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Fonds DF 5000. BM (NH) Unofficial Archives: Charles W. Andrews Papers, 1887 - 1908

Series DF 5002. C. W. Andrews Collection on Christmas Island, 1887 - 1908

Letters from Charles Andrews to Charles Sherborn from Christmas Island and Egypt, 9 June 1897 - 23 September 1908 (File 1-2)

23 letters and Report to Sir John Murray...

Letters 1-5 from Batavia and Christmas Island, 9 June 1897 - 27 June 1898 (Item A)

Subjects include: stay in Java - not able to do any collecting; conditions on Christmas Island - lots of insects; enjoying camp out; help received from Clunies Ross.

Report to Sir John Murray on his work on the geological structure of Christmas Island. 2p. (Copy), 3 February 1899 (Item B)
Letters 16-18 from Christmas Island, 2 August 1908 - 23 September 1908 (Item C)

Subjects include: changes since last visit; relations with Chinese coolies; trips round islands.

Four notebooks describing visit to Christmas Island, 1897 - 1898 (File 3)

Includes sketch maps; descriptions of rocks, notes on phosphate deposits, notes on vegetation and animals, lists of photographs. Not all this material was incorporated into Monograph on Christmas Island BH (NH) 1900. (c. 49p.; c. 138p. and lose sheets; c. 167p.; c. 140p. Blue paper, faint in places).

Photograph Albums of Christmas Island, 1887 - 1908 (File 4)
Photographs taken during visit of HMS Egeria, 1887 (Item A)

Some photographs identified...

Photographs taken in 1897-1898 and 1908 by C. W. Andrews (Item B)

Includes note by C.A., 30 Jan 1923 re his visits to Christmas Island and Cocos-Keeling Islands...

Album of Photographs taken by C.W. Andrews of Cocos-Keeling Island, 1898 (File 5)

Includes note by C.W.A. on his visit, 17 Jan. 1923...

Fonds. Mineralogy Library Archives: C. W. Andrews Papers, c. 1899

Black note book 'Practical Chemistry', n.d. (File 1)

Copied from the note books of Andrews [geological description of Christmas Island] (66p. Sketch maps)...

Envelope: Christmas Island: Dr. Andrews original list comprises notes, sketch maps, lists of rocks from Christmas Island, c. 1899 (File 2)

Includes: 1 Aug 1899 John Murray (Edinburgh) to Andrews re annexation of Christmas Island. c. 75p...

Fonds. Palaeontology Library. Departmental Correspondence, 20 July 1908 - 1 October 1908

Series. Bound volumes: A-K, 20 July 1908 - 1 October 1908

Charles Andrews (Singapore and Christmas Islands) re visit to Botanic Gardens; voyage to Christmas Island; field work; visit by Sir John Murray; collected new species...

Bound volume A-K, 20 July 1908 (File)
Bound volume A-K, 2 August 1908 (File)
Bound volume A-K, 22 August 1908 (File)
Bound volume A-K, 7 September 1908 (File)
Bound volume A-K, 24 September 1908 (File)
Bound volume A-K, 1 October 1908 (File)