Walter Laury, 15 Jan 1894 (Item 153b)

Carter, [V] R; Letter

To Percy Buller, Wellington, NZ., 27 Feb 1905 (Item 153c)

Ross, Malcolm; Post Card

[Untitled], 16 Mar 1905 (Item 154a&b)

Australian Cricket Test Team 1902; Post Card with signatures; Correct date is 1902.

To Joseph Sharpe, Lincoln's Inn, 12 Dec 1770 (Item 155)

Duke of Richmond; Letter

[No item at this number] (Item 156)

[No item at this number] (Item 157a)

[No item at this number] (Item 157b)

[No item at this number] (Item 157c)

Maori text, undated (Item 157d)

Text; Words of a song; references the Horowhenua district

To Samuel and Maria, 16 Mar 1860 (Item 157e)

Smith, F.D., miner, Chewton, Vic.; Letter

To Mr [Foljaube] re re-interment of Lady Burlington and children, 30 June 1892 (Item 157f)

Hall, J.; Letter

To Samuel and Maria, 12 June 18[5]7 (Item 157g)

Smith, F.D., miner, Forrest Creek, Vic.; Letter

To J.P.McArthur, Marrickville, NSW, 12 July 1932 (Item 157h)

Hawkins, H.M., Minister for Social Services; Letter

To Samuel and Maria, 14 Aug 1858 (Item 157i)

Smith, R.G., Chewton, Vic.; Letter

[Untitled], undated (Item 157j)

Tribute to James Brougham MP; Poem

To Maria and Samuel, Feb 14 1859 (Item 157k)

Smith, R.G., Chewton, Vic.; Letter

[Untitled], 18 Mar 1905 (Item 157l)

Reid, G.H., Premier of Australia; Autograph; Correct date is 1904.

To Samuel and Maria, 25 July [18]60 (Item 157m)

Smith, R.G., Chewton, Vic.; Letter

[Untitled], [25 Sept 1794] (Item 157n)

N' [Nettement]; Letter-French

To [W Witham] Gray's Inn Square re Mrs Prappers?, 12 Feb 1838 (Item 157o)

[Reid] C.; Letter