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Series A. Diaries, 1915 - 1916

Subseries A 11. Diary of Dardanelles Campaign, March 1915 - October 1915

Guide to diary (File A11/1)

3p. [Does not refer to pages of following material]

Part 1, 25 March 1915 - 20 May 1915 (File A11/2)


Part 2, 21 May 1915 - 23 July 1915 (File A11/3)

(pp. 73-144)...

Part 3, 24 July 1915 - 10 October 1915 (File A11/4)

(pp. 145-216)...

Subseries A 12. Diary end. Australia, New Zealand, America, October 1915 - June 1916

Continuation Diary of 1915 (36p.), 11 October 1915 - 31 December 1915 (File A 12/1)

Interview with Harry Lawson; effects of his disagreement with army; meeting with Lord Northcliffe; lunch with Winston Churchill; Murdoch; return of Hamilton and Braithwaite 'cold reception'; 1 November debate in House of Commons; interview with Bonnar Law re lecture tour of Australia; his health - in bed at 17 Park Lane, nursing home run by Dr Shields, Australian; lecture tour of UK; announcement of withdrawal from ANZAC and Suvla Bay; lunch with Sir George Reid; and General Walker; 23 December left for Australia on Baltic.

Diary of Australia, New Zealand, America (92p.), 1 January 1916 - 22 June 1916 (File A12/3)

Arrival in New York; Chicago; Canada; sailed on Niagra for Honolulu; Young Australian League on board; Suva; New Zealand; Sydney; stay at 'Australia', 'rooms are small, food very bad'; press interviews; lectures at Town Hall; visit from Censor; comments on Sydney and Australia – 'the people of Sydney live out of doors…there is little or no culture', power of trade unions, freedom of women, '…Australian character is extremely independent…' social life, food 'the badness of the cooking is only equalled by the manner in which the food is served'; journey to Melbourne; visit to Sir Munro Fergusson; lectures; journey to Sale - rejoicing at first rain for several years; Ballarat - visit to old gold diggings; Geelong; races at Melbourne; Tasmania - admires scenery; Melbourne; Adelaide - luncheon at House of Commons; visit to Governor Sir Thomas Galloway; Hyland Penfold's winery; Melbourne; Sydney; Brisbane - lunch with Governor Sir Hamilton Gould Adams; visit to army camp; release of his Gallipoli films in Sydney; voyage in Riverina to Wellington; comparison with Australia; lecturing at Napier and Auckland, Wanganui, Palmerston North, Christchurch, Timaru - golf course 'one of the best in New Zealand', Dunedin, Invercargill; voyage to England in Macura; Canada; America.

Series B. Correspondence, 1915 - 1929

Subseries B/3. Ellis Ashmead Bartlett Correspondence, undated (428pp), 1915 - 1918

Correspondence, 11 March 1915 - 15 August 1916 (File ff62-295)

Subjects include: EAB's appointment as accredited war correspondent for Dardanelles campaign; censorship of reports; New Zealand troops; taking of cinema films; rights of EAB's articles; situation in Dardanelles; proposed lecturing tour of Australia; Keith Murdoch's activities; Churchill's resignation; lecture tour of England; purchase of despatches by Mitchell library...

Major James Sleeman (Wellington) to EAB re EAB's lecture tour of New Zealand and his comments on New Zealand troops, 12 May 1916 (File f. 375)
Nancye Deeley (Eastbourne) to EAB thanking him for glorious account of heroic landing of Australian troops at Gallipoli, 26 July (1918?) (File f. 411)

Subseries B 4. Ellis Ashmead Bartlett Correspondence (347pp), 1920 - 1929

Filmed Selectively.

EAB (Paris) to Keith Murdoch re Ian Hamilton's book 'one of rottenest productions I have ever read'; attacks on himself in it; the letter to Asquith - time to publish it. (Carbon), 27 May 1920 (Item ff131-133)
Montague Grover (United Cable Service, London) to EAB re Murdoch's rejoinder to Hamilton, 26 May 1920 (Item f. 134)
EAB to Grover enclosing statement on Hamilton's book. (Carbon), 11 June 1920 (Item f. 135)
Grover to EAB ack, 18 June 1920 (Item f. 136)
EAB's statement on Ian Hamilton's book, Gallipoli Diary, the circumstances of writing to Asquith. (Carbon) (Item ff.137-141)
JJ Simons (Young Australian League, Perth) sending album containing views of HQ building, 5 February 1926 (Item f. 227)
EAB (Paris) to Hutchinson & Co. enclosing synopsis of The Uncensored Dardanelles; problems of choosing title. (Carbons), 25 December 1927 - 26 December 1927 (Item ff.257-260)
Gus Somny (Hanwell) to EAB on reading book, he was formerly in the 11th Battalion AIF, 30 January 1928 (Item f. 263)
H Harvey (London) to EAB, congratulations on articles on Gallipoli, 3 April 1928 (Item f. 274)
AN Stern (Newcastle) to EAB re experiences at Gallipoli. 27 April 1928. EAB to Stern ack, 3 April 1928 (Item ff275-79)
FF Hill (Hindhead) to EAB re experiences at Gallipoli, 2 July 1928 (Item ff282-3)
Stuckey Carr & Co. (Brighton) to EAB with Major WB Shannon's objections to EAB's statements in Uncensored Dardanelles. EAB's rebuttal, 28 March 1929 (Item ff314-323)
EAB (London) to General Hill re his experiences at Gallipoli and EAB's recent visit to Gallipoli, 13 April 1929 (Item ff328-9)

Subseries B5. Ellis Ashmead Bartlett Correspondence with Daily Telegraph and William Burdett Coutts, 1915 - 1918

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence with Daily Telegraph, May 1915 - August 1916 (File B5/1)
Correspondence between EAB (Dardanelles) and Harry Lawson, and other Daily Telegraph personnel, 10 May 1915 - 5 November 1915 (Item ff43-75)

Subjects include: Censorship; congratulations on EAB's despatches ('you have amply justified my confidence'); other correspondents; proposal to publish his despatches together with Ian Hamilton's; military news; 'gallant colonials are reduced to a mere skeleton of what they were'; EAB's letter to Asquith; EAB's lecture tour...

EAB (London) to Lord Burnham re meeting with William Maxwell and reason he was sent away from Dardanelles, 13 August 1916 (Item ff77-79)
Correspondence with William Burdett Coutts [EAB's uncle], November 1915 - April 1918 (File B5/2)

Filmed selectively.

W Burdett-Coutts (no place) to EAB re his lecture style, 'the troops of the Dominions do not like to be called 'Colonials', 24 November 1915 (Item ff3-5)
EAB (Paris) to W Burdett-Coutts re appointment as special correspondent at British front, and the War Office's refusal to approve it. Encloses copies of letters to FE Smith and Lord Northcliffe which detail EAB's relations with the Office since he sent the Asquith letter, 19 April 1918 (Item ff8-16)
Burdett-Coutts (London) ack, 25 April 1918 (Item f.17)

Series C. Articles, c. 1915-1916

Subseries C 1. General Articles, 1916

Filmed selectively.

Australia/ New Zealand (75pp), February 1916 - May 1916 (File C 1/3)
Itineries for EAB's tour of Australia, February 1916 - March 1916 (Item ff1-3)
Some comments - Sydney and Australia (Item ff4-16)
Mr Ashmead Bartlett's lecture [on Gallipoli campaign], 12 February 1916 (Item ff17-37)
Composition of the Australian Forces (Item ff38-40)
Memorandum of agreement between Messrs. J and N Tate and EAB [to give a series of lectures] (Item ff40-46)
Letters of introduction from Agent-General for Victoria, Lord Northcliffe and Keith Murdoch to Sir Alexander Peacock, Hugh Mahon, WA Holman and others (Item ff47-67)
BM Fowler (Australian Press Cuttings Agency, Melbourne) to EAB re cuttings on his tour, 16 February 1916 (Item f. 68)
Major James L. Sleeman (Wellington) to EAB re his observation of rules of censorship in New Zealand. and copies), 12 May 1916 (Item ff69-70)
Permit to leave New Zealand, 12 May 1916 (Item f. 75)

Subseries C6. Articles on Dardanelles Campaign

My return to England and what happened (23p.) (File C6/1)
I return to the Dardanelles. (11p.) (File C6/2)
The evacuation of ANZAC. (24p.) (File C6/3)
A review of the Campaign in Gallipoli (6p.) (File C6/4)
A review of the year's work in Gallipoli (4p.) (File C6/5)
'A few weeks ago I visited the Gallipoli Peninsula for the first time since 1915.…' (7p.) (File C6/6)
Sir Ian Hamilton's Gallipoli Diary (3p.) (File C6/7)
Views on Sir Ian Hamilton's attack on Keith Murdoch (5p.) (File C6/8)
Some questions for the Dardanelles Commission (15p.) (File C6/9)
Lessons of Gallipoli (6p.) (File C6/10)
Record of 1st. Brigade (NSW); 2nd Brigade; 3rd Brigade; 2nd Light Horse; Artillery (9p.) (File C6/11)
Major AH Herbert and the Maori contingent (12p. incomplete) (No page 8) (File C6/12)
Our destroyers, trawlers, and monitors (30p.) (File C6/13)
Life at sea in the Great War, No. 2 (13p.) (File C6/14)
The troubles of a Great Fleet (32p.) (File C6/15)
The last hours of the Monitor Raglan (5p.) (File C6/16)
The Uncensored Dardanelles (7p.) (File C6/17)
Questions for MK on the Gallipoli Campaign and on Turkey today (5p, two copies) (File C6/18)
The Dardanelles Expedition (9p.) (File C6/19)
Forward (19p.) (File C6/20)
Memoirs of the Dardanelles (5p.) (File C6/21)
The evacuation of ANZAC (15p., blurred carbon copy) (File C6/22)
A day with the soul of ANZAC (6p.) (File C6/23)
Memorandum on the situation in Gallipoli (7p.) (File C6/24)
Last months of the Dardanelles Expedition (25p. damaged) (File C6/25)
Comments on the operations at Suvla Bay and Helles (9p.) (File C6/26)
A review of the situation in Gallipoli (16p.) (File C6/27)
Life and scenes at Gallipoli on land and sea (15p.) (File C6/28)
Conditions of life at Lancashire Landing (13p.) (File C6/29)
The expedition to the Dardanelles (15p.) (File C6/30)
Comments on the first stage of the expedition (14p.) (File C6/31)
Preparations for the start of the expedition (16p.) (File C6/32)
Events that led up to the Dardanelles Expedition from the outbreak of war until (24p.), 13 January 1915 (File C6/33)
The origin of the Dardanelles Expedition (8p.) (File C6/34)

Subseries 3C7. Dardanelles, descriptive chronology

Notes taken from the Agememnon log of the Dardanelles expedition up to March 18th and some comments on the Agememnon's diary (12p.) (File C7/1)
Commander Unwin and his gallant companions (2p.) (File C7/2)
General Walker's Report [on units of Australian forces] (13p.) (File C7/3)
The composition of General Birdwood's army at ANZAC (4p. 2 copies) (File C7/4)
The story of the landing at ANZAC. (25p.) (File C7/5)
Further operations following the landing (14p.) (File C7/6)
The operations at ANZAC (8p. 2 copies) (File C7/7)
Further operations at ANZAC (14p.) (File C7/8)
Further attacks on the Colonial Corps (17p.) (File C7/9)
The general attack on Krithia and Achi Baba (31p.) (File C7/10)
The story of the landing at Cape Helles (28p.) (File C7/11)
The gulley ravine (10p.) (File C7/12)
Further operations at Cape Helles after May 8th (6p.) (File C7/13)
'The battle of Fourth of June ended.…' by Lt Compton Mackenzie R.M. (5p.), 23 June 1915 (File C7/14)
The battle of June 4th (9p.) (File C7/15)
The battle of June 28th (10p.) (File C7/16)
[Diary] (5p.), 29 June - 21 August (File C7/17)
Diary of events in July (35p.) (File C7/18)
Scenes on the Gallipoli Peninsula, July 9th (12p.) (File C7/19)
The battle of July 12th-13th (8p.) (File C7/20)
[Untitled] (7p.), July 1915 (File C7/21)
The new phase of the campaign (8p.) (File C7/22)
The 8th Victorian Light Horse at the Nek (2p.) (File C7/23)
Notes on Suvla Bay fighting (6p.) (File C7/24)
Battle of August 6th (5p.) (File C7/25)
Report of operations at ANZAC (12p.) (File C7/26)
Appendix to report of Major General Sir Alexander Godley on the operation of Anzac (14p.) (File C7/27)
Corrected dates August 7th operations [to 15th] (4p.), 6 August 1915 - 10 August 1915 (File C7/28)
Position of 2nd Mounted Division General Payton on (1p.), 21 August 1915 (File C7/29)
Comments on the August offensive (25p.) (File C7/30)
The old guard at Suvla Bay (10p.), August 21st (File C7/31)
Report on the capture of Hill 60 (3p.) (File C7/32)
The reaction (7p.), 8 September 1915 (File C7/33)

Subseries C8. Dardanelles: duplicates of articles

Filmed selectively.

Miscellaneous material (27p.), 2-24 May (File C8/1-25)

Series E. Press Cuttings, 1915

Filmed selectively.

Subseries E 7-23. Press cuttings from Durrant Press Cuttings Agency of AB's despatches from Dardanelles and Dardanelles coverage from British daily, local, and weekly papers. All dated and identified, March 1915 - December 1915

Series F. Miscellaneous; Publications, etc, 1915 - 1927

Subseries F5. Dardanelles Commission, 1916 - 1917

Filmed selectively. Printed material: Sir Ian Hamilton's despatch 11 December 1915; First Report (Cd. 8490); Final report pt. 2 (Cmd. 371) were not filmed by the AJCP.

Letters from E Grimwood Mears (Dardanelles Commission) to EAB requesting maps; re his testimony (8p.) (File F5/1)
EAB's testimony to Dardanelles Commission (38p.) (Printed), 23 August 1916 - 10 September 1917 (File F5/2)

Subseries F6. Printed Material, 1915 - 1927

Filmed selectively.

Account of trip to Australia and New Zealand (8p.), 1916 - 1917 (File F6/30)
Memorandum of agreement between EAB and Hutchinson & Co. Ltd. re publication of Memoirs of the Dardanelles (2p.), 29 August 1927 (File F6/34)
Press correspondent's licence for Gallipoli, 26 June 1915 (File F6/35/1)