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Fonds BAR. Vice Admiral Charles James Barlow, 1889 - 1892

Filmed selectively.

Log of HMS Orlando, 17 November 1889 - 30 November 1892 (File ff.1-74)

Details of course, position, wind, weather, remarks - movements of other ships, salute for Queen's birthday, visits by VIPs, deaths of seamen, punishments...

Fonds BAY. Baynes Family, 1843 - 1860

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Series BAY/1-3. Admiral Sir Robert Lambert Baynes, 1850 - 1860

Subseries BAY/1. Service Papers, 8 July 1857
Commission as Commander in Chief in Pacific. (1p.), 8 July 1857 (Item)
Subseries BAY/2. Official Papers, 1850 - 1860
Pacific Station: passages made by HM Ships, list of officers in Squadron, and foreign ships of war in the Pacific (68p.), 1854 - 1860 (File [C])
HMS Bellerophon and Ganges. Lists of officers serving on board, 1850 - 1857 (File [H])

List of Pacific Squadron under Admiral Baynes, c.1857. (4p.)

Series BAY/104. Admiral Sir Joseph Nias, April 1843

Subseries BAY/104. Admiral Sir Joseph Nias: Letters received, notes and memoranda, 15 April 1843
Henry Turner (Herald, Chatham) to Nias (Portsea) with list of curios brought back in Herald. (1p.), 15 April 1843 (File 5th Folder)

Includes: 'Feegee war instruments', New Zealand paddle.

Services of Rear Admiral Nias CB, n.d. (File 6th Folder)

Includes: note on his service in Herald in New Zealand...

Fonds BED. Admiral Sir Frederick George Denham Bedford, 1879

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Diary on board HMS Triumph, April 1879 (File BED/6)

Filmed selectively.

Visit to Honolulu (16p.), 2 April 1879 - 16 April 1879 (Item)

Details of visit to Honolulu - social events; King at first refused to recieve Admiral; Bishop of Honolulu confirms seven sailors.

Fonds BLC. Admiral Sir Edward Belcher, 1843 - 1847

Order and letterbook of Samarang, 10 August 1843 - 14 January 1847 (File BLC/3)

Copies of letters written by Captain Belcher on Samarang from Borneo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Manila, Simons Bay, Chatham to the Admiralty; Sir W.Parker; Sir Thomas Cochrane; Sydney Herbert; Captain H.Keppel, Dido; Captain King, Alligator; British Consul Manila; and others...

Fonds BET. Captain Henry L. Bethune, 1883 - 1886

Log book of HMS Constance on Pacific Station, 1883-11-01-1886-02-28; 1886-04-1886-05 (File BET/8)

Places visited include: Callao; Easter Island; Pitcairn Island; Honolulu; Hilo; Washington and Fanning Islands; Jervis Islands; Caroline Islands; Tahiti; Cook's Islands; Esquimalt; Hong Kong; Singapore; Malta; Portsmouth...

Fonds BLE. Admiral Sir Geoffrey Blake, 1929 - 1938

Series BLE/5. Letters of congratulation on CB, March 1929

Filmed selectively.

Letters, 1 March 1929 (File)

Sending congratulations for his appointment to New Zealand station. Some letters also address the people in Australia and New Zealand...

Series BLE/6. Papers re New Zealand Commission, 15 February 1930 - 6 February 1934

Correspondence, photographs, press cuttings, booklets...

Series BLE/7. Letters re resignation, January 1938 - February 1938

Filmed selectively.

Reverend Reginald Barlett (L.M.S. Weston Super Mare) to Blake with memories of events in Samoa, 19 January 1938 (File)
Francis Hull (RNVRHQ, Auckland) to Blake, 19 January 1938 (File)

Auckland Division of RNVR regret his decision, 'the monument you built in New Zealand will endure for many many years to come'.

W. Kinross White (Napier) to Blake, 20 January 1938 (File)

Memories of visit by Blake and Captain Crutchley to Napier.

F. Milner (Waitaki Boys' High School) to Blake regrets on his retirement, 19 February 1938 (File)
Robert Clark-Hall (Christchurch, New Zealand) to Blake re his life in New Zealand, 19 February 1938 (File)

Fonds BLK. Captain William Hans Blake, 1860 - 1870

Series BLK/1. Diary on Falcon, 24 May [1867] - [August 1867]

Journal of a visit to Tahiti - ships in harbour of Papeete dressed for King's birthday; entertainment - dancing; visiting officials; cultivation of yams; audience with Queen Pomare; visit to Malden Island; Penryhn Island; Samoa; surprised to find natives of Opolu Island going to church on a Saturday; Friendly Islands - met missionaries; Fiji; inspected native labourers from New Hebrides; Levuka; Tanna - French ship in harbour; Vila; destroying villages; New Caledonia...

Series BLK/5. Letterbook HMS Falcon, 2 January 1866 - 23 September 1868

Copies of letters from HMS Falcon at Wellington, Auckland, Hobart, Adelaide, Swan River, Sydney, Apia, Portsmouth to Commodore, Captains of other ships, Admiralty, Sir George Bowen and others. From 2 January-23 July 1866 letters from Captain G.H.Parkin...

Series BLK/7. Career Documents, April 1860 - October 1870

Filmed selectively.

Extract copy of letter from Commodore Loring to Admiralty (Isis, Auckland), 27 April 1860 (File 31)

Re Blake's conduct as Senior Lt. of Niger and his wound. (2p.)

Admiralty to Blake granting him a pension in consideration of injuries received in New Zealand. (1p.), 27 July 1861 (File 33)
Admiralty to Blake granting him a gratuity in consideration of wounds. (1p.), 30 October 1861 (File 34)
Blake to Admiralty requesting posting on Australian Station. (Copy, 2p.), n.d. [18 October 1870?] (File 43)
Admiralty to Blake re his pension. (1p.), 18 March 1865 (File 44)
Report on proceedings relative to enquiries into case of Curlew, Mary Ida and Kate captured and destroyed by natives of New Hebrides. (17p.), 4 August 1867 (File 58)
Admiralty to Blake acknowledging his letter requesting post on Australian Station. (1p.), 20 October 1870 (File 61)

Fonds BND. Rear Admiral Francis Godolphin Bond, 1791 - 1953

Correspondence, and notes (145p.), 8 February 1791 - 15 December 1817 (File BND/1)

Correspondents include: William Bligh; F.G.Bond; James Guthrie, Lt George Tobin...

Some correspondence of Captain William Bligh with John and Francis Godolphin Bond, 1776-1811, 1949 (File BND/2)

Edited by George Mackanass. (Australian Historical Monographs, 19) Sydney, 1949. (40p.)

Fresh Light on Bligh, 1953 (File BND/3)

Edited by George Mackaness. (Australian Historical Monograph 29) Sydney, 1953. (84p.)

Fonds BOS. Captain Henry T. A. Bosanquet, 1892 - 1958

HMS Paluma, 1892-1895; 1957-1958 (File BOS/9)

Notes and 5 charts compiled during survey of North East Coast of Australia by HMS Paluma, 1892-1895. (116p.)...

Miscellaneous Notes (c.100p.), c.1893-1957 (File BOS/13)

Includes: Photographs of HMS Paluma...

Fonds BOG. Louis Antoine de Bouganville, n.d.

Notes collected by Bouganville for his article on navigation for National Institute (c. 100p.), n.d. (File BOG/3)

Places and Voyages includes: voyages to the North; Northwest passage, circumnavigation, Southern land...

Fonds CAR. Admiral Philip Carteret, n.d.

Material re Swallow, n.d. (File CAR/5)

Includes: correspondence, notes, draft log, journal...

Notes on accounts of voyages, n.d. (File CAR/10B)

Includes: notes on Dalrymple 'Historical collection of the several voyages and discoveries in the South Pacific Ocean, vol 1, 1770' and notes on Bougainville and Wallis...

Fonds CHR. Captain William Wylly Chambers, 1837 - 1847

Series. Papers relating to Pelorus and Alligator, 1837 - 1847

Logs of Alligator and Pelorus, January 1840 - April 1841 (File CHR/4)

(76p., some faint pages.)

Log of Alligator, 30 January 1840 - 3 March 1840 (Item [A])

Details of wind, position, remarks - provisions taken on board 'held survey on 30lbs of beef found it putrid and unfit for men to eat, threw the same into the sea'; sails set; exercises; sighting other ships...

Log of Pelorus at Port Essington, 4 March 1840 - 1 April 1841 (Item [B])

Details of wind; position; weather; remarks - killing bullock; 'party of seamen clearing away ground to build store to put our stores in [at Port Essington]'; duties of crew; 'employed lifting the government House to its height previous to the hurricane in November last'; building a boat shed; James Roberts (marine) and James Stevens absent 'supposed to have lost themselves'; building a pier; J.Armstrong, Botanist lost; digging well; making bricks for the settlement; death of William Crawford, mate; making stock yard and digging garden; preparing ship for sea; voyage to Sandalwood Island.

Abstract logs of Alligator and Pelorus, 28 January 1840 - 7 March 1841 (File CHR/5)

Details of course; position; wind; remarks - voyage to Port Essington; building settlement at Port Essington...

Letterbook of Pelorus at Port Essington and Singapore, 13 March 1840 - 6 July 1841 (File CHR/6)

Copies of letters to Captain Kuper (Alligator); John Moyle (Diana); Captain J.McArthur R.M.; Commander of East India Station and others...

Board of Ordnance, Gunners Stores Supply Book, Pelorus, 18 October 1838 - 12 March 1840 (File CHR/9)

Details of powder; tools; cartridges; guns etc...

Board of Ordnance, Gunners Stores, Expense Book, Pelorus, 25 January 1837 - 28 June 1841 (File CHR/10)

Details of stores and their use...

Captain's Night order book (94p.), March 1840 - September 1840 (File CHR/11)
Night orders, 30 March 1840 - 7 September 1840 (Item [A])
List of men working for the colony, n.d. (Item [B])
Pay list of men belonging to Pelorus on service in the colony of Victoria, n.d. (Item [C])
Watches, n.d. (Item [D])
Musterbook of Pelorus, 21 January 1837 - 13 April 1841 (File CHR/13)

Details of ship's company; name; position; when and where enlisted etc.; Includes 2 natives; marines; supernumeries; New Zealand chiefs, wives and children...

Pay book of Pelorus, 1837 - 1840 (File CHR/14)

Details of ship's company; names, place of birth, age, charges and deductions, sum raised by selling dead and run men's effects...

Allotment book of Pelorus, c.1840 (File CHR/15)

Details of next of kin of ship's company...

Expense book of Boatswain's stores of Pelorus, 1 April 1838 - 30 July 1839 (File CHR/16)

Details of stores and their use withdrawn while Pelorus was at King George's Sound, Port Jackson, New Zealand, Launceston and Hobart...

Receipt for persons discharged from Pelorus to the military post at Victoria (8p.), 16 March 1841 (File CHR/17)
Captain's order book (20p.), 1840 (File CHR/18)
Letters received from Captain John McArthur, commander of marines and acting commandant Port Essington, 4 May 1840 - 16 March 1847 (File CHR/23)

(51 letters)...

Papers re Pelorus, c. 1840 (File CHR/24(i) No.1-51)

Correspondence, receipts, reports on stores, equipment and service of various officers.(61p.)...

Papers re Pelorus and Alligator, c. 1840 (File CHR/24(ii) No. 52-93)

Correspondence, bills, receipts, reports of surveys on stores and medical matters. (c. 65p.)Items of interest include:...

Transfer papers for various officers and ratings on Pelorus, 27 June 1839 - 3 March 1840 (File CHR/25)

(8 documents).

Fonds CLS. Vice Admiral Sir Richard Collinson, 1851 - 1853

Series CLS/47. Correspondence, January 1851 - June 1853

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence, January 1851 (File Folder 1851)
Eleanor Gell (London) to her father Sir John Franklin, 24 January 1851 (Item)

Re family news; news of Mr Price, Commandant of Norfolk Island; strong remonstrance received from people of Van Diemen's Land against transportation 'they pledge themselves not to employ any transported person'. (4p.)

Correspondence, January 1853 - June 1853 (File Folder 1853)

Filmed selectively.

T.B. Collinson (Waltham Abbey) to Captain Hammond (Isle of Wight), 25 January 1853 (Item)

If any news of Enterprise from Sandwich Islands; he is interested in steam communication with New Zealand. (3p.)

William Miller (Woahu) to R. Collinson re his expedition. (3p.), 15 June 1853 (Item)

Fonds CPC. Leslie Cope-Cornford, 1918 - 1925

Correspondence A-F: Australia, October 1918 - May 1925 (File CPC/1)

Filmed selectively.

Australian Corps. Circular notice and programme of visit to Australian Corps by LCC and others. (2p.), 19 September 1918 (Item)
Australian High Commission to LCC re his article in Morning Post, 1 October 1918 (Item)
Prime Minister's Department (Melbourne) to LCC re migration, 4 May 1925 (Item)

Correspondence L-R: Monash, October 1918 (File CPC/4)

Filmed selectively.

Sir John Monash (Australian Corps HQ) to LCC, 3 October 1918 (Item)

Re his article in Morning Post.

Correspondence L-R: Captain Plunkett, November 1917 - October 1918 (File CPC/4)

Filmed selectively.

Plunkett (ACMF Camp) to LCC, 18 October 1918 (Item)

Re his article in Morning Post 'most flattering article to the Australian soldier yet written'. (4p.)

Two photographs of Australian troops playing football at Suez, November 1917 (Item)
H. Rawlinson (General Commanding 4th Army) to Australian Corps re victory on August 8th, 16 August 1918 (Item)
John Monash (Australian Corps HQ) to Australian Corps re battle to be fought on 8th, 7 August 1918 (Item)
Notes on battle fought at Peronne, September 1918, n.d. (Item)

Fonds CUR. Sir Assheton Gore Curzon-Howe, 1867 - 1871

Series CUR/2. Logs of Galatea, Royal Adelaide and Hercules, kept by Midshipman H.R. Moore, July 1868 - June 1871

Filmed selectively.

Log of Galatea (391p.), 29 July 1868 - 2 June 1871 (File)

Details of position; wind; weather; remarks; duties on board; sails set; reprovisioning ship; landing of Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh in state at various ports; court martial of Mr McDonough, Engineer; other ships in squadron; deaths and burials of seamen; dry dock at Cockatoo Island; voyage back to England...

Route of Galatea, 26 February 1867 - 19 May 1871 (File CUR/18)

Details of port, country, dates of arrival and departure, miles run during the two cruises...

Fonds DRE. Captain Joseph Stafford Dare, 1887 - 1888

Diary on board John Gambles and Astoria, 26 May 1887 - May 1888 (File DRE/5)

Description of voyage in John Gambles, Liverpool to Sydney, Newcastle, and Valparaiso. Includes description of Sydney Harbour 'the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen, it is a perfect paradise', and Sydney Town, and voyage in Astoria - Valparaiso to Newcastle...

Fonds DTY. Rear Admiral Frederick Proby Doughty, 1850 - 1886

Series DTY/5. Captain's letterbook, April 1884

Filmed selectively.

Doughty (Constance, Honolulu) to Commander in Chief, 14 April 1884 (File ff.402-463)

Re voyage from Valparaiso; Easter Island; Honolulu; report on Pitcairn Island; names of families on Pitcairn Island...

Series DTY/7. Captain's letterbook, April 1884 - November 1885

Filmed selectively.

W.M.Gibson (Honolulu) to [Wodehouse] that Constance did not salute the Hawaiian flag, 14 April 1884 (File f.28)
Wodehouse (Honolulu) to Doughty re non salute to flag, 15 April 1884 (File f.29)
Doughty (Constance, Esquimalt) to Wodehouse re salute, 29 April 1884 (File ff.30-31)
Doughty (Constance, Honolulu, Tahiti) to Commander in Chief, 1 September 1884 - 28 December 1884 (File ff.82-134)

Re voyage from San Francisco; audience with King Kalahaua; visit from King; report on Line Islands; report on Penrhyn Island -native control; voyage to Tahiti; remarks on Cook Islands; Mr Exham of Raratonga who wishes to be regarded as vice consul; report on Raratonga.

Doughty (Constance, Honolulu) to Commander in Chief, 30 November 1885 (File ff.325-326)

Re voyage from Acapulco; celebration of anniversary of Hawaiian independence.

Series DTY/8. Logs of Victory, Rodney, Howe, Bulldog, Victory, Albion and Portland, September 1850 - 1885

Filmed selectively.

Log of Portland (491p.), 20 September 1850 - 1 May 1854 (File [A])

Details of wind; course; remarks; duties on board; sails set; provisioning ship; deaths of seamen; visits from VIPS...

Abstract log of Constance (4p.), 1882 - 1885 (File [B])
Three photographs of Constance and Portland, n.d. (File [C])

Series DTY/12. Log book of Constance, 3 October 1882 - 5 January 1886

Abstract logbook, details of course, position, wind, weather including visits to Honolulu, Caroline Island, Tahiti, Raratonga.(23p.)...

Series DTY/15. Case against Lieutenant Henry T. Smith-Dorrien, 9 December 1884 - 25 August 1885

Copies of letters from Doughty (Constance, at sea) to Commander in Chief re case against Lieutenant Smith-Dorrien for drunkness and absence without leave, including two occasions at Honolulu and Tahiti...

Fonds FIS. Reverend George Fisher, 1838

Observations by Bryron Drury, 1838 (File FIS/25)

Observations of horizontal vibrations at Dockyard Simons Town, 28 May 1838; Captain King's observatory, Dunheved NSW, 3 August 1838; Between new Government House and Fort Macquarie, 11 August 1838; Minto Head, Port Essington, 5 December 1838...

Fonds FIL. Fisher and Lilley Families, 1838 - 1872

Thomas Fisher Correspondence, 22 December 1838 - 16 December 1849 (File FIL/1)

12 letters from Thomas Fisher (Honolulu, Oahu) to his mother and brother...

Abstract Log of Lincolnshire and log of Hampshire (15p.), February 1868 - May 1872 (File FIL/4)

Abstract log of Lincolnshire, London to Melbourne, 20 February 1868 - 12 March 1868 (Item [A])

Details of course; weather; remarks; winds; pilot boarding. (Incomplete).

Log of Hampshire, Melbourne to London, 13 April 1872 - 10 May 1872 (Item [B])

Details of leaving Sandridge railway pier; health officer passing all passengers except one woman; cook puts saltwater into tea pots of passengers; seasickness; passing coast of Tasmania; captain reading church service; heavy weather and sea break open hencoops and sheep pens; death of third class passenger. (Incomplete).

Lett's Diary (83p.), 1869 - July 1872 (File FIL/5)

Details of orders at stationers? from Government Printer, Whitney Powell and Co and other firms for stamps, pads, forms, pencils, letter balances, n.d. (Item [A])
Log of Hampshire Captain Ridgers on voyage Melbourne to London kept by Thomas Lilley, 13 April 1872 - 12 July 1872 (Item [B])

Details of: leaving Sandridge; seasickness; weather; coast of Tasmania; storm; sheep drowned; rounding Cape Horn; Falkland Islands; sighting other vessels; food; English Channel. Log is on pages for 8-27 June.

Passenger's Ticket, 11 April 1872 (File FIL/6)

Lilley family's ticket for 2nd class passage on Hampshire, Melbourne to London.

Fonds FIT. Captain John Coghlan Fitzgerald, 1853 - 1855

Private Diary, 25 June 1853 - 16 June 1855 (File FIT/4)

Details of: appointment to Winchester; Hong Kong; Canton; duties on board; weather; movement of other ships; 1 January 1854 hear of death of Everard Home at Sydney on 1 November; appointed to command of Calliope; voyage to Australia; King George's Sound; visit to Lady Spencer; Adelaide; Melbourne - 'a good deal of drunkenness about the streets'; rents; Sydney - Petty's hotel -- small room and attacked by mosquitoes; voyage on Torch to join Calliope at Moreton Bay; Port Stephens; Moreton Island; visit to Captain Wickham at Newstead; Brisbane; Port Curtis - 'views from some parts were very pretty but all in a very primative state'; efficiency of native police; Sydney; social events; movement of ships; visit to Government House, Parramatta and race course; Draper's races at Homebush; Port Stephens; visit to sheep station to watch shearing; on Christmas Day went to Camden Church 'which was very hot and the flies very troublesome' and to 'Mr Macarthur's which is the great show place of the country'; sale of Sir C.Fitzroy's furniture at Government House; arrival of Sir W.Denison; regatta for anniversary of settlement of colony; extremely hot weather; relieved by Fremantle; voyage home via Melbourne; visit to Hothams 'a very stiff dinner party ...all the people seem afraid to open their mouths'; Cape Horn; bad weather; Rio de Janeiro; Lizard...

Order book for Vernon and Calliope, 1854 (File FIT/5)

Filmed selectively.

Order book for Calliope, 1854 (Item)

Includes: Orders issued by Captain; duties of officers of the watch, signatures and rank of crew; copies of letters written by Fitzgerald on Calliope at Port Jackson and at sea, 12 October 1854-7 June 1855 re debts of officers; gun practice; wearing of uniform...

Fonds FRN. Sir John Franklin, 1827 - 1830

Filmed selectively.

Series. Correspondence, 1827 - 1830

Henry Foster (London) to Franklin re voyage to South Seas. (3p.), 4 December 1827 (Item 11B)
Franklin (London) to Kendall re voyage of Chanticlier. (3p.), 16 December 1827 (Item 16)
Franklin (London) to Kendall re Foster's Southsea expedition. (4p.), 29 April 1828 (Item 18)
Franklin to Mrs Kendall returning Kendall's drawings, refs to Chanticlier. (4p.), August 1828 (Item 20)
Franklin (London) to Mrs Kendall, 5 February 1829 (Item 22)

Re Chanticlier expedition 'Captain Foster in conjunction with his officers are doing everything in a most superior manner'. (4p.)

Franklin (London) to Kendall re Kendall's arrival at Portsmouth, why he left Chanticlier. (4p.), 14 April 1830 (Item 23)
Franklin (London) to Kendall re expedition. (4p.), 17 April 1830 (Item 24)

Fonds FSR. John Fraser, 1885 - 1890

Letters received, March 1885 - 1890 (File FSR/3A)

(24p., incomplete letter).

Note re death of William Fraser, swept overboard in 1890, n.d. (Item 1)
B. Maitland (Loch Trool, Valparaiso) to John Fraser re death of William Fraser, 18? August 1890 (Item 2)
William Fraser ( to Jack re Jack's going to America, 26 March 1885 (Item 3)
William Fraser (Halcione, Port Nelson) to Jack, 14 June 1887 (Item 4)

Re arrival at Nelson 'the garden of New Zealand'; voyage to NZ 'The beef has been six times round the Horn to the cook's certain knowledge'.

William Fraser (Merope, Newcastle) to Jack, 14 December 1888 (Item 5)

Re visit to Sydney; voyage out from England 'no butter, no marmalade or anything else'; ship leaks.

Photograph of William Fraser, n.d. (Item 6)

Letters, 1896-1897; 1901 (File FSR/3B)

Includes:Letters to Milly from Captain Rodney Fraser (SS Caspian), 1896-1897. The letters discuss his journey to South Africa, weather, social news...

Fonds FRE. Fremantle Family, 1843 - 1918

Series. Admiral Sir Edmund Robert Fremantle, March 1843 - December 1918

Correspondence: Letters from Fremantle (Eclipse, New Zealand and Sydney) to family, n.d., 28 February [1864] - 14 May 1866 (File FRE/107/A)

Subjects include: journey through France; voyage on Bengal taking command of Eclipse at Maunkau; Maori wars; social events; battle of Gate Pa; Sir George Grey; visiting missions with Bishop Selwyn; trips to Wellington, Auckland, Kawau, East Coast; voyage to Sydney; social events in Sydney 'Sydney is a very gay place'; return to Auckland; Poverty Bay; expedition to Waikato Country...

Correspondence: Miscellaneous letters (29p.), n.d., 1864-1918 (File FRE/107/B)


Account of Court Martial, 1866 (File FRE/108)

Charge against Fremantle for allowing Eclipse to run aground on 13 July 1865 on a sunken rock near Wharariki and Fremantle's speech in defence...

Eclipse letterbook, October 1862 - 19 January 1866 (File FRE/117)

Copies of letters written by commander of Eclipse reporting the proceedings of the ship (Spithead, Portsmouth, Sydney, Auckland, Taranaki, Maunkau, Waikato). October 1862-19 January 1866. (348p.)...

Eclipse letterbook, 27 January 1866 - 15 October 1870 (File FRE/118A)

Copies of letters written by Fremantle on Eclipse reporting proceedings of the ship (Auckland, Wellington, Raglan, Sydney, Sheerness).(108p.)...

Papers re New Zealand, April 1865 (File FRE/118C)

Copies of letters re fears of people residing in Coromandel and Auckland of a Maori uprising...

Notebook re Eclipse and Neptune, 1860 - July 1866 (File FRE/121)

Filmed selectively.

Boat signals and order book for Eclipse, at Auckland, Wellington and Sydney, June 1861, November 1864 - July 1866 (Item)

Subjects include: regulations on watch; neglect by officers; leave; regulations during visit to Sydney...

Journal and scrapbook HMS Eclipse, Auckland, March 1843 - 1866 (File FRE/125)

Filmed selectively.

Front of book: Journal, 15 May 1865 - 20 June 1865 (Item [A])


Front of book: Notes for lecture, voyage to New Zealand, 4 March 1843 (Item [B])

Subjects include: life on voyage out; harbour of King George's Sound; impressions of Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland; Maori wars; native character; murder of Volknor; Rotorua; voyage home...

Back of book: Paymaster's cash account, 1865 and letters written. (5p.) (Item [C])
Back of book: Notes on Straits of Magalhaens. (2p.) (Item [D])
Back of book: Notes and recollections about Harbours in New Zealand, passages on Australian Station, winds, weather, etc. (58p.), 1864, 1865, 1866 (Item [E])

Subjects include: Auckland harbour; Kawau; East Coast of New Zealand; Bay of Plenty; Wellington; log of passage from Port Nicholson to Napier, Opotiki, Auckland, 24 February - 7 March 1866; West Coast of New Zealand; abstract log of voyage with Sir George Grey, Kawau to Kawhia, Wellington, 14 April - 5 May 1866; abstract log of passage Auckland to Sydney and back, 2 June - 15 June 1866; abstract log of passage home 4 October - 4 November 1866.

Series. Captain Stephen Grenville Fremantle, 1847 - 1858

Captain Stephen Grenville Fremantle (1810-1860). Served as midshipman on Challenger in 1828 in home waters and Canada, served on Cape of Good Hope and South American stations. From 1853-1857 he was captain on Juno in the East Indies and Australian Station. He was accused of overstrict discipline and had no further employment.

Letterbook of Arrogant and Juno, 23 November 1854 - 2 December 1857 (File FRE/204)

23 November 1854-2 December 1857 (100p.)...

Letterbook of Juno, 1 January 1855 - 9 December 1857 (File FRE/205)

Copies of letters by Captain Fremantle (Juno, Sydney, Pitcairn Island, Tahiti, Apia, Tongatabu, Cocos Islands, Spithead) to Sir Michael Seymour, Commander in Chief, The Admiralty and others reporting the proceedings of the ship...

Notebook, 1847-1848; 1854-1856 (File FRE/206)

Includes: lists of letters received and written, 1847-1848, 1854-1856; crew lists for Juno...

Statement of charges made against him, 1858 (File FRE/207)

Fremantle comments on the state of Juno, the lack of discipline on board; problems in Herald between MacGillivray and Denham, charges against Lt Burnaby and Lt Bradshaw, the homeward voyage, courts martial of Lt Bradshaw and Mr Drew...

Fonds GDL. Captain Walter Goodsall, 1872

Robert H. Goodsall, The Walter Goodsall Diary, n.d. (File GDL/1)

Biographical notes on his father and extracts from his diaries...

Log, kept on Vanessa, 1 August 1872 - 6 August 1872 (File GDL/3)

Abstract log with details of course, winds, remarks - laying cable; duties of crew; weather...

Rough notes, n.d. (File GDL/4)

Notes on position, length of cable etc Placentia to Sydney...

Fonds GRN. R.H. Green, 1825 - 1883

Collection relating to Blackwall Yard.

Log book HC Ship Vansittart to Cape of Good Hope, Bombay and China, 9 January 1825 - 19 May 1826 (File GRN/3)

Her 6th voyage kept by Henry Green, 5th Officer...

Accounts of voyages of several East India ships, 1836 - 1860 (File GRN/4)

Gives dates of sailing and arrival...

Charles F. Cooke. Log of Newcastle, Star of Devon, and Lord Warden, 1874 - 1883 (File GRN/5)

Charles F. Cooke. Log of Newcastle, voyages London to Melbourne and return, 1874-1877; Star of Devon, London to Cape Town and Calcutta, 1877; and Lord Warden, voyages London to Melbourne and return, 1879-1883...

Fonds GET. Admiral Thomas Young Greet, 1871

Series GET/2. Logs of Fawn, Charybdis, Zealous, March 1871 - June 1871

Filmed selectively.

Log of Zealous on visit to Sandwich Islands, 20 March 1871 - 17 June 1871 (File)

Details of: course, wind, weather, remarks - sails set, duties on board; saluting Hawaiian flag; Queen Emma visits ship; movement of other ships in harbour; voyage to San Francisco...

Fonds VHM. Admiral Richard Vesey Hamilton, 1891

Filmed selectively.

Letters received, October 1891 - December 1891 (File VHM/9)

R.M. Hamilton (Wellington) to his uncle, 8 October 1891 (Item)

Enclosing draft on Bank of NSW, money from his Savings Bank account; taken a share in 'Summer Gardens' 'Shows good promise of success'. (4p.)

R.M. Hamilton (Wellington) to his uncle, 23 December 1891 (Item)

Sending another draft withdrawing all RVH's money in New Zealand; financial situation in New Zealand.

Memoranda and notes of service, n.d. (File VHM/10)

Australian Station: Precedence of Commander in Chief. (2p.)

Fonds HAM. Admiral Sir Graham Eden Hamond, 1843 - 1871

Queen Pomare, 2 August 1843 (File HAM/79)

Queen Pomare (Papeete) to Commodore [Andrew Snape Hamond] regretting his departure, thanking him for his assistance. (Translation, copy). (2p.)

Vice Admiral Andrew Snape Hamond, 7 May 1846 (File HAM/119)

Andrew Snape Hamond (Salamander, Tahiti) to his father, Sir Graham Eden Hamond, re his marriage in Tahiti [to Mary Miller]; jilting Augusta Leigh; the situation in Tahiti 'we are as far from conciliating the natives as ever and only think of subduing them by the sword'; the French; 'desperate fighting at Huahine'. (4p.)

Fonds HEN. Vice Admiral William Hannam Henderson, 1867 - 1924

Series HEN/1/3. Special letters, 18 July 1875 - 2 November 1884

Filmed selectively.

Henderson (Peterel, at sea) to his mother, 18 July 1875 (File)

Re voyage to Chatham Islands; bad situation of natives; voyage to Honolulu. (16p., part crossed)

Henderson (Peterel, at sea) to his father, 4 September 1875 (File)

Re conditions on board; situation in Sandwich Islands; Honolulu; prices of goods. (12p.)

Henderson (Peterel, Sandwich Islands) to mother, 10 October 1875 (File)

Re voyage round other islands with Mr Wodehouse; coffee tree blight; labour problems; native population; missionaries; leprosy. (8p., part crossed.)

Henderson (Peterel, Kaloa) to Flora re visit to Kauai. (4p.), 7 November 1875 (File)
Henderson (Peterel, at sea) to father, 10 February 1876 (File)

Re visit to Tahiti 'a pretty island'; natives and liquor problem, Queen Pomare. (8p.)

Henderson (Nelson, Kawan Island) to father, 16 July 1882 (File)

Re voyage from Auckland; Rotorua; White terrace 'largest and finest'. (10p.)

Henderson (Nelson) to mother re Bay of Islands; Norfolk Island. (10p.), 10 August 1882 (File)
Remarks on Norfolk Island. (8p.), 25 May 1883 (File)
Remarks on Fiji. (6p.), 23 June 1883 (File)
Henderson (Nelson, Erromango) to father with impressions of Fiji. (10p.), 26 July 1883 (File)
Remarks on New Guinea and its annexation. (34p.), 2 November 1884 (File)

Series HEN/1/6. Correspondence, May 1869 - November 1870

Henderson (Liverpool at sea, Rio, Monte Video, Cape of Good Hope, Melbourne, Hobart, Auckland, Honolulu, Valparaiso) to his parents re round the world trip, 14 May 1869 - 22 November 1870 (File)

Subjects include: other members of crew; Madeira; arrival at Melbourne; movements of other ships; impressions of New Zealand 'towns not to be compared to Australia but the country is magnificent'...

Series HEN/1/7. Correspondence, August 1875 - December 1875

Filmed selectively.

Henderson (Peterel, Honolulu) to parents re visit to Sandwich Islands. (14p.), 18 August 1875 - 3 December 1875 (File)

Series HEN/1/10. Correspondence, October 1881 - July 1885

Henderson (Nelson, Madeira, Cape Town, Fremantle, Albany, Sydney, Hobart, Wellington, Auckland, Melbourne, Glenelg, Suva, Adelaide, Moreton Bay, Russell Vale, New Guinea, Tamar, at sea) to his parents, 9 October 1881 - 17 July 1885 (File)

Subjects include: voyage to Australia; social events at Fremantle; colonial government starting own navy; girls of Hobart; naval exercises at Hobart; 'Hobart inhabitants are more homely in their ways than Melbourne and Sydney'; social events in Sydney; death of native on Cormorant; building of house for Commodore; social events in New Zealand; pheasant problem 'they eat out the sheep'; visit to Russell Vale; Melbourne compared to Sydney; trip up Mt Lofty; visit to Port Arthur with Governor 'the old convict settlement there has been given up 7 years ... the place is rapidly falling into decay'; attending debates of Legislative Assemble in Sydney; children's party on board; sugar industry in Fiji and labour problem; induction of Bishop; Commodore's coxswain admitted to lunatic asylum; voyage to Port Moresby; Rev.Chalmers; voyage home on Tamar...

Series HEN/1/14. Correspondence to his father, January 1874 - April 1893

Henderson (Peterel, Honolulu; Garnet, Rio; Nelson, Sydney, Moreton Bay, Hobart; Wellington, Portsmouth) to his father, mainly about his father's affairs, 23 January 1874 - 27 April 1893 (File)

Subjects include: Ned's [his brother] position in New Zealand; Sir G.Whitmore; visits to MacCabe Family of Russell Vale; death of his mother; problems for ships going to Brisbane due to shallowness of Moreton Bay; his marriage to 'Queen' [Sarah MacCabe of Russell Vale, NSW]...

Series HEN/1/16. Miscellaneous letters, February 1902 - April 1913

All letters to Henderson unless noted...

S. F. Pearce (Department of Defence, Australia) re Henderson's visit to Melbourne, 13 October 1911 (File Folder 1)
Mrs MacGeorge (Dunedin) re her resignation from Eugenics Education Society, 13 January 1913 (File Folder 1)
J. A. Boyd (Port Melbourne) re VTS John Murray, 23 September 1911 (File Folder 1)
J. J. S. Harvey (Canterbury) thanking Henderson for helping Jack, 27 January 1913 (File Folder 2)
Jack Harvey (Sydney) that has secured job with Canada Cycle and Motor Agency, 4 April 1913 (File Folder 2)
Correspondence from Sir George Clarke (Government House, Melbourne) (20p.), 23 February [1902], 22 June [1902], 18 September 1902, 7 June 1903 (File Folder 3)

Subjects include: settling in at Melbourne; Boer War; Tariff Bill; Education Bill; 'there is a great deal of work to do in the state and I am studying its domestic questions very carefully'; position of Governor...

Correspondence from his brother E. (Ned) Henderson (Te Araroa, Gisborne) to Henderson (8p.), 12 January 1904, 10 July 1906, 10 April 1907 (File Folder 6)

Subjects include: introducing George Boyd; Seddon 'does pretty much as he likes'; buying a flax mill.

Devonport Free Library and Museum acknowledging gift of New Guinea spears, photograph album and books on Australia, New Zealand, 16 March 1906 (File Folder 6)
J. Valentine (Auckland) re enquiry into medical and nursing facilities in the country, 24 March 1912 (File Folder 9)

Midwives are required to help those unfortunate women who are really the back bone of Empire and who are keeping up the birthrate under the most appalling conditions'; eugenics; change of government. (4p.)

Series HEN/12/1. Private orderbook HMS Crocodile and Liverpool

Ms notes on HMS Liverpool, sea routine; watch keeping; discipline; rules, customs, etc; stations; drills; flying squadron...

Series HEN/16. Photograph album, 1867 - 1870

Australian, New Zealand and Honolulu photographs. (18p.)...

Series HEN/19. Photograph album, 1882 - 1907

Australian and New Zealand photographs (146p.)...

Series HEN/27. Articles on Round World Cruises, 1869 - 1924

Midshipman W.R. Gordon. The Special Service Squadron World Cruise, (63p., printed), 1923 - 1924 (File A)
Lt W.H. Henderson. The cruise of the Flying Squadron round the world, (65p., printed), 1869 - 1870 (File B)
Proof copy with MS alterations of Parts of A and B. (66p.), n.d. (File C)

Fonds HPE. Rear Admiral Charles Hope, 1844 - 1845

Orderbook Thalia, February 1844 - September 1845 (File HPE/4)

Filmed selectively.

Hope (Thalia, Bombay, Sydney, Tahiti, Valparaiso, Mazatlan) to other officers, including A.S. Hamond, Captain of Salamander, Tahiti. (47p.), February 1844 - September 1845 (Item)

Subjects include: state of provisions; medical survey of crew; movements of other ships; conditions in Tahiti; position of 'unfortunate' Queen; relations with French; support to be offered to British Subjects in Tahiti; ship's equipment...

Out letterbook, Thalia, March 1844 - December 1844 (File HPE/5)

Filmed selectively.

Copies of letters from Hope, 15 March 1844 - 9 December 1844 (Item ff. 67-170)

Copies of letters from Hope (Thalia, Sydney, Tahiti, Honolulu, Valparaiso, San Blas) to Admiralty and others (including M. Bruat) reporting proceedings of the ship...

Fonds HOW. Admiral Viscount Richard Howe, 1786

Admiral John Blankett (22p., faint), August 1786 - November 1786 (File HOW/3)

John Blankett ( to Lords of Admiralty re suitability of Madagascar for convict settlement, 6 August [1786], 16 August [1786], 27 October [1786], 6 November 1786 (Item)

References to French activities; commercial settlement in Malacca; proposed settlement of New Holland.

Sketch respecting the Island of Madagascar, 1786 (Item)
Reasons for an establishment at Madagascar, 1786 (Item)

'In disposing of the convicts two objectives seem to present themselves. The first to send them from this country at the least expense possible and the second to make their future labour and subsistence serviceable to the state.'

Description of places on the East side of the Gulf of Bengal proper for a settlement, from a paper delivered at Madras, 1786 (Item)

Fonds IVR. Invernairn Papers, 1902 - 1914

Filmed selectively.

Discovery concert programme, (1p.), 1902 (File IVR/1)

The Blizzard (10p.), May 1902 (File IVR/2)

Newsletter with poems, sketches etc.

E.A. Wilson. Sketches. (3p.), n.d. (File IVR/3)

Includes: planting the ice anchors.

Poem entitled 'Dawn', signed Fitz. Clarence, n.d. (File IVR/4)

'Acrostic I', n.d. (File IVR/5)

Signed photograph of Sir Ernest Shackleton, n.d. (File IVR/6)

Menu for welcome home dinner to officers of National Antarctic Expedition, Savage Club. (2p.), 5 November 1904 (File IVR/7)

Shackleton to Elspeth Beardmore, 13 May 1907 - 29 October 1907 (File IVR/8)

Re the expedition 'there are 1000 and 1 things to do'; renaming ship; choosing shore party. (3 letters)...

Telegrams from Shackleton (Marseilles) to Elspeth Beardmore that leaving Marseilles, 25 October [1907]; 1 November 1907 (File IVR/9)

Two newspaper cuttings re Shackleton, 1909 (File IVR/10)

Shackleton to Elspeth Beardmore re 1907 expedition (18p.), 30 June 1907 - 14 January 1914 (File IVR/11)

Queen gave him a flag; 'it is due more to Will than to anyone else that the expedition was enabled to go'; naming mountain after her and glacier after Will; the Imperial Trans-Antarctic expedition, 1914; 'looking forward to carrying out the last big thing to be done in the South'. (letter of 24 June, incomplete.)

Fonds JON. Jones Family, 1841 - 1846

Series JON/4. Log of Curacoa, South America, August 1841 - November 1841

Filmed selectively.

Visit to Pitcairn, Society and Sandwich Islands. (70p.), 16 August 1841 - 6 November 1841 (File)

Details of: course, winds, weather, remarks - Pitcairn Island; George Adams on board; anchorage in Matavai Bay, Tahiti; Queen Pomare sends cocoa nuts and bananas; Queen comes on board; Owhyhee; John Adams, Governor on board; Honolulu; American ships in harbour; King of Sandwich Islands on board; Monterrey.

Series JON/5. Letterbook, August 1841 - November 1841

Filmed selectively.

Jones (Curacoa, Morea) to Rear Admiral C. Ross. (16p.), 1841-08-31 - 1841-09-06; 1841-11-06 (File)

Re Pacific voyage; incorrect charts; Pitcairn Island; supplied islanders with arms and ammunition; influenza epidemic; condition of islanders; bartering; Matavai Bay; French; shameful conduct of Mr Cook, introducing small pox from Don Quixote; petition to France to assume protectorate of Tahiti; meeting with Queen Pomare...

Series JON/101-104. Commander William Henry Jones-Byrom, August 1845 - September 1846

Log of Collingwood, South America; Odin, Palermo, August 1845 - September 1846 (File JON/101)

Filmed selectively.

Pacific Voyage. (48p.), 1 August 1845 - 1 December 1845 (Item [A])

Details of course, wind, weather, remarks - duties, sails set...

Honolulu. (5p.), 7 August 1846 - 9 September 1846 (Item [B])

Details of course, wind, weather, remarks - duties; arrival of other ships in Harbour; divine service; sails set...

Fonds KEL. Sir William Archibald Howard Kelly, 1933 - 1938

Newspaper cuttings, October 1938 (File KEL/51)

Filmed selectively.

Australian envelope, October 1938 (Item)

Press cuttings from Australian newspapers, re Sir Howard Kelly's visit to Australia. (c.13 cuttings)...

Various Papers, February 1938 - October 1938 (File KEL/53)

Filmed selectively.

'World Affairs: Singapore base'. Paper by Kelly broadcast on BBC, 14 February 1938 (Item [A])

Draft and final copy. (24p.)...

Managing Director, Advertiser (Adelaide) to Kelly (Fremantle) re his article on Australian naval defences, 21 October 1938 (Item [B])

Papers on naval topics, 1933 - 1937 (File KEL/54)

Filmed selectively.

Defence expenditure of Great Britain and Dominions, (1p.), 1933 - 1937 (Item [A])
'The Navy and the Empire' paper by Kelly. (14p.), 19 July 1935 (Item [B])

References to Australian navy.

[Review of paper on 'Strategic Position of the British Empire', by the Australian Delegation], (8p.), n.d. (Item [C])

Fonds KEN. James Branch Kennedy, 1849 - 1863

Series KEN/1. Logs of Tigris, Medway, Aries, April 1849 - September 1853

Filmed selectively.

Log of three voyages of Medway to Port Philip with emigrants and returns to London, 13 April 1849 - 27 September 1852 (File [A])

Details of: course; weather; 'single women continue to flirt with two of the crew'; performed divine service; emigrants suffering from heat; sighting other ships; death of child; Cape Otway; couple of emigrants married by the surgeon; people come on board to hire servants and labourers; return voyage with passengers; second voyage to Port Phillip; lighthouse at Shortlands Bluff; voyage to Ceylon and back to London; third voyage to Port Phillip; return to England...

Log of Aries, Colombo to Port Phillip, 8 August 1853 - 26 September 1853 (File [B])

Details of: course, winds, weather, remarks - performed divine service; sails set; sighting Cape Pigeons; sighting other ships...

From back of volume: Notes on Port of Melbourne 'one of most expensive in world'. (4p.), n.d. (File [C])
From back of volume: Draft letter? re sailing in Australian waters, (5p.), n.d. (File [D])

Series KEN/2. Log of Racer, 31 August 1862 - 27 October 1863

Log of voyages Melbourne/Calcutta/Melbourne/Calcutta/Mauritius/England. (202p.)...

Series KEN/5. Logs of Racer, 1862, Canopus, 1865, Hornet, 1867, May 1862 - August 1862

Filmed selectively.

Log of Racer, London to Melbourne. (22p.), 10 May 1862 - 9 August 1862 (File)

Incorrectly named Medway on first page...

Series KEN/10. Letterbook, May 1862 - September 1863

Filmed selectively.

Copies of Kennedy's letters (Racer) to Joshua Bros. (Melbourne and London) reporting proceedings of the ship. (34p.), 3 May 1862 - 28 September 1863 (File)

Subjects include: leaving Gravesend; absentee crew; accounts; damage done by 'hurricane'; ship's performance; passage through Torres Straits and grounding on coral reef of Bramble Cay; methods used to refloat ship; damage to ship observed when in dry dock at Calcutta and repairs effected; loading rice in Calcutta; demand for passages to Australia from Calcutta, charging £180 for cabin and £130 for steerage passengers; loading cargo in Melbourne for Calcutta; loading rice and oats for Mauritius; leaving Port Louis for Scilly.

Series KEN/14. Account book, 1862 - 1863

Filmed selectively.

Accounts concerning Racer (50p.), 1862 - 1863 (File)

Includes: crew pay lists; disbursements in Melbourne; disbursements in Calcutta.

Fonds BRA. British Records Association, 1831

Indenture that John King apprenticed to William Mellish, owner of Sir Andrew Hammond, employed in Southern Whale Fishing (2p.), 7 May 1831 (File BRA/16/766)

Fonds BRK. Barker Collection, 1775 - 1868

Collection formed by Robert Edward Barker, a Customs House Official of Bristol.

Series BRK/4-5. George W. Anderson. A new authentic and complete collection of voyages round the world undertaken and performed by Royal Authority. Captain Cook: 1st, 2nd and 3rd voyages. London (2 Vols), March 1775 - 1868

Filmed selectively.

Volume 1, March 1775 - 1868 (File BRK/4)
Autographs of Captain Cook and Officers of the Endeavour, n.d. (Item Frontispiece)
Cook (Charing Cross) to Joseph Banks re Lord Sandwich approval of his voyage (Copy) (2p.), n.d. (Item f. 7)
Plan made by Barker in 1868 of the Adventure (2p.), 1868 (Item f.109)
Cook (Resolution, Cape of Good Hope) to Lord Sandwich re voyage (Copy) (1p.), 22 March 1775 (Item f. 193)
Volume 2, February 1776 - January 1780 (File BRK/5)
Webber to Thomas Wyatt re collecting up all prints and papers (2p.), n.d. (Item f.405)
Cook (Cape of Good Hope) to William Strahan re progress of voyage (Copy) (2p.), 5 November 1776 (Item f. 415)
Cook (Cape of Good Hope) to Banks re progress of voyage, Omai is in good health; Dutch attempted to steal the sheep (4p.), 26 November 1776 (Item f. 415)
Correspondence between Mr Smith and Mr Phillips, 13 February 1791 (Item)

Death of Captain Cook.

Cook (London) to Sayer (Fleet Street) re North American Pilot (Copy) (1p.), 26 February 1776 (Item f. 589)
John Manley [] to Mrs Cook re sets of Cook's voyages (2p.), 17 May 1777 (Item f. 589)
J.L. Re Cook's parents (2p.), 30 November 1878? (Item f. 589)
Lord Sandwich to [Unknown] re news of death of Captain Cook, 10 January 1780 (Item f. 595)

Series BRK/6-8. Logs of H.M.S. Challenger, kept by J.M.R. Ince, December 1828 - June 1833

Filmed selectively.

Log of H.M.S. Challenger, 14 December 1828 - 14 September 1829 (File BRK/6)

Places visited include: Tristan da Cunha, Cape of Good Hope, Rottnest Island, Cockburn Sound, Cocos Island...

Abstract log and poems and sketches (57p.), 26 December 1828 - 11 June 1833 (File BRK/8)

Places visited include: Cape of Good Hope, Rottnest Island, Cocos Island, India, Pulo Penang, Hobart, Sydney, Tahiti, Pitcairn Island, Valparaiso, Rio de Janeiro...

Series BRK/10-11. Logs of H.M.S. Fly, kept by J.M.R. Ince, November 1842 - July 1846

Logs of H.M.S. Fly, 27 November 1842 - 21 November 1843 (File BRK/10)

Places visited include: Port Stephens, Sandy Cape, Heron Island, Port Bowen, Cape Upstart, Great Barrier Reef, Wednesday Island, North West Cape of New Holland, Rottnest Island, Fremantle, Van Diemen's Land...

Logs of H.M.S. Fly, 22 November 1843 - 3 April 1845; 8 April 1846 - 4 July 1846 (File BRK/11)

Places visited include: Van Diemen's Land, Port Jackson, Great Barrier Reef, Mount Adolphus, Sir Charles Hardy Islands, Sourabaya Roads, Sandlewood Island, Booby Island, Cape York, Saddle Island, Torres Strait, Darnley Island, Cape of Good Hope, St. Helena...

Fonds GAB. George Hugh Gabb Collection, 1796 - 1839

Correspondence, June 1796 (File 2B)

Filmed selectively.

Sir Joseph Banks (Soho Square) to M. Billardiere re restoring the collections made on his recent voyage (4p.), 9 June 1796 (Item)

Sir William Hooker (Glasgow) to Sir John Franklin (Van Diemen's Land), 16 September 1839 (File 7)

Introducing his son Joseph who is to sail on Terror and Erebus expedition as Assistant Surgeon and Botanist (4p.)

Fonds GNS. H.M.S. Ganges Museum, 1888 - 1889

Filmed selectively.

Series GNS/4. Log books of Swiftsure and Duke of Wellington, kept by Midshipman J.A. Waugh (235p.), 24 April 1888 - July 1889

Places visited include: Madeira, Rio de Janiero, Valparaiso, Callao, Galapagos Islands, Honolulu, Acapulco, Panama, Galapagos Islands, Mazattan...

Fonds PHB. Sir Thomas Phillipps Collection, 1812 - [n.d.]

Anonymous. Voyage to St. Helena, Bencoolen and China in the H.C.S. Ceres, 24 December 1812 - [n.d.] (File PHB/7)

Verse account of voyage in Ceres...

Fonds RUSI. Royal United Services Institution, 1776 - c.1884

Manuscripts collected by the Royal United Services Institution, which was founded in 1916.

Series RUSI/NM/46. John Fryer. Narrative of the Mutiny on the Bounty, c. 4 April 1789

Sailing from Otaheite on 4 April 1789 with the breadfruit; words between Bligh and Christian; the mutiny; Fryer is relieved of his pistols; Fryer is allowed on deck to speak to Bligh and Christian 'I whispered to Captain Bligh to keep heart up'; Fryer ordered into the boat; causes of the mutiny; the voyage in the launch; landing on small island in search of supplies; buying provisions from natives; attacked by natives; Fryer and others in the boat also knew of Timor 'Mr Peckover was the first that mentioned Timor as he had seen the island when he came through the Straits of New Holland with Captain Cook'; observations made during the voyage; Restoration Isle; sighting other islands; landing on Timor; welcomed by Dutch officials; list of persons under arms, guarding Bligh; list of those who remained onboard who wished to come into the boat...

Series RUSI/NM/126. Admiral George H. Douglas Papers, November 1839 - June 1844

Filmed selectively.

H.M.S. Wanderer at Murdoo: a reminiscence of the island of Sumatra (40p.), c. 19 November 1839 - 28 June 1844 (File 9)

Details of: Leaving Sheerness, 19 November 1839; capturing slaves off Africa; January 1844 sent to Straits of Malacca to avenge plundering of merchant ship by pirates; attacked by pirates, 4 February 1844; attacked by battery at Murdoo; landing party captures guns; Union Jack hoisted; Mr Brookes wounded; sailed to Penang and landed Mr Brookes; voyage home - 28 June 1844.

Series RUSI/NM/138. G.W. Gregorie. Journal of a voyage from Sydney to Pitcairn and Norfolk island on board the Morayshire, 23 February 1856 - 8 June 1856

Voyage taking Pitcairn Islanders to Norfolk Island...

Series RUSI/NM/162. Journal of a voyage from Batavia in the Island of Java on board Bengal (121p., damaged), 30 March 1815 - 3 August 1815

Details of: Other passengers and crew; weather; sighting flying fish; position; service read by Captain; death of crewman; gales 'ship lying over very much half the deck under water'; landing in Cape Town; visit to orange and lemon groves; bullock trains; price of bread; Table Mountains proved too steep to climb; St. Helena - learnt Bonaparte was on the throne of France and war between England and France; crossing the line; fired on by strange ships; take on Pilot - news of Battle of Waterloo; Dover...

Series RUSI/NM/169. Commander Henderson? Watch and Quarterbook of H.M.S. Nelson, Australian Station, c.1884

Includes: Procedures for: Stations; prepare for action; general quarters; fire quarters; organisation for landing; abandon ship; out anchor; stations of upper yardmen; sails...

Series RUSI/NM/194. Captain W.F. Owen. Account of his services in East Indies, 20 August 1811 - 10 October 1811

Account of military action in East Indies, by Commander of H.M.S. Barracouta...

Series RUSI/NM/235/ER. Captain Edward Riou Collection, February 1776 - 1801

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org.eclipse.jetty.server.handler.ContextHandler.doScope( at org.eclipse.jetty.server.handler.ScopedHandler.handle( at org.eclipse.jetty.server.handler.ContextHandlerCollection.handle( at org.eclipse.jetty.server.handler.HandlerCollection.handle( at org.eclipse.jetty.server.handler.HandlerWrapper.handle( at org.eclipse.jetty.server.Server.handle( at org.eclipse.jetty.server.HttpChannel.lambda$handle$1( at org.eclipse.jetty.server.HttpChannel.dispatch( at org.eclipse.jetty.server.HttpChannel.handle( at org.eclipse.jetty.server.HttpConnection.onFillable( at$ReadCallback.succeeded( at at$ at org.eclipse.jetty.util.thread.strategy.EatWhatYouKill.runTask( at org.eclipse.jetty.util.thread.strategy.EatWhatYouKill.doProduce( at org.eclipse.jetty.util.thread.strategy.EatWhatYouKill.tryProduce( at at org.eclipse.jetty.util.thread.ReservedThreadExecutor$ at org.eclipse.jetty.util.thread.QueuedThreadPool.runJob( at org.eclipse.jetty.util.thread.QueuedThreadPool$ at