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Brown, Robert
Papers of Robert Brown (as filmed by the AJCP)
Date Range
1793 - 1855
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M1193, M2494-M2496
68 items
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Scope and Contents

Robert Brown Papers: 1800-1854

The early correspondence describes: the exploration of the southern and northern coasts of Australia; botanical discoveries made on the voyage and at New South Wales; Brown's return to England; the captivity of M. Flinders at Mauritius; work in describing and classifying botanical discoveries; and the publication of Prodromus. Later letters deal with: the botanical and ornithological work of G. Caley; specimens sent from Australia and the East Indies; the exchange of plants and publications with European scientists; and efforts to secure a pension for the widow of M Flinders.

Correspondents include Sir Joseph Banks, Ferdinand Bauer, George Caley, Allan Cunningham, Matthew Flinders, Sir William Hooker, P.G. King, P.P. King, Sir Thomas Mitchell and Olaf Swartz.

Robert Brown Papers: 1800-1855

Correspondence and manuscripts relating to Brown's career as a naturalist and librarian. The manuscripts include: accounts of his travels in Australia; drafts of Prodromus Florae Novae Hollandiae et Insulae Van Diemen; corrections to the appendix of M. Flinders, A Voyage to Terra Australis; and catalogues of plants and fossils.

Main correspondents include A. Cunningham, Rev. W. Buckland, Sir William Hooker, Sir Thomas Mitchell and C. Stokes.

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Australia: flora and fauna; Banks, Sir Joseph; Bauer, Ferdinand; Birds: Australia; Botanists; Botany; Brown, Robert; Buckland, William, Rev.; Caley, George; Cunningham, Allan; Dutch East Indies; Flinders, Matthew, Capt.; Fossils; Hooker, Sir William J.; King, Philip G., Capt.; Librarians; Mauritius; Mitchell, Sir Thomas L.; Naturalists; New South Wales: flora and fauna; Stokes, C.; Swartz, Olaf


Originally cited in Australian Joint Copying Project Handbook. Part 8: Miscellaneous (M) Series. Third Edition, published 1998. Entry 76.

Biographical / Historical

Robert Brown (1773-1858). Educated at Marischal College, Aberdeen. Served in the Fifeshire Regiment, 1795-1800. Associate of Linnean Society, 1798. Naturalist on Investigator, 1801-3, collected specimens in New South Wales and Van Diemen's Land, 1803-1805. Returned to England with collection of over 3,000 specimens in 1805. Published Prodromus florae Novae Hollandiae et Insulae Van-Diemen in 1810, with supplement in 1830, and appendix to M. Flinders A voyage to Terra Australis, 1814. Clerk and Librarian to Linnean Society, 1805-1810, librarian to Sir Joseph Banks, 1810-1820, joined staff of British Museum in 1827. President of Linnean Society, 1849-1853.

Item Descriptions

Fonds Add MSS 32439-32441. Robert Brown Papers, 1800 - 1854

3 items

Series Add MS 32439. Correspondence, 1793 - 1812

The subject-matter of the correspondence includes Brown's appointment as naturalist on the Investigator in 1801 (ff. 24-44), the exploration of the southern coast of Australia (ff. 45-66), botanical discoveries made during the voyage and at New South Wales in 1802-1803 (ff. 67-79), the exploration of the northern coasts (ff. 80-97), the decision of the naturalists to remain in N.S.W. in July 1803 (ff. 98-102), the loss of the Porpoise (f. 127), MacArthur's views on the wool industry (f. 140), botanical discoveries in Tasmania in 1804 (f. 146) and in N.S.W. (f. 162), the return of Brown and F. Bauer to England in 1805 (ff. 183-88), Brown's correspondence with Sir James Smith, 1806-1827 (ff. 190-233), Sir Joseph Banks' summary of the work of Brown and Bauer (ff. 237-45), M. Flinders' captivity at Mauritius (ff. 256-67), the drawings of Bauer (f. 288), Brown's work in describing and classifying his botanical discoveries, the release of Flinders (ff. 330-35), the publication of the Prodromus florae Novae Hollandiae in 1810 (f. 340), the botanical and ornithological work of G. Caley in N.S.W. (ff. 349,361), Flinders' discoveries concerning the magnetic needle (ff. 353-70).

The correspondents include R. Brown, Sir Joseph Banks, F. Bauer, M. Flinders, C. Greville, P.G. King, Sir James Smith, Dawson Turner, Olaf Swartz, W.J. Hooker, W. Spence, J. Barrow, J. Correa de Serra and G. Caley. Many of the letters were written not to Brown but to Banks.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M1193

Series Add MS 32440. Correspondence, 1813 - 1825

38 items

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M1193

G. Caley to Brown, April 1813 (Item ff.3-4)

Arrangement of specimens; wishes to exhibit birds.

G. Caley to Brown, 14 August 1813 (Item ff.11-12)

Proposed exhibition of birds.

W.J. Hooker to Brown, 3 November 1813 (Item ff.15-16)

Requests copies of Bauer's work.

G. Caley to Brown, 2 January 1814 (Item ff.23-24)

Exhibition, sale of collection; bird stuffing.

G. Caley to Brown, 21 January 1814 (Item ff.27-28)

Sir Joseph Banks' attitude to sale of his collection; American threat to N.S.W.

M. Flinders to Brown, 1 April 1814 (Item ff.31-32)

Illness; requests papers on calculs found in human bladder.

O. Swartz (Stockholm) to Brown, 4 October 1814 (Item ff.50-51)

Acknowledges Bauer's drawings; botanical matters.

A.B. Lambert to Brown, 4 October 1814 (Item ff.52-53)

Cultivation of plants; death of M. Flinders.

W. Spence to Brown, 1 November 1814 (Item ff.56-57)

Flinders' voyage; botanical matters.

G. Caley to Brown, 8 June 1815 (Item ff.83-84)

Offers specimens; British Museum; discoveries in N.S.W.

G. Caley to Brown, 27 July 1815 (Item ff.85-86)

Wishes to return to N.S.W.; Brown's visit to Manchester.

G. Caley to Brown, 5 November 1815 (Item ff.89-90)

Transport of specimens from Manchester to London.

W.J. Hooker to Brown, 9 November 1815 (Item ff.95-96)

Acknowledges Prodromus and Bauer's drawings; work on mosses.

A. de St. Hilaire (Paris) to Brown, 10 November 1815 (Item ff.97-98)

Praises Prodromus; botanical matters.

—(Gibralta) to J. Horsburgh, 15 February 1816 (Item ff.103-4)

Interest in publications on Tahitian languages; relations between Pacific Islanders and Europeans.

G. Caley to Brown, 23 February 1816 (Item ff.105-6)

Delays in sending specimens; crossing of Blue Mountains and discovery of Macquarie River.

G. Caley (St. Vincent) to Brown, 27 July 1817 (Item ff.154-55)

St. Vincent; N.S.W. specimens.

G. Caley to Sir Joseph Banks, 27 July 1817 (Item ff.156-58)

St. Vincent; botanical work.

G. Caley to W. Anderson, 31 July 1817 (Item ff.159-60)

Difficulty of establishing botanic gardens.

O. Swartz to Brown, 20 May 1818 (Item ff.183-84)

Acknowledges New Holland work and other publications.

A.B. Lambert to Brown, 13 July 1818 (Item ff.192-93)

Progress with plants; receipt of seeds from Australia.

O. Swartz to Brown, 14 August 1818 (Item ff.196-97)

Acknowledges publications; Australian orchids.

G. Caley (St. Vincent) to Brown, 29 September 1818 (Item ff.198-99)

J. Oxley's discovery of Lachlan River; West Indian specimens.

Sir Stanford Raffles (Penang) to Brown, 4 March 1819 (Item ff.222-23)

Specimens to be collected by Jack at Sumatra.

G. Caley to Brown, 6 March 1819 (Item ff.224-25)

Sends seeds; problems in N.S.W. with departure from Phillip's plan.

A. Cunningham (Sydney) to Brown, 29 March 1819 (Item ff.228-31)

Specimens collected west of Blue Mountains; wide dispersal of plants; Brown's Prodromus; proposed journey to north coast.

G. Caley to Brown, 21 July 1819 (Item ff.242-43)

Specimens attacked by insects; establishment of botanic gardens.

W. Jack (Item ff.244-45)

List of specimens collected at Penang and Singapore.

G. Caley to Brown, 3 April 1820 (Item ff.260-61)

Oxley's discoveries in N.S.W. and theory of inland sea; Pt. Macquarie.

A. Cunningham to Brown, 1 May 1820 (Item ff.264-67)

Despatch of specimens; visit to N.S.W. of Russian naturalists; P.P. King's voyage to north coast; J.T. Bigge.

A. Cunningham to Brown, 12 June 1820 (Item ff.270-71)

King's impending voyage; interview with J.T. Bigge; establishment of Sydney Botanical Gardens.

A. Cunningham to Brown, 10 July 1820 (Item ff.272-73)

Return of ship to Sydney; account of storm.

S.N. Casstrom (Stockholm) to Brown, 14 December 1821 (Item ff.311-12)

Swedish botanical publications; Sparrman's herbarium.

S.N. Casstrom to Brown, 7 May 1822 (Item ff.320-21)

Prodromus; exchange of publications and seeds.

J. Mitchell to Brown, 7 July 1823 (Item ff.338-39)

Description of Javanese fish.

W. Baxter (Sydney) to Brown, 15 July 1823 (Item ff.340-41)

Specimens sent from King George's Sound.

C.M. Hamilton to Brown, 2 April 1824 (Item ff.352-53)

Botanical investigations in Sumatra.

W. Baxter to Brown, 5 July 1824 (Item ff.365-66)

Specimens sent from Sydney.

Series Add MS 32441. Correspondence, 1826 - 1858

42 items

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M1193

A.T. Brongniart (Paris) to Brown, 23 January 1826 (Item ff.1-2)

Brown's memoir on plants discovered on P.P. King's voyage; botanical research.

S.N. Casstrom (Stockholm) to Brown, 14 April 1826 (Item ff.5-6)

Naming of plants collected by Sparrman in South Sea Islands.

Maria Graham to C. Koenig, 9 June 1826 (Item ff.11-13)

Specimens brought back on Blonde.

J. Lindley to Brown, 16 December 1828 (Item ff.73-74)

Refers to Australian plant.

W. Baxter (Sydney) to Brown, 21 October 1829 (Item ff.101-2)

Specimens sent from Australia.

E. Home to Brown, 25 October 1829 (Item ff.103-4)

Plants from Australia and New Zealand.

W.T.H. Strangways to Brown, 7 March (1831) (Item ff.135-36)

Requests copy of Prodromus.

C. de Martius (Munich) to Brown, 15 May 1831 (Item ff.145-46)

Acknowledges Supplement to Florae Nova Hollandae.

C. de Martius to Brown, 8 August 1831 (Item ff.151-53)

Exchange of publications; refers to J. Lhotsky.

A. Cunningham to W.J. Broderip, 30 September 1831 (Item f.156)

Geology of Hunter River district.

P. Neill to Brown, 2 November 1831 (Item ff.157-58)

Tasmanian plants; acknowledge Supplement to Prodromus.

G. Macleay (Sydney) to Brown, 22 March 1832 (Item ff.169-71)

Introduces C. Sturt; publication of Sturt's journals; friends in N.S.W.

Brown to F. Bauer, 15 December 1832 (Item ff.182-83)

Publication of drawings.

J. Mitchell to Brown, 22 October 1833 (Item ff.222-23)

Sends specimens; loss of land grant in N.S.W.

C. de Martius to Brown, 23 April 1835 (Item ff.270-71)

Query concerning Australian palm.

Lady Raffles to Brown, (May 1835) (Item f.272)

Description of plant named after Raffles.

Brown to Lady Raffles, 26 May 1835 (Item ff.274-25)

Botanical matters.

A. Cunningham to Brown, 7 July 1835 (Item f.281)

Box received from N.S.W.; T.L. Mitchell's expedition to Darling River.

Brown to W.T. Aiton, 26 October 1835 (Item ff.292-93)

Salary of naturalist on Captain Beechey's voyage.

P.P. King (Penrith) to Brown, 28 October 1835 (Item ff.298-99)

Search for R. Cunningham; appointment of curator of botanical gardens; growth of Sydney; formation of Patriotic Association.

T.L. Mitchell (Sydney) to Brown, 11 November 1835 (Item ff.302-3)

Sends specimens from River Darling.

A. Cunningham (Sydney) to Brown, 16 May 1839 (Item ff.334-35)

Retirement from botanical gardens; expedition to New Zealand; illness.

W. Griffith to Brown, 12 October 1841 (Item ff.359-60)

Appointment to Malacca; botanical discoveries.

Sir Robert Inglis to Sir Robert Peel, 10 February 1843 (Item ff.377-78)

Claims of Mrs M. Flinders to pension.

Sir Robert Peel to Sir Robert Inglis, 27 February 1843 (Item ff.379-81)

Pension not possible.

R.C. Gunn (Launceston) to Brown, 30 November 1843 (Item ff.[?]5-98)

Despatch of specimens; departure of Sir John Franklin; J.C. Bicheno.

W. Griffith to R.H. Solly, n.d. (Item ff.402-3)

Despatch of Malacca specimens.

R.C. Gunn to Brown, 8 May 1844 (Item ff.404-5)

Despatch of sponges; skins sent to Sir William Hooker; criticism of British Museum; plants collected at Glenelg River.

W. Griffith (Madras) to Brown, 10 June (Item f.406)

Despatch of plants.

Instructions to W. Griffith on botanical collection, Malacca, 5 February (1845) (Item ff.407-10)
W. Clelland (Calcutta) to Brown, 3 June 1845 (Item f.413)

Death of W. Griffith; disposal of his collection.

J.C. Bicheno (Hobart) to Brown, 7 September 1846 (Item ff.418-20)

Dispatch of specimens from Flinders Island; changes in convict system; failings of Governor Eardley-Wilmot.

Brown to Admiral Beaufort, 8 March 1847 (Item ff.424-26)

Career of M. Flinders; claim of widow for pension.

Memorials on career of M. Flinders. (Item ff.427-31)
Brown to B. Hawes, n.d. (Item ff.432-33)

Claim of Mrs M. Flinders for pension.

Rev. W.B. Clarke (Sydney) to Brown, 20 October 1849 (Item ff.452-53)

Geological specimens collected by Sir Thomas Mitchell; discovery of copper, lead, gold; Californian gold rushes.

P.P. King (Sydney) to Brown, 24 June 1853 (Item ff.464-65)

Possibility of pension for Mrs Flinders from N.S.W. Government; King and Macleay families.

P.P. King to Brown, 10 September 1853 (Item ff.466-69)

Pension granted to Flinders' widow and daughter; land sales.

P.P. King to Brown, 19 September 1853 (Item ff.470-71)

Pension for Mrs Flinders.

P.P. King to Brown, 5 November 1853 (Item ff.472-73)

Death of Sir Everard Home.

Anne Petrie to Brown, 13 December (1853) (Item ff.474-77)

Pension granted to mother; birth of son.

W. Morley to J.S. Tuxford, 16 November 1854 (Item ff.478-79)

Details of tablet erected in Donington Church in memory of M. Flinders.

Fonds. Robert Brown Papers, 1800 - 1855

65 items

Series I. Botany Library: Correspondence

3 items

Archival history

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2494

Correspondence, 1807 - 3 June 1850 (File Vol. 1)
32 items

Filmed selectively.

W. Aiton to Brown, [14 April 1828] (Item f.4)

Sends specimens from A. Cunningham in N.S.W.

T.G. Azaola (Manila) to Brown, 15 November 1845 (Item f.14)

Acknowledges pamphlet; undertakes to procure specimens.

Sir Joseph Banks. Statement on preparations for second voyage of Capt. J. Cook and withdrawal of Banks. (4pp.) (Item f.17)
J.C. Bicheno (Hobart) to Brown, 1844 - 1848 (Item ff.54-61)

Collecting of botanical specimens; acknowledges publications; R.C. Gunn; despatch of fossil woods from Flinders Island; lamentable state of Hobart botanical gardens; pamphlet by Sir John Franklin on his Governorship; character of Sir John Eardley Wilmot and his clash with Bishop F.R. Nixon; meetings with Sir Everard Home; dismissal of Eardley Wilmot; appointment of Government Naturalist; improvements in communications. (7 letters and program of funeral of Eardley Wilmot, 10 Feb. 1847)

Rev. W. Buckland to Brown, 17 Nov. [1840] (Item f.96)

Reduction of drawing of Hobart by J. Lycett; seeks advice on trees.

Rev. W. Buckland to Brown, 27 February 1844 (Item f.97)

Seeks testimonial on value of publication on Antarctic by J.D. Hooker.

Brown to Rev. W. Buckland, n.d. (Item f.98)

Praises work of J.D. Hooker.

Rev. W. Buckland to Brown, 7 March 1844 (Item f.99)

Government grant for publication of work on botany of Antarctic by J.D. Hooker.

Brown to Rev. W. Buckland, 11 March 1844 (Item f.100)

Proposed publication of work on botany of Antarctic.

G. Caley to J. Dickson, 1807 - 1817 (Item ff.109-12)

Despatch of botanical specimens for Brown and Sir Joseph Banks; refers to book on N.S.W. by J. White; work on birds. (4 letters, faint)

A. Cunningham to Brown, 17 September 1831 (Item f.122)

Despatch of plants collected at Norfolk Island.

A. Cunningham to Brown, 6 December 1833 (Item f.123)

Transmission of box for G. Macleay at N.S.W.

A. Cunningham to Brown, n.d. (Item f.124)

Despatch of petrified wood from Newcastle.

R. Graham (Edinburgh) to Brown, 27 January 1845 (Item f.180)

Financial difficulties; losses incurred on investments in Australia.

G. Grey (Adelaide) to Brown, 1841 - 1843 (Item ff.196-98)

Sends botanical specimens from King George's Sound and South Australia; introduces explorer E.J. Eyre; sends seeds from tropical Australia. (3 letters)

Brown to Eliza Grey, n.d. (Item f.199)

Acknowledges plants and seeds; South Australian plants; G.F. Angus about to visit Australia. (draft)

Eliza Grey (Adelaide) to Brown, 10 June 1845 (Item f.200)

Despatch of plants and seeds; G.F. Angus and his paintings.

R. Hay (Colonial Office) to Brown, 9 May 1832 (Item f.206)

Seeks advice on suitability of R. Cunningham for post of Superintendant of Sydney Botanic Gardens.

Brown to R. Hay, 10 May 1832 (Item f.207)

Qualifications of R. Cunningham.

Sir Everard Home (Hongkong) to Brown, 15 January 1843 (Item f.218)

Sends plants from Chusan; imminent departure for Singapore and Port Essington.

Sir Everard Home to Brown, 12 January 1847 (Item f.219)

Sends wood found below high water mark at Auckland and Bay of Islands.

Sir Everard Home to Brown, 3 June 1850 (Item f.221)

Appointment to Australian Station; requests suggestions for botanical searches.

Sir William Hooker to Brown, 18 December (Item f.252)

Introduces Dr Sinclair, proceeding to Australia on convict ship; wishes to carry out botanical searches.

Lord Minto to Sir William Hooker, 4 January 1844 (Item f.260)

Publication of Antarctic researches of J.D. Hooker; recommends direct appeal for funds to Sir Robert Peel.

P.M. Roget to Sir William Hooker, 11 January 1844 (Item f.261)

Suggests application be made to Royal Society regarding publication of Antarctic researches of J.D. Hooker.

Sir William Hooker to Brown, 24 January 1844 (Item f.262)

Sends correspondence on publication of Antarctic researches.

Sir William Hooker to Brown, 18 February 1846 (Item f.270)

Payment for Drummond's set of Swan River plants.

Sir William Hooker to Brown, [24 April 1847] (Item f.271)

Offer of book of Swan River specimens.

J. Hutt to Sir William Hooker, 24 April 1847 (Item f.273)

Value of Swan River specimens; money would be spent on aboriginal missions in Western Australia.

Sir William Hooker to Brown, 26 April 1847 (Item f.274)

Offer of Swan River specimens.

G. Jack to Brown, October 1848 (Item f.292)

Introduces Bennett from Van Diemen's Land.

R. Jameson (Edinburgh) to Brown, 2 June 1820 (Item f.301)

Seeks letter of introduction for Neil proceeding to Hobart.

Correspondence, 10 December 1805 - 1854 (File Vol. 2)
23 items

Filmed selectively.

Capt. P.P. King (London, Sydney) to Brown, 1824 - 1854 (Item ff.3-13)

Paper by A. Cunningham; arrangements for meeting; transmission of specimens; introduces W. Macarthur; Paris Exhibition; Eureka uprising; Sir Charles Fitzroy; W. Macleay. (11 letters)

J. Lindley to Brown, 12 September (Item f.31)

Requests notes on New Holland plants.

J. Lindley to Brown, 23 November 1830 (Item f.33)

Publication of New Holland asters.

J. Lindley to Brown, 29 January 1831 (Item f.35)

Inspection of New Holland proteaceae.

Brown to J. Lindley, 8 July 1840 (Item f.46)

Tree fern from R.C. Gunn at Van Diemen's Land.

C. Lyell to Brown, 18 April 1843 (Item f.52)

Researches of J.D. Hooker in Antarctic.

A. Macleay (London, Sydney) to Brown, 1814 - 1841 (Item ff.74-77)

Brown's Prodromus Florae Novae Hollandiae; introduces T. Harington. (3 letters and reply)

Miss Macleay (Sydney) to J.-P. Gaimard, 18 December 1826 (Item f.78)

Best wishes for voyage of Astrolabe.

W. Macleay (London, Sydney) to Brown, 1824 - 1854 (Item ff.79-84)

Arrival in Australia in 1839; crops; weakening influence of emancipists; divisions in Sydney society; collecting of crustacea and insects; garden at Elizabeth Bay; Lieut. J. Wilkes; A. Macleay; journey to Macleay River; introduces W. Macarthur; growth of Sydney. (6 letters)

G. Macleay (Sydney) to Brown, 7 August 1848 (Item f.85)

Death of father; relations with W. Macleay.

Although described individually, this letter was originally microfilmed with a page from another letter. The last page of the letter described can be found at the beginning of nla.obj-766248073.

G. Macleay to Brown, 4 April 1849 (Item f.86)

W. Macleay; management of property; A. Onslow.

J. Mitchell (Wooler) to Brown, 22 August 1831 (Item f.122)

Mental trouble incurred on voyage to N.S.W.; botanical studies; sends Flora of Berwickshire by G. Johnston.

Lord Mount Norris to Brown, 9 April 1823 (Item f.128)

Sends collection from Australia.

W. Nicol (Edinburgh) to Brown, 1 December 1834 (Item f.143)

Analysis of specimens of Australian wood.

Sir Stamford Raffles to Brown, n.d. (Item ff.162-65)

Examination of plants from East Indies; seeds from Java; arrangements for meeting. (4 letters)

L.C. Richard (Paris) to Brown, January 1811 (Item f.171)

Prodromus florae Nova Hollandiae. (Latin)

A. Richard (Paris) to Brown, 30 December 1814 (Item f.179)

Introduces Roman Catholic missionary De Montrouzir travelling to Australia and New Guinea. (French)

T.E. Smith (Norwich) to Brown, 10 December 1805 (Item f.220)

Welcome on return to England; Smith's work on New Holland plants.

C. Stokes to Brown, [July 1831] (Item f.240)

New Zealand plants.

Brown to C. Stokes, n.d. (Item f.241)

New Zealand plants. (draft)

C. Stokes to Brown, 28 August 1834 (Item f.243)

Offer of Bishop W. Broughton to take articles to N.S.W. for A. Macleay.

W. Swainson to Brown, 11 September 1840 (Item f.252)

Imminent departure for New Zealand; offers herbarium for sale to British Museum.

O. Swartz (Stockholm) to Brown, 4 April 1811 (Item f.253)

Praises Produmus florae Novae Hollandiae.

Correspondence, December 1800 - 1854 (File Vol. 3)
9 items

Filmed selectively.

W. H. de Vriese (Amsterdam) to Brown, 19 April 1843 (Item f.33)

Collection of East Indies plants. (French).

Although described individually, this letter was originally microfilmed with a page from another letter. The last page of the letter described can be found at the beginning of nla.obj-766248378.

W. H. de Vriese (Leiden) to Brown, 1851 (Item f.34)

East Indies plants.

Correspondence concerning arrangements for Australian voyage, December 1800 - March 1801 (Item ff.100-15)

Letters of Col. J. Durham, Lt.Col. T. Durham, H.Chirton, Sir Joseph Banks, E. Cooke and Brown referring to Brown's detention in Ireland, his appointment as naturalist on H.M.S. Investigator, and his hope of retaining his ensigncy during his absence.

(16 letters)

Correspondence concerning Australian expedition, September 1803 - May 1806 (Item ff.116-27)

Letters of Capt. P. G. King, Capt. M. Flinders, Sir Joseph Banks and Brown referring to wreck of Porpoise, botanical riches of south coast, plans to visit Van Diemen's Land and Norfolk Island, storage of specimens on H.M.S. Investigator, plants deposited on H.M.S. Calcutta; Brown's ill-health, disappearance of G. Bass, unusual specimens, summary of botanical specimens collected by Brown in Australia, cost of transporting collections from Liverpool to London, work of Flinders on astronomy during voyage.

(10 letters)

Inscription on memorial tablet to Capt. M. Flinders and Ann Flinders (Item f.128)
Inscription on memorial tablet at Donington Church, Lincolnshire (Item f.129)
Statement of services of Capt. M. Flinders (Item f.130)
Memoir of official services of Capt. M. Flinders. (printed) (Item f.131)
Correspondence concerning pension awarded to Ann Flinders, 1847 - 1854 (Item ff.132-48)

Letters of Sir Francis Beaufort, Sir Everard Home, Ann Flinders, Ann Petrie, W. Petrie and Brown referring to Brown's efforts to secure pension for Ann Flinders, award of pensions by N.S.W. and Victorian Parliaments, search for tombstone of Capt. M. Flinders, erection of tablet to Flinders and his wife in parish church, and assistance of Capt. P.P. King in N.S.W.

Series. Supplementary Correspondence, 26 November 1806 - 7 January 1855

22 items

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2494

W. Aiton to Brown, 27 November 1827 (File f.3)

Sends plants collected by A. Cunningham in New Zealand.

J. Arnold (Yarmouth) to Brown, 15 June 1817 (File f.5)

Application to accompany Sir Stanford Raffles to Sumatra.

A. Cunningham (Parramatta) to Brown, 16 July 1822 (File f.59)

Voyage to north-west Australia with Capt. P.P. King; despatch of plants; suggests genus be named after King; opening of interior of N.S.W.; C. Fraser; plans for exploration.

Although described individually, this letter was originally microfilmed with a page from another letter. The last page of the letter described can be found at the beginning of nla.obj-766248618.

A. Cunningham to Brown, 21 February 1833 (File f.60)

Sends specimens of woods of Norfolk Island; W.J. Hooker.

A. Cunningham to Brown, 2 September 1833 (File f.61)

Examination of plants of Anderson.

R. Cunningham to Brown, 16 May 1832 (File f.62)

Thanks for support at Colonial Office.

J. Drummond (Swan River) to Brown, 6 January 1833 (File f.75)

Description of rare orchid; unable to identify its genus.

Brown to R. C. Gunn, 8 September 1844 (File f.107)

Acknowledges dichytodorous plants of Van Diemen's Land and fossil woods; sends publications. (draft)

Although described individually, this letter was originally microfilmed with a page from another letter. The last page of the letter described can be found at the beginning of nla.obj-766248719.

R. C. Gunn (Launceston) to Brown, 27 January 1845 (File f.108)

Acknowledges publications; Gunn's isolation; collecting of specimens in Van Diemen's Land; journey on foot to Macquarie Harbour.

Capt. P. P. King to Brown, March 1825 (File f.150)

Sends list of specimens collected by A. Cunningham on voyage.

Capt. J. Mangles to Brown, n.d. (File f.168)

Sends list of plants collected on voyage to Swan River.

K.F. Meisner (Basel) to Brown, 7 January 1855 (File f.174)

Sends observations on Australian Protecea; hopes paper will be published by Linnean Society.

J. Milligan (Flinders Island) to J. Bicheno, 25 March 1845 (File)

Plants for Brown collected at Macquarie Harbour; exploration of Flinders Island.

T. L. Mitchell (Sydney) to Brown, 28 November 1832 (File f.181)

Despatch of plants; account of expedition into interior of N.S.W.; woods; list of plants. (8 pp.)

Although described individually, this letter was originally microfilmed with a page from another letter. The last page of the letter described can be found at the beginning of nla.obj-766248831.

T. L. Mitchell (London) to Brown, 5 December 1837 (File f.182)

Despatch of grasses from interior of N.S.W.; bulbs.

Sir Thomas Mitchell to Brown: grasses, 17 March 1848 (File f.183)
Sir Thomas Mitchell to Brown, 11 May (File f.184)

Preparations for departure; offers to take articles for W. Macleay.

L. Preiss (Herzberg) to Brown, 9 November 1845 (File f.197)

Offers for sale collection of Western Australian plants; encloses printed description.

J. Sims to Brown, 26 November 1806 (File f.219)

Publication of New Holland plants in Botanical Magazine.

Brown to J. Sims, 26 November 1806 (File f.219A)

Denies he wished Botanical Magazine to exclude New Holland plants; plans for publication of Prodromus.

J. Smith to Brown, 12 February 1833 (File f.220)

Plant from King George's Sound.

C. Sturt to Brown, n.d. (File f.220A)

Unable to return visit; poor eyesight.

Series. Numbered Manuscripts, 1801 - 1804

7 items

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2494-M2495

Diary of travels in Australia, 14 June 1801 - 28 October 1804 (File MSS. 1)

Original diary, very rough in places, although including fair copy of some sections. Detail varies, with very brief entries for 1801 and no entries for period May 1803-Jan. 1804. Contains many lists of plants and also aboriginal word lists.

(308 ff.)

Herbaruim Novae Hollandiae, 1801 - 1804 (File MSS. 2)

Loose sheets containing botanical notes arranged by family.

(642 ff.)

Descriptionum plantarum Novae Hollandiae (File MSS. 3)

16 notebooks, partly in pencil and sometimes very faint. Many of the entries are dated. Includes an index.

(407 ff.)

Flora vicinitatis Port Jackson, N.C. Australis incluso Hunter River (File MSS. 4)

Loose sheets containing botanical notes arranged by family.

(174 ff.)

Notes on collection of C. Sturt. (74 ff.) (File MSS. 8)
Australian plants (Tasmania) (File MS. 10)

Four notebooks containing descriptions of plants found by Brown at Van Diemen's Land, Port Phillip and Kents Islands.

(195 ff.)

Descriptions of plants collected by Sir Joseph Banks and D. Solander on first voyage of Capt. J. Cook (File MSS. 15-16)

Two volumes of descriptions in Latin, including index.

(404 pp.)

Series Box 1. Miscellaneous Manuscripts, 6 September 1804 - 1 May 1830

18 items

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2496

Proteacea of Middle Island and Swan River. (8 pp.) (File)
New and doubtful species in collection of plants formed by Charles Fraser during second expedition into interior of N.S.W. to trace Macquarie River. (8 pp.) (File)
List of dried plants from Moreton Bay collected by C. Fraser and sent by A. Macleay (8 pp.) (File)
List of plants from Swan River. (4 pp.) (File)
A few remarks on Port Dalrymple given to Governor P. G. King, (3 pp.), 6 September 1804 (File)
Notes on Port Dalrymple (7 pp.) (File)
Notes on two islands in Kent's Group, Bass Strait. (4 pp.) (File)
List of Capt. Sturt's collection of plants formed in his recent expedition into north-west interior of New Holland. (7 pp.) (File)
Catalogue of Sir Thomas Mitchell's collection formed in his recent expedition into north-west interior of N.S.W. and presented to British Museum. (1p.) (File)
W. Baxter (Sydney) to Brown, 2 October 1825 (File)

Despatch of specimens.

W. Baxter to Brown, 6 February 1826 (File)

Plans to spend 12 months at King George's Sound; discovery of new plants.

W. Baxter to Brown, 1 May 1830 (File)

Naming of new plants.

W. Baxter. List of plants collected on south-west coast of New Holland chiefly near King George's Sound. Received (38 pp.), 23 April 1830 (File)
List of subscribers for purchase by Linnaean Society of G. Caley's collection of N.S.W. birds, animals and reptiles, (12 pp.), 1816 - 1823 (File)
Specimens of plants, chiefly from New Holland, collected by W. Dampier. (8 pp.) (File)
Corrections to appendix of Voyage of Capt. M. Flinders. (2 pp.) (File)
List of recipients of duplicates of New Holland plants. (1 pp.) (File)
Corrections and additions to Prodromus florae Novae Hollandiae (12 pp.) (File)

Series Box 2. Miscellaneous Manuscripts, 10 March 1802 - 15 July 1825

2 items

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2496

Florula Spencer's Gulf, (4 pp.), 10 March 1802 - 11 March 1802 (File)
Brown to O. Swartz, 15 July 1825 (File)

Sends details of conifers in Australia and New Zealand.

Series. Unnumbered Manuscripts, January 1800 - June 1848

7 items

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2496

Journal kept in Ireland, January 1800 - January 1801 (File a)
1 item

And at commencement of voyage to Australia, 14 June-3 Oct. 1801

Journal (pages 125-159) (Item ff.125-59)

Account of arrival at Portsmouth with W. Westall and F. Bauer; collecting of plants near Portsmouth and on Isle of Wight; examination of Australian plants collected by Sir Joseph Banks; readings in mineralogy, chemistry and mathematics; departure from Portsmouth (18 July 1801); readings of works by J. Cook, M. Flinders, G. Forster, G. Cuvier, J. Labillardiere; landing at island of Bujia; visit to Funchal; observations of birds.

List of aboriginal words, northern Australia, (23 pp.), 5 February 1803 (File b)
Notes on Australian compositae and other plant families. (65 pp.) (File c)
List of sketches of plants and animals make during voyage of H.M.S Investigator and at Port Jackson and Norfolk Island by F. Bauer, with annotations by Brown. (64 pp.) (File d)
C. Sturt to Brown, February 1848 - June 1848 (File i)

Plants collected on journey into interior of Australia; progress with book; nomenclature of plants. (3 letters).

Brown to C. Sturt, 5 June 1848 (File)

Proposes to publish memoir on plants collected by Sturt in Transactions of Linnean Society.

Caroline Whiteford. R. Brown's itinerary compiled from details on specimens, (typescript, 38p.), 7 December 1801 - 16 May 1805 (File j)

Series. Mineralogical Library, 1802 - 1803

6 items

R. Brown. Manuscript catalogues of Australian fossils, [ MS. I (94) BRO ]

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2496

Catalogue of fossils collected on the east coast of New Holland, Gulf of Carpentaria and Prince of Wales Island, (42 pp.), 1802 (File Envelope 1/1)

Collections from Herveys Bay, Keppel Bay, Shoal Bay, Broad Sound, Northumberland Islands, Cumberland Islands, Prince of Wales Island, Gulf of Carpentaria, Groot Eylandt, Melville Bay, Timor.

Minerals collected on east coast of N.S.W., (4 pp.), August 1802 (File Envelope 2/1)
Stones collected in neighbourhood of Parramatta, (1 pp.), n.d. (File Envelope 2/2)
Catalogue of fossils, south coast of New Holland, (Poor condition, 5pp.), February 1802 - March 1802 (File Envelope 2/3)
Catalogue of fossils collected in neighbourhood of King George III Sound on west coast of New Holland, (8 pp.), December 1801 - January 1802 (File Envelope 2/4)
Collection of minerals from Kent's Group, (7 pp.), December 1803 (File Envelope 2/5)