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Collection Summary

Ramsden (Family)
Papers of Pennington of Muncaster (as filmed by the AJCP)
Date Range
1869 - 1925
Collection Number
249 items
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Scope and Contents

Correspondence, telegrams, reports, contracts, financial papers, notices and minutes of meetings, returns, newspaper cuttings, maps and publications relating to sugar and rubber plantations in the Straits Settlements and Malaya. They document: the activities of the Penang Sugar Estates Co; Penang Rubber Estates Co; Straits Sugar Co; Straits Rubber Co; Rubana Rubber Estates Co; Bagan Serai Co; Batak Rabit Estate Ltd; Selaba Rubber Estates Ltd; Tali Ayer Rubber Estates Ltd; and Sabrang Rubber Estates Ltd. The bulk of the records is dated 1875-1925.

Correspondents include Sir John Ramsden, Sir John F. Ramsden, James Ray, Percy Taylor, E.L. Hamilton and William Duncan.

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Material selectively filmed at the Carlise Branch of the Cumbria Record Office, as part of the Australian Joint Copying Project, 1978 (AJCP Reels: M1340-M1362). Original microfilm digitised as part of the AJCP Online Delivery Project, 2017-2020.

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Bagan Serai Co.; Batak Rabit Estate Ltd; Business records; Duncan, William; Hamilton, E.L.; Horsman, Edward; House of Correction, Salford, England; Malaya; Maps, plans and charts: Asia; Penang Rubber Estates Co.; Penang Sugar Estates Co; Penang, Malaysia; Pennington, Sir John F.; Perak, Malaysia; Ramsden, Sir John F.; Ramsden, Sir John W.; Ray, James; Rubana Rubber Estates Co; Rubber industry and trade; Sabrang Rubber Estates Ltd; Selaba Rubber Estates; Straits Rubber Co.; Straits Settlements; Straits Sugar Co.; Tali Ayer Rubber Estates Ltd; Taylor, Percy


Originally cited in Australian Joint Copying Project Handbook. Part 8: Miscellaneous (M) Series. Third Edition, published 1998. Entry 368, p140.[]

Biographical / Historical

By 1850 planters based in Malacca, Singapore, Province Wellesley and northern Perak began to take up sugar-growing. The largest investor in western Malaya was the English politician Edward Horsman (1807-1876). Working through an attorney in Penang, he bought from the East India Company six estates: Caledonia, Krian, Victoria, Golden Grove, Jawi and Vol d'Or, amounting to almost 12,000 acres by 1857. Horsman never visited Malaya, but his Penang agents Brown & Company organised the construction of a factory producing white sugar and rum and shipped the sugar and rum to European and Asian destinations.The sugar plantations ran up large overdrafts and Horsman often had to obtain funds from his brother-in-law, Sir John William Ramsden (1831-1914), 6th Baronet. Ramsden was extremely wealthy, owning extensive estates in Scotland, Cumberland and Yorkshire and much of the town of Huddersfield. Horsman finally went bankrupt in 1874 and he gave the title to his Malayan estates to Ramsden. Like Horsman, Ramsden was an absentee landlord, but he took a strong interest in the development of the plantations, selected his managers carefully, and advanced money for equipment, labour and the purchase of new estates in the Krian district and southern Perak. In 1874 over 2000 labourers from India, China and Java worked in the fields, with Chinese also working as clerks. The managers, who lived at Caledonia House on the Byram estate, were usually Scotsmen. In 1876 Ramsden's business was incorporated as Penang Sugar Estates Ltd, with a small head office in London. Some of his family, friends, army officers and Straits businessmen owned shares, but Ramsden and later his son always held a majority of the shares.Between 1900 and 1940 rubber cultivation became the dominant industry in western Malaya, reaching 2.3 million acres in 1922 and 3.5 million acres in 1940. By 1920 rubber was the principal export crop. Ramsden was one of the first plantation owners to move from sugar to rubber cultivation, experimenting with rubber seedlings as early as 1902. Penang Sugar Estates and Straits Sugar Estates were liquidated and replaced by Penang Rubber Estates and Straits Rubber Estates. In 1910 William Duncan was engaged as general manager to oversee the transition to rubber plantation. New companies were floated, often with Scottish names, to cash in on the rubber boom. By 1915 Ramsden's son, Sir John Frecheville Ramsden (1877-1958), 6th Baronet, controlled over 55,000 acres of rubber plantations. The wealth derived from sugar was reflected in the grandeur of Caledonia House, known as the 99 Doors Mansion, and its beautiful gardens.After World War II, the dominance of rubber in the Malayan economy faded. Ramsden's son and heir, John St Maur Ramsden, lived intermittently on the Penang Rubber Estates, but he was murdered at Caledonia House in 1948. Within a few years his father liquidated all his Malayan companies.Josslyn Pennington (1834-1917), 5th Baron Muncaster, was a cousin of Sir John William Ramsden. He had no children and on his death his estates passed to the Ramsdens. In accordance with his will, they adopted the name Pennington-Ramsden in 1925.

Reference: Lynn Lees. Planting empire, cultivating subjects: British Malaya, 1786-1941, Cambridge, 2017.

Explanation of names occurring in the list
  1. Boustead and Co. (Agents in Malaya)
  2. Duncan, William (General manager of the companies in Malaya)
  3. Figgis and Co. (Rubber merchant in London)
  4. Hamilton, E.L. (Secretary & Chairman of the Malayan companies)
  5. Harris and Crosfield (Agents in Malaya)
  6. Ray, James (Secretary of the Malayan companies)
  7. Taylor, Percy E.L. (Secretary of the Malayan companies)
  8. Turner, John (General manager of the companies in Malaya)
  9. Underdown, E.M. (Chairman of the Malayan companies in the 1880's)
  10. White, George and Co. (Rubber merchants in London)

Item Descriptions

Series 1. 'Penang', 1876 - 1912

7 items

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M1340-M1345

Letters, 1876-1893; 1895-1898 (File 1)

The letters cover business dealings including: accounts, staff, working of estates, labourers, wages, sugar estates, debt, produce sold, insurance, shares, failure of Fraser and Co., Scottish Widow's Fund, cultivation of India Rubber trees, income tax, Colonial Office, Pioneer Grant, immigration from India, newspaper clippings on sugar and the West Indian Colonies, new process of sugar extraction from sugar cane, attempts to improve yield of sugar from juice, Golden Grove, Chinese labourers, mortgages, [Rennie?] Fibre, death of George Campbell, cocoanut growing, Basket Sugar Estate, rival firms.

Correspondents include: E. Horsman, A.G. Morrison, Sir John Ramsden, E.M. Underdown, James Ray, Charles Stewart (London), John P. Laurence (London), J.E. Bowes (London), Quinton Hogg, George Campbell, Campbell Wynne, Arthur B. Woods (London), John Turner, Jasper Young.

Notes extracted from letters, 1876 - 1877 (File 2)

Subjects include: Reports, cane cuttings from Mauritius, cattle manure, fish manure, disease of cane, scarcity of labour, weather, drought, Chinese labourers, prices, Victoria, samples of sugar, Caledonia, finances, grinding returns, irrigation, markets, Borga shipment, sugar-making, cattle disease, Golden Grove, extensions, shipment of sulphur.

Correspondents include: Mr Morrison, Mr Bowes.

Insurance, 1876 - 1892 (File 3)

Letters regarding insurance including lists of premiums, requests for payments of premiums etc.

Correspondents include: Sir J.W. Ramsden, John P. Laurence - The London Assurance Corporation (London), Scottish [illegible] Life Assurance Society (London).

Loans correspondence, 1895 - 1896 (File 4)

Henry Fleming estate, 1772 - 1776 (File)

Letter Book at Norfolk in Virginia, United States of America by Henry Fleming, 20 April 1772 - 9 October 1775 (Item)

Letters discuss: employees taking items from storehouse; shipping of goods, social news; wages; accounts; invoices for trade; business.

Account book of Henry Fleming in Virginia, United States of America, 1772 - 1776 (Item)

Provides financial accounts for places and people in Virgina, USA. Includes index.

Miscellaneous, 1876 - 1912 (File 8)

Subjects include: Penang returns, Cultivation returns, grinding returns, return of sugar used in brewing (June 1881), Penang Accounts, Sugar Growing and Refining (printed), sales of sugar 1882, accounts concerning 80,000 pound mortgage on sugar estates by Mr Horsman in 1873, Pioneer Grant Abstract for lands in Perak (March 1883), Life Assurance Premiums, labourers, Memorandum as to the loan of 15,000 pounds (1885), Circular from the Government of Perak re lands available to planters (April, 1891), Liberian Coffee Crops, Bulstrode Mortgage, Penang notes.

Alvic letters, 1881 (File 9)

Letters pertaining to mortgages secured on the Alvic Estate.

Young to Sir John Ramsden, 1885 (File 10)

Includes Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association of The Penang Sugar Estates Company Ltd (1876) [printed].

Series 2. Penang Sugar Estates Co. Ltd, 1869 - 1913

39 items

Archival history

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M1345-M1351

Memorandum and Articles of Association (3), 15 May 1876 (File 1)

List of papers and accounts delivered to Sir John Ramsden, May 1876 (File 2)

Sir John Ramsden to the Penang Sugar Estates Company: declaration of trust, 20 May 1876 (File 3)

Penang Company and Sir John Ramsden, 27 October 1876 (File 4)

Supplementary agreement as to issue of debenture and payment of interest.

Contract for issue of 20,000 shares, 20 May 1876 (File 5)

Reports on the working of the estates, 1874 - 1907 (File 6)

Balance sheets and Directors' reports, 1878 - 1889 (File 7)

Directors' meetings: copy minutes, 1907 (File 8)

Committee meeting: minutes, 1912 (File 9)

Annual reports, 1910 - 1911 (File 10)

Quarterly reports, 1907 - 1913 (File 11A)

Byram, Caledonia, Changkat, Golden Grove, Jawi, Krian, Sabrang, Selaba, Strathmashie, Sungei Bogak, Sungei Separap, Trans Krian and Victoria estates.

Monthly report: Caledonia, Golden Grove, Kreen and Victoria estates, 1877 (File 11B)

Rubber progress reports (monthly), 1912 - 1913 (File 12)

Byram, Caledonia, Jawi, Krian, Strathmashie (quarterly), Sabrang, Sungei Separap, Trans Krian and Victoria estates.

Grindings returns, 1876 - 1878 (File 13)

Caledonia estate: mail reports, 1905 - 1907 (File 14)

Letters from Penang, 1904 - 1913 (File 15)

13 items

Subjects include: Mr Moir's Report (1904), working of estates, Mr Wilson's Reports on Caledonia Estate, irrigation, labour, weather, sugar crops, rubber cultivation, Coconut trees, disease among labourers, store sales, tapioca factory, increase in cultivation, Engineering staff, indentured immigrants, Chinese farmers, death rates of immigrant labourers, bank overdraft, White ants, sugar thefts, quarterly reports, Caledonia Factory, Rubana Estate, staff salaries, Government moving against employment of Indian labourers, increasing prices for labour.

Discussion on the workings of the estates including: Strathmashie Estate, Selaba Estate, Talie Ayer Estate, Golden Grove, Caledonia, Sabrang, Johore Land (Batu Pahat), Sungei Bogak, Rubana, Nova Scotia, Gedong, Krian Kedah, Bagan Boyah.

Correspondents include: John Turner (Penang), Jos. Moir (Caledonia Estate), J. Arnold, Alex. Crawford (Caledonia Estate), William B. Wilson (Caledonia Estate), J. Sargant (Penang), W. Duncan (Perak), William M. Miller (Caledonia Estate), A.V. Brown (Superintendent of Indian Immigrants, Penang), L.H. Clayton, Presgrave and Matthews, H.C. Pratt (Govt. Entomologist), C. Bradbury, G.M. Laidlaw, A.F. Worthington, L.C. Brown (Kuala Lumpur), W. Langham-Carter, G.M. Laidlaw, Percy E.L. Taylor, Jas. Fraser, D. Douglas, R.N. Bland (Penang), Bruce Petrie (Caledonia Estate), Fred. T. Holbrook, S.C. Ambrose (Penang), W.E. Goodman (Caledonia Estate), Robert H. Phillips, J.B. Farquharson, Rowland M. Richards, J. Kirk (Penang), A.W. Wilson (Tali Ayer), J.M. Kydd (Caledonia Estate), J.W. Goldthorp, A.S. Craigen, H.C. Hughesdon, E.L. Hamilton (London), C.F. Nicholas.

Letters, June 1904 - December 1904 (Item)
Letters, July 1905 - December 1905 (Item)
Letters: Copy Letters from John Turner (General Manager, Penang) to Sir John Ramsden, January 1907 - June 1907 (Item)
Letters: Copy Letters from John Turner (General Manager, Penang), January 1907 - June 1907 (Item)
Letters: Copy Letters from John Turner (General Manager, Penang), July 1907 - December 1907 (Item)
Letters, January 1908 - June 1908 (Item)
Letters, July 1908 - December 1908 (Item)
Letters, January 1909 - June 1909 (Item)
Letters, July 1909 - December 1909 (Item)
Letters, January 1910 - June 1910 (Item)
Letters, July 1910 - December 1910 (Item)
Letters, December 1911 - December 1912 (Item)
Letters, January 1913 - May 1913 (Item)

Letters from Messrs. Boustead and Co. (agents) Kuala Lumpur, 1905 - 1907 (File 16)

Subjects include: Sugar market, sugar sales, rubber, grants, auditing of the company's books.

Letters from Herbert Wright, London, 1908 - 1909 (File 17)

Letters from Herbert Wright to Penang Sugar Estates Company. Subjects include: Sugar estates, rubber, reports on estates, tapping records, latex, castor oil cultivation, machinery.

Letters to Penang, 1877 - 1913 (File 18)

Subjects include: refining sugar, markets, shipment, finances, grindings, weather, shipment of sulphur, Demerara sugar, engineering stores, cattle disease, crop yield shortage, lack of returns for investors, factory, overdraft, steam piping, cultivation, fertilisers, irrigation, labour, smallpox, new land, Advisory Board, Molascuit, hospital, Governor's Cup, Engineer's Reports, Cocoanuts, potential market in Western Australia, white ants, coffee, indigo, oil palms, liquidation of company, registration of new rubber company.

Correspondents include: J.E. Bowes, James Ray (London), A.G. Morrison (Penang), N. Mackie, A. Young (London), Sir John Ramsden (Kingussie), John Turner (Penang), J. Arnold (London), Messrs Boustead and Co. (Penang), Joseph Sargant (Penang), A.H. Rand, Percy E.L. Taylor (London), E.L. Hamilton (London), Figgis and Co., W. Duncan (Penang), W.M. Miller (Caledonia Estate).

Letters from Underdown and Young to Sir John Ramsden, Morrison, Messrs. Boustead and Co., and Young to. Ray, 1880 - 1885 (File 19)

(Copies to Sir John Ramsden)Subjects include: Accounts of Penang Sugar Estates Co. Ltd., financial report, illness of Mr Morrison, estate managers, financial position, grinding returns, management of estates, destruction of forests.

Correspondents include: A. Young (London), Underdown, G.W. Campbell, A.G. Morrison.

Letters from Ray to Sir John Ramsden, 1881 - 1885 (File 20)

Subjects include: workings of estates.

Letters from Taylor to J.F. Ramsden, 1907 - 1909 (File 21)

Subjects include: Machinery - Patent Film Evaporator, Rubber Washing Machine, Spraying Machine.

Correspondents include: Claude T. Berthon (London), A. Binet and Co., Percy E.L. Taylor, J.F. Ramsden, John. I. Thornycroft and Co. Ltd., Huttenbach and Co., Tangyes Limited, David Bridge and Co. (Manchester).

Letters from Taylor to Sir John Ramsden, 1912 - 1913 (File 22)

Subjects include: claim of Lim Ewe Kee, transfer of shares.

Correspondents include: Sir John Ramsden (Kingussie), Percy E.L. Taylor (London), Presgrave and Matthews.

Telegrams from Penang, 1907 - 1913 (File 23)

Subjects include: Mrs Turner's health, accounts, general business dealings, death of Goodman.

Telegrams to Penang, 1907 - 1913 (File 24)

Subjects include: sale of crop, buildings, labour, rubber sales, general business dealings, cocoanut shipping.

Correspondents include: Percy E.L. Taylor (London), Sir John W. Ramsden (Bucks).

Draft staff contract (Articles of Agreement), 1883 (File 25)

Fortnightly financial statements, 1909 - 1912 (File 26)

Includes statements addressed to Sir John Ramsden from E. L. Hamilton and Percy E. L. Taylor.

Estimates, salaries and commissions, 1909 - 1913 (File 27)

Correspondents include: D. Douglas, Bruce Petrie, J. Sargant, Robert H. Phillips, D. Ritchie, Percy E.L. Taylor, Sir John W. Ramsden, W. Duncan.

Statements, payments, rubber payments, rubber sales, 1886; 1910-1913 (File 28)

Correspondents include: Adam Stewart, Mr Ray, Sir John W. Ramsden, [Mr Low?].

Estate valuations, 1912 (File 29)

Correspondents include: Percy E.L. Taylor, W. Duncan.

Sir John Ramsden, Messrs Boustead and Co., Balance at Penang bank, 1876 - 1907 (File 30)

Penang Sugar/Rubber Estates Co. Ltd.: accounts, 1913 (File 31)

(Penang Sugar Estates Co. Ltd. became the Penang Rubber Estates Co. Ltd. on 1st June 1913).

Rainfall accounts Caledonia and Victoria estates, 1869 - 1884 (File 32)

Proposed planting forms (blank), 1880s. (File 33)

Papers relating to Sungei Separap estate, 1913 (File 34)

Correspondents include: A.S. Evens (Caledonia Estate), C.J. Mason (Jahore).

Golden Grove estate: tree census, 1913 (File 35)

Proof prospectus for issue of debentures, c. 1873 (File 36)

Counsel's opinion, 1876 (File 37)

Includes copy of opinion of Henry Dart.

Notices of board meetings, 1910 (File 38)

Signed by P.E.L. Taylor.

Series 3. Penang Rubber Estates Co. Ltd, 1913 - 1922

19 items

Archival history

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M1351-1352

Report of first Annual General Meeting, 1914 (File 1)

Annual reports (whole estate), 1914 - 1922 (File 2)

Annual reports: Golden Grove, Sabrang, Strathmashie and Trans Krian estates, 1914 (File 3)

Quarterly reports, 1913 - 1922 (File 4)

Byram, Caledonia, Changkat, Golden Grove, Jawi, Krian, Krian Kedah, Sabrang, Strathmeshie, Trans Krian and Victoria estates.

Correspondents include: R.M. Richards (Mycologist), Percy E.L. Taylor, W. Duncan.

Rubber progress reports (monthly), 1913 - 1915 (File 5)

Byram, Caledonia, Jawi, Krian, Sabrang, Snugei, Separap, Trans Krian and Victoria estates.

Letters from Penang, 1913 - 1915 (File 6)

Subjects include: general business of operating estates, staffing, illness and mortality rates among labourers on estates, land titles.

Correspondents include: P.E.L. Taylor, A.S. Evans (Caledonia), W.B. Wilson, W. Duncan, Presgrave and Matthews (Penang), R.H. Phillips (Bagan Datch?), W.B. Murray, R.M. Richards, East Asiatic Company Ltd., The Malay Peninsula Agricultural Association, Mr Hamilton, G.T. Lachlan, C.F. Nicholas, H.J. Gibbs (Singapore).

Letters to Penang, 1913 - 1915 (File 7)

Subjects include: memorandum and articles of association, power of attorney, forward sales, golf course, staff tennis courts, machinery, labourer recruitment, new company, copra, manager's reports, cocoanuts, rubber, workings of estates, land valuation, fire at Sabrang, brown root disease, Mr Murray, palm oil, molasses contracts, appliances for making sheet rubber.

Correspondents include: Letters addressed to W. Duncan (Penang).

Letters from George White and Co. and S. Figgis and Co. relating to the price and quality of rubber, 1924 (File 8)

Telegrams from Penang, 1913 - 1915 (File 9)

Subjects include: accounts, property purchase, copra shipping.

Telegrams to Penang, 1913 - 1914 (File 10)

Subjects include: Directors, billiard table, plantings, resident doctor.

Quarterly returns of trees cut out, 1913 (File 11)

Includes papers signed by A.A. Craigen, W.R.C. Gray, [H.E.?] Chapman.

Land valuation account, 1913 (File 12)

Financial statements: rubber statements, monthly and annual estimates, 1919 - 1920 (File 13)

Monthly statements of financial position, 1915 - 1931 (File 14)

Sabrang: estate: estimates, reports, 1913 (File 15)

Correspondents include: A.W. Wilson, W. Duncan.

Trans Krian estate: Valuation, report, 1913 (File 16)

Includes letter from R.M. Richards re pests and diseases, pruning.

Depreciation statement, 1954 (File 17)

Papers relating to rubber quality, 1915 (File 18)

Notices of board meetings, 1914 (File 19)

Series 4. Penang Sugar Estates and Allied Companies, 1912 - 1914

6 items

Archival history

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M1352-M1353

Letters from Penang, 1912 - 1913 (File 1)

Subjects include: staff, commissions and bonuses, management of Rubana, additional accountant, Mr Lowe's recovery, Mr Welham, monthly auditor visits, Municipal Ordinance of 1896 assessment, tapping returns, insurance, monthly estate reports, legal audits, assistants' agreements and bonuses, Rubber Growers' Association, consumption of liquor by labourers, estate management, Immigration Fund Committee, John Mair attacked and finger lost, Venesta cases, assistants, new clearings, weeding, girth of trees, thinning of trees, machine rollers, invoices, medical officers and reports, sugar crop, estate outputs, Mr H. Sutcliffe appointed Assistant Mycologist, directions for taking soil samples, freight rebates, British and Foreign Companies Enactment 1912, Bills of Lading, Forward Sales, New York Contracts, Marine Insurance, Transport of Rubber, Machinery and its transport, spare rolls for all estates, water supply, New York Rubber Exposition, insurance of buildings in course of construction, staff and salaries.

Correspondents include: A.S. Evens, P.E.L. Taylor, W. Duncan (Caledonia Estate), J. Cruichshank (Nova Scotia Estate), A.W. Wilson (Nova Scotia Estate), A. Baur, H.C. Hughesdon, Boustead and Co., W.M. Miller (Caledonia Estate), N.L. Plummer, W. Rankin, O.B. Pike, S.C.G. Fox, Dr Nicholas, H.C.E. Zacharias, D. Ritchie (Perak), [W.R.C.?] Gray (Caledonia), J.M. Kydd (Caledonia), [C.T.?] Lachlan.

Letters to Penang, 1912 - 1913 (File 2)

Subjects include: Monthly Estate Reports, Rubber Growers Association, Accounts Department, Legislation regarding labourers in F.M.S. – sale of foreign liquor to Indian indentured labourers, Local Audits, Assistants Agreements and Bonuses, Progress Reports,, Commissions and Bonuses, Mr Lowe's injury, Assessment in Province Wellesley, Fire Insurance, Comparative Statements, European Staff, Paint for Iron Buildings, Venesta Cases, Insurance, Monthly Expenditure Reports, Staff Bonuses, Machinery Spares, Sanitation, Freight rebates, Estate Accounts, British and Foreign Companies Enactment 1912, Stores, Chemical Manures, Forward Sales, Contract for 30 tons First Latex Crepe from Messrs. Harrison and Crosfield Ltd., Staff passages, stolen rubber, F.O.B. Contracts, Agency Charges for Handling Rubber, Water Supply, New York Exhibition, Planters Benevolent Fund of Malaya.

Correspondents include: W. Duncan, Percy E.L. Taylor, John Turner, Messrs Boustead and Co.

Telegrams from Penang, 1912 - 1914 (File 3)

Subjects include: contracts, insurance, bills of lading, hiring of additional assistants.

Telegrams to Penang, 1912 - 1914 (File 4)

Subjects include: bonuses, thinning of rubber trees, hiring staff, arrangements with the Chartered Bank of India Australia and China, rubber freight, passages of new staff Cruickshank and Kennedy, tapping, shipments.

Production costs, 1912 - 1913 (File 5)

Includes papers signed by A.S. Evens, W. Duncan, H.C. Hughesdon, L.V. Lowe.

Rubber tapping returns, 1913 (File 6)

Includes papers signed by H.C. Hughesdon.

Series 5. Penang Rubber Estates & Allied Companies, 1913 - 1915

7 items

Archival history

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M1353-M1354

Letters from Penang, 1913 - 1915 (File 1)

Subjects include: Loss in weight in transit, Planters' Benevolent Fund, Cocoanut Pests, Strathmashie Estate, Attendance of labourers, tapping, Export Duties Collection Ordinance (1911), Estate Labourers Protection of Health Ordinance (1911), F.O.B. Contracts, Rubber cases damaged in transit, Staff, Universal scrap washers, Cutting out of Trees, Passage Tickets, Venesta Cases, Rubber Specifications, Momi Cases, Bonus and Pension Fund, Curing other Estates' rubber, Indian Immigration, costs of production, monthly estate reports, progress reports, standard girth for opening trees, Comparative statement of tapping returns, Mr Hubble's illness, illnesses of Mr Champion and Mr Wrottesiey, London Shipments, Shipments to other than British Ports, Freight Rebates, Prince of Wales Fund, Employees and the War, Standardisation of scrap grades.

Correspondents include: P.E.L. Taylor, A.S. Evens, H.W. Humphrys, William B. Wilson, W.B. Murray, W. Duncan, E.L. Hamilton.

Letters to Penang, 1913 - 1915 (File 2)

Subjects include: Staff, Tapping, Indian Immigration, Forward Sales, Plans of Estates, Bonus and Pension Fund, Venesta Cases, Curing other Estates' Rubber, Monthly Estate Report, Insurance of Rubbers, Rubber stocks, Rubber sales, F.O.B. Contracts, Singapore Auctions, Costs of Production, Curing of Rubber, Freight, Rubber Exhibition 1914, Standardisation of Rubber, Mr Hubble, Abolishment of Indentured Labour, death of Sir John Ramsden, Loss in weight of shipped rubber, maps of estates, Marine Insurance and War Risk, Finance, Telegrams, theft from cases during shipping.

Correspondents include: W. Duncan (Penang), Messrs. Boustead and Co. (Penang).

Telegrams from Penang, 1914 - 1915 (File 3/1)

Subjects include: shipping to Antwerp, shipping to Hamburg, Annual accounts of Rubana and Tali Ayer, estate outputs.

Telegrams to Penang, 1914 - 1915 (File 3/2)

Subjects include: Staff appointments, shipments.

Production costs, 1913 - 1915 (File 4)

Signed A.S. Evens, L.V. Lowe.

Tapping returns, upkeep of immature rubber, 1913 - 1915 (File 5)

Signed by A.S. Evens.

Papers relating to forward sales and forward contracts, 1913 - 1915 (File 6)

Series 6. Straits Sugar Co. Ltd, 1906 - 1910

11 items

Archival history

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M1354-M1355

Reports of E.L. Hamilton's visit to Penang, 1907 (File 1)

Reports Batak Rabit, Nova Scotia, Rubana, Soon Lee and Hai Kee estate, 1908 - 1909 (File 2A)

Quarterly reports, 1908 - 1909 (File 2B)

Gedong, Hai Kee, Nova Scotia and Rubana estates.

Letters from Penang, 1906 - 1910 (File 3)

Subjects include: land exchange, water supply to Krian Estates, sugar, staff, health of labourers, rubber, hospital, immigrants, factory, machinery, estates, overdraft, journals, accounts, transfer of Gedong Estate, cocoanuts, Hai Kee, Nova Scotia rubber, white ants, labour, expenditure, weather, quarterly reports, members of staff entitled to leave, Land Office, quit rents, bicycles for use of estate overseers, creditors, change from sugar to rubber cultivation, title deeds, Straits Sugar Co. Ltd., irrigation area, Rubana reserves, fire insurance, surgical appliances, Immigration Taxation Scheme, remarks on Nova Scotia Hospital, immigration, staff members who have outside appointments, local audit, robbery at Hai Kee, Chinese farming, New Labour Scheme, Javanese Immigrants, Quarantine expenses, power of attorney, Straits Rubber Company creation, recruitment of labourers in India, housing for labourers.

Correspondents include: C.W. Harrison; John Turner; D. Ritchie (Perak); W. Duncan; J. Sargant (Penang); Percy E.L Taylor; E.L. Hamilton; Boustead and Co.; George Muir Laidlaw (Perak); McAuliffe, Davis and Hope; Gow, Wilson and Stanton Ltd.; Presgrave and Matthews; J. Sargant (Penang); A.H.C. Ward; D.K. MacDowell (Singapore); H.C. Pratt; Mr Hamilton; W.H. Macgregor; W.H. Lee Warner; C.W.H. Cochrane; W.A. Wilkinson (Krian); Campbell MacColl and Co.; P.T. Allen (Taiping); J. Wilson; E.L. Brockman; D.A.M. Brown and Phillips; W.M. Wilson; A. MacNab (Nova Scotia Estate); William M. Miller; G.E. Shaw; Sir William Taylor; Dr Brown; C. Renwick; W. Rankin; L.H. Clayton; S.C. Ambrose (Penang); R.J. Wilkinson (Perak); Fred. T. Holbrook; Arthur Young; John Anderson (Penang); W.B. Wilson (Penang); H.C. Hughesdon (Penang).

Letters to Penang, 1907 - 1910 (File 4)

Subjects include: General business relating to estates - White ants, water supply, quarterly reports, staff, accounts, insurance, land in irrigation area, labour, overdraft, advice of sales, hospital, immigration, New Labour Scheme, Government reports, complaints of Mr Ritchie, statements of expenditure, tapioca, machinery, maps, death rates, tapping, motor car, cocoanuts, sugar, Lawrence Water Sterilizer Plant, light railway, liquidation.

Correspondents include: John Turner, Percy E.L. Taylor, Messrs. Boustead and Co., E.L. Hamilton, Messrs. D.A.M. Brown and Phillip, J. Sargant (Penang).

Telegrams from Penang, 1907 - 1910 (File 5)

Subjects include: sales, accounts, cane cultivation, staff agreements, diesel oil engine, machinery, transfer.

Telegrams to Penang, 1907 - 1910 (File 6)

Subjects include: sales, labour force, machinery, rubber condition after shipping, expenditure, shares, liquidation of Straits Sugar Co. Ltd.

Estimated rubber yield for Gedong, Nova Scotia and Rubana estates, 1908 - 1909 (File 7)

Fortnightly financial statements, 1909 - 1910 (File 8)

Notices of Extraordinary General Meetings to wind up the Company 31st March 1910 (File 9)

Rubana estate: latex analysis, 1908 (File 10)

Series 7. Straits Rubber Co. Ltd, 1909 - 1924

17 items

Archival history

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M1355-M1357

Notices and report of statutory meeting 31st March 1910; directors' report; case for the Straits Rubber Company, 1910 (File 1)

Annual reports, 1910 - 1921 (File 2)

Quarterly reports: Gedong and Nova Scotia estates, 1910 - 1922 (File 3)

Rubber progress reports (monthly) Gedong and Nova Scotia estates, 1912 - 1914 (File 4)

Letters from Penang, 1910 - 1915 (File 5)

Subjects include: Clearing timber, tapping knives, factory, power of attorney, provident fund, machinery, rubber, housing for labourers, hospital, mycologist report, water supply, quarterly estate reports, Gedong railway, loss in weight of rubber, free Chinese labourers, jungle felling and burn off, Mr R. Gall's illness, figures for Gedong and Nova Scotia estates, rubber valuations, labour, school for the children of labourers, medical reports on labour force, rubber stocks and shipping, heated rubber, motor car, titles, capital expenditure, New York shipments, New York Exhibition, Javanese labourers, Gedong electric light, F.O.B. Contracts, medical officers, Manager's Reports, new hospital, government approval for drinking water plans, Nova Scotia land grant, water supply plant, floods.

Correspondents include: Percy E.L. Taylor; W. Duncan; H.C. Hughesdon; A. MacNab; D. Ritchie; R.M. Richards; A.B. Jenner Coope; Gow, Wilson and Stanton Ltd.; Herbert Welham; A.S. Evens; C.F. Nicholas (Caledonia); Boustead and Co.; W.B. Wilson (Caledonia); W. Pike; J.W. Kennedy; W.B. Murray; W. Pryde (Lower Perak).

Letters from S. Figgis and Company and George White and Company relating to the quality and price of rubber, 1924 (File 6A)

Letters from McAuliffe, Davis and Hope, 1910 (File 6B)

Letters to Penang, 1910 - 1915 (File 7)

Subjects include: Power of attorney, machinery, Gedong, Nova Scotia, Rubana, Accounts, Railway, housing for labourers, insurance, rubber, expenditure and receipts, forward sale of rubber, electric light, high death rate of Indian labourers on estates, Chinese labourers, company marks on cases, staff, Provident Fund, water steriliser, general business of estates.

Correspondents include: John Turner, W. Duncan (Penang), E.L. Hamilton (Austin Friars), Messrs. Boustead and Co. (Penang).

Telegrams from Penang, 1910 - 1914 (File 8)

Covers general business of The Straits Rubber Company, Ltd. Subjects include: shares, labourers, accounts, machinery, insurance

Telegrams to Penang, 1910 - 1914 (File 9)

Covers general business of The Straits Rubber Company, Ltd. Subjects include: transfer of properties, valuation, liquidation, machinery.

Estimates, 1909 - 1911 (File 10)

Correspondents include: Sir John Ramsden, E.L. Hamilton (Austin Friars), John Turner (Caledonia), D. Ritchie (Perak), Percy E.L. Taylor, W. Duncan.

Financial statements (fortnightly), 1910 - 1912 (File 11)

Estimated profit and loss accounts, financial position, lists of payments, rubber statements, forward contracts, 1911 - 1915 (File 12)

Tree census, 1910 (File 13)

Returns of trees cut out, 1913 (File)

Press cuttings, 1912 (File 14)

Papers relating to rubber quality, 1915 (File 15)

Notices of board meetings, 1910 - 1914 (File 16)

Series 8. Rubana Rubber Estate and Co. Ltd, 1908 - 1924

19 items

Archival history

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M1357-M1358

Prospectuses: drafts and final, 1910 (File 1)

Annual reports, 1912 - 1922 (File 2)

Quarterly reports, 1910 - 1922 (File 3)

Rubber returns (daily), 1908 - 1909 (File 4)

Rubber progress reports (monthly), 1912 - 1915 (File 5)

Letters from Penang, 1910 - 1915 (File 6)

Subjects include: General business, labour, Bagan Serai, Selaba shares, Tali Ayer, Rubana, Mr Sargent, Mr Lachlan, employment agreements, quarterly reports, living conditions of labourers, mycological reports, accounts, cholera outbreak, insurance, rubber shipments, Government insistence on new facilities for labourers, murder of watchman by labourers.

Correspondents include: W. Duncan (Caledonia), J. Wilson (Perak), Percy E.L. Taylor, William B. Wilson (Penang), H.C. Hughesdon (Penang), Gow Wilson and Stanton Ltd., Presgrave and Matthews, Adams and Allan, R.M. Richards, Harrisons and Crosfield Ltd. (Colombo), N.D. Macdonald (Telok Anson), W.A. Macdonald (Rubana Estate), McAuliffe Davis Evens and Co., Herbert Welham, D. Ritchie, H.K.C. Tobutt (Teluk Anson), J. Kennedy Gibson (Penang), W.M. Dodds, A.S. Evens, J. Cruickshank (Nova Scotia Estate), W.B. Murray.

Letter from S. Figgis and Company relating to quality and price of rubber, 1924 (File 7)

Letters to Penang, 1910 - 1915 (File 8)

Subjects include: General business of Rubana Rubber Estates Ltd., transfer of estate, shares, rubber shipments, labour, machinery, cholera outbreak, accounts, Colonial Nursing Association, smallpox vaccinations, illness of Mr H.G. Daniels.

Correspondents include: W. Duncan, Mr Hamilton, Messrs. Stephenson Harwood and Co.

Copies of E.L. Hamilton's correspondence with J.F. Ramsden, and W. Duncan, 1910 - 1911 (File 9)

Includes 'Straits Rubber Co. Ltd.: Case', draft prospectus for Rubana Rubber, share allocation; estimated profit and loss account.

Telegrams from Penang, 1910 - 1914 (File 10)

Subjects include: general business of the Rubana Rubber Estate, rubber yields, accounts, quarterly returns, labour, insurance, H.G. Daniels treated for appendicitis.

Telegrams to Penang, 1911 - 1913 (File 11)

Subjects include: general business of the Rubana Rubber Estate, drop in yields, shares for employees, loss of weight during shipping.

Financial statements payments; rubber statements; rubber sales, 1911 - 1915 (File 12)

Estimated profit and loss accounts, 1911 - 1913 (File 13)

Financial position; statements of available capital, 1912 - 1914 (File 14)

Press cutting, 1910 (File 15)

Census of trees tapped, 1910, 1913 (File 16)

Includes Returns of trees cut out.

Directors' report, statement of accounts, 1912 (File 17)

Includes Reports of fourth annual general meeting.

Papers relating to rubber quality, 1915 (File 18)

Notices of board meetings, 1910 - 1914 (File 19)

Series 9. Bagan Serai Co. Ltd, 1909 - 1915

12 items

Archival history

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M1358

Letters from Penang, 1910 - 1915 (File 1)

Subjects include: general business of the Bagan Serai Company Limited, management, Chinese-owned lands, Hai Kee rubber cultivations, Javanese Indentured labour, Soon Lee sugar cultivation, cocoanuts, water supply, quarterly reports, Chinese labour, opium smokers, lists of numbers of free and indentured labour classed by nationality, staff, health of labour force, school for children of labourers, floods, new hospital, cases damaged in transit.

Correspondents include: Percy E.L. Taylor, W. Duncan (Caledonia), John Turner (Caledonia), D. Ritchie, William B. Wilson, H.C. Hughesdon, A. MacNab, Herbert Welham, E.L. Hamilton, W. Rankin, A.S. Evens.

Letters to Penang, 1910 - 1915 (File 2)

Subjects include: general business of the Bagan Serai Company Limited, drinking water supplies, high death rate of labourers, rubber, field maps, Nellmay Estate.

Correspondents include: John Turner, W. Duncan.

Telegrams from Penang, 1910 - 1914 (File 3A)

Subjects include: business accounts of The Bagan Serai Company Limited, rubber out turn.

Telegrams to Penang, 1910 (File 3B)

Subjects include: general business accounts of The Bagan Serai Company Limited, water supply.

Estimates, rubber progress report, rubber statement, 1909 - 1913 (File 4)

Directors reports and statements of accounts; reports of annual general meetings, 1910 - 1914 (File 5)

Rubber progress report, 1912 (File 6)

Returns of trees cut out, 1913 (File 7)

Notice of meeting, n.d. [1910?] (File 8)

Quarterly report, 1915 (File 9)

Papers relating to rubber quality, 1915 (File 10)

Notices of board meetings, 1910 - 1914 (File 11)

Series 10. Batak Rabit Estate Ltd, 1910 - 1913

5 items

Archival history

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M1358

Report, 1910 (File 1)

Addressed to E.L. Hamilton by William Duncan. Report of the Batak Rabit Estate Ltd., covering the situation, area and titles, description of estate, cultivation, yields and profits, present yields, labour, buildings, extensions, forest land, value, table of estimate of yields of rubber.

Reports of first annual general meeting; proceedings; directors' reports and statement of accounts, 1910 - 1911 (File 2)

Letters to and from Penang, 1910 - 1913 (File 3)

Subjects include: general business of the Batak Rabit Estate.

Correspondents include: Mr W. Duncan, Mr E.L. Hamilton (Austin Friars, London), Mr Treweeke, Sir John W. Ramsden (Bucks), A.S. Evens.

Telegrams to and from Penang, 1910 (File 4)

Subjects include: general business of Batak Rabit estate.

Commissions, 1912 - 1913 (File 5)

Series 11. Selaba Rubber Estates Ltd, 1909 - 1915

5 items

Archival history

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M1358-M1359

Prospectus, Directors' report, notices and report of annual general meeting, 1910 - 1913 (File 1)

Correspondence, 1909 - 1914 (File 2)

Subjects include: general business of estates, Selaba Estate, Somerset Estate, Strathmashie Estate, Sabrang Estate, Mycology, Chinese labour, new land.

Correspondents include: J.F. Ramsden, Mr William Duncan, E.L. Hamilton, Mr John Turner, W. Duncan, E.B. Prior (Golden Hope Estate), A.C. Rainnie (Kuala Lumpor), Warren Murton and Miller, Percy E.L. Taylor, B.H. Harrison, H. E. Muller, Messrs Harrisons and Crosfield Ltd., F.G. Harvey, Markby Stewart and Co., William Dell, C.D. Mathewson, H. Morton, B.H. Harrison, H.C. Hughesdon, E. Miller, J. Morton, D.M. Milne.

Copy letters to Harris and Crosfield, 1909 - 1910 (File 3)

Subjects include: The Selaba Rubber Estates Ltd., Estimate of Expenditure on Somerset Estate, general business of estates, new land.

Correspondents: A.C. Rainnie, G.H. Cater, C.D. Mathewson, B.H. Harrison, Jas. Davidson, W. Dell, D. Phillip, C.W. Keely.

Share dividend certificate, 1913 (File 4)

Rubber harvested, c. 1915 (File 5)

Series 12. Tali Ayer Rubber Estates Ltd, 1909 - 1924

11 items

Archival history

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M1359

Prospectus; Directors' report; statutory meeting; report of first/annual general/ and third meetings, 1911 - 1914 (File 1)

Reports (quarterly and annual): Padang, Sungei Bogak and Tali Ayer estates, 1909 - 1922 (File 2)

Letters from Penang, 1910 - 1915 (File 3)

Subjects include: general business of estates, labour, health of workers, cultivation, staff, factory, Tali Ayer new company, shares, cholera, Caledonia rubber factory, weather, rubber thefts, sale agreements, legal expenses, fire insurance, shares for employees, sugar crushing, electric light, water supply, new dysentery ward, Sungei Bogak, white ants, mycology, railway, Tali Ayer Estate analysis of soil, floods, Sungei Bogak, Hospital reports re labourer health.

Correspondents include: W. Duncan (Caledonia), A.W. Wilson, G.L. Catto, Percy E.L. Taylor (London), Herbert Welham, Mr Hamilton, O.B. Pike, Presgrave and Matthews, H.C. Hughesdon, McAuliffe Davis Evens and Co., D. Douglas, W.M. Dodds, Cecil F. Nicholas, W.B. Wilson, R.M. Richard, J. Forsyth, A.S. Evens, John Turner, Sidney Morgan.

Letters to Penang, 1911 - 1915 (File 4)

Subjects include: Tali Ayer rubber estate, Sungei Bogak, shares, transfer of estates to new company, water sterilising plant, finance, buildings, machinery, insurance, sale agreements, sugar factory, weighing of rubber, forward contracts, motor car, employee shares, Colonial Nursing Association, capital expenditure, catch crops, floods, dividends, commissions, drying space, transport of rubber, yield per acre, Taiping Church Fund.

Correspondents include: W. Duncan, E.L. Hamilton, Sir John W. Ramsden, Messrs. Presgrave and Matthews.

Telegrams from Penang, 1911 - 1914 (File 5)

Subjects include: Penang Sugar Estates Company, estimated yields and valuation, Tali Ayer, Sungei Bogak, Maude, accounts, fire insurance, rubber out turns.

Telegrams to Penang, 1911 - 1914 (File 6)

Subjects include: Tali Ayer, Sungei Bogak, share allotment, statutory meeting, discontinuance of sugar on Sungei Bogak, accounts, rubber transportation, purchase price.

Tree tapping statement, 1909 (File 7)

Rubber output; financial statements; rubber progress reports; rubber reports, 1910 - 1924 (File 8)

Notices (3) of board meetings, 1914 (File 9)

Rubber progress report, 1915 (File 10)

Papers relating to rubber quality, 1915 (File 11)

Series 13. Sabrang Rubber Estates Ltd, 1921 - 1924

2 items

Archival history

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M1359

Directors' report and statement of accounts; rubber reports, 1921 - 1924 (File 1)

Reports: quarterly and annual, 1921 - 1922 (File 2)

Series 14. Correspondence relating to various of the rubber companies in Malaya, 1906 - 1924

8 items

Archival history

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M1360-M1361

Letters to John Turner, 1906 - 1910 (File 1)

Subjects include: Estates Office and general administration, Nova Scotia, catch crops, sugar, Gedong, Hai Kee, shareholders, debenture holders, Rubana, Orders and Instructions, Caledonia factory, rubber manufacture, entertaining allowance, motor car, Straits Investment Co. Ltd., The Lawrence Patent Water Steriliser, Mr Lachlan's illness, dilution of latex, Trans Krian, Selaba Estate, cocoanut cultivation, labour, assistants, Mr Crawford's death, The Rubber Plantations Investment Trust Limited, Mr Sargant, Mr Ritchie, Mr Wilson, Straits Sugar Co., Sir John Ramsden, Juru Estate, Val D'or Estate, Somerset, Straits Sugar Co. in liquidation, Bagan Serai Co., Isseng, Chersonese Estates, Errol Estate.

Correspondents include: John Turner, E.L. Hamilton, Donald and Binnie, E.J. Brewster, Maxwell and Kenion, William M. Miller, Lim En Toh, W. Duncan, Mr Hughesdon, C. Robertson (Batavia).

Letters to E.L. Hamilton, 1907 - 1915 (File 2)

Subjects include: accounts, meeting of directors, Straits Investment Company, Strathmashie Estate, Bagan Dato Estate, The Straits Sugar Co. Ltd., Caledonia factory, Simpah Estate, audit, Juru Estate, valuations of properties, finance, Selaba and Somerset, Bagan Serai, Rubana draft prospectus, employment of Mr Richards as mycologist, Trans Krian, indentured labour, staff, Chinese labour, capital and revenue expenditure, share certificates, dividends, malarial fever, quit rent on agricultural land, maps, housing on estates, Johore Estate.

Correspondents include: W.H. Macgregor, E.L. Hamilton, John Turner, Frank Birdwood, W. Duncan, Donald and Binnie, J.W. Ramsden, Chas. Crosfield, Herbert Wright, Gow Wilson and Stanton Ltd., Percy E.L. Taylor, Henry S. Hope, Thomas Boyd, Presgrave and Matthews, W. Carnegie Brown, H.E. Muller, A.S. Evens.

Letters to J.F. Ramsden (later Sir J.F. Ramsden), 1907 - 1915 (File 3)

Subjects include: Ramie, report from Messrs. Gow Wilson and Stanton, Sabrang Estate, motor car, Caledonia Estate rubber factory, treatment of latex, Rubana, Talie Ayer, outside appointments of company employees, Herbert Wright consultation, machinery, Straits Rubber Company, Selaba, Rubana Prospectus, Battak Rabit Estate, dividends, Robusta Coffee, Strathmashie, powers of attorney, Nellmay Estate.

Correspondents include: E.L. Hamilton, Percy E.L. Taylor, John Turner, W. Kelway Bamber, W. Duncan, Campbell M. Wynne, Geo. Septt.

Letters to Sir John W. Ramsden, 1907 - 1913 (File 4)

Subjects include: Selaba Estate, land at Pondok Tanjong, map of Selabak Estate, Straits Sugar Company balance sheet, Sabrang, Gedong water scheme, finance, Bagan Serai Co., Straits Rubber Co., Mr Sargant, employee shares, Rubana, draft prospectus, House of Commons announcement re indentured labour, financial forecast, Prye Estate, Penang Sugar Estates Co. Ltd, Memorandum on Proposed Syndicate, Batak Rabit Rubber Estate Ltd., Sungei Separap, Shropshire Lead Mines, Errol Estate, London Office and Staff, London School of Tropical Medicine, discontinuing the growth of sugar, Merchiston, Lim Ewe Kee, Orient trust shares.

Correspondents include: E.L. Hamilton, W. Duncan, A.S. Evens, Presgrave and Matthews.

Letters to P.E.L. Taylor, 1908 - 1915 (File 5)

Subjects include: motor car, Ritchie, Penang Sugar Estates Company Limited, Lim Ewe Kee settlement, Nellmay.

Correspondents include: W. Duncan, E.L Hamilton, John Turner, Presgrave and Matthews.

Letters to W. Duncan, 1910 - 1915 (File 6)

Subjects include: congratulations on becoming Acting General Manager, employee shares, Rubana, shares for Mr Sargant, bonus scheme, Tali Ayer disturbances, staff being tempted away by other employers, Batak Rabit Estate, Rubana transfer, labour, Selaba, accounts, Mr Welham, capital expenditure, malaria, Nellmay Estate, Kajang Estates, Planters Association of Malaya.

Correspondents include: R.M. Richards, E.L. Hamilton, Percy E.L. Taylor, A.S. Evens.

F.E. Maguire's correspondence, 1924 (File 7)

Subjects include: rubber production, oil palms, Nova Scotia Estate, Tali Ayer Estate, Sungei Bogak Estate, accounts, electric lighting, telephones, liquid latex, allowances made to employees, Mr Vanrenen's bungalow lost to fire, Golden Grove, Penang Hill Bungalows, Manager's Reports regarding estates, water supplies, cholera.

Correspondents include: Boustead and Co. Ltd, F.J. Hubble, Mr Gray, P.B. Tylee, W. Symes.

Miscellaneous correspondence, 1907 - 1912 (File 8)

Subjects include: report of fraud in the company, sale of lands owned by the Penang Sugar Estates Co. Ltd., company accounts, Nova Scotia, Rubana, Straits Sugar Co., debentures and loans.

Correspondents include: Mr Markby, E.L. Hamilton (London), John Turner, Messrs. Donald and Binnie (Glasgow), Mr Brewster, Messrs. D.A.M. Brown and Phillips, Mr T. Cuthbertson, W.A.

Series 15. Maps and plans, 1873 - 1913

24 items

Archival history

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M1361

Penang Island and Province Wellesley, 1886 (File 1)

Surveyor: ? Cameron

104 × 76

1" to 1 mile

Penang Sugar Estates Co. boundary: estate names

Malay Peninsula, 1891 (File 2)

No surveyor

164 × 132

1" to 8 miles

Inset maps of George Town (Pinang), Singapore, Siamese territory in the Malay peninsula

Penang Island and Province Wellesley, n.d. (File 3)

No surveyor

54 × 39 (incomplete)

½" to 1 mile

Estates; proposed concessions and plantations, estates to be acquired, docks

Bagan Serai estate, 1913 (File 4)

Barbour and Peck

50 × 65

16 ch. to 1"

Estate boundary, mature and immature rubber, coconuts, field numbers.

Caledonia Estate, 1877 (File 5)

No surveyor

62 × 102

8" to 1 mile

Additions to estate; boatings and draining canals; drainage shoots.

Gedong, Kong Heng and Isseng, 1912 (File 6)

Barbour and Peck

76 × 101

16 ch. to 1"

Mature and immature rubber; estate boundaries; coconuts; field numbers.

Other copy of Gedong, Kong Heng and Isseng: not coloured, without field numbers etc., 1912 (File 7)

Golden Grove Estate, 1912 (File 8)

Barbour and Peck

48 × 62

16 ch. to 1"

Estate boundary, mature and immature coconuts; embankments; field numbers.

Golden Grove and Duvaka Estates, n.d. (File 9)

No surveyor

66 × 102

8" to 1 mile

Estate extensions; field numbers; land use; Malay compounds.

Krean Estate, 1873 (File 10)

No surveyor

75 × 102

8" to 1 mile

Canals; waste land; abandoned land; estate extensions; drainage; cultivation list.

Nova Scotia Estate, 1912 (File 11)

No surveyor

77 × 75

16 ch. to 1"

Estate boundary; mature and immature areas; felled areas; reserved jungle; acreage.

Nova Scotia Estate, 1912 (File 12/1)

Barbour and Peck

57 × 89

16 ch. to 1"

Estate boundary; mature and immature rubber; felled land; field numbers; acreages.

Nova Scotia Estate, 1912 (File 12/2)

Barbour and Peck

57 × 87

16 ch. to 1"

Field numbers; rubber, young rubber; swamp; building sites; trees felled; areas not planted; jungle; estate boundary; mature and immature rubber; young rubber; proposed plantings.

Rubana Estate, 1913 (File 13)

Barbour and Peck

65 × 79

16 ch. to 1"

Estate boundary; mature and immature rubber; felled land; field numbers.

Sabrang Estate, 1912 (File 14)

Barbour and Peck

51 × 74

16 ch. to 1"

Estate boundary; mature and immature rubber; clearings; roads and paths; buildings; field numbers.

Strathmashie Estate, 1912 (File 15)

No surveyor

65 × 50

16 ch. to 1"

Field numbers; acreages; planting dates.

Strathmashie Estate, 1912 (File 16)

Barbour and Peck

51 × 74

16 ch. to 1"

Estate boundary; mature and immature coconuts; rubber; felled land; field numbers; acreages.

Sungei Bogak Estate, 1913 (File 17/1)

Barbour and Peck

64 × 50

16 ch. to 1"

Estate boundary; mature and immature rubber; clearing; field numbers; acreage.

Sungei Bogak estate, n.d. (File 17/2)

No surveyor

64 × 50

No scale

Acreages; field numbers; land occupied by Chinese squatters; rubber crop; catch crop sugar.

Tali Ayer Estate, 1913 (File 18)

Barbour and Peck

40 × 54

16 ch. to 1"

Young and mature rubber; estate boundary; field numbers.

Victoria Estate, 1878 (File 19)

No surveyor

63 × 63

No scale

Completion of proposed extensions; proposed new adjoining estate; field numbers.

Victoria Estate, 1879 (File 20)

No surveyor

44 × 48

No scale

Field numbers.

Miscellaneous sketch, n.d. (File 21)

Index to plans, 1909 (File 22)

Series 16. Miscellaneous, 1884 - 1925

26 items

Archival history

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M1361-M1362

Printed material, 1884 - 1925 (File 1)

19 items
'Notes on some Malay Timber Trees' by James Collins, 1884 (Item)
'The Straits Settlements and British Malaya' by Sir Frederick A. Weld, 1884 (Item)
Pieces of Eight Syndicate Ltd: press report, 1903 (Item)
Report on Cotton Cultivation in the British Empire and Egypt, 1904 (Item)
India Rubber Market report, 1907 (Item)
Annual Review of India Rubber Market, 1908 (Item)
Java Investment, Loan and Agency Ltd; report of meeting, 1910 (Item)
Gula-Kalumpong Rubber Estates Ltd; prospectus, report, 1910 (Item)
Anglo-Malay Rubber Co. Ltd.: report of general meeting, 1910 (Item)
'Rubber Tapping in Ceylon', 1912 (Item)
Straits Plantations Ltd.: Directors' report and statement of accounts, 1912 (Item)
Merchiston Rubber Estate Ltd.: Notice and report of meeting; prospectus 1912 directors' report, statement of accounts, report of annual general meeting, 1912 - 1915 (Item)
Rubber Growers Association (Malaya Section): 11th and 13th reports, 1912 - 1913 (Item)
Wild v. Plantation Rubber: Causes of the Difference in Price: Lack of Uniformity' and enclosure, 1913 (Item)
Federated (Selengor) Rubber Co. Ltd.: report of Annual General Meeting 1914, directors' report statement of accounts 1915 (Item)
Linggi Plantations Ltd., report, 1915 (Item)
Rubber Growers' Association: bulletin, 1920 (Item)
Pure Plantation Rubber Products Ltd.: sales literature, 1922 (Item)
Badenoch Rubber Estate Ltd.: prospectus (Item)

Tree girth statement, 1906 (File 3)

Rubber shipments, 1906 - 1907 (File 4)

Daily rubber reports, 1906 - 1909 (File 5)

1 item
Caledonia, Gedong, Rubana, Selaba and Tali Ayer estates, 1906 - 1909 (Item)

Coconut reports, 1906 - 1913 (File 6)

Byram, Caledonia, Changkat, Gedong, Golden Grove, Krian, Soon Lee and Hai Kee, Strathmashie and Victoria estates.

Subjects include: Area under cultivation, total area planted, age of trees, estimated expenditure, remarks.

Signatories include: A. Crawford, John Turner, D. Ritchie, W. Duncan, Robert H. Phillips, K.M. Macleod, C. Renwick, B.H. Harrison, W. Rankin, J. Sargant, A. Craigen, J.M. Kydd, George Robertson, William Pike, W.D. Macdonald, C. C. Paul, W.R.C. Gray, G. Phillips, J. Forsyth, J. Hargreaves.

The Isseng Rubber Estate, 1908 (File 7)

For the information of Mr J.M. Anthony, Chairman.

Regarding the Isseng Rubber Estate. Subjects include: soil, acreage, condition of cultivation.

Signed by D. Ritchie and J.W. Kennedy.

New Rubber Tapping System, 1908 (File 8)

Tapping experiments, 1908 - 1909 (File 9)

Rubber sales: Caledonia, Rubana and Selaba estates, 1909 (File 10)

Juru estate: memorandum of agreements; report and valuation, 1909 (File 11)

Somerset estate: report, 1909 (File 12)

Subjects include: management, situation, title, area, cultivation, soil, drainage, weeding, pests, labour, nurseries, buildings, valuation.

Signed by Edmund B. Prior and A.C. Rainnie.

Rubber reports and valuations by Gow, Wilson and Stainton Ltd. and George White and Co., 1909 - 1910 (File 13)

Rubber crop returns, 1909 - 1915 (File 14)

Account of crop yields 1909, 1909 - 1910 (File 15)

Latex reports: Caledonia, Gedong, Nova Scotia, Rubana, Soon Lee and Hai Kee, Strathmashie and Tali Ayer estates, 1910 (File 16)

Includes average gallons latex per day, average daily outturn of wet rubber, manager's remarks.

Continuous current generating plant for Caledonia estate, estimate for storage battery, 1912 (File 17)

Papers relating to Captain Blackwood, 1912 - 1913 (File 18)

Subjects include: leave, sea voyage, severe nervous breakdown, termination of employment, acceptance of termination due to ill health, conflicting statements.

Correspondents include: C.F. Nicholas, W. Pike, W. Duncan, D. Ritchie, C.H. Blackwood, Ung Chye See, A.S. Evens.

Tapping returns, 1912 - 1913 (File 19)

Straits Settlements and Federated Malay States ordinances, 1912 - 1913 (File 20)

The coconut pest of the Philippine Islands, the Melentang Coconut Co. Ltd., the copra market, Caledonia Golf Course, Trans Krian and Melentang estates.

Rubber output, sales, dividends and shares, 1912 - 1914 (File 21)

Rubber factory costs (including packing, delivery and insurance), 1913 (File 22)

Caledonia, Gedong, Nova Scotia, Rubana and Tali Ayer estates.

Valuation method, n.d. ?1914 (File 24)

Correspondence files relating to various of the Malayan rubber companies, 1914 - 1925 (File 25-27)

File 25.Subjects include: company shares, disposal of shares held in outside rubber companies, sale of Sungei Separap, voluntary wind up of company, labourer's latrines, malaria, Kedah application, camphor, shareholders, Rubana bonus shares, Mr Duncan's report on province estates, oil palms, Perak Government purchase of Trans Krian Estate land for European bungalows.

Correspondents include: Sir John W. Ramsden, E. L. Hamilton, F.E. Maguire, Dr Nicholas, Lady Joan Ramsden, W. Duncan, J.W. Ashton.

File 26.Subjects include: The Penang Rubber Estates Company Limited in voluntary liquidation, board meetings, oil stained rubber shipments, Trinity College exam for Ramsden (Jnr.), budding knives, shares, new scheme for using rubber on roadways in place of tar, subscription to Rubber Growers' Association, Agripta Strapping machine, box making machine, disposal of shares, Supplementary Report of the Colonial Office Committee, certified standard production, war loan, arrangement of dates for board meetings, auditors, Sungei Bogak fire claim, Copra.

Correspondents include: F.E. Maguire, A.J. Milne, Sir John Ramsden, E.L. Hamilton, J. Cruickshank, W. Duncan, [A?] Trenouth.

File 27.Subjects include: Regulation of rubber exports – new rules applicable to Malaya, plate presented to Caledonia Club, rubber sales figures, bought contracts, reassessment of standard production, production costs, direction of rotation of tapping, prevention of malaria, concrete culverts and pipes, watergates, sole crepe, manuring experiments, Kedah land, thinning out, Sungei Bogak, Sabrang share issue, Port Dickson Lukut Shares, Krian Kedah land sale.

Correspondents include: Frank G. Smith, Sir John Ramsden, F.J. Hubble, F.E. Maguire, T.J. Clark, Dr Hill.

Coconut Plantations of Perak, 1920 - 1925 (File 28)

Subjects include: dividends, land, shares, Mr Naested, arrangements between Sir John and the cocoanut company, reduction in costs for coconut plantations of Perak, quit rent, abandonment of land, encouraging results [printed].

Correspondents include: Sir John F. Ramsden, E.L. Hamilton, Eric Macfadyen, Harrisons and Crosfield Ltd., G. Grindle.

Share transaction account, 1925 (File 29)

Summary of salaries and commissions, n.d. (File 30)

Series 17. Addenda, 1874 - 1875

2 items

Archival history

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M1362

Report to the Rt. Hon. E. Horsman M.P. on Penang sugar estates, 1875 (File 2)

Appendix to report to the Rt. Hon. E. Horsman M.P., c. 1874 (File 3)

Indexed volume containing reports on:

Soil and area.

Production costs.

Produce, markets and selling prices.


Labour and coolie fund; mechanical appliances.

Cane diseases and lime.


Tile drainage and irrigation.

Extensions and additions by purchase.

Finance, Penang Agency, commissiona and future management.