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Created: 2018

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Series MS 11687. Globe Insurance Company, December 1839

Deed of settlement of Australasian Colonial and General Life Assurance and Annuity Company, 19 December 1839 (File)

Series MS 11891. William Fanning, April 1841 - April 1842

Business and social diary of William Fanning, April 1841 - April 1842 (File)

Agent of Dent & Co., tea-dealers, kept at Macao, April-November 1841, thence on a voyage to Manila and Hobart on the Lord Amherst , Dec. 1841-March 1842, and thence on a voyage to Sydney on the John Byng .

Series MS 14758. London Assurance Company, 1834 - 1854

Marine Department Risk Book, 1834 (File)

Referring inter alia to voyages to Sydney, Hobart, Launceston, Perth, the South Seas, Batavia and Singapore.

Marine Department Risk Book, 1854 (File)

Referring on pages 203-351 to voyages to Sydney, Hobart, Launceston, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Auckland, Wellington, Batavia and Singapore.

Series MS 15828. William C. Phillips, 1893 - 1902

Australian share certificates and other documents, 1893 - 1902 (File)

The companies include Menzies United Mines Ltd., Lone Hand Gold Mines Ltd., Premier Consolidated Gold Mines Ltd., Tararu Creek Gold Mining Co. Ltd., Standard Exploration Co. Ltd. and Mt. Perry Copper and Reid Creek Gold Mines and Smelting Co. Ltd.

Series MS 18351. Sun Fire Office, January 1878

Photocopy of letter from the Secretary of the Sun Fire Office, London, to G.W. Binney, Auckland, 18 January 1878 (File)

Gives him his instructions as agent of the Office in the Province of Auckland...