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Series 5105/70. Diaries of Francis M. Lind, 1854 - 1855

Filmed selectively.

Diary of a visit to Australia and New Zealand on leave from the Indian Army (81pp), 13 February 1854 - 31 August 1855 (File 1)

The diary describes the voyage from Calcutta to Sydney via Singapore, Adelaide and Melbourne, travels in the New England district in November-December 1854 and in New Zealand in February - April 1855, and the return voyage to India via Torres Strait. It includes notes on New Zealand government, Maoris, the Maori War, and geology, and also sketches and a map.

Series 5105/73. Commonplace book of Francis M. Lind, 1855

Filmed selectively.

Notes and cuttings concerning meetings of New Zealand chiefs at Auckland following the murder of Te Kopi, March 1855 (File ff. 50-53)

Series 6012/111. Papers on Maori War (17pp), 1957

H.D. London (Whakatane) to J. Crisp (Bournemouth), 7 August 1957 (File)

Interest in material on 1865-1870 Maori War; encloses article in journal of Whakatane and District Historical Society on Volkner and Fulloon murders and their aftermath.

Series 6309/124. Papers of Sgt. William Baxter, 79th Foot, 1844 - 1851

Filmed selectively.

John Baxter (Sydney) to William Baxter, 9 January 1844 (File)

Family news.

John Baxter to William Baxter, 16 April 1846 (File)

Work as Ward Master at Sydney Infirmary; prices; climate.

Frances Baxter (Sydney) to William Baxter, 17 October 1851 (File)

Family news; gold rushes; shortage of labour for shearing and harvesting.

Series 6401/17. Diary of Col. W. Harry Christie, 1836

Diary from the voyage between Gravesend and Sydney, via Dublin and Cork, on the convict ship Captain Cook (typescript copy)...

Diary of Col. W. Harry Christie on a voyage from Gravesend to Sydney, via Dublin and Cork, on the convict ship Captain Cook (typescript copy, 44pp.), 4 June 1836 - 14 November 1836 (File)

The diary contains detailed entries describing the layout of the ship, daily routine, relations with the crew, deaths, an attempt by convicts to seize the ship, lashings, fishing, convict songs, birds, and first impressions of Sydney.

Series 6502/110. Diary of Ensign James Chadwick, 1807 - 1819

Diary of Ensign James Chadwick, 59th Regiment (typescript copy, 23pp.), 1807 - 1819 (File)

Mainly dealing with campaigns in Java and the Sunda Islands, 1811-15.

Series 6509/25. Diaries of Lt. Col. R. H. Russell, 57th Regiment, 1863

Filmed selectively.

Diary kept while serving in New Zealand, 1863 (File 4.)

The diary describes both military and social activities, including fighting at Tartairaimaika (June 1863), Wairan (Sep 1863) and Kataki (Dec 1863). 40pp., typescript copy.

Series 6612/26. Maori War document, 1860

Sketch map showing action at Mahoetahi, New Zealand (photocopy), 6 November 1860 (File)

Series 6705/45. Papers of C.C.P. Lawson, c.1880-1966

Subseries 21. Scrapbook of P.W. Reynolds, c. 1880-1900

Filmed selectively.

Cuttings concerning colonial military forces, c. 1880-1900 (File)

Including forces in Australia and New Zealand. (20pp; final section of volume)

Subseries 23. Correspondence concerning New Zealand military uniforms (12 letters), 1965 - 1966

Correspondence of C.C.P. Lawson concerning his research on the uniforms of military units in New Zealand, 1965 - 1966 (File)

Correspondence with R.A. Barber (Wellington), R. Duthie (Auckland), W.A. Munro (Wellington) and Rosemary Collier (Wellington).

Subseries 24. Correspondence concerning Australian military uniforms (12 letters), 1964 - 1966

Correspondence of C.C.P. Lawson concerning his research on the uniforms of military units in Australia, 1964 - 1966 (File)

Correspondence with Sir William Oliver (Canberra), Brigadier T.F.B. Macadie (Sydney), Marjorie Hancock (Sydney), D. MacCallum (Sydney), B.J. Videon (Melbourne), C.A.M. Roberts (Canberra), H.C.A. Pitt, (Launceston) and M.H. Ellis (Sydney).

Series 6807/262. Journals of Surgeon C. Pine, 1841 - 1854

Filmed selectively.

Journal of Surgeon C. Pine, August 1841 - April 1845 (File 2)

The Journal, which has very detailed entries, describes the voyage from Gravesend to Sydney, including a visit to Hobart, May-September 1844, social activities in Sydney and Parramatta, and the transfer of the 58th Regiment to New Zealand in 1845.

Journal of Surgeon C. Pine, April 1845 - June 1854 (File 3)

The journal describes service in New Zealand, his return to Sydney in 1846, the voyage from Sydney to England on the Palestine, July-December 1846 (Sir George Gipps was a fellow-passenger), and life in England, with references to friends and events in New Zealand.

Series 6807/307. Historical records. 50th Foot (photocopy), 1833 - 1869

Filmed selectively.

Service of 50th Regiment in N.S.W., 1833 - 1841 (File pp. 89-113)

Service of 50th Regiment in New Zealand and Australia, 1863 - 1869 (File pp. 303-35)

Series 6902/10. Australian photographs, 1901

Filmed selectively.

Photographs of Norton Summit Road, Adelaide, and waterfall, 1901 (File pp.2-3)

Photographs of visit of Imperial troops to Adelaide, 26 February 1901 (File pp.9-12)

Series 6906/33. Photograph album, c.1890

Album of photographs of Aden, Ceylon, Burma, Australia, India and Egypt...

Photographs of Adelaide, Town Hall and Post Office in Adelaide, a gully near Adelaide, Government House in Melbourne, the Australian Club in Melbourne, and Collins Street, c.1890 (File 13-18)

Series 7101/16. Commission of Col. J.E.D. Taunton, 1901

Commission, signed by Sir Frederick Darley, appointing J.E.D. Taunton Colonel of the New South Wales Military Forces, 25 February 1901 (File)

Series 7101/25-5. Album presented to Lord Roberts (6pp, vellum), January 1901 - February 1901

Album comprising manuscript copies of correspondence respecting the Mere Porourangi presented to Field Marshal Earl Roberts by the Maori Chief M.H. Tuta Nihoniho...

Series 7310/47. Letters of Archibald Campbell (extracts, 3pp, photocopy of typescript), 16 May 1831 - 24 May 1837


Series 7402/43. Commemorative address, 1901

Commemorative address presented to the Imperial Troops from the people of Queensland on the occasion of their visit to Brisbane, 17 January 1901 (File)

Series 7503/59-2. Dinner menu, 1919

Farewell dinner menu of 1st Australian Wireless Squadron, Baghdad, 12 February 1919 (File)

With autographs of those present.

Series 7511/32. Photograph, 1901

Filmed selectively.

Photograph of Capt. P.F. Pocock, 19th Bombay Infantry, with Indian Officers and N.C.O.s representing the Indian Army at the Australian Commonwealth celebrations, 1901 (File Box 82)

Series 7605/78. Papers of W.M. Lummis, c.1968

Medal roll of 12th Regiment in New Zealand, 1860-66, including list of men awarded New Zealand Medal in 1870, compiled by Rev. W.M. Lummis, c. 1968 (File)

Series 7611/17. Diary of Nurse D.L. Harris (81pp. and typescript copy), April 1900 - May 1901

Diary of Nurse D.L. Harris of the New Zealand Contingent kept while serving as a Nursing Sister at No. 2 General Hospital, Cape Town, and No. 8 General Hospital, near Bloemfontein, South Africa.

Series 7807/25. Papers of Brigadier-General Francis Maxwell, 1910

Filmed selectively

Diary describing voyage from India to Australia in March 1910, service as Instructor of Light Horse in Melbourne and Sydney, and return to India in Nov. 1910, 1910 (File 11)

Series 7901/76. Papers of Capt. Charles Swanston, 1830 - 1948

Filmed selectively.

Certificate signed by Surgeon V. Scott reporting on Swanston's medical condition while in Van Diemen's Land on leave from Madras Army, 30 March 1830 (File 21)

Biography of Charles Swanston (4pp.) (File 26)

W.H. Hudspeth. The rise and fall of Charles Swanston (offprint), 1948 (File 27)

Series 8002/2. Memoirs of Col. J.B. Amies (photocopy of typescript), 1979

Memoirs, written in 1979, entitled 32 Indian years 1915-1947'...

Account of visit to Australia in 1938 (File pp. 70-73)

Series 8112/54. Papers of General Sir Henry James Warre, 1862 - 1873

Filmed selectively.

Index to Papers of General Sir Henry James Warre, n.d. (File)

Henry James Warre (Taranaki) to Cox, 7 November 1862 (File 50)

Settlement of debts of Ensign P.F. Clarke. (Copy).

Henry James Warre. New Zealand - its occupation and defence against native aggression. Papers read to Royal United Service Institution, 30 January 1863 (File 51)

Minute of speech to Taranaki Militia on its dissolution, January 1864 (File 52)

New Plymouth Garrison Orders, 4 October 1865 (File 53)

Henry James Warre (Taranaki) to Lieut. C.M. Clarke, 5 October 1865 (File 54)

Praises work of Clarke as Garrison Adjutant.

C.R. Keene to Henry James Warre, 8 October 1873 (File 226)

Disadvantages of New Zealand for young man with small amount of capital.

Series 8202/28. Biography of John S. Clarke (8pp)

J.F. Clarke. Biography of John S. Clarke, 17th Lancers (File)

Refers to his discharge from Indian Army in 1884 and his work as Sergeant of Orderlies at Government House in Sydney, 1885-1893, and as Inspector of the N.S.W. Mounted Police Training Depot, 1897-1914 (photocopy of typescript).

Series 8202/70. Papers of W.M. Lummis (10pp), 1981

List compiled by Rev. W.M. Lummis of Australian winners of the Victoria Cross, January 1981 (File)

Gives the dates and place of burial or cremation and their addresses if still living (typescript).

Series 8303/45. Papers of Major M. O'Farrell, 1900 - 1902

Filmed selectively.

M. O'Farrell to his mother (Youghal, Co. Cork) and brother Edward O'Farrell (Carrick Mines Co. Dublin), 1900 - 1902 (File 1-8)

Victorian Mounted Rifles; conditions in South Africa; casualties; Lord Methuen; superiority of Australian horsemen to yeomanry recruited in English cities; impending return of regiment to Australia; appointment as Staff Officer in North West Districts.