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Created: 2018

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Series A. Journals

Diary of a voyage to Australia on board the Great Britain steamer by Edward Towle, August 21-October 12? 1852 (File 1)

Departure from Liverpool; arrangements on board; entertainments; food and drink; crossing the line; putting in to St Helena due to insufficient coal being loaded; visit to Napoleon's house; landing at the Cape...

Typed transcript of (1) (60p.) (File 2)

Account of a visit to Java and Singapore by Edward Towle (see letter 7 of 28 July 1853) (52p.), October 1853? (File 3)

Description of Java - its vegetation and natives; description of Batavia, stay at Rotterdam Hotel; business dealings with Mssrs Zorn and Sauer partners in firm of E. Moorman & Co.; suffers Batavia fever; description of opium trade; voyage to Singapore; visit to Chinese timber merchants and other business in Singapore.

Typed transcript of (3) (File 4)

Series B. Letters

Edward Towle, St Helena, to Mary (sister), 23 September 1852 (File 1)

Had to return to St Helena as not enough coal was loaded to make the journey to the cape; activities on board Great Britain.

Edward Towle, on board 3 days from Melbourne, to Mary, 11 November 1852 (File 2)

Has got a party together to go to the diggings; Ben is to go into sheep business.

Edward, Geelong, to Mary, 8 December 1852 (File 3)

Difficulty in leaving Great Britain due to number of passengers; reception by cousins Fred and Tom at Geelong; high prices of goods in Melbourne; travelling to the diggings; lawlessness; Edward returns to Geelong with a bad hand; intends to return to diggings.

Transcript of part of (3) (File 4)

Edward, Geelong, to Mary, 2 March 1853 (File 5)

Illness at diggings at Creswick's Creek; encounters with a snake; more to Eureka; more to new gully - winter's flat; digging holes; programme of day's work; finding gold.

Typed transcript of (5) (File 6)

Edward, Geelong, to Mary, 28 July 1853 (File 7)

Planning to go to Singapore by Ararat (see A. 3); has written a journal of stay at Creswick Creek of 20 pages; escort from McIvor diggings was attacked by gang of 20 men; death of Ben.

Edward ? (incomplete), Ballarat, to Mary, 11 March 1858/6 (File 8)

Tom intends to establish a drapery store, would be a good investment for mother; description of Ballarat; he can get no employment.

Edward, Ballarat, to ?, n.d. (May 10 later in letter) (File 9)

With case for (legal opinion) of Mr Balguy re Edward's dispute with Mr Rose during his partnership with Dr Towle under firm of E Towle & Co.; Edward now in partnership with Mr Osborne; has a store of his own. (incomplete)

Benjamin Towle, Geelong to mother, 24 February 1853 (File 10)

Edward and he have come down from Ballarat diggings for stores; enjoying way of life; have to sleep with loaded pistol; flies; does not intend to settle in Australia.

Series C. Miscellaneous Pages

(a and b) [Description of diggings] (8p.) (incomplete) (File 1)

Return to Eureka from Geelong; party gone to Creswick Creek; description of new camp and digging holes.

[being considerably surprised...] (4p.) (incomplete) (File 2)

Thoughts on a journey to Ballarat to save what he can 'from the wreck'.

[grazing not far distant...] (2p.) (incomplete) (File 3)

Hospitality of a Scottish shepherd on the lawless Road to Meredith; mention of 'misfortunes'.

Series D. Portraits of Edward and Benjamin Towle