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Created: 2018

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Observations by Lieut. George Raper, R.N. (File 1)

Excerise book containing irregular entries showing positions of Sirius 20 May 1787-14 January 1788, 4 October 1788-31 December 1788-5 April 1789, Speedy 31 July 1793, Commerce de Marseille 14 October 1794-20 October 1794 (15pp.).

Service record of George Raper, 1787 - 1794 (File 2)

Maps and Plans, 1783 - 1796 (File 3)

Signed by S. Inman, Navy Board, 8 March 1824.

A north & south chart from the Lands End to the Equator, 16 May 1787 - 15 July 1787 (Item (i))

Route of Sirius in north Atlantic Ocean. [May 16 - July 15 1787]...

Chart of the South Atlantic with the track of the Sirius (Item (ii))

Eastern half of sheet missing.

Plan of Rio de Janeiro, coast of Brasil, 1791 (Item (iii))

Observations in the Sirius...

Plan of Port Praya, the South end of the Island of St. Jago or Yago, 1787 (Item (iv))

Observations in the Sirius...

Plan of Table Bay, Cape of Good Hope (Item (v))

Map of the harbour at Table Bay, South Africa. Shows the Dutch East India Company's settlement of Cape Town, the Company's garden, the garrison and forts.

Plan of Botany Bay, New South Wales, 1791 (Item (vi))

Relief shown by bathymetric soundings...

Plan of Port Jackson, coast of New South Wales as surveyed by Captain Hunter, 1788 (Item (vii))

Relief shown by bathymetric soundings...

Carreening Cove, Port Jackson, 1789 (Item (viii))

Relief shown by bathymetric soundings...

Norfolk Island, [1790?] (Item (ix))

With enlargement of southern end showing Sirius's track...

Drawings (File 4)

Views of Needles, Salvages and Teneriffe, 1790 (Item (i))

Views of Cape Verde Islands, 1790 (Item (ii))

Views of Rio de Janeiro and Table Bay (Item (iii))

Views of Van Diemen's Land, Botany Bay and Port Jackson, 1791 (Item (iv))

Melancholy loss of H.M.S. Sirius off Norfolk Island, 19 March 1790 (Item (v))

Copy of will of George Raper 14 October 1795, Deed of administration granted to Katherine Raper, 5 March 1799. (File 5)