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Fonds PC/M. Prison Commission. Maidstone Gaol Records, 1805 - 1853

Convict Book, 1805 - 1833 (File 1)

Register of convicts, including many sentenced to transportation, giving names, dates when payments began, where convicts were sent, and dates of removal.

Calendar of prisoners for trial at Maidstone Assizes, 1837 - 1853 (File 4)

Calendar gives names, occupations, ages, literacy, by whom and when committed, detailed offences, and sentences, including many transportation sentences...

Fonds U.23. Wykenham-Martin MSS, 1829

Filmed selectively.

G. Baillie (Colonial Office) to [unknown], 21 March 1829 (File Z1)

W. Horton's scheme for parish assistance for pauper emigration opposed by Duke of Wellington; high cost of maintaining families in N.S.W., encloses Colonial Office regulations on land grants in N.S.W., Van Diemen's Land and Western Australia.

Fonds U24. Mann (Cornwallis) MSS, 1831 - 1833

Filmed selectively.

James Trimmer (Brentford) to Miss Cornwallis and Caroline Cornwallis (Sevenoaks), 1831 - 1833 (File C16)

News of nephews in Western Australia; farming near Perth and York; climate; cultural activities; botanic gardens; Australian Aboriginals; plants and birds; Reform Bill. (11 letters).

Fonds U36. Manorial documents and deeds received through British Records Association, 1814 - 1919

Filmed selectively.

Letters of administration and will of Montagu Stone-Wigg, formerly Bishop of New Guinea, 17 April 1919 (File E124)

Power of attorney from Elfie Stone-Wigg and E.H.T. Russell (Sydney) to W.H. Brightman (London), 15 January 1919 (File)

Regarding estate of Bishop Stone-Wigg.

W.R. Wulbier to [unknown], 20 December 1814 (File E152)

Advising of vacant N.S.W. positions, including Barrack master, engineer and superintendent of government herds; also harbour master at Port Dalrymple.

Fonds U47/11. Documents received through Kent Archaeological Society, 1860

Filmed selectively.

Letters of administration of estate of John E. Spencer of Wanganui; granted to Charles S. Spencer, 26 April 1860 (File T556)

Release of trusts granted by Charles S. Spencer and A. Roberts of Sydney to W. Sankey and J. Mourilyn under will of Susan Spencer (large document), 19 June 1860 (File)

Fonds U82. Deeds and papers of Monckton, Son and Collis, solicitors, of Maidstone, c.1908

Settlements and personal estates, c.1908 (File T425-43)

Filmed selectively.

Copy of death certificate of Kate Bishop of Auckland, c. 1908 (Item T425)

Fonds U145. Papers of Faunce Family of Doddington, 1839

Series C34-46. Correspondence of Faunce Family, January 1839

Filmed selectively.

Bonham Faunce (Hobart) to Brydges Faunce, 9 January 1839 (File 1)

Impending departure for India; unpleasant climate of Van Diemen's Land; dullness; sombre country surrounding Hobart; influenza epidemic; gentlemen farmers would need large amounts of capital.

Fonds U194. Papers of Rev. J.E. Gambier of Langley, 1773 - 1774

Filmed selectively.

Notebook begun at Cookham, 1773 - 1774 (File F.10/1.)

Notebook mostly comprises of a copy of a letter of 11 August 1774 describing a meeting with Omai and the customs of the South Sea Islanders.

Fonds U295. Papers of Colyer-Fergusson and Somes families, 1844 - 1939

Series F7-17. Papers of Somes Family, December 1844

Filmed selectively.

Chatham to J Morris esq, 27 November 1820 (File)

re other letters and their contents, Somes being sent for and his potential involvement in court proceedings.

W.N Sims to Joseph Somes, 17 August 1832 (File)

Sims' apologies for charges he made against Somes' character based on misinformation about his conduct.

T.B. Burcham (Dartmouth) to Joseph Somes, 20 December 1844 - 21 December 1844 (File F 13)

Allegations made by Burcham about Somes' conduct as chairman of the New Zealand Company. (3 letters).

Series Z. Miscellanea, 1845 - February 1939

Notebook of H. Fildes on ships owned by Joseph Somes and Somes Bros used as New Zealand transports and troopships, 1845 - 1 February 1939 (File Z1)
H. Fildes to Sir Thomas Cloyer-Fergusson, 1932 - 1933 (File)

Joseph Somes; sends notebook on New Zealand ships of Somes Bros. (2 letters).

E.H. Scholfield (Wellington) to Sir Thomas Colyer-Fergusson, 1 February 1939 (File)

Details of Tory, expeditionary ship of New Zealand Company.

Printed report of New Zealand General Assembly Library, 1936 - 1937 (File)
Newspaper article by H. Fildes on East Indiaman Java which visited New Zealand, 1845 (File)

Fonds U310. Papers of Norman Family of Bromley and West Farleigh, 1827 - 1852

Series B. Business Papers, c. 1830

Filmed selectively.

Letters to Richard Norman and George Norman and Sons about transactions carried out under power of attorney from Elisa Broughton, Hamilton Hume and others in N.S.W., 1830 (File B 16)
Account of monies received by Norman and Sons by virtue of power of attorney from E. Broughton, H. Hume and others (File)
Statement by Brickwood on transfer of Australian Agricultural Company shares from E. Barnard and R. Norman to Messrs. Seely and Hindson (File B 26)

Series C. Correspondence, 1827 - 1852

Filmed selectively.

Archdeacon T.H. Scott (Sydney, Hobart) to G.W. Norman, 1827 - 1829 (File C. 36)

Decision to resign; colonial youth becoming more depraved; schools; introduces James Macarthur; Australian Agricultural Company; Dr. H. Douglass; Francis Forbes; Governor R. Darling; H. Dumaresq; Sir Thomas Brisbane; G. Arthur; abuses of N.S.W. courts; attacks on Scott from every side. (6 letters).

Archdeacon T.H. Scott (Perth) to R. Norman, 2 June 1830 (File)

Impending return to England; advice to intending settlers; shortage of provisions in Swan River colony; T. Peel; shipping disasters on west coast; trial by jury in N.S.W.

E. Macarthur (Cavan, Sydney) to H. Norman, 1849 - 1852 (File C. 126)

Irish economic problems and emigration; voyage to N.S.W. in 1851: effect of gold rushes on shipping and on Melbourne and Sydney; James Macarthur. (3 letters)

James Macarthur (Sydney) to H. Norman, 6 March 1852 (File)

Gold rushes; despatch of sample of copper ore from Wallah Wallah mines; E. Macarthur

Sir Rowland Hill to G.W. Norman, 7 March 1834 (File C. 166)

Management of poor; home colonization and emigration; views of E.G. Wakefield on emigration.

Edward Macarthur (Carrick) to G.W. Norman, 1843 - 1845 (File C. 181)

Irish affairs; export of Australian wool and wine; erection of church at Camden; Bowman's estate in N.S.W.; James Macarthur; statistics of Australia's progress 1832-1842; Irish emigration; Col. Despard and Maori War. (21 letters).

James Macarthur (Sydney, Camden) to G.W. Norman, 1839 - 1843 (File C. 182)

Birth of daughter; financial matters; economic depression; cessation of transportation: Legislative Council; financial affairs of Pott; Bank of Australasia; increase in price of flour. (6 letters, some in poor condition).

Correspondence from T.H. Scott, 15 November 1830 - 18 January 1839 (File C. 200)

Filmed selectively.

Archdeacon T.H. Scott (Cape of Good Hope) to G.W. Norman, 15 November 1830 (Item 1)

Voyage from Australia; revolutions in Europe; J. Hume and expenditure of N.S.W.; Francis Forbes; Governor R. Darling; Australian courts and trial by jury; agitation for self-government in N.S.W.

Archdeacon T.H. Scott (Haydon Bridge) to G.W. Norman, 18 January 1839 (Item 10)

Investments in N.S.W.; British politics.

Correspondence from Robert Torrens, 26 January 1836 (File C. 207)
R. Torrens to G.W. Norman, 26 January 1836 (Item 1)

Irish emigration; W. Whitmore.

Series O. Official Papers, 1842

Filmed selectively.

Papers concerning provision of money by G.W. Norman as security for performance by E. Barnard of duties of Agent General for Colonies, 1842 (File O2)

Includes letters of Sir Charles Trevelyan and Sir George Clerk (Treasury) (4 papers)

Fonds U350. Papers of Dering Family of Surrenden, Pluckley, 1916 - 1917

Series F10-14. Papers of Sir Henry E. Dering, 1916 - 1917

Papers concerning Dering's service with the 3rd Australian Division (c. 120 ff.), 1916 - 1917 (File F 13)

His recall to London, and efforts to obtain a posting with the United States Army. Includes narrative of action 13 April-13 May 1917, correspondence with Sir William Birdwood and General J. Monash, and copies of orders of General Monash, 1916-1917.

Fonds U564. Chilston MSS, 1848 - 1905

Correspondence of Aretas Akers-Douglas, 16 October 1888 - 16 December 1888 (File C. 25)

Filmed selectively.

W.H. Smith to Akers-Douglas, 16 October 1888 (Item 64)

Request of S. Hill for colonial governorship; would hesitate to send him to Queensland.

W.H. Smith to Akers-Douglas, 16 December 1888 (Item 69)

Renewed request by S. Hill for colonial governorship; Education Office.

Correspondence of Aretas Akers-Douglas, 1 November 1886 (File C. 219)

Filmed selectively.

Sir Robert Fowler (Wellington) to Akers-Douglas, 1 November 1886 (Item 1)

Plans for visiting Australia and India before returning to England.

Papers of Aretas Akers-Douglas, 15 October 1888 - 19 February 1892 (File C. 321)

Filmed selectively.

Lord Knutsford to Akers-Douglas, August 2 (Item 11)

No vacancy which could be offered to S. Hill; unacceptable to Australian colonies.

Lord Knutsford to Akers-Douglas, October 11 (Item 12)

S. Hill applied for Queensland governorship; inquires if his parliamentary seat is safe.

Lord Knutsford to Akers-Douglas, 15 October 1888 (Item 13)

Unable to offer post to S. Hill.

Lord Knutsford to Akers-Douglas, November 21 (Item 14)

Difficulty of filling South Australian and Queensland governorships; Sir John Gorst, Sir George Baden-Powell, J. Henniker Heaton; seeks suggestions.

Lord Knutsford to Akers-Douglas, November 30 (Item 15)

Possibility of appointing Maxwell Governor of South Australia.

Lord Knutsford to Akers-Douglas, 29 November 1888 (Item 16)

Possibility of appointing S. Leighton Governor of South Australia.

Lord Knutsford to Akers-Douglas, 26 February 1859 (Item)

Regarding the election of W James La Fontaine

Lord Knutsford to Akers-Douglas, 19 February 1892 (Item 19)

Neither S. Hill nor Sir George Baden-Powell acceptable to New Zealand Government; effects on Colonial Service of exclusion from Australian and South African governorships.

Lord Knutsford to Akers-Douglas, June 05 (Item 20)

Governorships; Sir Frederick Broome, Sir William Robinson.

Charles S. Akers (Hobart, Melbourne) to Rev. A. Akers, 1848 - 1854 (File C 575)

Religion; need for guidance; impending marriage to Henrietta Despard; interest in botany; good life in Australia; need for immigrants; epedemic in Hobart; climate; development of Melbourne; high wages; farming; family news; hopes of returning to England. (7 letters)

Charles S. Akers (Sydney) to A. Akers, 12 May 1855 (File C 576)

Passage home on Ocean Chief; high cost of passage.

Fonds U619. Papers of Chapman Family of St. Pauls Cray, 1819

Filmed selectively.

L. Macquarie (Sydney) to J. Chapman, 22 July 1819 (File C 1)

Criticisms of Lord Bathurst; welcomes appointment of J.T. Bigge; progress of colony; regulations; sends ode.

Fonds U840. Papers of Pratt Family of Wildernesse Park, Sevenoaks, 1795 - 1805

Filmed selectively.

Series C. Correspondence, March 1804 - November 1804

Lord Wellesley (Fort William) to Lord Hobart, 1 March 1804 (File 3)

Achievements of Sir George Leith as Governor of Prince of Wales Island; directions of East India Company that he be replaced by civil servant.

Camden to Lord Wellesley, 29 November 1804 (File 6)

Has brought claims of Sir George Leith to notice of Duke of York.

Series O. Official Papers, July 1795 - May 1805

Filmed selectively.

W. Bligh to Camden, 17 May 1805 (File 17)

Naval powers of Governor of N.S.W.; urges warship be stationed at Pt. Jackson.

Petition of J. William, settler at Prospect Hill, N.S.W., now serving on H.M.S. Swiftsure at St. Helena, wishing to return to family, 18 November 1804 (File O92)
E. Stanley (Carrick) to Camden, 29 July 1795 (File 15)

Convictions of United Irishmen; refers to 6 men transported for administering oaths.

King George III to Camden, 22 April 1805 (File 38)

Approves appointment of W. Bligh as Governor of N.S.W.

Fonds U929. Holworthy Collection, 1874 - 1893

Series F. Family Papers, 1874 - 1893

C.J. Holworthy (Wellington) to Lightbody, 27 March 1879 (File)

Arrival in New Zealand and search for emploment; character of colonial gentlemen.

J. Holworthy (London) to C.J. Holworthy (Dunedin), January 1885 (File)

Business affairs; bills of lading; news of Fred. (2 letters).

Letterbook of J.M. Holworthy of Bromley concerning the export of stationery and photographs, and the affairs of F. Holworthy in New Zealand, 1874 - 1887 (File F 11)

Recipients include F. Holworthy (Wellington, Dunedin), C. Holworthy (Dunedin, Melbourne), P.E. Reynolds (Melbourne), F. Barber (Christchurch), J. Wilkie (Dunedin), R. Jolley (Melbourne), C. Crosby (Melbourne).

Letterbook of J.M. Holworthy concerning exporting business (96pp), 1887 - 1891 (File F 12)

Recipients include C. Holworthy (Melbourne), R. Jolley (Melbourne), H. Perkins (Hobart), J. Walch (Hobart).

Papers concerning failure of J.M. Holworthy & Co. and Robart Jolley and Co. of Melbourne (5 papers), 1891 - 1893 (File F 15)

Includes statements of the affairs of the two companies (May 1891) and report of a committee set up to assist J.M. Holworthy (March 1892).

Diary of Frederic Holworthy on a voyage from London to Christchurch (134pp), 29 April 1881 - 8 August 1881 (File F17)

Detailed entries for each day, describing relations with other passengers and first impressions of New Zealand.

Bill of Charles Holworthy to Frederic Holworthy (Dunedin), 9 January 1884 (File F 18)
Supreme Court of Bankruptcy, Dunedin. Order of discharge of Frederic W. Holworthy, importer, to take effect on, 4 May 1886 (File F 19)

Fonds U951. Papers of Knatchbull Family of Mersham, 1768 - 1872

Series C. Correspondence, March 1831 - October 1872

Filmed selectively.

Letters written to Sir Edward Knatchbull and Edward Knatchbull-Hugessen, 25 March 1831 - 19 October 1872 (File C 1)
Lord Kimberley to E. Knatchbull-Hugessen, 15 January 1871 (Item 28)

Colonial Office much more interesting than expected; problems; looks forward to working together.

Lord Melbourne to Sir Edward Knatchbull, 25 March 1831 (Item 65)

Employment of convicts in dockyards; transportation of all convicts impracticable.

C. Dickens to E. Knatchbull-Hugessen, 19 October 1872 (Item 68)

Publication of lecture on colonial government in All the Year Round.

Newspaper cuttings on murder trial of John Knatchbull, 27 January 1844 - 28 February 1844 (File C 168)
True Sun (Sydney), 27 January 1844 (Item 2)
True Sun (Sydney), 28 February 1844 (Item 3)

Series Z. Miscellanea. Papers of Sir Joseph Banks, August 1768 - June 1818

Correspondence, 1798 - 11 June 1818 (File Z 32)

Filmed selectively.

Copies of Correspondence between Sir Joseph Banks and N. Vansittart (4 pp.), 1798 - 1816 (Item 56)

Correspondence concerning request for asylum by Chevalier de la Garde and wife Charlotta, daughter of Col. von Behm who assisted Capt. Cook at Kampchatka.

C. van Hulthem (Brussels) to Banks, 23 February 1818 (Item 59)

Publication on agriculture and botany; requests Australian seeds.

C. van Hulthem to Banks, 11 June 1818 (Item 62)

Sends brochure on cle of Egypt; requests Australian seeds.

Fonds U1045. Deeds and papers of Ashford deposited by Messrs. Hallet and Co., solicitors, 1841 - 1875

Filmed selectively.

Series T 69. Rugden Farm, 1841 - 1875

Extracts of birth, baptismal and death certificates of members of Winton Family of Lyndoch Valley and Sandy Creek, South Australia, 1841 - 1874 (File Part 2)

Covering letter from Munn and Mace (Tenterden) 1875-10-05.

Fonds U1050. Papers of Woodgate Family of Chiddingstone, 1844 - 1911

Series C 92-153. Correspondence of Juliana Humphry, later Lady Ashburnham, 1844 - 1856

Correspondence of Frederick Humphry (Perth), Richard Humphry (Goulburn) Lady Ashburnham and Frances Humphry, 1844 - 1856 (File C 101)

Failure of Australind; description of Goulburn and its principal residents; pride of local gentry; family bereavements; slow progress of railways; responsible government, loyalty of colonists. (6 letters)

Series F. Family Papers, 1909 - 1911

Correspondence of H. Woodgate, South Australia, 1909 - 1911 (File F 227)

H. Woodgate (Terowie, South Australia) to G. and G.M. Woodgate, Family history; relatives in England; suffragette movement. (7 letters)

Fonds U1127. Papers of Smith-Masters Family of Meapham, 1850 - 1858

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence of Lieut. A. Cowburn, 1850 - 1858 (File C 91)

J. Brown (Honolulu) to Cowburn, June 30 (Item)

Visit of Cowburn to Honolulu; anniversary celebrations of prince; conversation with King; social functions; H.M.S. Calypso.

Fonds U1350. Papers of Amherst Family of Riverhead, 1900

Series C 88-100. Correspondence of William Archer, February 1900

Correspondence and cuttings concerning death of J.G.H. Amherst, brother of Lord Amherst, at Darlington, Western Australia, February 1900 (File C 88)

Correspondents include Sir Gerard Smith, Sir John Forrest and Bishop C. Riley. (6 letters)

Fonds U1371. Papers of Fane and Weigall Families, 1856 - 1883

Series C. Correspondence, 1856 - 1883

Selina and Henry Weigall (Kyneton) to Lady Westmorland, 1866 - 1877 (File C 19)

Marriage of their children; Lady Westmorland's paintings. (2 letters)

Henry Weigall (Kyneton) to Lady Rose Weigall, 1870 - 1876 (File C 57)

Death of Julian Fane; Royal Academy; photographs; family news. (3 letters)

Selina Weigall (Kyneton) to Lady Rose Weigall, 1868 - 1882 (File C 58)

Family news; photographs and sketches; drawing classes of Henry Weigall; Australian animals; Lady Rose's book. (9 letters)

Selina FitzJames (Kyneton) to Lady Rose Weigall, 1872 - 1873 (File C 59)

Family news; Kyneton sports; W.H.F. Mitchell. (5 letters)

Esther Perry (Melbourne) to Lady Rose Weigall, 24 October 1866 (File C 74)

Congratulations on marriage; Henry Weigall's work as artist.

Henry Weigall (Kyneton) to his son, Henry Weigall, 1864 - 1875 (File C 85)

Family news; Henry's audience with Queen Victoria; visit of Duke of Edinburgh to Australia; retirement from Government service; paintings and sculpture; financial matters. (14 letters).

Henry Weigall (Kyneton) to Henry Weigall, 1866 - 1882 (File C 86)

Family news; portraits; statue of Sir Redmond Barry; 1878 political crisis; 1881 Melbourne International Exhibition. (18 letters, typescript copies).

Selina Weigall (Kyneton) to Henry Weigall, 1856 - 1876 (File C 87)

First impressions of Melbourne; family news; Henry's marriage; drought; prices; paintings; visit of W. Thompson; England v. Victoria cricket match. (18 letters).

Louise Weigall (Kyneton) to Henry Weigall, 1863 - 1864 (File C 88)

Henry's paintings and audience with Queen Victoria; bushrangers; visit of Sir Charles Darling to Kyneton. (3 letters).

Selina FitzJames (Kyneton, Orange) to Henry Weigall, 1865 - 1869 (File C 89)

Father's retirement; E. a Beckett. (3 letters).

Theyre Weigall (Melbourne) to Henry Weigall, 1872 - 1882 (File C 90)

Family news; death of father; financial metters. (2 letters)

Letters to Alfred Weigall from family in Victoria, 1865 - 1883 (File C 98)

Paintings; family news. (4 letters)

Selina FitzJames (Kyneton) to Fitzroy Weigall, 12 August [c. 1872] (File C 99)

Education; Australian churches; birds.

Fonds U1390. Papers of Wood and Warne Families, c.1870-1890

Series Z. Miscellanea, c.1870-90

8 photographs of members of Coxon family and of house in Brisbane, c. 1870-90 (File Z 69)

Fonds U1453. Papers of Cobb Family of Margate, 1845

Series C. Correspondence, July 1845

C.G. Davis (Plymouth) to Cobb, 15 July 1845 (File C 372)

Account of death of Henry Torre, killed in fighting at Bay of Islands, New Zealand.

Fonds U1480. List of convicts, 1806

Series O. Official records, August 1806

List of four female convicts under sentence of transportation at Maidstone Gaol, 16 August 1806 (File O12)

Gives name, description, crime, date and place of trial, sentence, character, health. (1p.)

Fonds U1583. Papers of Beeman Family of Cranbrook, 1843 - 1945

Series C 9-17. Correspondence of Hubbard Family, January 1843 - December 1945

Emma Addison (Adelaide) to Miss Hubbard, 14 January 1843 (File C. 12)

Thank for fruit and books; high material standards in Australia; dust clouds in Adelaide; fruit grown on farm; high wages for labourers; snakes; villages around Adelaide.

Correspondence of Elizabeth Beeman, September 1945 - December 1945 (File C. 17)

Filmed selectively.

Colin Hubbard (London) to Elizabeth Beeman, 17 September 1945 (Item)

Impending return to New Zealand; details of Hubbard Family in New Zealand.

C. Hubbard (New Lambton, N.S.W.) to Elizabeth Beeman, 20 November 1945 (Item)

Sends typescript re estate of James Hubbard of Newcastle, N.S.W.

Fred Hubbard (Cambridge) to Elizabeth Beeman, 15 December 1945 (Item)

Return to New Zealand and demobilization; rationing.

C. Hubbard (New Lambton) to Elizabeth Beeman, 2 November 1945 (Item)

Family news.

Series Z. Miscellanea

2 printed leaflets and cutting on proposed new colony of Nonconformists in province of Auckland, New Zealand, [1861] (File Z. 38)
Printed lists of necessaries for emigrants to New Zealand and other colonies supplied by Goy, Evans and Co., and H. Catchpole. (8 documents) (File Z. 39)

Fonds U1625. Papers of James H. Thomas, 1924 - 1943

Series C. Correspondence, 4 December 1930 - 15 February 1943

James H. Thomas to Lord Stamfordham, 4 December 1930 (File C. 1)

Need to inform Prime Minister of South Africa and Australia of proposed Knighthoods for Lord Clarendon and Sir Isaac Isaacs. (copy)

Sir Clive Wigram to James H. Thomas, 29 April 1931 (File C. 3)

Likely retirement of Archbishop D. Mannix; urges approach be made to Pope for English Catholic to succeed him as Archbishop of Melbourne.

Sir Leslie Orme Wilson (Brisbane) to James H. Thomas, 15 February 1943 (File C.147)

Thomas' book My story; Wilson's long term as Governor of Queensland; W. Forgan Smith; friendly relations with Labour Government; family news.

Series O. Official Papers, 1924 - 1935

Subseries O18-O26. Secretary of State for the Colonies, 1924
Sir Dudley du Chair (Sydney) to James H. Thomas, 27 April 1924 (File O19/6)

Visit of Sir Vincent Raven and Sir Sam Fay to Sydney; visit of Special Service Squadron; agricultural possibilities of N.S.W...

Subseries O31-O41. Secretary of State for the Dominions, 1930 - 1935
Correspondence, 11 June 1930 - 21 July 1930 (File O31/3)
Lord Stonehaven (Sydney) to James H. Thomas, 11 June 1930 (Item)

Congratulations on appointment; unable to communicate officially; praises Dalton and Crutchley; Imperial Conference.

Sir Edward Harding to E. Marsh, 18 July 1930 (Item)

Communications between Secretary of State and Governor-General; Dalton and Crutchley.

Draft and copy of acknowledgment, 21 July 1930 (Item)
Correspondence between James H. Thomas and Lord Bledisloe, 1930 - 1934 (File O31/6)

Including copy of letter from Bledisloe to J. Ramsay MacDonald, 10 July 1930. Subjects include character and ability of G.W. Forbes; death of Sir Joseph Ward; effect of Depression on New Zealand; import of British motor vehicles; imperial trade...

Sir Alexander Hore-Ruthven (Adelaide) to James H. Thomas, 12 November 1931 (File O31/11)

Proposed visit of Thomas to Australia; need to meet State politicians and representatives; isolation of Federal politicians; British elections.

File of correspondence and papers on Imperial rationalisation assembled by Sir Philip Cunliffe-Lister, 1930 - 1931 (File O43)

Includes memorandum by Cunliffe-Lister on imperial economic relations (January 1930), report of Federation of British Industries on British economic policy with regard to Dominions (February 1930), and correspondence of Cunliffe-Lister with Sir James Lithgow, H.A. Gwynne, S.M. Bruce, Sir Frederick Lewis, Sir Harry McGowan, S. Baldwin, E.R. Peacock and Sir Kenneth Stewart. Also pamphlets on Imperial rationalisation and trade. (c. 90 documents).

Fonds U1999. Papers of Hollingworth Family of Turkey Mill, 1886 - 1887

Subseries C. Correspondence, 1886 - 1887

Isabel Nankervis (Wallawny and Cunliffe, South Australia) to cousins, 1886 - 1887 (File C. 20)

Thanks for money; farming; family news; Adelaide Jubilee Exhibition; lack of progress of Cunliffe. (5 letters and photograph).

Fonds U2035. Stede Hill MSS, 1873

Series T. Deeds, July 1873

T.F. Baldwin (Christchurch) to W.T. Baldwin, sends bond; alteration, 5 July 1873 (File)
Bond of T.F. Baldwin of Christchurch to W.T. Baldwin of Maidstone for sum of £1500, 5 July 1873 (File)