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Macintyre, Stuart, 1947-
Papers of Stuart Macintyre
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MS 9389, MS Acc03.253, MS Acc06.108
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Scope and Contents

The papers were donated to the Library by Professor Macintyre in 1999. An instalment of papers previously held by the Melbourne University Archives was added in May 2000 (series 19/31-45 and 20). Records of the Centenary of Federation Victoria Committee were added in 2003. A further transfer of correspondence and related papers was received in 2006.

The main body of papers comprises general correspondence, diaries, reports on manuscripts and theses by others, subject files, sports ephemera, ephemera on the Australian Bicentennary and drafts of articles, lectures and reviews by Macintyre. There are also files relating to Macintyre's membership of the Civics Expert Group, the Civics Education Group and the Centenary of Federation Victoria Committee as well as publishers' correspondence, drafts, book reviews, publishing agreements and research material relating to his books Militant, Ormond College centenary essays, Winners and losers, The labour experiment, Foundations of arbitration, A colonial liberalism, A history for a nation, The discovery of Australian history 1890-1939, and The Reds.

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When the main body of papers was acquired by the Library, they fell into broad groupings including correspondence, diaries, reports on manuscripts and theses, subject files, ephemera and articles, lectures and reviews. These groupings reflected Macintyre's usage of the papers and in general have been retained as series. Correspondence, reports on manuscripts and theses and the subject files had been arranged by Macintyre chronologically or alphabetically and this order has been preserved. In other series the file order has been created by the Library staff. Contents of files created by Macintyre have been retained in their original order.

Biographical / Historical

Stuart Forbes Macintyre was born in Melbourne on 21 April 1947, the son of Forbes Macintyre and Alison May Stevens. He was educated at Scotch College (Melbourne) and the Universities of Melbourne (BA), Monash (MA) and Cambridge (PhD). He married Martha Adele Bruton on 1 August 1976 and has two daughters.

Item Descriptions

Class MS 9389. Original consignment

Comprises general correspondence, diaries, reports on manuscripts and theses by others, subject files, sports ephemera, ephemera on the Australian bicentennary and drafts of articles, lectures and reviews by Stuart Macintyre. There are also files relating to citizenship and civics and Macintyre's membership of the Civics Expert Group, the Civics Education Group and the Centenary of Federation Victoria Committee. Included in the collection is publishers' correspondence, drafts, book reviews, publishing agreements and research material relating to his books Militant, Ormond College centenary essays, Winners and losers, The labour experiment, Foundations of arbitration, A colonial liberalism, A history for a nation: Ernest Scott and the making of Australian history, The discovery of Australian history 1890-1939, and The Reds.

Contained in 66 boxes, 1 folio box.

Series 1. Correspondence, 1983-98

This series comprises a mix of professional and personal incoming correspondence including letters from fellow academics, postcards, birthday and Christmas cards, newspaper clippings, invitations, sports tickets and some sporting ephemera. The correspondence covers the years 1983 to 1998 and has been arranged chronologically.

Major correspondents include Mary Docherty, Geoffrey Bolton, John Sendy, Manning Clark, Geoffrey Serle, Ken Inglis, Frank Bongiorno, Warren Horton and Verity Burgmann.

Among the personal correspondence are a number of letters from Macintyre's wife Martha Macintyre, an anthropologist, written to Stuart and his daughters while carrying out fieldwork on the island of Tube Tube in Papua New Guinea. There are also letters to Macintyre from his daughters written while he or they have been overseas.

Correspondence, 1983 (File 1-2)
Correspondence, 1984 (File 3-5)
Correspondence, 1985 (File 6-8)
Correspondence, 1986 (File 9-11)
Correspondence, 1987 (File 12-14)
Correspondence, 1988 (File 15-17)
Correspondence, 1989 (File 18-20)
Correspondence, 1990 (File 21-23)
Correspondence, 1992 (File 24-29)
Correspondence, 1993 (File 30-33)
Correspondence, 1994 (File 34-38)
Correspondence, 1995 (File 39-43)
Correspondence, 1996 (File 44-48)
Correspondence, 1997 (File 49-55)
Correspondence, 1998 (File 56-60)
Correspondence, Statements of royalty payments (File 61)
Christmas Cards, 1986 (File 62)
Christmas Cards, 1987 (File 63)
Christmas Cards, 1988 (File 64)
Christmas Cards, 1992 (File 65)
Christmas Cards, 1993 (File 66)
Christmas Cards, 1994 (File 67)
Christmas Cards, 1995 (File 68)
Christmas Cards, 1996 (File 69)
Christmas Cards, 1997 (File 70)
Christmas Cards, 1998 (File 71)

Series 2. Diaries, 1981-97

The diaries contain personal and professional appointments, occasional notes on events and personal spending. The diaries cover the period from 1981 to 1997.

Diaries, 1981-83 (File 1)
Diaries, 1984-87 (File 2)
Diaries, 1988-91 (File 3)
Diaries, 1992-95 (File 4)
Diaries, 1996-97 (File 5)

Series 3. Militant: the life and times of Paddy Troy, 1886-1994

Biography of Paddy Troy, Western Australian labour leader, published by George Allen and Unwin in 1984. The files include correspondence with publishers and unions, comments on pre-publication drafts, drafts of speeches on Troy and Macintyre's biography, reviews of the book and research materials including photocopies of early documents. In addition, series 12 file 19 contains a seminar paper by Macintyre on Paddy Troy.

Correspondence, 1980-84 (File 1-2)
Comments on draft, 1982-83 (File 3)
Negatives for illustrations (File 4-5)
Launch, 1984 (File 6)
Seminar, 1982 (File 7)
Talk to RMIT, 1983 (File 8)
Reviews, 1984-85 (File 9)
Research files, 1915-30 (File 10)
Research files: Excerpts for Troy book (File 11)
Research files: Maritime Workers' Union bulletins, 1973-81 (File 12)
Research files: May Day, 1886-1980 (File 13)
Research files: Royal Commission, 1981 (File 14)
Research files: Secretary's reports, 1942-49 (File 15)
Research files: Union committees and meetings (Coastal Docks Rivers & Harbour Works Union, Maritime Workers Union, Maritime Services Union and Federated Ship Painters and Dockers Union), 1926-70 (File 16-17)
Research files: Western Australian Industrial Gazette, 1946-70 (File 18)
Research files: Other research files containing cuttings, articles, union papers, maps and other papers, 1948-84 (File 19-22)

Series 4. Ormond College centenary essays, 1964-1984

Ormond College was established by the Presbyterian Church within the University of Melbourne in 1881. Ormond College centenary essays was edited by Macintyre and published by Melbourne University Press in 1984. Contributors were Jim Davidson, Don Chambers, Geoffrey Serle, Sarah Steven, Davis McCaughey, Stuart Macintyre, Sam Ricketson and Ian Maddocks. The series includes correspondence with contributors and publishers, page proofs, drafts of chapters with editorial comments by Macintyre, photographs and negatives, articles, cuttings and other research materials.

Melbourne University Press correspondence, 1982-84 (File 1)
Correspondence with contributors, 1978-83 (File 2)
Academics' vignettes, 1982 (File 3)
Vignettes - general, 1982 (File 4)
Page proofs, 1983 (File 5)
Don Chambers 'The creation' (File 6)
Geoffrey Serle 'Sir John MacFarland' (File 7)
Stuart Macintyre 'War and peace: a history of the College initiation', 1981 (File 8)
Don Chambers 'Theological Hall', 1983 (File 9)
Ian Maddocks 'The doctors' (File 10)
Sam Ricketson 'The lawyers', 1983 (File 11)
Davis McCaughey 'Thirty years a-growing', 1983 (File 12)
Appendices, 1982-83 (File 13)
Photographs (File 14)
Research files, 1918-81 (File 15-16)

Series 5. Winners and losers: the pursuit of social justice in Australian history, 1980-89

Winners and losers was published by Allen & Unwin in 1985. The research and most of the writing took place while Macintyre was a Research Fellow with the Social Justice Project at the Australian National University during 1982 and 1983.

The series includes a small quantity of publishers' correspondence and readers' reports, readings and drafts for chapters, reviews, launch speech by Gerry Hand, a publisher's agreement and general research files relating to the Social Justice Project and social justice in general. There are also seminar papers for the Social Justice Project (1982-1984) and drafts of Macintyre's paper and other material relating to the Social Justice in Australia seminar (1988) in which Macintyre revisits some of the themes of his 1985 book.

Correspondence with John Iremonger (Allen & Unwin), 1983-84; readers' reports and draft outlines of the book (File 1)
Introduction (File 2)
Offprints for chapter 1 (File 3)
Chapter 2 (File 4-5)
Chapter 3 (File 6-7)
Chapter 4 (File 8)
Chapter 5 (File 9-10)
Chapter 6 (File 11-12)
Chapter 7 (File 13-15)
Chapter 8 (File 16-17)
Chapter 8 and conclusion (File 18-19)
Time chart (File 20)
Additional material for revised edition, 1984-87 (File 21)
Australian social policy (contemporary) (File 22)
Equity/social justice, 1980-82 (File 23)
Income and wealth (File 24-25)
Miscellaneous offprints - state (File 26)
The New Right and social welfare (File 27)
Philosophers (File 28)
Health policy/health equity workshop (ANU, 18 Nov. 1982) (File 30)
Social Justice Project seminar (25 Nov. 1982) (File 31)
Social Justice Project seminar (25 July 1983) (File 32)
Social Justice for Women in Australia Conference (ANU, 29-31 Aug. 1983) (File 33)
Social Justice Project seminars (6 Aug. 1984, 18 June 1984) (File 34)
Talk to Humanist Society on social justice, 25 Sept 1986 (File 35)
Social Justice in Australia seminar, 6-8 Dec. 1988 (File 36-38)
Other social justice papers, 1989 (File 39)

Series 6. The labour experiment, 1987-89

The labour experiment critically examined the labour movement's performance and its program of change over the period 1901 to 1950. It was published by McPhee Gribble in 1989 as part of its Australian Economic and Social History series edited by Boris Schedvin.

The series contains correspondence with the publishers and editor (1987-89), a publishing agreement (1987), reviews, drafts, page proofs and a published copy of the book.

2 files

Series 7. Foundations of arbitration: the origins and effects of State compulsory arbitration, 1890-1914, 1966-89

This publication was edited by Macintyre and Richard Mitchell and published by Oxford University Press in 1989. Contributors to the volumes were David Brereton, Gill Palmer, Diane Kirkby, Jim Kitay, Michael Quinlan, Mark Bray, Malcolm Rimmer, Ester Stern, David Plowman, Ray Markey, Colin Forster, Alice Coolican and Gail Reekie. The series includes correspondence with Oxford University Press and with contributors, drafts of Macintyre's contribution, edited proofs, research papers and copies of papers (often from conferences) sumitted for inclusion in the book.

Correspondence with Angela McWinney, Oxford University Press and with contributors to the book. Includes draft outlines of the structure of the book., 1987-89 (File 1)
Drafts of introduction by Stuart Macintyre and Richard Mitchell (File 2)
Drafts of Macintyre's chapter 'The politics of the establishment of arbitration' and Ray Markey's 'Trade unions, the Labor Party and the introduction of compulsory state arbitration in NSW and the Commonwealth 1890-1910' (File 3)
Later draft of Macintyre's chapter (File 4)
Edited proofs of chapters 9 and 10 (File 5)
Edited proofs of chapters 12, 13 and 14 (File 6)
Edited proofs of chapters 15 and 16 (File 7)
Drafts of and print ready bromides for graphs and tables (File 8)
Research papers and copies of papers submitted by contributors during planning for the book, 1987 (File 9)
Research papers, 1966-1983 (File 10)
Review by Julia Coffield published in The Australian teacher, June 1990 (File 11)
Submission to the Committee of Review into Australian Industrial Relations, law and systems by Robert Mitchell (File 12)

Series 8. A colonial liberalism : the lost world of three Victorian visionaries, 1986-92

A colonial liberalism: the lost world of three Victorian visionaries, published in 1991 by Oxford University Press, examines the lives and work of David Syme (1827-1908), Charles Pearson (1830-1894), and George Higinbotham (1826-1892). The series includes correspondence with Oxford University Press, draft of chapters, reviews, and material relating to the 1992 George Higinbotham Centenary Conference.

Correspondence with Oxford University Press regarding 'Colonial Liberals',, 1986-91 (File 1)
Drafts of chapter 1 (File 2-4)
Drafts of chapter 2 (File 5-6)
Drafts of chapter 3 (File 7-10)
Draft of chapter 4 (File 11)
Draft of chapter 5 (File 12)
Draft of the epilogue (File 13)
Notes on illustrations (File 14)
Reviews, 1991 (File 16)
Correspondence and research material relating to the George Higinbotham Centenary Conference, November 1992, 1957-95 (File 17)
Copies of papers given at the George Higinbotham Centenary Conference, 1992 (File 18)

Series 9. A history for a nation: Ernest Scott and the making of Australian history, 1895-1996

Biography of Professor Ernest Scott, the first Professor of History at the University of Melbourne in 1914-36. Published by Melbourne University Press in 1994. This series includes a large quantity of research material including copies of articles by Ernest Scott and on Scott's work.

Correspondence with Melbourne University Press, 1993 (File 1)
Draft material including acknowledgements and bibliography (File 2)
Draft material including copy of paper by Macintyre: 'Knowing and possessing: Ernest Scott's circumnavigation of Australian history', 1991 (File 3)
Notes made by Macintyre on New Zealand historians and copy of paper by Macintyre: 'History, the university and the nation' (File 4)
Correspondence regarding Ernest Scott History. Includes some research material, 1991-1993 (File 5)
Photocopies of articles written by Scott and associated research material, 1895-1974 (File 6)
Research material, mainly photocopies of articles on Scott, 1903-91 (File 7)
Photocopy of Vincent Crow 'A study of the history curricula of Professors Wood and Roberts at the University of Sydney and of Professors Scott and Crawford at the University of Melbourne c1910-1950' M.Ed Thesis, University of Sydney, 1986 (File 8)
Reviews, 1995-96 (File 9)
Material prepared for a talk on Scott to the Friends of the Baillieu Library (File 10)

Series 10. The discovery of Australian history 1890-1939, 1991-95

A collection of essays examining history as a professional discipline in Australia edited by Stuart Macintyre and Julian Thomas and published by Melbourne University Press in 1995. The book includes essays on the work of Ernest Scott, Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Max Crawford and George Henderson. Contributors include: Brian Fletcher, Elizabeth Kwan, C.B. Schedvin, J.E. Carr, Susan Janson, Geoffrey Bolton, Deryck Schreuder, Susan Davies and Robert Dare.

This series consists of one large file of material which has been divided into three files, retaining the original order of material. The series includes correspondence with Melbourne University Press and various contributors between 1991 and 1995, some drafts of chapters, Macintyre's own notes and research material and material relating to 'The Dawn of History, Australian History: Profession and Discipline 1891-1939' conference in April 1993.

3 files

Series 11. The Reds: the Communist Party of Australia from origins to illegality, 1992-99

A comprehensive history of the Australian Communist Party from its origins to the Second World War, published by Allen and Unwin in 1999. This series contains a complete copy of a draft manuscript for the book provided by Allen and Unwin, with numerous corrections and comments by Macintyre and others.

Letter from Oxford University Press, dated June 1992, expressing an interest in publishing Macintyre's history of Australian communism (File 1)
Proof of contents, abbreviations, acknowledgements, introduction and chapter 1 with corrections, 1997 (File 2)
Proof of chapters 2-4 with corrections, 1997 (File 3)
Proof of chapters 5-7 with corrections, 1997 (File 4)
Proof of chapters 8-10 with corrections, 1997 (File 5)
Proof of chapters 11 and 12 with corrections, 1997 (File 6)
Proof of chapters 13, 14 and conclusion with corrections, 1997 (File 7)
Endnotes and bibliography, 1997 (File 8)
Index (File 9)
Captions and prints for illustrations (File 10)
Galley proof of dust jacket (File 11)

Series 12. Articles and lectures, 1977-92

This series comprises of drafts and offprints of articles and lectures written by Macintyre between 1977 and 1992. File contents include handwritten and typed drafts, research material and correspondence relating to the publication of an article or arrangements for presenting a lecture.

Seminar paper 'Socialism and the British Labour Party', 1977 (File 1)
Correspondence and draft material relating to Macintyre's contribution to Essays on Communist Party history, 1979 (File 2)
Draft of 'Class against class' written for Essays on Communist Party history, 1979 (File 3)
'Class in volume four of Clark's History of Australia', published in Australia 1888 Bulletin, No. 3, 1979 (File 4-5)
'The 1930s depression in fiction', lecture given at Murdoch University, Western Australia, 1979 (File 6)
'Social control and labour aristocracy, a case study: the Vale of Leven', lecture, 1980 (File 7)
'The Marxist debate on culturalism', Culture History Seminar, Department of History, University of Melbourne, 1980 (File 8-9)
Draft material and correspondence relating to paper on Tommy Jackson, 1980 (File 10)
'The creation of the Communist Party of Great Britain', article for a Soviet historical journal, 1980 (File 11)
'The professionalisation of Australian History', staff seminar given at Monash University, 1981 (File 12)
Talk on the British Labour Party, given at the Melbourne Unitarian Peace Memorial Church, 1981 (File 13)
Talk given at the Communist Party of Australia Summer School, 1981 (File 14)
'Equity in Australian History' chapter in Patrick Troy (ed) A just society?: essays on equity in Australia, (Sydney, Allen & Unwin, 1981) (File 15-16)
'New directions in Australian history',script for ABC, 1981 (File 17)
'Labour, capital and arbitration 1890-1920', chapter for Brian Head's State and economy in Australia, 1982 (File 18)
'Paddy Troy: a working class biography', seminar paper for Economic History Research Seminars, Monash University, 1982 (File 19)
'Manning Clark's critics', published in Meanjin, vol. 41(4),1982 (File 20-21)
'The Vale of Leven and Geraldton' paper given at the Research School of Social Sciences, ANU,, 1982 (File 22)
Article for column in Australian society, December 1982 (File 23)
'Jack Lindsay's Marxism' unpublished paper, 1982 (File 24)
'History in Australia', prepared for Island but not published, 1982 (File 25)
'Workers control, the British experience', published in Socialist objective, June 1982 (File 26)
'Marx and history', paper for the Marx and Beyond seminar, April 1983 (File 27)
'What is the least divisive issue in politics', published in Australian society, May 1983 (File 28)
'Work or starve', published in Australian society, June 1983 (File 29)
'Righteousness and the right', published in Overland, August 1983 (File 30)
Notes and correspondence relating to talk given at the History of Sporting Traditions Conference, August 1983 (File 31)
'Australian responses to unemployment in the last depression', lecture given at Macquarie University, 1983 (File 32)
Draft material and correspondence relating to an entry on William Somerville for the Australian dictionary of biography, 1983-89 (File 33)
'Range of thesis types and different skills', talk given at the Varieties of History Conference, University of Melbourne, 1984 (File 34)
'The emergence of community based history', talk given to the Brunswick Community History Group, April 1984 (File 35)
Talk on mining prepared for 3RR history show, November 1984 (File 36)
'What is labour history?', published in Time remembered, 1984 (File 37)
'The historical societies', talk given to the Royal Historical Society of Victoria, September 1984 (File 38)
Draft material for and copy of 'Reopening the land', published in the '5 ages of Victoria' series for The Age, November 1984 (File 39)
'Social justice' entry for Australians: an historical dictionary, a volume of Australia 1788-1988: a bicentennial history, 1984 (File 40)
Lecture for 'Varieties of History', July 1985 (File 41)
Talk given to Monash University fourth year students on political history, March 1985 (File 42)
'Old hat, trendy or..? The relevance of Marxism today', talk given to the Communist Party of Australia, April 1985 (File 43)
'Australians in their Edwardian World', Department of English staff and postgraduate seminar, Melbourne University, September 1986 (File 44)
Draft material and correspondence relating to an entry on John G. Latham for the Australian dictionary of biography, 1986 (File 45-46)
'Defining social justice', address given to the Brotherhood of St Laurence, December 1986 (File 47)
'Work in society: the weight of history', lecture given as part of University of Melbourne, Work in Society, Work in History lecture series, July 1986 (File 48)
'Can a general history embrace and inclusive curriculum?', paper given at the annual History Teachers Association of Victoria conference, and later published in AGORA, vol.21 (4) 1986 (File 49)
'Rusden, Turner and the lessons of the past', in Jeff Leeuwenburg (ed.), The writing of Victoria's history 1835-1985, Baillieu Library, Melbourne, 1986 (File 50)
'The short history of social democracy in Australia', in Don Rawson, ed., Blast, budge or bypass: towards a social democratic Australia, 1986 (File 51)
Response to Keating in Socialist objective, May 1987 (File 52)
Talk given at launch of The fight goes on, by Ralph Gibson, Democratus League, Fitzroy,, 1987 (File 53)
Correspondence relating to an entry on John Lawrence Rentoul for the Australian dictionary of biography, 1987 (File 54)
Talk on privatisation given to the Coburg Branch of the Australian Labor Party, October 1997 (File 55)
'The Labor movement' by S. Macintyre and V. Burgmann, published in A people's history of Australia since 1788, 1988 (File 56)
Talk on the Oxford History of Australia given at the Warana Writers Week, 1988 (File 57)
Address given at the History Teachers' Association of Victoria, HSC Australian history course development day, March 1987 (File 58)
'Prosperity for whom in the 1920s', lecture given at the History Teachers' Association of Victoria's mid year lecture series, June 1987 (File 59)
Correspondence with the New Zealand journal of industrial relations and material relating to the Labour History Symposium: The Arbitration System in New Zealand, June 1987 (File 60)
'Australia 200 years', draft of article for Macmillan Publishing for its 1988 Yearbook (File 61)
Correspondence relating to lecture to be given in Wollongong, January 1988 (File 62)
Labor in New Zealand' published in the Socialist objective, September 1988 (File 63-64)
'Raymond Williams and history', talk given at the Raymond Williams Seminar, 1988 and later published in Southern review, July 1988 (File 65)
Material for column in Australian society, December 1988/ January 1989 (File 66)
Material, correspondence and clippings relating to Waste Watch, 1989 (File 67)
'Labor: Reviving and Regenerating' published in Socialist objective, April 1989 (File 68)
Column for Australian society, March 1989 (File 69)
Column for Australian society, July 1989 (File 70)
Column for Australian society, September 1989 (File 71)
Column for Australian society, November 1989 (File 72)
'A renewed citizenship', paper written for Australian Institute of Management 50th Anniversary publication Furious agreement, 1989-1991 (File 73)
Correspondence and draft material relating to an entry on John Lawrence Rentoul for the Australian dictionary of biography, 1989 (File 74)
Correspondence relating to writing piece for the AHA Bulletin on Australian historiography, November 1989 (File 75)
Copies of papers given at the Australian Fabian Society's conference, 'A Future for the Humanities', October 1990 (File 76)
Column for Australian society, October 1990 (File 77)
'Who is bored with politics?', column for Australian society, April 1990 (File 78)
'1066 Ok but not so much of all that', column for Australian society, June 1990 (File 79)
'The history of trade unions in Australia,' paper given at Japan External Trade Organisation seminar, 1990 (File 80)
'Libraries, information management and cultural heritage', opening address given at the Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) conference: The Heart of the Matter, September 1992 (File 81-82)
'Conservatives and radicals,' published in ALR, October 1992 (File 83)
'History, the university and the nation', Trevor Reese Memorial Lecture, 1992 (File 84)
Material relating to And be one people: Alfred Deakin's federal story, a new edition of The federal story, with an introduction by Macintyre (File 85)
'The forward march of labour reconsidered' Harvard University talk (File 86)
Talk on Ormond History (File 87)
'Capital, labour and the state 1890-1920' (File 88)
Correspondence and material relating to the Penguin Australian Encyclopaedia (File 89)
Article for Labour History (File 90)
Research material collected for an article on Scots in Australia for Meanjin (File 91)
Australian history lectures, for Geelong Schools (File 92)
'A.C.V. Melbourne: prophet without honour', n.d. (includes computer disc) (File 93)
'The short history of social democracy in Australia' (File 94)

Series 13. Reviews, 1980-90

This series contains 106 files of reviews written by Macintyre. The files contain typed copies of the finished reviews, draft material and related correspondence. The reviews, mainly of history books were written for a wide range of publications including Labour history, The Age, Historical studies, Overland, and Australian book review.

Reviews, 1980 (File 1-8)
Reviews, 1981 (File 9-15)
Reviews, 1982 (File 16-31)
Reviews, 1983 (File 32-42)
Reviews, 1984 (File 43-49)
Reviews, 1985 (File 50-61)
Reviews, 1986 (File 62-71)
Reviews,, 1987 (File 72-82)
Reviews, 1988 (File 83-97)
Reviews, 1989 (File 98-103)
Reviews, 1990 (File 104-106)

Series 14. Reports on manuscripts and theses, 1984-95

This series comprises reports written by Macintyre on graduate and postgraduate theses and manuscripts. The files are arranged alphabetically by the author or candidate. Generally files contain correspondence, reports and occasionally a draft of the manuscript or thesis. Some files also include rough notes made by Macintyre as part of the process of compiling the report. Also included in this series are a number of Australian Research Grant Scheme applications which Macintyre reviewed.

A (File 1-6)
B (File 7-12)
C (File 13-17)
D (File 18-20)
E (File 21-22)
F (File 23-28)
G (File 29-33)
H (File 34-39)
I (File 40-41)
k (File 42-44)
L (File 45-47)
M (File 48-58)
N (File 59)
O (File 60-63)
P (File 64-68)
Q (File 69)
R (File 70-72)
S (File 73-77)
T (File 78-80)
W (File 81-87)
XYZ (File 88-90)

Series 15. Subject Files, 1979-94

This series consists of a collection of files arranged alphabetically by subject and reflects Macintyre's involvement in a wide variety of academic, national and local organisations, including the Australian Historical Association, the Brunswick Branch of the Australian Labor Party, and the Scottish History Society.

The files commonly contain correspondence, newsletters, and minutes of meetings or details of conferences. Much of the material is similar to that arranged chronologically in Macintyre's correspondence files (see series 1).

As Macintyre commonly uses the acronym version of an organisation's name or a similar abbreviation as a file title, most file titles have been expanded to assist readers.

Academy (Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia). Material relating to the Australian-Asian perceptions project, 1993 (File 1)
Accident (File 2)
Allen and Unwin correspondence, 1987-90 (File 3)
Austin (The University of Texas at Austin) correspondence, 1989 (File 4)
AHA (Australian Historical Association), (File 5)
AMBHA (Australasian Modern British History Association) (File 6)
ALP (Australian Labor Party) Brunswick Branch newsletters and policy notes, 1986-90 (File 7)
Australian National Dictionary Centre correspondence and newsletters, 1986-91 (File 8-10)
ARGS (Australian Research Grants Scheme), 1981-87 (File 11)

Includes correspondence, and grant applications by Macintyre

ARGS (Australian Research Grants Scheme), 1987 (File 12)

Includes correspondence and assessments by Macintyre

ARC (Australian Research Council) Includes correspondence and material for assessors, 1988-89 (File 13)
ARC (Australian Research Council). Includes assessments by Macintyre, 1990 (File 14)
ARC (Australian Research Council). Application for grants by Macintyre, 1991 (File 15)
ARC (Australian Research Council). Correspondence and assessors reports,, 1992 (File 16-17)
ARC (Australian Research Council). Correspondence and applications for assessment, 1993 (File 18)
Australian society, 1990 (File 19)
Australian Studies Centre Proposal (Melbourne University), 1995 (File 20)
Archives (notes on Archival Control Systems from Public Record Office Victoria) (File 21)
Australian Studies VCE (Australian studies curriculum for Victorian Certificate of Education) (File 22)
Books to buy (File 23)
Bookroom users committte, 1987 (File 24)
Brady/Brotherhood (Brotherhood of St Laurence), 1986-87 (File 25)
Broadside weekly (Broad Left Weekly project), 1991-92 (File 26)
CUP (Cambridge University Press) correspondence, royalty payments, 1987-89 (File 27)
Colliers (Colliers Encyclopaedia Yearbook) (File 28)
Clippings, 1981-89 (File 29)
Chronicle (Max Crawford, obituary/feature),, 1991 (File 30)
Curriculum vitae (File 31)
Dawkins ('Higher Education, a policy discussion paper', circulated by J.S. Dawkins, December 1987) (File 32)
Dent (Dent publishers and book distributors), 1988 (File 33)
Edinburgh (University of Edinburgh, Institute of Advanced Studies in the Humanities) correspondence, 1989-91 (File 34-35)
Faculty Research Application, (University of Melbourne, Faculty of Arts, Faculty Research Development Scheme), 1986-88 (File 36-38)
Fairfax, Syme and Weldon correspondence, 1987 (File 39)
Federation (Federation History Project Seminar, University of Queensland), 1991 (File 40)
Fitzpatrick (correspondence with David Fitzpatrick, University of Dublin),, 1988 (File 41)
Friends of the State Library (Friends of the State Library of Victoria) correspondence, 1991 (File 42)
Higher education (material relating to the future of higher education in Australia),, 1988-91 (File 43)
FIT (Footscray Institute of Technology, Department of Humanities Cultural Studies Unit),, 1988 (File 44)
History Institute, Victoria, appointment of Senior Secretary, 1982 (File 45)
History Institute Victoria newsletter, March 1984 (File 46)
History safari, 1986-91 (File 47)
Humanities Research Centre, 1990-91 (File 48)
Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History correspondence, 1988-89 (File 49)
Llafur (Society for the Study of Welsh Labour History) membership material, 1980-90 (File 50)
Left Book Club (File 51)
Monsters, 1986-91 (File 52)
Museum (Museum of Victoria) correspondence, 1991 (File 53)
National Library (National Library of Australia Council) correspondence, 1987-1988 (CLOSED) (File 54)
Otago (University of Otago), 1988-90 (File 55)
Oxford University Press Australia, Editorial Board (minutes of meetings and correspondence), 1989 (File 56)
OUP (Oxford University Press) correspondence and orders, 1979-90 (File 57)
Overland, (minutes of board and committee meetings),, 1980-98 (File 58-62)
Parliamentary Joint Committee on ASIO, 1990 (File 63)
PEN (International PEN Melbourne Centre), 1988-89 (File 64)
Parkes (correspondence with and papers by Laurie Parkes), 1986 (File 65)
Petrov (File 66)
PRO (Public Records Office Victoria) review, 1984-86 (File 67)
Pitt (The University of Melbourne, Department of History, Pitt Bequest Committee),, 1992 (File 68)
Public History (material relating to the proposed establishment of a programme in Public History at University of Melbourne),, 1986 (File 69)
Public lending right, 1986-95 (File 70)
Republican Movement (newsletters and correspondence, Australian Republican Movement),, 1992 (File 71)
Review of Institute (Review of the Institute of Advanced Studies, Australian National University),, 1990 (File 72)
Roadcorp (correspondence with Vic Roads),, 1992 (File 73)

See also files 81-82

Sir Robert Menzies Centre for Australian Studies, 1991 (File 74)
Royalties, 1988-91 (File 75)
Scots-Australian Studies Association of Victoria, 1991-94 (File 76)
Scottish History Society, 1993-94 (File 77)
Social history (correspondence), 1979-92 (File 78)
Socialist Left (minutes of general meetings), (File 79)
SSLH (Society for the Study of Labour History), 1991 (File 80)
Trades Hall (proposal for Trade Union book for senior secondary students) (File 81)
Twenty Club (File 82)
History of the University Project, oral history, 1992 (File 83)
VCE/VEF (Victorian Certificate of Education),, 1989 (File 84)
Vic Roads (Vic Roads, Roads for People, meeting minutes and correspondence),, 1991 (File 85-86)

See also file 69

Victoria University of Technology advisory board, meeting minutes, 1991 (File 87)
Victorian Ministry for the Arts correspondence, 1992 (File 88)

Series 16. Civics Expert Group and Civics Education Group, 1989-98

The Civics Expert Group (CEG) was established on 23 June 1994 by the Keating Government. Under its terms of reference, its function was to 'provide the Government with a strategic plan for a non-partisan programme of public education and information on the Australian system of government, the Australian Constitution, Australian citizenship and other civic issues'. Macintyre was Chair of the Civics Experts Group in 1994-96. Other members were Dr Ken Boston and Susan Pascoe. Over a five month period in 1994, the CEG consulted in every state and territory and received 180 submissions. In its final report, 'Whereas the people'..civics and citizenship education (1994), it made proposals for civics education in the various education sectors and the community generally. As a result of the report, the Government funded several initiatives including a program of civics and citizenship education in schools and a Community Civics Campaign.

The Civics Education Group was established in May 1997 by the Howard Government to provide continuing advice to the Government on the civics and citizenship program Discovering Democracy. Membership of the Group is Dr J. Hirst (Chair), Dr K. Boston, Professor G. Craven, Professor S. Macintyre and Ms S. Pascoe.

The series comprises correspondence, meeting papers, submissions, reports, papers relating to the Community Civics Campaign and the Civics and Citizenship Education Program, newspaper cuttings and articles on citizenship and civics, and curriculum materials.

Material in this series from the original instalment was received in a state of great disorder with most papers unfiled and material from both bodies intermingled. The current order has been imposed by Library staff. Some publications already held by the Library were discarded from this series.

Papers from the May 2000 addition date primarily from 1994 and include papers on the establishment of the Civics Expert Group, meeting papers, drafts, submissions, correspondence, publications and other papers.

Submissions in response to the report Whereas the people, 1995 (File 1-8)
Meeting papers for CEG meeting of 27 February 1996 (File 9)
CEG draft annual report, 1996 (File 10)
Correspondence, 1994-96 (File 11)
Papers mainly relating to the Community Civics Campaign, 1995-96 (File 12-14)
Papers mainly relating to the Civics and Citizenship Education Program, 1995-96 (File 15)
Civics and Citizenship Education Forum, June 1995 (File 16)

Also includes papers relating to the CEG meeting (March 1995), the Government response to the report of the CEG and the Civics and Citizenship Community Education Steering Group, 1995

Overheads and other materials for talks on the Civics and Citizenship Education Report, 1995 (File 17)
Australian Research Council grant applications for projects relating to citizenship and other papers, 1995-96 (File 18)
Civics, 1989-91 (File 19)
Newspaper cuttings and surveys of knowledge of the Australian political system, 1994 (File 20)
Miscellaneous papers, 1994-96 (File 21)
Articles on civics and citizenship, 1995-96 (File 22-24)
Publications, 1996 (File 25)
Civics Education Group: Correspondence, 1997 (File 26)
Civics Education Group meetings, 1997 (File 27)
Civics Education Group: 'Democracy at work' CD ROM and other papers, 1997 (File 28)
Civics Education Group: Discovering Democracy School Materials Project, 1997 (File 29-30)
Civics Education Group: Curriculum materials including teacher reference book drafts, drafts of units and Curriculum Corporation articles on citizenship and civics, 1996-98 (File 31-35)

Series 17. Bicentennial ephemera, 1980-88

Ephemera material relating to the 1988 celebrations of Australia's Bicentennary. The series includes draft and research material for a number of bicentennial articles written by Macintyre, copies of academic journals relating to the bicentennial, newspaper clippings and official bicentennial publications and memorabilia, including stamps, merchandise catalogues and bulletins.

Some publications already held by the Library and not specifically related to the bicentennial were discarded from this series.

Bicentennial writings, notes and drafts (File 1-2)
Australia 1788-1988: a Bicentennial history, bulletins and newsletters, 1982-85 (File 3)
Australia 1938: a Bicentennial history bulletin, Nos. 2-4, and Oral History Handbook, 1980-81 (File 4)
Australia 1939-1988: a Bicentennial history bulletin, Nos. 1-4, 1980-81 (File 5)
Terra Australis to Australia, The Australian Academy of the Humanities, conference bulletins, 1986 (File 6)
Publications of the Committee to Review Australian Studies in Tertiary Education, 1987-88 (File 7)
Bicentennial related pamphlets (File 8)
Programme from the premiere performance of Manning Clark's 'History of Australia, the Musical', 1988 (File 9)
Bicentennial-related newspaper clippings (File 10)
Promotional material for bicentennial publications and memorabilia (Folio) (File 11)
Official bicentennial memorabilia, bulletins, merchandise and catalogues (Folio) (File 12)

Series 18. Sports ephemera, 1982-98

Sports ephemera collected by Macintyre including newspaper cuttings, posters, tickets, programs, stickers, annual reports and other ephemera relating to the Australian Football League (particularly Hawthorn Football Club), the Melbourne Cricket Ground and marathon events in Melbourne.

Issues of the Football record and Hawk talk from this series were integrated with the Library's serials collection or discarded.

AFL and Hawthorn Football Club ephemera, 1982-1997 (File 1)
Cuttings, 1982-98 mainly relating to the 1988, 1989 and 1991 Grand Finals (File 2)
Audio cassette of the 3RRR 1984 Grand Final Simulcast (File 3)
Stuart MacIntyre 3 RRRs 1984, Grand Final Simulcast, 1984 (Item NLA.MS-SAV003692) - Cassette-Box 199

Physical Facet

Compact cassette tape

Programs of the 1991 and 1993 Olympic Dream run/walk and the 1988 Bicentennial Melbourne marathon, 1988 (File 4)
Melbourne Cricket Club, 1982-1993 (File 5)

Series 19. Miscellaneous, 1911-99

Papers relating to other writing projects, and general interests. Includes issues of the newspaper of the Old Scotch Collegians' Association; meeting papers of the Australian Labor Party Economics Policy Committee; files on projects relating to post war reconstruction history; a file on Macintyre's contribution to the American Historical Association's bibliography Guide to historical literature, and files relating to the Constitutional Centenary Conference (1991) and the Constitutional Centenary Foundation.

Files 31-45 were added in 2000 and file 46 in 2003.

Land rights, 1978-87 (File 1)
Scotch College, Hawthorn, 1982-88 (File 2)
Files on history and historiography, 1982-88 (File 3-8)

Includes a draft of 'The writing of history',and drafts, proofs, reviews anmd other papers relating to Making history (McPhee Gribble/Penguin, 1985), for which Macintyre wrote the introduction

Australian Labor Party Economics Policy Committee, 1986-90 (File 9-11)

See also series 15/7

Files on post war reconstruction, 1986-90 (File 12-17)

Including files on a proposed interview project 'Australia since the war' with Don Watson (1989-90), files on Macintyre's involvement in Geoffrey Bolton's The Oxford history of Australia Volume 5, 1942-1988: the middle way (1986-89) [see also series 20]; and articles and papers on post-war reconstruction, some for the Post War Seminar in Canberra, 1981

Guide to historical literature (American Historical Association), 1992 (File 18-19)
Cuttings and publicity schedule relating to Manning Clark's History of Australia, 1993 (Folio) (File 20)
Federation book proposal 'The founder' (File 21)
John Dunmore Lang - photocopies of The Australian emigrant's manual, 1892 (File 22)
Photocopies from the University of Queensland calendar, 1911-38 (File 23)
Articles and other writings by others, 1947-87 (File 24-28)
Other papers, 1952-98 (File 29)
Bibliographic cards used for unidentified publications (File 30)
Constitutional Centenary Conference, 1991 (File 31-33)
Constitutional Centenary Foundation papers, 1992-95 (File 34-39)

Including correspondence, minutes, newsletters, annual reports, discussion papers

ALP National Social Justice Platform draft, 20 December 1990 (File 40)
Miscellaneous papers relating to the Constitution, citizenship and Aboriginal people, 1990-93 (File 41)
State Library of Victoria and National Plan for Australian Newspapers, 1992 (File 42)
Bias is Bad News Committee, 1992-93 (File 43)
Arbitration (State of Victoria vs Australian Nursing Federation etc), 1993-94 (File 44)
Computer disc The Australian Constitution and Mabo High Court Judgement, 1993 and video 'School house Rocky', 31 Aug 1994 (File 45)
The Australian Constitution and Mabo High Court Judgement, 1993 (Item NLA.MS-DM000871) - Digital-Carriers-Box 12

[More information on sheets in Box 61]


EIS Eurofiled Information Systems

Physical Facet

3.5 inch floppy disk

Stuart MacIntyre School House Rocky, 31 August 1994 (Item NLA.MS-SAV003693) - Shelf-Short OHTS2: 225

Physical Facet

Consumer formats - VHS, S-VHS etc

Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne. Curriculum Audit, 15-18 December 1998 (File 46)

Series 20. The Oxford history of Australia, 1979-94

Macintyre was involved in the five volume Oxford history of Australia as the author of The Oxford history of Australia. Volume 4, 1901-1942: the succeeding age (Melbourne: Oxford University Press, 1986, 1993) and as an editor of manuscripts for other volumes, particularly volume 5. The proposed volume 1 on Aboriginal Australia was never published.

The series contains correspondence and other papers relating to the production of volumes 1-5 and material relating to Macintyre's work on volume 4 including drafts of chapters 4-14, reviews, publicity material and research files.

See also series 19/12-17.

Correspondence with Geoffrey Bolton and Oxford University Press, 1979-88 (File 1)
Volume 1 correspondence (1986-90) including correspondence with Tim Murray, 1989-90 (File 2-3)
Volumes 1 & 2 correspondence, 1987-94 (File 4)
Volume 3 comments on chapters and correspondence, 1986 (File 5)
Volume 4 comments on chapters, 1985 (File 6)
Volume 5 correspondence with James Walter, 1987-88 (File 7)
Volume 4 - drafts of chapter 4 (File 8)
Chapter 5 (File 9)
Chapter 6 (File 10)
Chapters 7 & 8 (File 11)
Chapter 9 (File 12)
Chapter 10 (File 13)
Chapter 11 (File 14-15)
Chapter 12 (File 16)
Chapter 13 (File 17)
Chapter 14 (File 18)
Files relating to illustrations for volume 4, 1986 (File 19-22)
John Shaw Neilson (File 23)
Deborah Watts (File 24)
Richard Gardiner Casey, 1982 (File 25)
Bibliography, 1985 (File 26)
Oxford blurb (publicity etc), 1986 (File 27)
Oxford history of Australia launch, 1986 (File 28)
Reviews, 1987-88 (File 29-30)

Series 21. Centenary of Federation Victoria Committee, 1999-2001

The series comprises papers collected by Macintyre as a member of the Centenary of Federation Victoria Committee. The papers include agenda papers for Committee meetings held between April 2000 and August 2002, records of the outcomes of meetings, reports of the Committee, an information kit 'Celebrating 100 years of nationhood', correspondence and other papers.

Agendas and outcomes of meetings, 2000-2001 (File 1-)
Tattersall's Federation Arch design competition media report, 2002 (File 12)
Recommendations. Victorian Federation Grants Scheme Round 2, August 2000 (File 13)
Centenary of Federation Victorian program for May 2001. Information booklet, April 2001 (File 14)
Australia Day 2002. Assumption of responsibility by Centenary of Federation Victoria. Operation plan, June 2001 (File 15)
'Celebrating 100 years of nationhood'. Centenary of Federation Victoria member's briefing, March 2000 (File 16)

Includes a video.

'Celebrating 100 years of nationhood'. Information kit, 2000 (File 17)

Includes a video and badge of Centenary of Federation logo.

Centenary of Federation Victoria Rural (Item NLA.MS-VID000036) - Shelf-Tall OH1-18-001

Physical Facet

Consumer formats - VHS, S-VHS etc.

'Centenary history of the Federal Parliamentary Labor Party', July 2001 (File 18)

Final report to the National Council for the Centenary of Federation.

Letters, notes, reports and other papers, 1999-2001 (File 19)

Class MS 9389. Consignment added 2000

Papers from the May 2000 addition date primarily from 1994 and include papers on the establishment of the Civics Expert Group, meeting papers, drafts, submissions, correspondence, publications and other papers.

Series 16. Civics Expert Group and Civics Education Group, 1989-98

Preliminary background papers (File 36)
First meeting, 14 July 1994 (File 37)
2nd meeting, 22 July 1994 (File 38)
3rd Meeting, 3 Aug 1994 (File 39)
4th Meeting, 19 Aug 1994 (File 40)
5th Meeting, 26 Aug 1994 (File 41)
6th Meeting, 1-2 Sept. 1994 (File 42)
7th Meeting, 15-16 Sept. 1994 (File 43)
8th Meeting, 22-23 Sept. 1994 (File 44)
9th Meeting, 13 Oct. 1994 (File 45)
Summaries and proposals, 1994 (Item NLA.MS-DM000872) - Digital-Carriers-Box 12

[More information on sheets in Box 54]


Gestetner MF-2HD

Physical Facet

3.5 inch floppy disk

10th Meeting, 26 October 1994 (File 46)
Drafts of Whereas the people, appendices and summary of the report, 1994 (File 47-49)
Submissions (no. 1-179) on civics education in Australia, 1994 (File 50-56)
Summaries of proposals and statements on civics education; register of submissions, 1994 (File 57)
Submissions, tenders (File 58)
Prime Minister's statement and letter of thanks from P.J. Keating following receipt of report, 1994 (File 59)
Canberra Times, 8 Dec. 1994 folowing completion of report (File 60)
Drafts of 'Civics syllabus', August 1994 (File 61)
Launch, publicity, 1994 (File 62)
Drafts, notes, terms of reference, progress report, correspondence and other papers, 1994 (File 63)
ANOP Research Services correspondence and papers, 1994 (File 64)
Transcripts of radio interviews with Stuart Macintyre and Pat O'Shane, 1994 (File 65)
Miscellaneous papers including journal articles, government publications, correspondence and copies of newspaper cuttings relating broadly to curriculum development in civics education, centenary of Australian Federation and civics and citizenship in general, 1992-94 (File 66-77)

Class MS Acc03.253. Consignment added 2003

Comprises transcripts, correspondence and other papers relating to the inquiry into the awarding of a first class honours degree to Joel Hayward by the University of Canterbury, including the Working Party's report.

Contained in 2 boxes.

Class MS Acc06.108. Consignment added 2006

Comprises correspondence, ca. 1998-2005, folders of talks, book reviews and short written pieces with accompanying correspondence, ca. 1984-2004, and publications, ca. 1993-1995. There are papers from the 1980s including conferences, premier's literary awards, talks and projects, and papers from the 1990s such as pamphlets, newsletters and lectures.

Contained in 36 boxes.

Container List

Box Series File
1 (MS 9389) 1 1-9
2 (MS 9389) 1 10-16
3 (MS 9389) 1 17-23
4 (MS 9389) 1 24-30
5 (MS 9389) 1 31-37
6 (MS 9389) 1 38-44
7 (MS 9389) 1 45-52
8 (MS 9389) 1 53-59
9 (MS 9389) 1 60-65
10 (MS 9389) 1 66-68
11 (MS 9389) 1 69-71
12 (MS 9389) 2 1-3
13 (MS 9389) 2 4-5
14 (MS 9389) 3 1-15
15 (MS 9389) 3 16-22
15 (MS 9389) 4 1-5
16 (MS 9389) 4 6-16
16 (MS 9389) 5 1-7
17 (MS 9389) 5 8-16
18 (MS 9389) 5 17-27
19 (MS 9389) 5 28-36
20 (MS 9389) 5 37-39
20 (MS 9389) 6 1-2
20 (MS 9389) 7 1-3
21 (MS 9389) 7 4-10
22 (MS 9389) 7 11-12
22 (MS 9389) 8 1-6
23 (MS 9389) 8 7-15
24 (MS 9389) 8 16-18
24 (MS 9389) 9 1-6
25 (MS 9389) 9 7-10
25 (MS 9389) 10 1-3
25 (MS 9389) 11 1-2
26 (MS 9389) 11 3-11
27 (MS 9389) 12 1-26
28 (MS 9389) 12 27-48
29 (MS 9389) 12 49-76
30 (MS 9389) 12 77-94
31 (MS 9389) 13 1-61
32 (MS 9389) 13 62-106
33 (MS 9389) 14 1-44
34 (MS 9389) 14 45-72
35 (MS 9389) 14 73-90
35 (MS 9389) 15 1-12
36 (MS 9389) 15 13-33
37 (MS 9389) 15 34-57
38 (MS 9389) 15 58-67
39 (MS 9389) 15 68-88
40 (MS 9389) 16 1-6
41 (MS 9389) 16 7-13
42 (MS 9389) 16 14-18
43 (MS 9389) 16 19-25
44 (MS 9389) 16 26-32
45 (MS 9389) 16 33-38
46 (MS 9389) 17 1-7
47 (MS 9389) 17 8-10
48 (MS 9389) 18 1-3
49 (MS 9389) 18 4-5
49 (MS 9389) 19 1-5
50 (MS 9389) 19 6-12
51 (MS 9389) 19 13-19
52 (MS 9389) 19 21-28
53 (MS 9389) 19 29-30
54 (MS 9389) 16 39-46
55 (MS 9389) 16 47-54
56 (MS 9389) 16 55-66
57 (MS 9389) 16 67-72
58 (MS 9389) 16 73-77
59 (MS 9389) 19 31-35
60 (MS 9389) 19 36-43
61 (MS 9389) 19 44-46
61 (MS 9389) 20 1-7
62 (MS 9389) 20 8-17
63 (MS 9389) 20 18-30
64 (MS 9389) 21 1-11
65 (MS 9389) 21 12-17
66 (MS 9389) 21 18-19
Folio Box 1 (MS 9389) 17 11-12
Folio Box 1 (MS 9389) 19 20