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Fonds. Admiral Sir Phipps Hornby, 1847 - May 1851

Series 2/3. Miscellaneous letterbook, April 1848 - February 1851

Copies of letters from Hornby (Asia, South American coast) to consuls, including William Miller (Honolulu), George Pritchard (Navigators Islands), French commanders and others...

Series 2/4. Private letterbook, 28 April 1848 - 24 January 1851

Copies of letters from Hornby (Asia, Valparaiso) to various people, including Lord Auckland, Rear Admiral Dundas, Captain Kellett, and William Miller (Honolulu)...

Series 3/6. Papers re Sandwich Islands and Pitcairn Island (100p.), 12 November 1847 - 20 May 1850


Series 3/15. Miscellaneous letters from Admiralty, 1 March 1848 - 17 March 1848

Filmed selectively.

To Sir George Seymour re events in France and the 'necessity of the greatest caution in your intercourse with the French squadron' (4p.), 1 March 1848 (File)
To Hornby re cession of Galapagos Islands to Great Britain by Equador, enclosing copies of despatches from Foreign Office and Consul at Quito, that not expedient to acquire them (24p.), 17 March 1848 (File)

Series 3/16. Miscellaneous letters, 1848 - 21 January 1851

Filmed selectively.

Commander W.C. Aldham (Swift, Valparaiso) to Hornby re fitness of Surgeon Fred Whipple (2p.), 24 November 1850 - 21 January 1851 (File)

Encloses copy of Fred Whipple (24/11/1850) (Swift, Valparaiso) to Aldham re injury received when struck on head by a runaway convict in New South Wales. (2p.)

E. Barazer. Report on navigation in the Pacific and location of islands. 1851 (3p. in French), (c) 12 January (File)
Report by Sir George Seymour on principal services reprised from the Squadron in 1848 (4p.) (File)

References to Sandwich Islands, Tahiti, Fiji.

[?] (Government House, Sydney) to Hornby re proposition made by [Mr A. Gabor ?] concerning supply of coals (2p.), 24 July 1848 (File)

Series 4. Press cuttings and other documents, 22 November 1847 - 22 November 1848

Filmed selectively.

Subseries. Folder 1, 30 September 1848 - 12 November 1848
G.C. Miller (Tahiti) to Hornby, 30 September 1848 (File)

Re French naval force in the islands; stationing of French troops in Marquesas and other islands; fortifications at Papeete; French supplies (11p.)

G.C. Miller (Tahiti) to Hornby re construction of new battery; movements of ships (3p.), 12 November 1848 (File)
Subseries. Folder 2, 22 November 1847
Admiralty to Hornby with the articles of his appointment to Pacific Squadron (33p.), 22 November 1847 (File)

Includes references to responsibilities towards Pacific Islands.

Fonds. Admiral Sir Geoffrey Phipps Hornby, 1848 - 1891

Series 101. Journal of Liverpool, 8 June 1869 - 16 November 1870

Notes on orders received and written, signals made, remarks...

Series 102/2. General memoranda, 8 June 1869 - 15 November 1870

Filmed selectively.

Copies of memoranda issued by Hornby (Liverpool, Spithead, Rio, Melbourne, Sydney, Wellington, Auckland, Honolulu, Valparaiso, Plymouth) to captains of other ships, 8 June 1869 - 15 November 1870 (File ff.61-166)

Subjects include: aims of detached squadron; weekly routines; duties; visit from Emperor of Brazil; free passes issued by Melbourne and Hobson's Bay Railway Company; arrangements for visit by Governor of Victoria; issue of preserved meat; entertainments; examination of midshipmen; courts martial; taking on fresh provisions at Honolulu; reports on equipment.

Series 102/4. General memoranda, 10 June 1869 - 22 August 1870

Filmed selectively.

Copies of orders issued by Hornby (Liverpool, at sea, Bahia, Rio, Monte Video, Simons Bay, Melbourne, Sydney, Hobart, Wellington, Auckland, Yokohama, Esquimalt, Valparaiso) to captains of other ships, 10 June 1869 - 22 August 1870 (File ff.143-399)

Subjects include: crew; examination of midshipmen; reception of VIPs; punishments; condition and repair of ships; lists of absentees; disposing of their effects.

Series 102/5. General memoranda (24p.), 22 August 1870 - 16 November 1870

Details as above, from Valparaiso, and Plymouth, 22 August 1870 - 16 November 1870 (File)

Series 102/7. Sailing orders, 1866 - 1870

Filmed selectively.

Sailing orders for Detached squadron, 1866 - 1870 (File ff.125-128)

Includes: 4 January 1870: Hornby (Hobart) to Henry Hand (Barrosa) that he is to proceed to Melbourne 'to identify stragglers who May be apprehended by the police'.

Series 103/1. Letterbook, 8 June 1867 - 15 November 1870

Filmed selectively.

Copies of letters from Hornby (Liverpool, at sea, Simons Bay, Melbourne, Sydney, Lyttelton, Auckland, Yokohoma, Plymouth) to the Admiralty and others reporting proceedings of squadron, 8 June 1869 - 15 November 1870 (File ff.169-402)

Subjects include: provisioning of ships; manning of ships; swimming abilities of crew; examination of midshipmen; visit by Governor of Victoria; court martial; report on preserved meat of Victoria Meat Preserving Company sent for trial in the Squadron; desertions; power of colonial authorities to forward stragglers beyond the limits of the colony; visit to Hobart; selling effects of run men; obstacles to recovery of deserters in Australian colonies.

Series 103/2. Letterbook, November 1870

Copies of letters from Hornby (Liverpool, at sea and Plymouth) to Admiralty reporting voyage home (41p.), November 1870 (File)

Includes: table of original programme and alterations made (in red, faint); list of desertions (300) at each port of call; returns of deaths and sick.

Series 103/9. Departmental letterbook, 1865 - 1870

Filmed selectively.

Copies of letters from Hornby (Liverpool, at sea, Melbourne, Auckland, Valparaiso) to Admiralty forwarding periodic returns, 1865 - 1870 (File ff.191-198)

Series 103/13. Squadron letters, 1866-01-1867-12; 1869-07

Filmed selectively.

Copies of letters from Hornby (Liverpool, Monte Video, Sydney, Yokohoma) to Captains of Ships ordering courts martial (File ff.14-16)

Series 103/14. Miscellaneous letters, 15 June 1869 - 22 October 1870

Filmed selectively.

Hornby (Liverpool, Simons Town) ordering equipment and supplies, 18 August 1869 - 1 February 1870 (File ff.1-4)
Hornby (Liverpool, Simons Bay, Melbourne, Sydney, Hobart, Auckland, Valparaiso) to Governors, 3 October 1869 - 28 August 1870 (File ff.105-119)

Reporting the arrival and movements of the squadron.

Hornby (Liverpool, Sydney) to commanders of forces in Sydney re deserters and the military hospital, 23 December 1869 - 25 December 1869 (File ff.132-133)
T. Bowling (Liverpool, Melbourne) to W.A. Brahe (Consul for North German Confederation) that Hornby cannot meet him, 4 December 1869 (File f.243)
Hornby (Liverpool, Plymouth, Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland, Valparaiso) to various people, 15 June 1869 - 22 October 1870 (File ff.347-376)

Subjects include: charts; coaling; free railway passes; stores; provisions; preserved meat; mail; deserters; courts martial.

Series 104/1. Appointments etc., 1865 - 1870

Subjects include: appointments of commissioned and acting commissioned officers; Admiralty appointments; applications for warrants for corporal punishment; courts martial; discharge of seamen; examination of candidates; extra pay lists; foreign ships seen; application for leave; stores; surveys of medical stores; register of biscuit condemned; punishment returns...

Series 104/2. Results of examinations of midshipmen, Detached Squadron, 1869 - 1870

Lists of midshipmen on ships in Flying Squadron and their marks in examinations in Arithmetic, mechanics, French etc. (28p.), 1869 - 1870 (File)

Blank pages not copied.

Series 105/1. Letters from Admiralty, 1868 - 8 November 1870

Letters from the Admiralty to Hornby (Liverpool) (162p.), 3 June 1869 - 8 November 1870 (File A 1-49)

Subjects include: command of Liverpool; orders for Flying Squadron; proposed route; examination of midshipmen and cadets; methods of cooking Australian preserved meat; conditions in New Zealand; discipline amongst the Marines; difficulty recovering deserters; courts martial...

Series 105/2. Miscellaneous Papers (87p.), 1 November 1869 - 5 February 1870


Series 105/3. Squadron letters, 1869 - 1870

Letters received by Hornby from other ships in squadron...

Series 105/4. Courts Martial and Courts of Enquiry and Officers Invalided and Surveyed (86p.), 1869 - 1870


Series 105/5. Midshipmen, 1869 - 1870

Papers and documents re midshipmen deprived of time, sent home for disposal and re examination of midshipmen...

Series 113. Private Letterbook, 2 July 1869 - 8 October 1870

Pressed copies of Hornby's letters, very faint in places...

Copies of Hornby's letters while on Liverpool (Madeira, Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland, Yokohoma, Valparaiso) to various people, including Admiral Sir Sydney Dacres, 2 July 1869 - 8 October 1870 (File ff.298-354)

Subjects include: proceedings of the squadron; welcome received in Melbourne; evolutionary signals; his officers; beneficial effects on New Zealand of visit from the squadron; arrival at Yokohoma; desertions in Australia.

Series 114. Notes and Remarks Bristol and Liverpool (200p.), December 1867 - 15 November 1870

Details of: course; position; weather; winds; remarks - leaving Plymouth; voyage to Bahia; position of other ships in squadron; exercises aloft; voyage to Melbourne; sails set; anchorage in Hobson's Bay; voyages to Sydney and Hobart; Lyttelton Harbour; Auckland; voyage to Japan; weekly returns; voyage to Honolulu; voyage to England; officers noted on reports or by observation; expenditure of coal.

Abstract log and remarks for voyage of Liverpool, 19 June 1869 - 15 November 1870 (File)
Abstract log for Bristol from Sierra Leone to England (2p.), December 1867 - January 1868 (File)

Series 120. Letters from Naval Officers, 28 November 1877 - 9 April 1891

Subseries 120A. Part 5, 1879-10-31 - [1880]-03-24

Filmed selectively.

James Bruce (Auckland) to Hornby, 6 December 1879 (File)

Rre tranquil conditions in New Zealand; 'Maxwell in Emerald is prancing about the Western Pacific with Sir Arthur Gordon' (7p.)

Sir Arthur Gordon (Nasova) to Bruce, 31 October 1879 (File)

Re Bruce's activities at Brooker Island 'I should have thought it all right if you had shelled the village' (4p., copy).

James Bruce (Cormorant, Auckland) to Hornby re bad weather on voyage to Lyttelton; investment opportunities. (6p.), 24 March [1880] (File)
Subseries 120A. Part 6, 28 November 1877 - 15 September 1878

Filmed selectively.

Commodore A. Hoskins (Wolverine, Melbourne) to Hornby re activities of new consul at Samoa. (8p.), 28 November 1877 (File)
A. Hoskins (Wolverine, Sydney) to Hornby re political crises in Victoria; 'weakness' of Sir George Bowen; defence plans. (8p.), 15 September 1878 (File)
Subseries 120A. Part 8, 12 December 1878 - 10 October 1879
James Bruce (Cormorant, Sydney, Cooktown, Auckland) to Hornby. (82p.), 12 December 1878 - 10 October 1879 (File)

Subjects include: voyage to Australia; lunch at Government House, Perth; defeat of Lord Harris' eleven by NSW; ordered to Brooker Island, New Guinea; movement of other ships; voyage to New Guinea; cannibals; Noumea; French intentions in New Hebrides; Sir Arthur Gordon; Samoa; Admiralty displeasure at his firing on natives of Brooker Island...

Subseries 120B. Part 1, 19 April 1887

Filmed selectively.

George Tryon (Government House, Melbourne) to Hornby re naval affairs (6p.), 19 April 1887 (File)
Subseries 120B. Part 7, 15 January [1882]

Filmed selectively.

Burgess Watson (Miranda, Sydney) to Hornby re his commission; opinion of Bruce, visit from Russian Squadron. (8p.), 15 January [1882] (File)
Subseries 120C. Part 2, 9 April 1891

Filmed selectively.

Moore (Brisbane) to Hornby, 9 April 1891 (File)

Re inspecting defences of Australia with Defence Commission; Federation convention - power of Senate; New Zealand economic conditions; 'my impression is that among the young generation now coming on, there is little real loyalty or regard for the mother country' (4p.)

Series 125. Memento of the Flying Squadron

My log on the cruise of Flying Squadron by William Haynes, bandsman HMS Phoebe (poem printed on silk square)...

Series 129. Pacific Station. General regulations and port orders (60p.), 1848

Station Regulations and Port Orders for the Squadron Employed in the Pacific. Valparaiso (Printed), 1848 (File)

Issued by Rear Admiral Phipps Hornby, printed with manuscript additions.

Series 133A-D. Scrapbooks, c. 1869-1870

Filmed selectively.

B Scrapbook, c. 1869-1870 (File)

Press cuttings from Australian and South African newspapers re visit of Flying Squadron...

Fonds. Admiral Robert Stewart Phipps Hornby, 5 December 1901 - March 1903

Series 204. Miscellaneous Papers, 5 December 1901 - 10 February 1903

Filmed selectively.

Subseries Folder 1. Sailing orders, 5 December 1901 - 10 February 1903
Sailing orders (20p.), 5 December 1901 - 10 February 1903 (File)

Orders received on Pylades from CIC Australian Station, concerning the movement of the ship.

Series 208. Letterbook, Pylades and Diana, 10 January 1902 - March 1903

Filmed selectively.

Copies of Hornby's letters (Pylades, Oyster Cove, Suva, Tarawa, Sydney, Williamstown, Melbourne) to CIC Australian Station reporting proceedings of the ship, 10 February 1902 - March 1903 (File ff.1-72)

Subjects include: use of bad language on board; coronation celebrations for King Edward at Suva; navigation aids at Tarawa; icemaking machine; reports on officers; voyage with Telfer Campbell to Gilbert and Ellice Islands; condition of Gilbert and Ellice Islands; French interpreter; Pylades preparations for war; transferring command to Herbert Da Costa. (Faint in places).

Fonds. Commander Windham Mark Phipps Hornby, 16 October 1900 - 24 April 1901

Commander Windham Mark Phipps Hornby: (1896-)...

Series 305. Corbet A.F. Radford, Journal (66p.), 16 October 1900 - 24 April 1901

Journal kept by Hornby's father-in-law of voyage to Adelaide in Woolloomooloo, visit to cousins in Adelaide and return voyage to Southampton in Friedrich der Grosse, 16 October 1900 - 24 April 1901 (File)

Subjects include: boarding Woolloomooloo; leaving Tilbury; other passengers; Las Palmas; weather; deck sports; taking and developing photographs; Cape Town 'everything is very expensive on account of the war'; Australian and New Zealand troops on board; arrival Port Adelaide 29 November; meeting cousins at Adelaide; Christmas Day; anniversary of founding of South Australia; drive to Blackwood; shops shut on death of Queen Victoria; trip to Mt Lofty to visit Sterlings; imperial troops marching through Adelaide; voyage on Friedrich der Grosse to Colombo; Lord Beauchamp on board; Aden; Suez; Southampton...