Guide to the Album of Manuscripts of Australasian and Pacific Interest collected by Rex Nan Kivell


MS 4246

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Provisioning Grenville In St John's Harbour, Newfoundland and (on reverse) transiting Catwater, 19 June 1764 and 4 Dec 1764 (Item 20)

Cook, James; Letter

To [ William Pitt, Ist Earl of Chatham], 27 Apr 1766 (Item 21)

Keppel, Admiral Viscount; Letter; Linked to Capt. Cook.

To Bickerton, Sir Richard, undated [pre- 1792] (Item 22b)

Sandwich, Lord; Signature

Details of and comments on the will of Captain Cook's widow, Elizabeth Cook, 16 June [18]35 (Item 23d)

Hustler, Thomas; Letter; Includes transcription of 23c & 23d and copy of Elizabeth Cook's will

To Pennant Thomas, Explorer and Scientist, 2 Mar 1784 (Item 29a)

[Jonter] George; Letter

To Mr Smith [William James Smith], 12 Mar 1831 (Item 31b)

Phillips, Molesworth Colonel; Letter; Phillips killed Cook's assassin

[Perhaps, description of attire; turban etc, 24 Feb 1793 (Item 34a&b)

Banks, Joseph Sir; Letter

Aboard The Circumnavigator, 5 Oct 1775 (Item 46f)

Cook, James, Lieutenant; Autograph

Re paper of member to be read to Royal Society, 10 Jan 1794 (Item 74)

Banks, Joseph Sir; Letter

To George Chelmer, Office for Trade, 25 May 1798 (Item 75a)

Banks, Joseph Sir; Letter; Re Thos. Chapman's petition

To Jourdan Fils re wine order and quality, 14 Oct 1817 (Item 75b)

Banks, Joseph Sir; Letter