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Scope and Contents

M3076-M3086: Catalogue Section 4: Personal Collections

Letter-book 1843-1848 of Sir Edward Belcher written on HMS Samarang, including surveying in East Indies, and French activities at Sooloo.

Log and journal 1883-1886 of Lieut. Henry Bethune on HMS Constance on voyage to Easter Island, Hawaii and Tahiti.

Papers 1860-1870 of Capt. William H. Blake, including diary and letter-book kept on HMS Falcon on Australian Station.

Notes collected by Louis de Bougainville.

Logs and other papers 1837-1841 of Capt. William Chambers concerning HMS Alligator and Pelorus at Port Essington.

Logs 1868-1871 of Sir Assheton Curzon-Howe on voyage of HMS Galatea.

Papers 1843-1866 of Capt. Edmund Fremantle on HMS Eclipse on Australian Station.

Papers 1847-1857 of Capt. Stephen Fremantle on HMS Juno on Australian Station.

Records relating to Blackwall Yard, including log of Vansittart 1825-1826, accounts of voyages of East India ships 1836-1860, and logs of Newcastle 1874-1877, Star of Devon 1877 and Lord Warden 1879-1883.

Correspondence 1875-1913 of Vice-Admiral William H. Henderson, including letters written while serving on board HMS Peterel, Nelson and Liverpool to his family.

Correspondence 1844-1845 of Capt. Charles Hope written while in command of HMS Thalia on East Indies and Pacific Station.

M3038-M3040: Section 5: Artificial collections

Letters 1775-1777 of Capt. James Cook to Sir Joseph Banks, Lord Sandwich and others.

Logs of J.M.R. Ince on HMS Challenger 1828-1829 and Fly 1842-1846.

Journal 1856 of G.W. Gregorie on board HMS Morayshire on voyage to Pitcairn and Norfolk Islands

Papers 1776-1801 of Capt. Edward Riou, including logs of HMS Discovery and Guardian.

John Fryer: narrative of mutiny on HMS Bounty.

M2831-2835: Section 6: Ships' logs, journals and diaries

Journal 1913-1914 kept by Alfred F. Duprey on the Port Jackson on a voyage from Rotterdam to Australia.

Journal 1873-1874 kept in Indian Ocean on HMS Challenger.

Diary 1833-1840 kept by Capt. Henry Gifford on HMS Volage and Cruizer.

Journals 1844-1852 kept by Lieut. Thomas Davies on the America and Cygnet on Pacific Station.

Diary 1877 of John Rorke kept on board the Loch Vennachar on a journey to Australia.

Narrative account 1772-1773 of Richard Pickersgill of a voyage on the Resolution and log of proceedings 1766-1767 of HMS Dolphin.

Journals 1828-1842 kept by W.T. Brookes on board the Active, Recovery and Matilda.

Journals 1935-1938 of Winifred Lloyd on the Herzogin Cecile, Viking and Olivebank on voyages between England and South Australia.

Log 1879-1884 of Richard Cotten on HMS Comus in East Indies and Pacific.

Diary 1869-1870 kept by passengers on the Walmer Castle from Gravesend to Melbourne and Hobart and return voyage on the Lady Jocelyn.

M3041-3047: Section 6: Ships' logs

Logs 1775-1836 of East India Co Ships on voyages to Australia and East Indies, including log of Dover Castle 1801-1803 kept by Thomas Hamilton; Tigris 1836 by Commander William Inglesden; Ternate, Star and Duke of Clarence 1795-1801 by Robert Scott; and Lord Holland 1775-1777.

Log 1803-1806 of French vessel Le Marengo on a voyage to East Indies kept by Duslos Legris.

Logs 1803-1905 of merchant ships on voyages to Australia, including Clarence by midshipman Ralph G. Huggup 1870-1872; City of Poonah 1852-1853 by J.B. Hodgson; Kelso 1849-1855 by Second Mate William Lock; Quilpue 1905 by Oscar W. Lin; SS Great Britain 1854-1856, Carlisle Castle 1880-1884 by Midshipman C.R. Longden; Alsager 1872-1873 by Mate James Watters; and Parramatta 1866-1867.

Logs 1854-1897 of Royal Navy ships, including HMS Crescent, Katoomba, Orlando, Karrakatta and Royalist 1894-1896 by Leslie J.L. Hammond; HMS Flora and Orlando 1896-1897 by Leslie J.L. Hammond; HMS Barracouta, Cyclops and Penguin 1874-1881 by Lieut. E.D. Ommanney; HMS Clio 1870-1873 by Midshipman F.H. Boyer; HMS Champion and Duke of Wellington 1894-1895 by Midshipman Humphrey H. Smith; HMS Encounter, Barracouta and Assistance 1873-1880 by Lieut. Angus MacLeod; HMS Garnet 1891-1893 by Midshipman J.D. Allen; HMS Curacoa 1890-1891 by A.W. Richmond; HMS Nelson, Tamar and Espiegle 1881-1885 by Midshipman C.E. Hunter; HMS Victory, Pique and Amphitrite 1854-1856, HMS Rosario 1872-1875 by James Daly; HMS Royal Arthur 1899-1902 by Allan R.A. MacDonald; and Master's remark book of HMS Curacoa 1865.

M3073-3075:Sections 6 and 7: Volumes and documents acquired singly:

Memoir 1805 of James Trevenen, including account of his voyage with Capt. James Cook on HMS Resolution.

Memoir of J.C.H. Nelson, containing details of Japanese attack on Singapore, sinking of HMS Repulse and Prince of Wales in 1942 and retaking of Malaya.

Account of Capt. Christopher Cole of capture of Banda Islands in 1810.

Letter-book 1842-1844 kept by Commodore J. Toup Nicolas of HMS Vindictive, referring to activities of French at Tahiti.

Drafts of Capt. James Cook's narrative of his second voyage in 1772-75.

Corrected typescripts and galley proofs of Canoes of Oceania by A.C. Haddon and James Hornell.

Letters 1791-1792 of Peter Heywood to his mother concerning mutiny on HMS Bounty and his death sentence.

Diaries 1880-1883 of Capt. Henry Berridge of HMS Superb on the Australian Station.

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Archival History

Material selectively filmed at the National Maritime Museum, London, as part of the Australian Joint Copying Project, 1991-1993(AJCP Reels:M2831-M2835, M3038-M3047, M3073-M3086 ). Original microfilm digitised as part of the AJCP Online Delivery Project, 2017-2020.

Existence and Location of Originals

National Maritime Museum. Romney Road, Greenwich, London.

For further information see National Marititme Museum Archive Catalogue [].

Existence and Location of Copies

The original AJCP microfilm of the records filmed from this collection is available at the National Library of Australia [] as well as other institutions holding AJCP microfilm.

The Australian and New Zealand papers from the following collections at the National Maritime Museum have been listed and filmed separately by the Australian Joint Copying Project:

Section 4BRI: Admiral Sir Cyprian Bridge, M3061 - M3067 []FLI: Captain Matthew Flinders, M3033 - M3037 []FXM: Cicely Fox Smith, M3048 - M3050 []HTN: Hamilton Family, M3059 - M3060 []PHI: Phipps Hornby Family, M3068 - M3072 []STK: Admiral John Lort Stokes, M3051 - M3054 []

Section 5LUB: Basil Lubbock, M3055 - M3058 []

Finding-aid Notes

This finding aid is a revised online version of the original finding aid prepared by the Australian Joint Copying Project (AJCP), published by the National Library of Australia in 2019. The original AJCP finding aids were unpublished typescripts or photocopies available from libraries that held copies of the original microfilm.

Dates used in this finding aid refer to the date range of the records selected for filming rather than to the date range of the Series or Files.

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Great Britain, SS; Haddon, A.C.; Hornell, James; Indian Ocean; Inglesden, William.


Originally cited in Australian Joint Copying Project Handbook. Part 8: Miscellaneous (M) Series. Third Edition, published 1998. Entry 342, pp. 130-131.

Item Descriptions

Fonds BAR. Vice Admiral Charles James Barlow, 1889 - 1892

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

National Maritime Museum Section 4: Personal Collections (A-L).

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M3076.


Orlando, HMS (ship); Hobart, Tasmania.

Biographical / Historical

James Barlow (1848-1912) entered the navy in 1862, and served on China Station in Scylla, 1863-1867, then in the Pacific. After his promotion to Captain in 1889 he commanded Orlando on the Australian Station.

Log of HMS Orlando, 17 November 1889 - 30 November 1892 (File ff.1-74)

Details of course, position, wind, weather, remarks - movements of other ships, salute for Queen's birthday, visits by VIPs, deaths of seamen, punishments.

Places visited include: Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland, Hobart, Adelaide, Brisbane.

Fonds BAY. Baynes Family, 1843 - 1860

5 items

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

National Maritime Museum Section 4: Personal Collections (A-L).

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M3076.


Dutch East Indies.

Series BAY/1-3. Admiral Sir Robert Lambert Baynes, 1850 - 1860

3 items

Biographical / Historical

Admiral Sir Robert Lambert Baynes (?-1869). Entered navy 1810, commanded Pacific Squadron 1857.

Subseries BAY/1. Service Papers, 8 July 1857
1 item

Archival History

[Formerly BAY 115]

Commission as Commander in Chief in Pacific. (1p.), 8 July 1857 (Item)
Subseries BAY/2. Official Papers, 1850 - 1860
2 items
Pacific Station: passages made by HM Ships, list of officers in Squadron, and foreign ships of war in the Pacific (68p.), 1854 - 1860 (File [C])
HMS Bellerophon and Ganges. Lists of officers serving on board, 1850 - 1857 (File [H])

List of Pacific Squadron under Admiral Baynes, c.1857. (4p.)

Series BAY/104. Admiral Sir Joseph Nias, April 1843

2 items

Biographical / Historical

Admiral Sir Joseph Nias (1793-1879). Entered navy in 1807, and served during the Napoleonic Wars. Promoted to Captain in 1835 and in 1840 commissioned the Herald for service in East Indies. After a period in New Zealand he took part in the 1st China War, and the capture of Canton.

Subseries BAY/104. Admiral Sir Joseph Nias: Letters received, notes and memoranda, 15 April 1843
2 items
Henry Turner (Herald, Chatham) to Nias (Portsea) with list of curios brought back in Herald. (1p.), 15 April 1843 (File 5th Folder)

Includes: 'Feegee war instruments', New Zealand paddle.

Services of Rear Admiral Nias CB, n.d. (File 6th Folder)

Includes: note on his service in Herald in New Zealand.


Fonds BED. Admiral Sir Frederick George Denham Bedford, 1879

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

National Maritime Museum Section 4: Personal Collections (A-L).

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M3076.

Biographical / Historical

Admiral Sir Frederick George Denham Bedford (1838-1913). In 1876 he was Flag Captain to Rear Admiral de Horsey Commander in Chief, Pacific Station in Shah. In this ship he was engaged in a duel with the Peruvian ironclad Huascar. As a consequence of this action the ironclad Triumph replaced Shah and Bedford transferred to her. From 1903 to 1909 he was Governor of Western Australia. There are no records for his later career.

Diary on board HMS Triumph, April 1879 (File BED/6)

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Visit to Honolulu (16p.), 2 April 1879 - 16 April 1879 (Item)

Details of visit to Honolulu - social events; King at first refused to recieve Admiral; Bishop of Honolulu confirms seven sailors.

Fonds BLC. Admiral Sir Edward Belcher, 1843 - 1847

1 item

Archival History

National Maritime Museum Section 4: Personal Collections (A-L).

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M3076.


Alligator, HMS (ship); Assistance, HMS (ship); Belcher, Sir Edward; French in the Pacific.

Biographical / Historical

Admiral Sir Edward Belcher (1799-1877). Entered Navy 1812, became a commander in 1829. Spent some time surveying the Arctic and Pacific. From 1842 to 1847 he commanded the Samarang, surveying the coasts of Borneo, Philippines and Taiwan. In 1852 he was appointed to Assistance to search for Sir John Franklin.

Order and letterbook of Samarang, 10 August 1843 - 14 January 1847 (File BLC/3)

Copies of letters written by Captain Belcher on Samarang from Borneo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Manila, Simons Bay, Chatham to the Admiralty; Sir W.Parker; Sir Thomas Cochrane; Sydney Herbert; Captain H.Keppel, Dido; Captain King, Alligator; British Consul Manila; and others.

Subjects include: refitting of ship; comments on other naval personnel; movement orders to other Captains; surveying activities; supplies; health of crew; activities of pirates; wreck of Premier; French activities at Sooloo; effect of typhoons on tides; Mr Hayes, Trinity Pilot refusal to return to Samarang.


Fonds BET. Captain Henry L. Bethune, 1883 - 1886

1 item

Archival History

National Maritime Museum Section 4: Personal Collections (A-L).

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M3076.


Bethune, Henry, Lieut.; Bounty, HMS (ship); Constance, HMS (ship); Easter Island; Hawaii.

Biographical / Historical

Captain Henry L. Bethune (1858-1939). Entered navy in 1871, commissioned lieutenant in Constance in 1882. Retired, 1903.

Log book of HMS Constance on Pacific Station, 1883-11-01-1886-02-28; 1886-04-1886-05 (File BET/8)

Places visited include: Callao; Easter Island; Pitcairn Island; Honolulu; Hilo; Washington and Fanning Islands; Jervis Islands; Caroline Islands; Tahiti; Cook's Islands; Esquimalt; Hong Kong; Singapore; Malta; Portsmouth.

Details of: course; wind; weather; track chart; movements of other ships; courts martial; cricket match against Valparaiso eleven; conditions on Easter Island - visit to station on Mount Topaze; description of Pitcairn Island - landing in Bounty Bay, visit to grave of John Adams, 'the inhabitants seem to be very happy and contented on the island and lead a very virtuous, religious life'; names and dates of birth of the 105 inhabitants;visit to Honolulu - British consul-general received on board; visited by Governor, and American Commissioner; prorogation of Hawaiian Parliament, ride to volcanic crater through tropical forest, taking a sulphur vapour bath, views of Mauna Loa, visit to fire lakes - Halimau Mau and New Lake, picked up 'Pale's hair, fine shreds of lava which are formed by the wind blowing the sparks out as they are shot in the air from the lake', visited Captain Cook's monument; description of Washington Island and settlement on Fanning Island; Christmas Island - 'we found an Englishman here, a regular beach comber who called himself King'; survey of Jervis Island; Malden Island - 'the Europeans coming from Australia ... they being very glad to meet countrymen and to get a good glass of beer'; visited by French governor of Tahiti; natives of Cook's Islands; took on board fruit and pigs; Rarotonga - Queen Makea on board; death of stoker William Hamilton at Esquimalt; voyage home via Honolulu - SS City of Sydney in harbour; dressed ship in honour of Hawaiian Independence Day - church service and native feast; other ships at Hong Kong; voyage to Singapore; Suez Canal; sand storm; repairs at Malta.

Copy also at back of volume:

Distances run through the water from place to place during the commission.

Includes: some notes on HMS Phaeton at Sheerness, April-May 1886.

Fonds BLE. Admiral Sir Geoffrey Blake, 1929 - 1938

7 items

Archival History

National Maritime Museum Section 4: Personal Collections (A-L). Originally filmed on AJCP reel M3076.


Constance, HMS (ship).

Biographical / Historical

Admiral Sir Geoffrey Blake (1882-1968). Entered navy in 1897, Commodore in command of New Zealand Station, 1929-1931 and first member of New Zealand Naval Board.

Series BLE/5. Letters of congratulation on CB, March 1929

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Letters, 1 March 1929 (File)

Sending congratulations for his appointment to New Zealand station. Some letters also address the people in Australia and New Zealand.

Correspondents include: M.P.A. Hankey, George Hope, R.N. Skelton, Edgar W. Buckingham, Dudley North.

Series BLE/6. Papers re New Zealand Commission, 15 February 1930 - 6 February 1934

Correspondence, photographs, press cuttings, booklets.


Items of interest include:

John Terry(?) (Woodbridge) to Blake re cruise on Orsova 17 December 1931. Note that this letter was carried by Kingsford Smith in Southern Cross. Includes 8 photographs of New Zealand and opening of Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Governor General's addresses at Waitangi Celebrations (5-6 February 1934)

G.W. Forbes, New Zealand Prime Minister (Wellington) to Blake thanking him for assistance rendered by naval personnel during Napier earthquake (16-2-1931)

Letters from Blake re events in Samoa in 1930 (15-17 February 1930)

Paper on naval operation in Samoa in 1930 undertaken by Dunedin against the Mau, a nationalist Samoan organisation (n.d.)

Diomede Chronicle Number 2, June 1931, number 4, June 1932. Newsletter of HMS Diomede, flagship of New Zealand division of Royal Navy.

Series BLE/7. Letters re resignation, January 1938 - February 1938

5 items

Filmed selectively.

Reverend Reginald Barlett (L.M.S. Weston Super Mare) to Blake with memories of events in Samoa, 19 January 1938 (File)
Francis Hull (RNVRHQ, Auckland) to Blake, 19 January 1938 (File)

Auckland Division of RNVR regret his decision, 'the monument you built in New Zealand will endure for many many years to come'.

W. Kinross White (Napier) to Blake, 20 January 1938 (File)

Memories of visit by Blake and Captain Crutchley to Napier.

F. Milner (Waitaki Boys' High School) to Blake regrets on his retirement, 19 February 1938 (File)
Robert Clark-Hall (Christchurch, New Zealand) to Blake re his life in New Zealand, 19 February 1938 (File)

Fonds BLK. Captain William Hans Blake, 1860 - 1870

9 items

Archival History

National Maritime Museum Section 4: Personal Collections (A-L).Originally filmed on AJCP reel M3077.


Blake, William H., Capt.; Falcon (ship); Hobart, Tasmania.

Biographical / Historical

Captain William Hans Blake (1832-1874). Entered navy 1846, wounded in 1860 when taking part in fighting in New Zealand, on Pacific Station in 1865 in Mutine and commanded Falcon, 1866-1867 on Australian Station.

Series BLK/1. Diary on Falcon, 24 May [1867] - [August 1867]

Journal of a visit to Tahiti - ships in harbour of Papeete dressed for King's birthday; entertainment - dancing; visiting officials; cultivation of yams; audience with Queen Pomare; visit to Malden Island; Penryhn Island; Samoa; surprised to find natives of Opolu Island going to church on a Saturday; Friendly Islands - met missionaries; Fiji; inspected native labourers from New Hebrides; Levuka; Tanna - French ship in harbour; Vila; destroying villages; New Caledonia.

Also includes two water colour sketches of Papeete.


Series BLK/5. Letterbook HMS Falcon, 2 January 1866 - 23 September 1868

Copies of letters from HMS Falcon at Wellington, Auckland, Hobart, Adelaide, Swan River, Sydney, Apia, Portsmouth to Commodore, Captains of other ships, Admiralty, Sir George Bowen and others. From 2 January-23 July 1866 letters from Captain G.H.Parkin.


Subjects include: reports on the ship and its activities; accounts and allowances; claim for medal for Alexander Leith who rescued seaman from drowning; recommendations for promotions; maintenance of discipline in Royal Navy; results of surveys; reports on crew; offences committed on Norfolk Island; quantity of guano on Malden Island; complaints against Tunivalu, Chief of Bau; punishment of natives of Hinchinbrook Island 'for pirating and murdering the crews of Curlew and Kate' by burning villages and canoes; deposition made by Monangonon, Chief of Emel Island, 29 July 1867; conveying Sir George Bowen and suite to Auckland to receive Duke of Edinburgh; conveying 18th Regiment to Hokitika to suppress Fenian riot; anchorage of Hokitika.

Series BLK/7. Career Documents, April 1860 - October 1870

7 items

Filmed selectively.

Extract copy of letter from Commodore Loring to Admiralty (Isis, Auckland), 27 April 1860 (File 31)

Re Blake's conduct as Senior Lt. of Niger and his wound. (2p.)

Admiralty to Blake granting him a pension in consideration of injuries received in New Zealand. (1p.), 27 July 1861 (File 33)
Admiralty to Blake granting him a gratuity in consideration of wounds. (1p.), 30 October 1861 (File 34)
Blake to Admiralty requesting posting on Australian Station. (Copy, 2p.), n.d. [18 October 1870?] (File 43)
Admiralty to Blake re his pension. (1p.), 18 March 1865 (File 44)
Report on proceedings relative to enquiries into case of Curlew, Mary Ida and Kate captured and destroyed by natives of New Hebrides. (17p.), 4 August 1867 (File 58)
Admiralty to Blake acknowledging his letter requesting post on Australian Station. (1p.), 20 October 1870 (File 61)

Fonds BND. Rear Admiral Francis Godolphin Bond, 1791 - 1953

3 items

Archival History

National Maritime Museum Section 4: Personal Collections (A-L).

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M3077.

Biographical / Historical

Rear Admiral Francis Godolphin Bond (1765-1839). Bond's mother was William Bligh's half sister. He was appointed First Lieutenant on Providence on the second breadfruit voyage.

Correspondence, and notes (145p.), 8 February 1791 - 15 December 1817 (File BND/1)

Correspondents include: William Bligh; F.G.Bond; James Guthrie, Lt George Tobin.

Bligh's letters are concerned with the voyage of the Providence, Edward Christian's pamphlet and his response and Hunter's appointment as Governor of NSW.

Bond's notes were made during the voyage of Providence and comment on natural history.

BND/1 was published in Fresh Light on Bligh edited by George Mackaness (Australian Historical Monograph, 29) Sydney 1953. A copy is at BND/3.

Some correspondence of Captain William Bligh with John and Francis Godolphin Bond, 1776-1811, 1949 (File BND/2)

Edited by George Mackanass. (Australian Historical Monographs, 19) Sydney, 1949. (40p.)

Fresh Light on Bligh, 1953 (File BND/3)

Edited by George Mackaness. (Australian Historical Monograph 29) Sydney, 1953. (84p.)

Fonds BOS. Captain Henry T. A. Bosanquet, 1892 - 1958

2 items

Archival History

National Maritime Museum Section 4: Personal Collections (A-L).

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M3077.


Crescent, HMS (ship).

Biographical / Historical

Captain Henry T. A. Bosanquet (1870-1959). Entered the Navy in 1883, and went to Australia in Paluma, where he joined Crescent, Katoomba and Iphigenia. He returned to England in 1894.

HMS Paluma, 1892-1895; 1957-1958 (File BOS/9)

Notes and 5 charts compiled during survey of North East Coast of Australia by HMS Paluma, 1892-1895. (116p.)

Includes: correspondence with Leonard J. Newell (London) re the notes, 1957-1958.

Photograph of Paluma.

Miscellaneous Notes (c.100p.), c.1893-1957 (File BOS/13)

Includes: Photographs of HMS Paluma.

Negative and Print of H.T.A. Bonsanquet's sketch of Bolt Head, 1893.

Correspondence with L.J.Newell, Hydrography Department re the Notes, 1957.

Notes on the Paluma.

Track of Emden, drawn by HTAB, 1915.

Notes on Great Barrier Reef, Cook and Bligh and Bolt Head.

Fonds BOG. Louis Antoine de Bouganville, n.d.

1 item

Archival History

National Maritime Museum Section 4: Personal Collections (A-L).

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M3077.

Biographical / Historical

Louis Antoine de Bouganville (1729-1811). Circumnavigator, 1766-1769, his account was translated by J.H.Forster in 1772.

Notes collected by Bouganville for his article on navigation for National Institute (c. 100p.), n.d. (File BOG/3)

Places and Voyages includes: voyages to the North; Northwest passage, circumnavigation, Southern land.

Explorers and writers including: Henry Ellis, Daines Barrington, Captain Cook and John Forster.

Historical lists and general observations.

Fonds CAR. Admiral Philip Carteret, n.d.

2 items

Archival History

National Maritime Museum Section 4: Personal Collections (A-L).

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M3077.


Bougainville, Louis Antoine de; Dolphin, HMS (ship).

Biographical / Historical

Admiral Philip Carteret (1733-1796). Joined navy in 1747, and in 1764 joined Byron on the Dolphin on a voyage of circumnavigation. On his return in 1766 he was commissioned to command Swallow on another voyage of exploration led by Wallis in Dolphin.

Material re Swallow, n.d. (File CAR/5)

Includes: correspondence, notes, draft log, journal.


Notes on accounts of voyages, n.d. (File CAR/10B)

Includes: notes on Dalrymple 'Historical collection of the several voyages and discoveries in the South Pacific Ocean, vol 1, 1770' and notes on Bougainville and Wallis.


Fonds CHR. Captain William Wylly Chambers, 1837 - 1847

16 items

Archival History

National Maritime Museum Section 4: Personal Collections (A-L). Originally filmed on AJCP reel M3078.


Alligator, HMS (ship); Chambers, William, Capt.; Hobart, Tasmania.

Biographical / Historical

Captain William Wylly Chambers (c.1810-1860). Entered navy, 1823. In 1840 was acting captain of Pelorus at Port Essington.

Series. Papers relating to Pelorus and Alligator, 1837 - 1847

16 items
Logs of Alligator and Pelorus, January 1840 - April 1841 (File CHR/4)
2 items

(76p., some faint pages.)

Log of Alligator, 30 January 1840 - 3 March 1840 (Item [A])

Details of wind, position, remarks - provisions taken on board 'held survey on 30lbs of beef found it putrid and unfit for men to eat, threw the same into the sea'; sails set; exercises; sighting other ships.

Places visited include: Trincomalee, Christmas Island, Sandalwood Island, Port Essington.

Log of Pelorus at Port Essington, 4 March 1840 - 1 April 1841 (Item [B])

Details of wind; position; weather; remarks - killing bullock; 'party of seamen clearing away ground to build store to put our stores in [at Port Essington]'; duties of crew; 'employed lifting the government House to its height previous to the hurricane in November last'; building a boat shed; James Roberts (marine) and James Stevens absent 'supposed to have lost themselves'; building a pier; J.Armstrong, Botanist lost; digging well; making bricks for the settlement; death of William Crawford, mate; making stock yard and digging garden; preparing ship for sea; voyage to Sandalwood Island.

Abstract logs of Alligator and Pelorus, 28 January 1840 - 7 March 1841 (File CHR/5)

Details of course; position; wind; remarks - voyage to Port Essington; building settlement at Port Essington.

Includes: register of temperature of the atmosphere at Victoria. 3 March 1840 - 17 January 1841.


Letterbook of Pelorus at Port Essington and Singapore, 13 March 1840 - 6 July 1841 (File CHR/6)

Copies of letters to Captain Kuper (Alligator); John Moyle (Diana); Captain J.McArthur R.M.; Commander of East India Station and others.

Subjects include: transfer of crew; damage to Pelorus; arming ship against Malays; purchasing beef from Dutch ship Diana; activities at Port Essington 'preparatory to the return of Sir J.J.Gordon Bremer to this settlement'; conflict with marines; conduct of John Armstrong, Botanist; effects of rationing of fresh meat and vegetables; health of company; death of William Crawford, mate; purchasing stores from Dutch settlement at Coepang; men discharged to Wellesley; discharge of invalids; decommissioning at Singapore.


Board of Ordnance, Gunners Stores Supply Book, Pelorus, 18 October 1838 - 12 March 1840 (File CHR/9)

Details of powder; tools; cartridges; guns etc.


Board of Ordnance, Gunners Stores, Expense Book, Pelorus, 25 January 1837 - 28 June 1841 (File CHR/10)

Details of stores and their use.


Captain's Night order book (94p.), March 1840 - September 1840 (File CHR/11)
4 items
Night orders, 30 March 1840 - 7 September 1840 (Item [A])
List of men working for the colony, n.d. (Item [B])
Pay list of men belonging to Pelorus on service in the colony of Victoria, n.d. (Item [C])
Watches, n.d. (Item [D])
Musterbook of Pelorus, 21 January 1837 - 13 April 1841 (File CHR/13)

Details of ship's company; name; position; when and where enlisted etc.; Includes 2 natives; marines; supernumeries; New Zealand chiefs, wives and children.


Pay book of Pelorus, 1837 - 1840 (File CHR/14)

Details of ship's company; names, place of birth, age, charges and deductions, sum raised by selling dead and run men's effects.


Allotment book of Pelorus, c.1840 (File CHR/15)

Details of next of kin of ship's company.

(7p., incomplete)

Expense book of Boatswain's stores of Pelorus, 1 April 1838 - 30 July 1839 (File CHR/16)

Details of stores and their use withdrawn while Pelorus was at King George's Sound, Port Jackson, New Zealand, Launceston and Hobart.

(18p., damaged)

Receipt for persons discharged from Pelorus to the military post at Victoria (8p.), 16 March 1841 (File CHR/17)
Captain's order book (20p.), 1840 (File CHR/18)
Letters received from Captain John McArthur, commander of marines and acting commandant Port Essington, 4 May 1840 - 16 March 1847 (File CHR/23)

(51 letters)

Nos. 1, 4 January 1841; 2-46, 4 May 1840 - 16 March 1847; 47, 6 July 1840; 48, 14 September 1840; 49, 15 March 1841; 50, 27 January 1841; 52, 24 January 1841.

Subjects include: countermining of orders by Chambers; McArthur to appeal to the Commander in Chief; serving of extra grog allowance; Mr Armstrong refuses to do duty as gardener to the colony; McArthur refuses to open communications which 'do not acknowledge the authority of Her Majesty's commission under which he is acting'; reception of supplies; wreckage picked up not part of Orontes; native 'Jack White' seen in Mangrove swamp with musket; birth of Margaret Mew, daughter of Sergeant Mew of Royal Marines; birth of Josiah Davis, son of Private Davis; disagrees with Chambers' proposal to sail to Coupang for supplies; requests bread for Aboriginal prisoner; state of provisions; relations between them [as to who has superior authority].

Includes A report of the crimes and punishment of four privates of the Royal Marines serving within the Post established at Victoria (9-03-1841)

Papers re Pelorus, c. 1840 (File CHR/24(i) No.1-51)

Correspondence, receipts, reports on stores, equipment and service of various officers.(61p.)

Items of interest include:

31 January 1840. Orders from Sir J.J. Bremer to Chambers to proceed to Port Essington.

18 March 1840. Orders from Commander Augustus Kuper to Chambers to remain at Port Essington to protect the settlement.

Papers re Pelorus and Alligator, c. 1840 (File CHR/24(ii) No. 52-93)

Correspondence, bills, receipts, reports of surveys on stores and medical matters. (c. 65p.)Items of interest include:

5 June 1840. Commissariat Office (Sydney) to Sir J.J. Gordon Bremer re payment to Lt. Drury of Alligator.

8 January 1841. List of effects of W. Crawford.

9 July 1841. Sale of Pelorus at Singapore.

14 January 1840. Proclamation by Sir George Gipps of extent of territory of N.S.W.

26 March 1839. Sir J.J. Gordon Bremer (Port Essington) to resident at Coepang re trade.

6-7 April 1840. Captain Moyle (Diana, Port Essington) to Chambers re sale of buffaloes.

18 April 1840. Stores for use of settlement at Port Essington.

17 September 1840. A. Austin Baukier, Acting Surgeon, (Port Essington) to Chambers re health of ship's crew.

31 October 1837. W.J. Acton (Kew) instructions for John Armstrong, gardener of new colony.

15-16 January 1840. Bearings taken by John Armstrong between Port Essington and Van Diemen's Gulf.

31 March 1842. J.Forshall (Secretary British Museum) to Chambers acknowledging gift of fauna from Port Essington.

27 January 1842. P.B.Duncan (Oxford) to Children re gift of bird skins for Ashmolean Museum.

Transfer papers for various officers and ratings on Pelorus, 27 June 1839 - 3 March 1840 (File CHR/25)

(8 documents).

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M3078

Fonds CLS. Vice Admiral Sir Richard Collinson, 1851 - 1853

2 items

Archival History

National Maritime Museum Section 4: Personal Collections (A-L). Originally filmed on AJCP reel M3079.

Biographical / Historical

Vice Admiral Sir Richard Collinson (1811-1883). Entered navy in 1823, commissioned lieutenant in 1835 and appointed to surveying ship Sulphur on South American coast. From 1850 to 1855 he searched for Sir John Franklin in Enterprise.

Series CLS/47. Correspondence, January 1851 - June 1853

2 items

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence, January 1851 (File Folder 1851)
1 item
Eleanor Gell (London) to her father Sir John Franklin, 24 January 1851 (Item)

Re family news; news of Mr Price, Commandant of Norfolk Island; strong remonstrance received from people of Van Diemen's Land against transportation 'they pledge themselves not to employ any transported person'. (4p.)

Correspondence, January 1853 - June 1853 (File Folder 1853)
2 items

Filmed selectively.

T.B. Collinson (Waltham Abbey) to Captain Hammond (Isle of Wight), 25 January 1853 (Item)

If any news of Enterprise from Sandwich Islands; he is interested in steam communication with New Zealand. (3p.)

William Miller (Woahu) to R. Collinson re his expedition. (3p.), 15 June 1853 (Item)

Fonds CPC. Leslie Cope-Cornford, 1918 - 1925

3 items

Archival History

National Maritime Museum Section 4: Personal Collections (A-L).

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M3079.


Australia: visits to.

Biographical / Historical

Leslie Cope-Cornford (1867-1927). Journalist and writer on naval matters for Morning Post and Punch.

Correspondence A-F: Australia, October 1918 - May 1925 (File CPC/1)

3 items

Filmed selectively.

Australian Corps. Circular notice and programme of visit to Australian Corps by LCC and others. (2p.), 19 September 1918 (Item)
Australian High Commission to LCC re his article in Morning Post, 1 October 1918 (Item)
Prime Minister's Department (Melbourne) to LCC re migration, 4 May 1925 (Item)

Correspondence L-R: Monash, October 1918 (File CPC/4)

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Sir John Monash (Australian Corps HQ) to LCC, 3 October 1918 (Item)

Re his article in Morning Post.

Correspondence L-R: Captain Plunkett, November 1917 - October 1918 (File CPC/4)

5 items

Filmed selectively.

Plunkett (ACMF Camp) to LCC, 18 October 1918 (Item)

Re his article in Morning Post 'most flattering article to the Australian soldier yet written'. (4p.)

Two photographs of Australian troops playing football at Suez, November 1917 (Item)
H. Rawlinson (General Commanding 4th Army) to Australian Corps re victory on August 8th, 16 August 1918 (Item)
John Monash (Australian Corps HQ) to Australian Corps re battle to be fought on 8th, 7 August 1918 (Item)
Notes on battle fought at Peronne, September 1918, n.d. (Item)

Fonds CUR. Sir Assheton Gore Curzon-Howe, 1867 - 1871

2 items

Archival History

National Maritime Museum Section 4: Personal Collections (A-L).

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M3079.


Curzon-Howe, Sir Assheton; Galatea, HMS (ship); Hawaii.

Biographical / Historical

Sir Assheton Gore Curzon-Howe (1850-1911) entered the Navy in 1863 and from 1868-1871 served on Galatea during her voyage round the world.

Series CUR/2. Logs of Galatea, Royal Adelaide and Hercules, kept by Midshipman H.R. Moore, July 1868 - June 1871

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Log of Galatea (391p.), 29 July 1868 - 2 June 1871 (File)

Details of position; wind; weather; remarks; duties on board; sails set; reprovisioning ship; landing of Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh in state at various ports; court martial of Mr McDonough, Engineer; other ships in squadron; deaths and burials of seamen; dry dock at Cockatoo Island; voyage back to England.

Places visited include: Plymouth; Madeira; Cape of Good Hope; Fremantle; Adelaide; Melbourne; Sydney; Wellington; Nelson; Auckland; Tahiti; Hawaii; Japan; China; Singapore; Calcutta; Ceylon; Mauritius; Cape of Good Hope; Wellington; Sydney; New Caledonia; Auckland; Falkland Islands; Devonport.

Includes: track charts and sketches. (Some faint pages.)

Route of Galatea, 26 February 1867 - 19 May 1871 (File CUR/18)

Details of port, country, dates of arrival and departure, miles run during the two cruises.

(1p., printed)

Fonds DRE. Captain Joseph Stafford Dare, 1887 - 1888

1 item

Archival History

National Maritime Museum Section 4: Personal Collections (A-L).

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M3079.

Biographical / Historical

Captain Joseph Stafford Dare (1863-1951). Entered merchant service in 1878. He served with Shallcross and Higham, Bedouin Steam Navigation Co. and F. Leyland Co., all of Liverpool.

Diary on board John Gambles and Astoria, 26 May 1887 - May 1888 (File DRE/5)

Description of voyage in John Gambles, Liverpool to Sydney, Newcastle, and Valparaiso. Includes description of Sydney Harbour 'the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen, it is a perfect paradise', and Sydney Town, and voyage in Astoria - Valparaiso to Newcastle.

Includes poems and sailors' yarns.

(162p., some faint pages)

Fonds DTY. Rear Admiral Frederick Proby Doughty, 1850 - 1886

11 items

Archival History

National Maritime Museum Section 4: Personal Collections (A-L).

Originally filmed on AJCP reels M3079-M3080.


Constance, HMS (ship); Easter Island.

Biographical / Historical

Rear Admiral Frederick Proby Doughty (1834-1892). Entered the Navy in 1847, from 1850-1854 he served on Portland on a voyage to Pitcairn Island, and in 1855 joined Centaur on the Pacific Station. He was promoted Captain in 1875. From 1882 to 1886 he served in Constance on the Pacific Station, during which time he court martialled his 1st Lieutenant. He was placed on the retired list as Rear Admiral in 1890.

Series DTY/5. Captain's letterbook, April 1884

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Doughty (Constance, Honolulu) to Commander in Chief, 14 April 1884 (File ff.402-463)

Re voyage from Valparaiso; Easter Island; Honolulu; report on Pitcairn Island; names of families on Pitcairn Island.

(Very faint, blurred, pressed letterbook, illegible in places).

Series DTY/7. Captain's letterbook, April 1884 - November 1885

5 items

Filmed selectively.

W.M.Gibson (Honolulu) to [Wodehouse] that Constance did not salute the Hawaiian flag, 14 April 1884 (File f.28)
Wodehouse (Honolulu) to Doughty re non salute to flag, 15 April 1884 (File f.29)
Doughty (Constance, Esquimalt) to Wodehouse re salute, 29 April 1884 (File ff.30-31)
Doughty (Constance, Honolulu, Tahiti) to Commander in Chief, 1 September 1884 - 28 December 1884 (File ff.82-134)

Re voyage from San Francisco; audience with King Kalahaua; visit from King; report on Line Islands; report on Penrhyn Island -native control; voyage to Tahiti; remarks on Cook Islands; Mr Exham of Raratonga who wishes to be regarded as vice consul; report on Raratonga.

Doughty (Constance, Honolulu) to Commander in Chief, 30 November 1885 (File ff.325-326)

Re voyage from Acapulco; celebration of anniversary of Hawaiian independence.

Series DTY/8. Logs of Victory, Rodney, Howe, Bulldog, Victory, Albion and Portland, September 1850 - 1885

3 items

Filmed selectively.

Log of Portland (491p.), 20 September 1850 - 1 May 1854 (File [A])

Details of wind; course; remarks; duties on board; sails set; provisioning ship; deaths of seamen; visits from VIPS.

Places visited include: Devonport; Valparaiso; Vancouver's Island; Honolulu; Huahine Island; Pitcairn Island; Valparaiso; Easter Island; Pitcairn Island; Valparaiso; Rio de Janeiro.

Includes: sketches, track charts, details of Portland, abstract log, crew; plants picked on Pitcairn and Easter Island.

Abstract log of Constance (4p.), 1882 - 1885 (File [B])
Three photographs of Constance and Portland, n.d. (File [C])

Series DTY/12. Log book of Constance, 3 October 1882 - 5 January 1886

Abstract logbook, details of course, position, wind, weather including visits to Honolulu, Caroline Island, Tahiti, Raratonga.(23p.)

Also includes newspaper articles on impressions of Taboga

Series DTY/15. Case against Lieutenant Henry T. Smith-Dorrien, 9 December 1884 - 25 August 1885

Copies of letters from Doughty (Constance, at sea) to Commander in Chief re case against Lieutenant Smith-Dorrien for drunkness and absence without leave, including two occasions at Honolulu and Tahiti.

(64p., pagination erratic, blurred pressed copies.)

Fonds FIS. Reverend George Fisher, 1838

1 item

Archival History

National Maritime Museum Section 4: Personal Collections (A-L).

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M3080.

Biographical / Historical

Reverend George Fisher (1794-1873). Fisher went to Cambridge in 1817 and took a BA in 1821 and MA in 1825. He took holy orders in 1821 and was appointed Chaplain and astronomer to Parry's expedition that year. From 1834 to 1863 he was Headmaster of Greenwich Hospital School.

Observations by Bryron Drury, 1838 (File FIS/25)

Observations of horizontal vibrations at Dockyard Simons Town, 28 May 1838; Captain King's observatory, Dunheved NSW, 3 August 1838; Between new Government House and Fort Macquarie, 11 August 1838; Minto Head, Port Essington, 5 December 1838.


Fonds FIL. Fisher and Lilley Families, 1838 - 1872

4 items

Archival History

National Maritime Museum Section 4: Personal Collections (A-L).

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M3080.

Biographical / Historical

Thomas (b. 1808) and George (1810-1899) were sons of Captain William Fisher, Limehouse seaman and ship owner. After going to sea Thomas resided in the Sandwich Islands and became a carpenter. George Fisher was a trustee of the Lilley Family.

Thomas Fisher Correspondence, 22 December 1838 - 16 December 1849 (File FIL/1)

12 letters from Thomas Fisher (Honolulu, Oahu) to his mother and brother.

Subjects include: his health; his position with Doctor Rookes; work as carpenter; his wife and son; wages; requests carpenter's tools; establishment of opposition press; description of the islands; has been to Californian Gold Fields; 'we have the place here at present very full of strange faces from the gold diggings come to weather the winter out'.


Abstract Log of Lincolnshire and log of Hampshire (15p.), February 1868 - May 1872 (File FIL/4)

2 items
Abstract log of Lincolnshire, London to Melbourne, 20 February 1868 - 12 March 1868 (Item [A])

Details of course; weather; remarks; winds; pilot boarding. (Incomplete).

Log of Hampshire, Melbourne to London, 13 April 1872 - 10 May 1872 (Item [B])

Details of leaving Sandridge railway pier; health officer passing all passengers except one woman; cook puts saltwater into tea pots of passengers; seasickness; passing coast of Tasmania; captain reading church service; heavy weather and sea break open hencoops and sheep pens; death of third class passenger. (Incomplete).

Lett's Diary (83p.), 1869 - July 1872 (File FIL/5)

2 items
Details of orders at stationers? from Government Printer, Whitney Powell and Co and other firms for stamps, pads, forms, pencils, letter balances, n.d. (Item [A])
Log of Hampshire Captain Ridgers on voyage Melbourne to London kept by Thomas Lilley, 13 April 1872 - 12 July 1872 (Item [B])

Details of: leaving Sandridge; seasickness; weather; coast of Tasmania; storm; sheep drowned; rounding Cape Horn; Falkland Islands; sighting other vessels; food; English Channel. Log is on pages for 8-27 June.

Passenger's Ticket, 11 April 1872 (File FIL/6)

Lilley family's ticket for 2nd class passage on Hampshire, Melbourne to London.

Fonds FIT. Captain John Coghlan Fitzgerald, 1853 - 1855

2 items

Archival History

National Maritime Museum Section 4: Personal Collections (A-L).

Originally filmed on AJCP reels M3080-M3081.


East Indies.

Biographical / Historical

Captain John Coghlan Fitzgerald (c.1803-1859). Entered navy in 1818 and promoted lieutenant in 1823. In 1845 he was appointed Captain of Vernon on the South East coast of America and later in the East Indies and India. In 1853 he was appointed Captain of Winchester, Sir Fleetwood Pellew's flagship in East Indies. In 1854 he transferred to Calliope on the Australian station.

Private Diary, 25 June 1853 - 16 June 1855 (File FIT/4)

Details of: appointment to Winchester; Hong Kong; Canton; duties on board; weather; movement of other ships; 1 January 1854 hear of death of Everard Home at Sydney on 1 November; appointed to command of Calliope; voyage to Australia; King George's Sound; visit to Lady Spencer; Adelaide; Melbourne - 'a good deal of drunkenness about the streets'; rents; Sydney - Petty's hotel -- small room and attacked by mosquitoes; voyage on Torch to join Calliope at Moreton Bay; Port Stephens; Moreton Island; visit to Captain Wickham at Newstead; Brisbane; Port Curtis - 'views from some parts were very pretty but all in a very primative state'; efficiency of native police; Sydney; social events; movement of ships; visit to Government House, Parramatta and race course; Draper's races at Homebush; Port Stephens; visit to sheep station to watch shearing; on Christmas Day went to Camden Church 'which was very hot and the flies very troublesome' and to 'Mr Macarthur's which is the great show place of the country'; sale of Sir C.Fitzroy's furniture at Government House; arrival of Sir W.Denison; regatta for anniversary of settlement of colony; extremely hot weather; relieved by Fremantle; voyage home via Melbourne; visit to Hothams 'a very stiff dinner party ...all the people seem afraid to open their mouths'; Cape Horn; bad weather; Rio de Janeiro; Lizard.


Order book for Vernon and Calliope, 1854 (File FIT/5)

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Order book for Calliope, 1854 (Item)

Includes: Orders issued by Captain; duties of officers of the watch, signatures and rank of crew; copies of letters written by Fitzgerald on Calliope at Port Jackson and at sea, 12 October 1854-7 June 1855 re debts of officers; gun practice; wearing of uniform.


Fonds FRN. Sir John Franklin, 1827 - 1830

7 items

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

National Maritime Museum Section 4: Personal Collections (A-L).

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M3081.

Biographical / Historical

Sir John Franklin (1786-1847). Entered navy in 1800 and served as a midshipman under his cousin Matthew Flinders from 1801-1803 surveying the coasts of Australia. He made two voyages of exploration to the Arctic and was in the Mediterranean from 1830-1833. In 1833 he was appointed Lt Governor of Tasmania. In 1845 he took command of an expedition to search for the North west Passage.

Series. Correspondence, 1827 - 1830

7 items
Henry Foster (London) to Franklin re voyage to South Seas. (3p.), 4 December 1827 (Item 11B)
Franklin (London) to Kendall re voyage of Chanticlier. (3p.), 16 December 1827 (Item 16)
Franklin (London) to Kendall re Foster's Southsea expedition. (4p.), 29 April 1828 (Item 18)
Franklin to Mrs Kendall returning Kendall's drawings, refs to Chanticlier. (4p.), August 1828 (Item 20)
Franklin (London) to Mrs Kendall, 5 February 1829 (Item 22)

Re Chanticlier expedition 'Captain Foster in conjunction with his officers are doing everything in a most superior manner'. (4p.)

Franklin (London) to Kendall re Kendall's arrival at Portsmouth, why he left Chanticlier. (4p.), 14 April 1830 (Item 23)
Franklin (London) to Kendall re expedition. (4p.), 17 April 1830 (Item 24)

Fonds FSR. John Fraser, 1885 - 1890

1 item

Archival History

National Maritime Museum Section 4: Personal Collections (A-L).

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M3081.

Biographical / Historical

John Fraser (1858-1927). Marine painter.

Letters received, March 1885 - 1890 (File FSR/3A)

6 items

(24p., incomplete letter).

Note re death of William Fraser, swept overboard in 1890, n.d. (Item 1)
B. Maitland (Loch Trool, Valparaiso) to John Fraser re death of William Fraser, 18? August 1890 (Item 2)
William Fraser ( to Jack re Jack's going to America, 26 March 1885 (Item 3)
William Fraser (Halcione, Port Nelson) to Jack, 14 June 1887 (Item 4)

Re arrival at Nelson 'the garden of New Zealand'; voyage to NZ 'The beef has been six times round the Horn to the cook's certain knowledge'.

William Fraser (Merope, Newcastle) to Jack, 14 December 1888 (Item 5)

Re visit to Sydney; voyage out from England 'no butter, no marmalade or anything else'; ship leaks.

Photograph of William Fraser, n.d. (Item 6)

Letters, 1896-1897; 1901 (File FSR/3B)

Includes:Letters to Milly from Captain Rodney Fraser (SS Caspian), 1896-1897. The letters discuss his journey to South Africa, weather, social news.

Letters from Captain Rodney Fraser, 1901.

Fonds FRE. Fremantle Family, 1843 - 1918

12 items

Archival History

National Maritime Museum Section 4: Personal Collections (A-L).

Originally filmed on AJCP reels M3081-M3082.


Challenger, HMS (ship); Crescent, HMS (ship); East Indies; Eclipse (ship); Fremantle, Edmund, Capt.; Fremantle, Stephen, Capt.; Juno, HMS (ship).

Series. Admiral Sir Edmund Robert Fremantle, March 1843 - December 1918

8 items

Biographical / Historical

Admiral Sir Edmund Robert Fremantle (1836-1929). Entered navy in 1849 and served on Mediterranean and East Indies Stations. From 1864-1867 he commanded Eclipse on Australian station. Author of The Navy as I have known it, (London, 1904).

Correspondence: Letters from Fremantle (Eclipse, New Zealand and Sydney) to family, n.d., 28 February [1864] - 14 May 1866 (File FRE/107/A)

Subjects include: journey through France; voyage on Bengal taking command of Eclipse at Maunkau; Maori wars; social events; battle of Gate Pa; Sir George Grey; visiting missions with Bishop Selwyn; trips to Wellington, Auckland, Kawau, East Coast; voyage to Sydney; social events in Sydney 'Sydney is a very gay place'; return to Auckland; Poverty Bay; expedition to Waikato Country.

(312p., some crossed letters.)

Correspondence: Miscellaneous letters (29p.), n.d., 1864-1918 (File FRE/107/B)


Thomas Warren, (n.d.). Adventure in Southseas - events on board Eclipse

Charles Hope (Waikiki) to Fremantle (7 May 186?): re request from people of Hobart that a vessel be despatched to Middle Island to look for crews of wrecked vessels.

Robert Jenkins (Miranda, Pahiki) to Fremantle (15-10-1864) re Maoris 'the Northern Maori is much the strongest'.

Gilbert Main (Rotorua) to Fremantle (10-12-1918) re voyage in Eclipse.

Account of Court Martial, 1866 (File FRE/108)

Charge against Fremantle for allowing Eclipse to run aground on 13 July 1865 on a sunken rock near Wharariki and Fremantle's speech in defence.


Eclipse letterbook, October 1862 - 19 January 1866 (File FRE/117)

Copies of letters written by commander of Eclipse reporting the proceedings of the ship (Spithead, Portsmouth, Sydney, Auckland, Taranaki, Maunkau, Waikato). October 1862-19 January 1866. (348p.)

Subjects include: movements of crew; ship's equipment and qualities; accounts; movements of other ships; 'blackbirding'; attack on Maoris at Taranaki; Fremantle assumes command; copy of translation of letters addressed by Kereopa to Bishop of New Zealand, 12 March 1865.

Eclipse letterbook, 27 January 1866 - 15 October 1870 (File FRE/118A)

Copies of letters written by Fremantle on Eclipse reporting proceedings of the ship (Auckland, Wellington, Raglan, Sydney, Sheerness).(108p.)

Subjects include: stores and equipment for the ship; taking Sir George Grey to Tauranga; deaths of four men of 70th Regiment by drowning off Napier; surveys of coast; accounts; loss of main mast during storm off Rio de Janeiro; award of New Zealand medal.

Papers re New Zealand, April 1865 (File FRE/118C)

Copies of letters re fears of people residing in Coromandel and Auckland of a Maori uprising.

Correspondents include: J. Mackay (Auckland); Captain Charles Hope (Brisk, Auckland); D. Tookey (Coromandel).


Notebook re Eclipse and Neptune, 1860 - July 1866 (File FRE/121)
1 item

Filmed selectively.

Boat signals and order book for Eclipse, at Auckland, Wellington and Sydney, June 1861, November 1864 - July 1866 (Item)

Subjects include: regulations on watch; neglect by officers; leave; regulations during visit to Sydney.


Journal and scrapbook HMS Eclipse, Auckland, March 1843 - 1866 (File FRE/125)
5 items

Filmed selectively.

Front of book: Journal, 15 May 1865 - 20 June 1865 (Item [A])


Subjects include: preparing Eclipse for sea; social engagements at Auckland; movements of other ships; duties of crew; orders to go to Opotiki and search for murderers of Mr Volknor; Whakatane; Opotiki - 'We saw a good many people at the village who seemed rather astonished to see us'; plans for night attack on beach settlement 'where several of the murderers of Mr V are said to be living'; skirmish with Maoris; meeting with Te Hata 'he did not seem very pleased to see us but insisted on shaking hands saying 'How do you do Sir' in very good English'; meeting other Maori chiefs; White Island 'the curiosity of New Zealand' reminds Fremantle of Dante's Hell; Governor pleased with cruise; press reports; at Kawau with Governor.

Front of book: Notes for lecture, voyage to New Zealand, 4 March 1843 (Item [B])

Subjects include: life on voyage out; harbour of King George's Sound; impressions of Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland; Maori wars; native character; murder of Volknor; Rotorua; voyage home.


Back of book: Paymaster's cash account, 1865 and letters written. (5p.) (Item [C])
Back of book: Notes on Straits of Magalhaens. (2p.) (Item [D])
Back of book: Notes and recollections about Harbours in New Zealand, passages on Australian Station, winds, weather, etc. (58p.), 1864, 1865, 1866 (Item [E])

Subjects include: Auckland harbour; Kawau; East Coast of New Zealand; Bay of Plenty; Wellington; log of passage from Port Nicholson to Napier, Opotiki, Auckland, 24 February - 7 March 1866; West Coast of New Zealand; abstract log of voyage with Sir George Grey, Kawau to Kawhia, Wellington, 14 April - 5 May 1866; abstract log of passage Auckland to Sydney and back, 2 June - 15 June 1866; abstract log of passage home 4 October - 4 November 1866.

Archival History

Material re Barracouta, 1873, was not copied by the AJCP.

Series. Captain Stephen Grenville Fremantle, 1847 - 1858

4 items

Captain Stephen Grenville Fremantle (1810-1860). Served as midshipman on Challenger in 1828 in home waters and Canada, served on Cape of Good Hope and South American stations. From 1853-1857 he was captain on Juno in the East Indies and Australian Station. He was accused of overstrict discipline and had no further employment.

Letterbook of Arrogant and Juno, 23 November 1854 - 2 December 1857 (File FRE/204)

23 November 1854-2 December 1857 (100p.)

Copies of letters from Captain Fremantle (Juno, Trincomalee, Sydney, Tahiti, Apia, Cocos Islands, Spithead) to Admiralty and others reporting proceedings of ship.

Subjects include: giving passage home to two ship wrecked Sydney men; financial matters; stores, clothing, provisions and equipment; North Australian Exploring Expedition, led by Mr Gregory.

From back of volume: Copies of letters by Fremantle (Juno, Sydney, Pitcairn Island) to Juno Paymaster. (6p.)

11 December1854-21 May 1857.

Subjects include: supplies; examinations of midshipmen and cadets; food and soap for Pitcairn Islanders.

Filmed selectively.

Letterbook of Juno, 1 January 1855 - 9 December 1857 (File FRE/205)

Copies of letters by Captain Fremantle (Juno, Sydney, Pitcairn Island, Tahiti, Apia, Tongatabu, Cocos Islands, Spithead) to Sir Michael Seymour, Commander in Chief, The Admiralty and others reporting the proceedings of the ship.

Subjects include: stores and provisions; movements of other ships, including French ships; transmission of treasure from Australia; enquiry into conduct of John MacGillivray at request of Captain Denham of Herald 'It did not appear that Mr MacGillivray at any period ... had ever shown any acknowledgement or courtesy towards Captain Denham'; possibility of extending protection over New Hedrides and Fiji; North Australian Expedition to Victoria River, visit to Pitcairn Island to ascertain if population are willing to remove to Norfolk Island; census of Pitcairn Island as at 19 September 1855; situation on Tahiti; case of Crescent at Apia; condition of inhabitants of Manua - 'all weapons of war had been destroyed or cast aside - theft was unknown'; keeping of Sabbath at Pago Pago; characteristics of the Samoans; visit to Friendly Islands and Fiji; exemplary worth of missionaries; French designs in Polynesia; conditions at Norfolk Island; visit to Hobart; circumstances of placing Lt H.B.Burnaby under arrest; visit to Friendly Islands; visit to Pitcairn Islanders now on Norfolk Island - their new circumstances; character of William Pritchard and suitability to be consul at Samoa or Fiji; accusations made by Henry Hodgson; court martial of Lt Richard Bradshaw and Richard Caswell Drew, Acting Master; taking possession of Cocos Islands; met by James Ross; survey of the Islands; the origin and progress of the settlement on Cocos Islands; voyage home round Cape Horn; explanation respecting certain minor punishments.

(255p. and index at back, faint)

Notebook, 1847-1848; 1854-1856 (File FRE/206)

Includes: lists of letters received and written, 1847-1848, 1854-1856; crew lists for Juno.


Statement of charges made against him, 1858 (File FRE/207)

Fremantle comments on the state of Juno, the lack of discipline on board; problems in Herald between MacGillivray and Denham, charges against Lt Burnaby and Lt Bradshaw, the homeward voyage, courts martial of Lt Bradshaw and Mr Drew.

(89p., privately printed)

Fonds GDL. Captain Walter Goodsall, 1872

3 items

Archival History

National Maritime Museum Section 4: Personal Collections (A-L).

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M3082.

Biographical / Historical

Captain Walter Goodsall (1848 - ?). First went to sea in 1863 as an apprentice on board Rajah of Cochin. In 1871 he was third officer on the Telegraph Construction and Maintenance Company's ship Kangaroo, and in 1872 second officer on Vanessa laying the Sydney to Placentia cable.

Robert H. Goodsall, The Walter Goodsall Diary, n.d. (File GDL/1)

Biographical notes on his father and extracts from his diaries.


Log, kept on Vanessa, 1 August 1872 - 6 August 1872 (File GDL/3)

Abstract log with details of course, winds, remarks - laying cable; duties of crew; weather.

(11 p.)

Rough notes, n.d. (File GDL/4)

Notes on position, length of cable etc Placentia to Sydney.


Fonds GRN. R.H. Green, 1825 - 1883

3 items

Collection relating to Blackwall Yard.

Archival History

National Maritime Museum Section 4: Personal Collections (A-L).

Originally filmed on AJCP reels M3082-M3083.


Blackwall Yard.

Log book HC Ship Vansittart to Cape of Good Hope, Bombay and China, 9 January 1825 - 19 May 1826 (File GRN/3)

Her 6th voyage kept by Henry Green, 5th Officer.


Details of Ship's Company and passengers; course, weather. Includes anchorage at Singapore.

Accounts of voyages of several East India ships, 1836 - 1860 (File GRN/4)

Gives dates of sailing and arrival.

Includes: Some ships sailing to Australia.

E.g. Walmar Castle: 9-11 voyages to Sydney and back, 1846-1848.

Madagascar: 16 voyage to Port Phillip, 1853.

Northumberland: 10-13 voyages to Adelaide and Port Phillip, 1850-1853. 15 voyage to Melbourne, 1864-1855.

Tartar: 10 voyage to Sydney, 1852.

New Walmar Castle: 1-2 voyages to Port Phillip, 1855-1856.

(492p., indexed)

Charles F. Cooke. Log of Newcastle, Star of Devon, and Lord Warden, 1874 - 1883 (File GRN/5)

Charles F. Cooke. Log of Newcastle, voyages London to Melbourne and return, 1874-1877; Star of Devon, London to Cape Town and Calcutta, 1877; and Lord Warden, voyages London to Melbourne and return, 1879-1883


Details of position, weather, course, remarks - other ships, setting sails, weather, deaths.

Includes list of ships' companies and passengers.

Fonds GET. Admiral Thomas Young Greet, 1871

1 item

Archival History

National Maritime Museum Section 4: Personal Collections (A-L).

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M3083.


Champion, HMS (ship).

Biographical / Historical

Admiral Thomas Young Greet (1854-1948). Entered navy in 1867 and served on the Pacific Station in Zealous and Fawn. In 1888 he was appointed to Champion on the Pacific Station and in 1897 he was promoted to Captain.

Series GET/2. Logs of Fawn, Charybdis, Zealous, March 1871 - June 1871

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Log of Zealous on visit to Sandwich Islands, 20 March 1871 - 17 June 1871 (File)

Details of: course, wind, weather, remarks - sails set, duties on board; saluting Hawaiian flag; Queen Emma visits ship; movement of other ships in harbour; voyage to San Francisco.

Includes: Track chart.

Remainder of log concerns South American coast only.

Fonds VHM. Admiral Richard Vesey Hamilton, 1891

2 items

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

National Maritime Museum Section 4: Personal Collections (A-L).

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M3083.

Biographical / Historical

Admiral Richard Vesey Hamilton (1829-1912). Entered the navy, 1843, saw service in many parts of the world; Commander in Chief China Station, 1885-1888.

Letters received, October 1891 - December 1891 (File VHM/9)

2 items
R.M. Hamilton (Wellington) to his uncle, 8 October 1891 (Item)

Enclosing draft on Bank of NSW, money from his Savings Bank account; taken a share in 'Summer Gardens' 'Shows good promise of success'. (4p.)

R.M. Hamilton (Wellington) to his uncle, 23 December 1891 (Item)

Sending another draft withdrawing all RVH's money in New Zealand; financial situation in New Zealand.

Memoranda and notes of service, n.d. (File VHM/10)

Australian Station: Precedence of Commander in Chief. (2p.)

Fonds HAM. Admiral Sir Graham Eden Hamond, 1843 - 1871

3 items

Archival History

National Maritime Museum Section 4: Personal Collections (A-L).

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M3083.

Biographical / Historical

Admiral Sir Graham Eden Hamond (1779-1862). Son of Captain Sir Andrew Snape Hamond (1738-1828), Controller of the Navy. G.E. Hamond entered the navy in 1785 and was Commander in Chief, South American Station, 1834-1838. He had 2 sons Vice Admiral Sir Andrew Snape Hamond-Graeme (1811-1874) and Commander Graham E.W. Hamond (d.1847).

Queen Pomare, 2 August 1843 (File HAM/79)

Queen Pomare (Papeete) to Commodore [Andrew Snape Hamond] regretting his departure, thanking him for his assistance. (Translation, copy). (2p.)

Vice Admiral Andrew Snape Hamond, 7 May 1846 (File HAM/119)

Andrew Snape Hamond (Salamander, Tahiti) to his father, Sir Graham Eden Hamond, re his marriage in Tahiti [to Mary Miller]; jilting Augusta Leigh; the situation in Tahiti 'we are as far from conciliating the natives as ever and only think of subduing them by the sword'; the French; 'desperate fighting at Huahine'. (4p.)

Fonds HEN. Vice Admiral William Hannam Henderson, 1867 - 1924

30 items

Archival History

National Maritime Museum Section 4: Personal Collections (A-L).

Originally filmed on AJCP reels M3083-M3085.


Australia: visits to; Eclipse (ship); Garnet, HMS (ship); Hawaii; Henderson, William H., Vice-Admiral; LiverpoolHMS (ship).

Biographical / Historical

Vice Admiral William Hannam Henderson (1845-1930). Entered navy in 1859, and took part in the voyage of circumnavigation carried out by the flying squadron in 1869-1870 in Liverpool. From 1872-1875 he served on Peterel on the Pacific Station. He was promoted commander in 1879 and captain in 1886. From 1881-1885 he served in Australia in Nelson. He was a founder and editor of Naval Review from 1913.

Series HEN/1/3. Special letters, 18 July 1875 - 2 November 1884

11 items

Filmed selectively.

Henderson (Peterel, at sea) to his mother, 18 July 1875 (File)

Re voyage to Chatham Islands; bad situation of natives; voyage to Honolulu. (16p., part crossed)

Henderson (Peterel, at sea) to his father, 4 September 1875 (File)

Re conditions on board; situation in Sandwich Islands; Honolulu; prices of goods. (12p.)

Henderson (Peterel, Sandwich Islands) to mother, 10 October 1875 (File)

Re voyage round other islands with Mr Wodehouse; coffee tree blight; labour problems; native population; missionaries; leprosy. (8p., part crossed.)

Henderson (Peterel, Kaloa) to Flora re visit to Kauai. (4p.), 7 November 1875 (File)
Henderson (Peterel, at sea) to father, 10 February 1876 (File)

Re visit to Tahiti 'a pretty island'; natives and liquor problem, Queen Pomare. (8p.)

Henderson (Nelson, Kawan Island) to father, 16 July 1882 (File)

Re voyage from Auckland; Rotorua; White terrace 'largest and finest'. (10p.)

Henderson (Nelson) to mother re Bay of Islands; Norfolk Island. (10p.), 10 August 1882 (File)
Remarks on Norfolk Island. (8p.), 25 May 1883 (File)
Remarks on Fiji. (6p.), 23 June 1883 (File)
Henderson (Nelson, Erromango) to father with impressions of Fiji. (10p.), 26 July 1883 (File)
Remarks on New Guinea and its annexation. (34p.), 2 November 1884 (File)

Series HEN/1/6. Correspondence, May 1869 - November 1870

1 item
Henderson (Liverpool at sea, Rio, Monte Video, Cape of Good Hope, Melbourne, Hobart, Auckland, Honolulu, Valparaiso) to his parents re round the world trip, 14 May 1869 - 22 November 1870 (File)

Subjects include: other members of crew; Madeira; arrival at Melbourne; movements of other ships; impressions of New Zealand 'towns not to be compared to Australia but the country is magnificent'.

(120p., many crossed pages).

Series HEN/1/7. Correspondence, August 1875 - December 1875

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Henderson (Peterel, Honolulu) to parents re visit to Sandwich Islands. (14p.), 18 August 1875 - 3 December 1875 (File)

Series HEN/1/10. Correspondence, October 1881 - July 1885

1 item
Henderson (Nelson, Madeira, Cape Town, Fremantle, Albany, Sydney, Hobart, Wellington, Auckland, Melbourne, Glenelg, Suva, Adelaide, Moreton Bay, Russell Vale, New Guinea, Tamar, at sea) to his parents, 9 October 1881 - 17 July 1885 (File)

Subjects include: voyage to Australia; social events at Fremantle; colonial government starting own navy; girls of Hobart; naval exercises at Hobart; 'Hobart inhabitants are more homely in their ways than Melbourne and Sydney'; social events in Sydney; death of native on Cormorant; building of house for Commodore; social events in New Zealand; pheasant problem 'they eat out the sheep'; visit to Russell Vale; Melbourne compared to Sydney; trip up Mt Lofty; visit to Port Arthur with Governor 'the old convict settlement there has been given up 7 years ... the place is rapidly falling into decay'; attending debates of Legislative Assemble in Sydney; children's party on board; sugar industry in Fiji and labour problem; induction of Bishop; Commodore's coxswain admitted to lunatic asylum; voyage to Port Moresby; Rev.Chalmers; voyage home on Tamar.

(366p, some faint letters.)

Series HEN/1/14. Correspondence to his father, January 1874 - April 1893

1 item
Henderson (Peterel, Honolulu; Garnet, Rio; Nelson, Sydney, Moreton Bay, Hobart; Wellington, Portsmouth) to his father, mainly about his father's affairs, 23 January 1874 - 27 April 1893 (File)

Subjects include: Ned's [his brother] position in New Zealand; Sir G.Whitmore; visits to MacCabe Family of Russell Vale; death of his mother; problems for ships going to Brisbane due to shallowness of Moreton Bay; his marriage to 'Queen' [Sarah MacCabe of Russell Vale, NSW].

(70p., some crossed letters).

Series HEN/1/16. Miscellaneous letters, February 1902 - April 1913

9 items

All letters to Henderson unless noted.

Filmed selectively.

S. F. Pearce (Department of Defence, Australia) re Henderson's visit to Melbourne, 13 October 1911 (File Folder 1)
Mrs MacGeorge (Dunedin) re her resignation from Eugenics Education Society, 13 January 1913 (File Folder 1)
J. A. Boyd (Port Melbourne) re VTS John Murray, 23 September 1911 (File Folder 1)
J. J. S. Harvey (Canterbury) thanking Henderson for helping Jack, 27 January 1913 (File Folder 2)
Jack Harvey (Sydney) that has secured job with Canada Cycle and Motor Agency, 4 April 1913 (File Folder 2)
Correspondence from Sir George Clarke (Government House, Melbourne) (20p.), 23 February [1902], 22 June [1902], 18 September 1902, 7 June 1903 (File Folder 3)

Subjects include: settling in at Melbourne; Boer War; Tariff Bill; Education Bill; 'there is a great deal of work to do in the state and I am studying its domestic questions very carefully'; position of Governor.

Letters from Bombay were not filmed by the AJCP.

Correspondence from his brother E. (Ned) Henderson (Te Araroa, Gisborne) to Henderson (8p.), 12 January 1904, 10 July 1906, 10 April 1907 (File Folder 6)

Subjects include: introducing George Boyd; Seddon 'does pretty much as he likes'; buying a flax mill.

Devonport Free Library and Museum acknowledging gift of New Guinea spears, photograph album and books on Australia, New Zealand, 16 March 1906 (File Folder 6)
J. Valentine (Auckland) re enquiry into medical and nursing facilities in the country, 24 March 1912 (File Folder 9)

Midwives are required to help those unfortunate women who are really the back bone of Empire and who are keeping up the birthrate under the most appalling conditions'; eugenics; change of government. (4p.)

Series HEN/12/1. Private orderbook HMS Crocodile and Liverpool

Ms notes on HMS Liverpool, sea routine; watch keeping; discipline; rules, customs, etc; stations; drills; flying squadron.


Series HEN/16. Photograph album, 1867 - 1870

Australian, New Zealand and Honolulu photographs. (18p.)

Includes: panorama of Melbourne; [Indigenous Australians]; Sydney Harbour; Hobart; Flying squadron at Hobart; Lyttelton; Maoris; Wellington; Flying squadron at Auckland; Hawaiian women; Honolulu.

Filmed selectively.

Series HEN/19. Photograph album, 1882 - 1907

Australian and New Zealand photographs (146p.)

Includes: HMS Nelson at Sydney, the ship's company, in dock at Melbourne, Brisbane, Farm Cove, Botanic Gardens, exhibition hall before and after destruction by fire; Sydney University, Argyle cut, Circular Quay, Mt Wilson, Grose Valley, Picton, ford over Nepean River, Emu Plains, Zig Zag Railway, Blue Mountains, coal trains at Newcastle docks, Lord Howe Island, Melbourne, Adelaide, Aborigines, Hobart, Mt Wellington, convict settlement at Port Arthur, Launceston, White and pink terraces at Tauranga, active geyser, forest scenery, New Zealand, native villages Fiji, natives in New Hebrides, taken by Commander W.A.Acland, natives at Port Moresby, raising the flag at Stacey Island, New Guinea, Illawarra, Mt Keira Mine, Russell Vale, moon from Melbourne Observatory, 1 September 1873, NSW Volunteers Artillery, map of Port Jackson, 1882, panorama of Sydney Harbour, Kinembla Pass, Victoria.

Filmed selectively.

Series HEN/27. Articles on Round World Cruises, 1869 - 1924

3 items
Midshipman W.R. Gordon. The Special Service Squadron World Cruise, (63p., printed), 1923 - 1924 (File A)
Lt W.H. Henderson. The cruise of the Flying Squadron round the world, (65p., printed), 1869 - 1870 (File B)
Proof copy with MS alterations of Parts of A and B. (66p.), n.d. (File C)

Fonds HPE. Rear Admiral Charles Hope, 1844 - 1845

2 items

Archival History

National Maritime Museum Section 4: Personal Collections (A-L).

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M3085.


East Indies Station; French in the Pacific; Hope, Charles, Capt..

Biographical / Historical

Rear Admiral Charles Hope (1798-1854). Entered navy in 1811, promoted Lieutenant 1822 and Captain in 1826. Between 1841-1845 he commanded Thalia on East Indies and Pacific Stations.

Orderbook Thalia, February 1844 - September 1845 (File HPE/4)

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Hope (Thalia, Bombay, Sydney, Tahiti, Valparaiso, Mazatlan) to other officers, including A.S. Hamond, Captain of Salamander, Tahiti. (47p.), February 1844 - September 1845 (Item)

Subjects include: state of provisions; medical survey of crew; movements of other ships; conditions in Tahiti; position of 'unfortunate' Queen; relations with French; support to be offered to British Subjects in Tahiti; ship's equipment.

Includes: Remark Book for 1844 detailing proceedings of Thalia to Sandwich Islands via Sydney. 'I found the navigation of the long dreaded Bass Straits very simple indeed'; voyage to Tahiti via Honolulu; voyage from Tahiti to Valparaiso.

Out letterbook, Thalia, March 1844 - December 1844 (File HPE/5)

Filmed selectively.

Copies of letters from Hope, 15 March 1844 - 9 December 1844 (Item ff. 67-170)

Copies of letters from Hope (Thalia, Sydney, Tahiti, Honolulu, Valparaiso, San Blas) to Admiralty and others (including M. Bruat) reporting proceedings of the ship.

Subjects include: reports on crew, equipment and provisions; conditions in New Zealand, relations between settlers and natives; reports of French in Tahiti; position of Queen Pomare; raising of French flag by settlers; French attacks on natives; imprisonment of British subjects 'they were fastened to a bar of iron and were only allowed to go out three times a day to perform the functions of nature'; regrets cannot remain to protect Queen Pomare; landing British Consul General Miller; refuses to salute French flag; 'the French are detested by the Tahitians'; missionary activities, success of French Catholic priests; hoisting of French flag on Wallis Island; not able to visit Pitcairn Island due to lack of fuel and adverse winds; situation of Pitcairn Islanders; Commodore Bruat objects to HM Consul raising flag at Tahiti; carrying distressed British subjects from Sandwich and Society Islands; seizure of Hannah of Sydney at Chatham Islands by William Ellis; French Mission to Navigator's Islands.[Formerlly LBK 43]

Includes index at front of volume.

Fonds HOW. Admiral Viscount Richard Howe, 1786

1 items

Archival History

National Maritime Museum Section 4: Personal Collections (A-L).

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M3085.

Biographical / Historical

Admiral Viscount Richard Howe (1726-1799). Entered navy in 1740, served on Guinea coast, West Indies, Mediterranean and North America. MP for Dartmouth, 1757 and succeeded his brother to the Irish peerage in 1758. Lord of the Admiralty, 1765-1790, Treasurer of the Navy, First Lord of the Admiralty, 1783.

Admiral John Blankett (22p., faint), August 1786 - November 1786 (File HOW/3)

5 items
John Blankett ( to Lords of Admiralty re suitability of Madagascar for convict settlement, 6 August [1786], 16 August [1786], 27 October [1786], 6 November 1786 (Item)

References to French activities; commercial settlement in Malacca; proposed settlement of New Holland.

Sketch respecting the Island of Madagascar, 1786 (Item)
Reasons for an establishment at Madagascar, 1786 (Item)

'In disposing of the convicts two objectives seem to present themselves. The first to send them from this country at the least expense possible and the second to make their future labour and subsistence serviceable to the state.'

Description of places on the East side of the Gulf of Bengal proper for a settlement, from a paper delivered at Madras, 1786 (Item)

Fonds IVR. Invernairn Papers, 1902 - 1914

8 items

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

National Maritime Museum Section 4: Personal Collections (A-L).

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M3085.


Discovery, HMS (1776–1795) (ship).

Biographical / Historical

Sir William Beardmore, later Lord Invernairn (1856-1936) employed Ernest Shackleton for a short time in 1906. Lord and Lady Invernairn remained friends of Shackleton and helped finance his Antarctic venture in 1907.

Discovery concert programme, (1p.), 1902 (File IVR/1)

The Blizzard (10p.), May 1902 (File IVR/2)

Newsletter with poems, sketches etc.

E.A. Wilson. Sketches. (3p.), n.d. (File IVR/3)

Includes: planting the ice anchors.

Poem entitled 'Dawn', signed Fitz. Clarence, n.d. (File IVR/4)

'Acrostic I', n.d. (File IVR/5)

Signed photograph of Sir Ernest Shackleton, n.d. (File IVR/6)

Menu for welcome home dinner to officers of National Antarctic Expedition, Savage Club. (2p.), 5 November 1904 (File IVR/7)

Shackleton to Elspeth Beardmore, 13 May 1907 - 29 October 1907 (File IVR/8)

Re the expedition 'there are 1000 and 1 things to do'; renaming ship; choosing shore party. (3 letters)

Other letters are closed until 2000.

Telegrams from Shackleton (Marseilles) to Elspeth Beardmore that leaving Marseilles, 25 October [1907]; 1 November 1907 (File IVR/9)

Two newspaper cuttings re Shackleton, 1909 (File IVR/10)

Shackleton to Elspeth Beardmore re 1907 expedition (18p.), 30 June 1907 - 14 January 1914 (File IVR/11)

Queen gave him a flag; 'it is due more to Will than to anyone else that the expedition was enabled to go'; naming mountain after her and glacier after Will; the Imperial Trans-Antarctic expedition, 1914; 'looking forward to carrying out the last big thing to be done in the South'. (letter of 24 June, incomplete.)

Fonds JON. Jones Family, 1841 - 1846

3 items

Archival History

National Maritime Museum Section 4: Personal Collections (A-L).

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M3085.


Curacoa, HMS (ship).

Biographical / Historical

Captain Jenkin Jones (c.1793-1843) became a lieutenant in 1813 and commander in 1816, being appointed to Julia. In 1839 he commanded Curacoa on the South American station.

Series JON/4. Log of Curacoa, South America, August 1841 - November 1841

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Visit to Pitcairn, Society and Sandwich Islands. (70p.), 16 August 1841 - 6 November 1841 (File)

Details of: course, winds, weather, remarks - Pitcairn Island; George Adams on board; anchorage in Matavai Bay, Tahiti; Queen Pomare sends cocoa nuts and bananas; Queen comes on board; Owhyhee; John Adams, Governor on board; Honolulu; American ships in harbour; King of Sandwich Islands on board; Monterrey.

Series JON/5. Letterbook, August 1841 - November 1841

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Jones (Curacoa, Morea) to Rear Admiral C. Ross. (16p.), 1841-08-31 - 1841-09-06; 1841-11-06 (File)

Re Pacific voyage; incorrect charts; Pitcairn Island; supplied islanders with arms and ammunition; influenza epidemic; condition of islanders; bartering; Matavai Bay; French; shameful conduct of Mr Cook, introducing small pox from Don Quixote; petition to France to assume protectorate of Tahiti; meeting with Queen Pomare.

Also includes:Jones (Curacoa, Monterrey Bay) to Rear Admiral Ross. Re quarantine laws at Tahiti; volcano on Owhyhee; Honolulu; complaints of British subjects in Honolulu; English trade with Sandwich Islands. (8p)

Series JON/101-104. Commander William Henry Jones-Byrom, August 1845 - September 1846

1 item

Biographical / Historical

Commander William Henry Jones-Byrom (1829-1867). Son of Jenkin Jones; entered navy 1844 in Collingwood, became a lieutenant in 1850 and served in the Baltic, Black Sea and China.

Log of Collingwood, South America; Odin, Palermo, August 1845 - September 1846 (File JON/101)
2 items

Filmed selectively.

Pacific Voyage. (48p.), 1 August 1845 - 1 December 1845 (Item [A])

Details of course, wind, weather, remarks - duties, sails set.

Places mentioned include: Disappointment Isles; Owyhee; Wahoo; Papeete.

Honolulu. (5p.), 7 August 1846 - 9 September 1846 (Item [B])

Details of course, wind, weather, remarks - duties; arrival of other ships in Harbour; divine service; sails set.

Remainder of log concerns South American coast only.

Fonds KEL. Sir William Archibald Howard Kelly, 1933 - 1938

3 items

Archival History

National Maritime Museum Section 4: Personal Collections (A-L).

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M3086.


Australia: visits to.

Biographical / Historical

Sir William Archibald Howard Kelly (1873-1952). Entered navy in 1886 and retired in 1936. In 1938 he visited Australia and made a number of pronouncements on Australian naval defences.

Newspaper cuttings, October 1938 (File KEL/51)

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Australian envelope, October 1938 (Item)

Press cuttings from Australian newspapers, re Sir Howard Kelly's visit to Australia. (c.13 cuttings).

Includes: 'An expert examines our naval defences' Adelaide Advertiser. 21 October 1938.

Various Papers, February 1938 - October 1938 (File KEL/53)

2 items

Filmed selectively.

'World Affairs: Singapore base'. Paper by Kelly broadcast on BBC, 14 February 1938 (Item [A])

Draft and final copy. (24p.)

'It must be readily capable of defence against attack, both by land and by sea.'

Managing Director, Advertiser (Adelaide) to Kelly (Fremantle) re his article on Australian naval defences, 21 October 1938 (Item [B])

Papers on naval topics, 1933 - 1937 (File KEL/54)

3 items

Filmed selectively.

Defence expenditure of Great Britain and Dominions, (1p.), 1933 - 1937 (Item [A])
'The Navy and the Empire' paper by Kelly. (14p.), 19 July 1935 (Item [B])

References to Australian navy.

[Review of paper on 'Strategic Position of the British Empire', by the Australian Delegation], (8p.), n.d. (Item [C])

Fonds KEN. James Branch Kennedy, 1849 - 1863

8 items

Archival History

National Maritime Museum Section 4: Personal Collections (A-L).

Originally filmed on the AJCP reel M3086.

Biographical / Historical

James Branch Kennedy (1816-c.1891). Master mariner, first mate on Medway, 1849-1852 and commander of Racer, 1862-1863.

Series KEN/1. Logs of Tigris, Medway, Aries, April 1849 - September 1853

4 items

Filmed selectively.

Log of three voyages of Medway to Port Philip with emigrants and returns to London, 13 April 1849 - 27 September 1852 (File [A])

Details of: course; weather; 'single women continue to flirt with two of the crew'; performed divine service; emigrants suffering from heat; sighting other ships; death of child; Cape Otway; couple of emigrants married by the surgeon; people come on board to hire servants and labourers; return voyage with passengers; second voyage to Port Phillip; lighthouse at Shortlands Bluff; voyage to Ceylon and back to London; third voyage to Port Phillip; return to England.

2nd and 3rd voyage give details of course, wind, weather only.


Log of Aries, Colombo to Port Phillip, 8 August 1853 - 26 September 1853 (File [B])

Details of: course, winds, weather, remarks - performed divine service; sails set; sighting Cape Pigeons; sighting other ships.


From back of volume: Notes on Port of Melbourne 'one of most expensive in world'. (4p.), n.d. (File [C])
From back of volume: Draft letter? re sailing in Australian waters, (5p.), n.d. (File [D])

Series KEN/2. Log of Racer, 31 August 1862 - 27 October 1863

Log of voyages Melbourne/Calcutta/Melbourne/Calcutta/Mauritius/England. (202p.)

Details of: course, winds, remarks - sails set, stormy weather; performed divine service; Bramble Cay - coral formations; grounding on reef; use of boats to pull her off on rising tide; heaving ballast overboard; Coconut Island; discharged Calcutta pilot; cyclonic weather; met American ship bound for Cape Otway; anchoring at Light ship; keeping company with French ship to Batavia; Bramble Cay soundings; 'those rocks are certainly very ugly looking places'; dined on board Vellore - carrying horses for Batavia; Booby Island 'found letters left by Pioneer, took them to post'; one of the kangaroos on board breaks a leg; part of voyage to England.

Series KEN/5. Logs of Racer, 1862, Canopus, 1865, Hornet, 1867, May 1862 - August 1862

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Log of Racer, London to Melbourne. (22p.), 10 May 1862 - 9 August 1862 (File)

Incorrectly named Medway on first page.

Details of: course, wind, weather, remarks - in company with other ships; sighted whirlwind; 'many birds about'.

Series KEN/10. Letterbook, May 1862 - September 1863

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Copies of Kennedy's letters (Racer) to Joshua Bros. (Melbourne and London) reporting proceedings of the ship. (34p.), 3 May 1862 - 28 September 1863 (File)

Subjects include: leaving Gravesend; absentee crew; accounts; damage done by 'hurricane'; ship's performance; passage through Torres Straits and grounding on coral reef of Bramble Cay; methods used to refloat ship; damage to ship observed when in dry dock at Calcutta and repairs effected; loading rice in Calcutta; demand for passages to Australia from Calcutta, charging £180 for cabin and £130 for steerage passengers; loading cargo in Melbourne for Calcutta; loading rice and oats for Mauritius; leaving Port Louis for Scilly.

Series KEN/14. Account book, 1862 - 1863

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Accounts concerning Racer (50p.), 1862 - 1863 (File)

Includes: crew pay lists; disbursements in Melbourne; disbursements in Calcutta.

Fonds BRA. British Records Association, 1831

1 item

Archival History

National Maritime Museum Section 5: Artificial collections previously assembled.

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M3038.

Indenture that John King apprenticed to William Mellish, owner of Sir Andrew Hammond, employed in Southern Whale Fishing (2p.), 7 May 1831 (File BRA/16/766)

Fonds BRK. Barker Collection, 1775 - 1868

6 items

Collection formed by Robert Edward Barker, a Customs House Official of Bristol.

Archival History

National Maritime Museum Section 5: Artificial collections previously assembled.

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M3038.


Banks, Sir Joseph; Challenger, HMS (ship); Fly, HMS (ship); Ince, J.M.R..

Series BRK/4-5. George W. Anderson. A new authentic and complete collection of voyages round the world undertaken and performed by Royal Authority. Captain Cook: 1st, 2nd and 3rd voyages. London (2 Vols), March 1775 - 1868

6 items

Filmed selectively.

Volume 1, March 1775 - 1868 (File BRK/4)
4 items
Autographs of Captain Cook and Officers of the Endeavour, n.d. (Item Frontispiece)
Cook (Charing Cross) to Joseph Banks re Lord Sandwich approval of his voyage (Copy) (2p.), n.d. (Item f. 7)
Plan made by Barker in 1868 of the Adventure (2p.), 1868 (Item f.109)
Cook (Resolution, Cape of Good Hope) to Lord Sandwich re voyage (Copy) (1p.), 22 March 1775 (Item f. 193)
Volume 2, February 1776 - January 1780 (File BRK/5)
7 items
Webber to Thomas Wyatt re collecting up all prints and papers (2p.), n.d. (Item f.405)
Cook (Cape of Good Hope) to William Strahan re progress of voyage (Copy) (2p.), 5 November 1776 (Item f. 415)
Cook (Cape of Good Hope) to Banks re progress of voyage, Omai is in good health; Dutch attempted to steal the sheep (4p.), 26 November 1776 (Item f. 415)
Correspondence between Mr Smith and Mr Phillips, 13 February 1791 (Item)

Death of Captain Cook.

Cook (London) to Sayer (Fleet Street) re North American Pilot (Copy) (1p.), 26 February 1776 (Item f. 589)
John Manley [] to Mrs Cook re sets of Cook's voyages (2p.), 17 May 1777 (Item f. 589)
J.L. Re Cook's parents (2p.), 30 November 1878? (Item f. 589)
Lord Sandwich to [Unknown] re news of death of Captain Cook, 10 January 1780 (Item f. 595)

Series BRK/6-8. Logs of H.M.S. Challenger, kept by J.M.R. Ince, December 1828 - June 1833

2 items

Filmed selectively.

Log of H.M.S. Challenger, 14 December 1828 - 14 September 1829 (File BRK/6)

Places visited include: Tristan da Cunha, Cape of Good Hope, Rottnest Island, Cockburn Sound, Cocos Island.

Details of: Course, wind, weather, remarks - sails set, weather, duties on board, taking formal possession of West coast of New Holland (2nd May 1829) - 'sent a party to the main with tents to commence forming the settlement near Swan River consisting of Lieut. Henry, Lieut. Griffin ...', working parties on shore helping settlement building houses etc., arrival of St. Leonard with cattle and stores for colony.


Abstract log and poems and sketches (57p.), 26 December 1828 - 11 June 1833 (File BRK/8)

Places visited include: Cape of Good Hope, Rottnest Island, Cocos Island, India, Pulo Penang, Hobart, Sydney, Tahiti, Pitcairn Island, Valparaiso, Rio de Janeiro.

Details of: Course, position, weather.

Series BRK/10-11. Logs of H.M.S. Fly, kept by J.M.R. Ince, November 1842 - July 1846

2 items
Logs of H.M.S. Fly, 27 November 1842 - 21 November 1843 (File BRK/10)

Places visited include: Port Stephens, Sandy Cape, Heron Island, Port Bowen, Cape Upstart, Great Barrier Reef, Wednesday Island, North West Cape of New Holland, Rottnest Island, Fremantle, Van Diemen's Land.

Details of: Course, wind, weather, remarks - duties onboard, sails set, holding Divine Service, soundings, punishments, speaking to other ships.


Logs of H.M.S. Fly, 22 November 1843 - 3 April 1845; 8 April 1846 - 4 July 1846 (File BRK/11)

Places visited include: Van Diemen's Land, Port Jackson, Great Barrier Reef, Mount Adolphus, Sir Charles Hardy Islands, Sourabaya Roads, Sandlewood Island, Booby Island, Cape York, Saddle Island, Torres Strait, Darnley Island, Cape of Good Hope, St. Helena.

Details of: Course, wind, weather, remarks - duties onboard, punishments, taking soundings, wreck of Archibald Campbell on Great Barrier Reef, working on Rainers Island, landed Crown prisoners at Port Essington who has been employed on Rainers Island.


Fonds GAB. George Hugh Gabb Collection, 1796 - 1839

2 items

Archival History

National Maritime Museum Section 5: Artificial collections previously assembled.

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M3038.


Banks, Sir Joseph.

Biographical / Historical

George Hugh Gabb (1880-1930).

Correspondence, June 1796 (File 2B)

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Sir Joseph Banks (Soho Square) to M. Billardiere re restoring the collections made on his recent voyage (4p.), 9 June 1796 (Item)

Sir William Hooker (Glasgow) to Sir John Franklin (Van Diemen's Land), 16 September 1839 (File 7)

Introducing his son Joseph who is to sail on Terror and Erebus expedition as Assistant Surgeon and Botanist (4p.)

Fonds GNS. H.M.S. Ganges Museum, 1888 - 1889

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

National Maritime Museum Section 5: Artificial collections previously assembled.

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M3038.


Duke of Wellington, HMS (ship).

Series GNS/4. Log books of Swiftsure and Duke of Wellington, kept by Midshipman J.A. Waugh (235p.), 24 April 1888 - July 1889

Places visited include: Madeira, Rio de Janiero, Valparaiso, Callao, Galapagos Islands, Honolulu, Acapulco, Panama, Galapagos Islands, Mazattan.

Details of: Course, wind, weather, remarks - duties onboard, sails set, Divine Service, punishments.

Includes: Track charts and water colour sketches of life on board, islands and places visited.

Fonds PHB. Sir Thomas Phillipps Collection, 1812 - [n.d.]

1 item

Archival History

National Maritime Museum Section 5: Artificial collections previously assembled.

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M3039.

Biographical / Historical

Sir Thomas Phillipps (1792-1872). Collector and owner, at his death, of the most famous private library in Europe.

Anonymous. Voyage to St. Helena, Bencoolen and China in the H.C.S. Ceres, 24 December 1812 - [n.d.] (File PHB/7)

Verse account of voyage in Ceres.

Places visited include: St. Helena, Sumatra, Rat Island, Ceylon, Penang, Singapore, Wampoa, Straits of Sunda.

Details of: Duties onboard; ceremonies of crossing the line; death of John Cheaper, falling from rigging; no spirits allowed on St. Helena; taking on cargo of pepper at Rat Island; voyage home.


Fonds RUSI. Royal United Services Institution, 1776 - c.1884

15 items

Manuscripts collected by the Royal United Services Institution, which was founded in 1916.

Archival History

National Maritime Museum Section 5: Artificial collections previously assembled.

Originally filmed on AJCP reels M3039-M3040.


Barracouta, HMS (ship); Bounty, HMS (ship); Brookes, W.T.; Discovery, HMS (1776–1795) (ship); East Indies; Fryer, John; Gregorie, G.W., Lieut.; Guardian, HMS (ship).

Series RUSI/NM/46. John Fryer. Narrative of the Mutiny on the Bounty, c. 4 April 1789

Sailing from Otaheite on 4 April 1789 with the breadfruit; words between Bligh and Christian; the mutiny; Fryer is relieved of his pistols; Fryer is allowed on deck to speak to Bligh and Christian 'I whispered to Captain Bligh to keep heart up'; Fryer ordered into the boat; causes of the mutiny; the voyage in the launch; landing on small island in search of supplies; buying provisions from natives; attacked by natives; Fryer and others in the boat also knew of Timor 'Mr Peckover was the first that mentioned Timor as he had seen the island when he came through the Straits of New Holland with Captain Cook'; observations made during the voyage; Restoration Isle; sighting other islands; landing on Timor; welcomed by Dutch officials; list of persons under arms, guarding Bligh; list of those who remained onboard who wished to come into the boat.


Series RUSI/NM/126. Admiral George H. Douglas Papers, November 1839 - June 1844

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Biographical / Historical

Admiral George H. Douglas (1821-1905).

H.M.S. Wanderer at Murdoo: a reminiscence of the island of Sumatra (40p.), c. 19 November 1839 - 28 June 1844 (File 9)

Details of: Leaving Sheerness, 19 November 1839; capturing slaves off Africa; January 1844 sent to Straits of Malacca to avenge plundering of merchant ship by pirates; attacked by pirates, 4 February 1844; attacked by battery at Murdoo; landing party captures guns; Union Jack hoisted; Mr Brookes wounded; sailed to Penang and landed Mr Brookes; voyage home - 28 June 1844.

Series RUSI/NM/138. G.W. Gregorie. Journal of a voyage from Sydney to Pitcairn and Norfolk island on board the Morayshire, 23 February 1856 - 8 June 1856

Voyage taking Pitcairn Islanders to Norfolk Island.


Details of: Course, position, leaving Sydney under tow by tug; weather; landing on Norfolk Island and Phillip Island to leave supplies; sailing to Pitcairn Island; reading Governor's letter to population assembled in school house; changes since previous visit in Juno; people divided on moving; people pack up belongings; loadings ship; 'no body appeared the least downcast at leaving, but there was a continued joking and laughing going the whole time as if the whole affair was a jubilee'; organised into family messes; taking Bounty's gun aboard; Islanders seasick; excitement at sighting other land; 24 May Islanders cannot perform dance for Queen's Birthday; excitement at sighting Norfolk Island 'it was a most interesting sight to see their eager countenances and eyes straining to catch a glimpse of their new home'; unloading; people pleased with new houses.

Copy also: Calculations and observations at end of volume.

Series RUSI/NM/162. Journal of a voyage from Batavia in the Island of Java on board Bengal (121p., damaged), 30 March 1815 - 3 August 1815

Details of: Other passengers and crew; weather; sighting flying fish; position; service read by Captain; death of crewman; gales 'ship lying over very much half the deck under water'; landing in Cape Town; visit to orange and lemon groves; bullock trains; price of bread; Table Mountains proved too steep to climb; St. Helena - learnt Bonaparte was on the throne of France and war between England and France; crossing the line; fired on by strange ships; take on Pilot - news of Battle of Waterloo; Dover.

Copy also: 'Dialogue for the year 2130' at front of volume.

Dialogue between Lord A and Sir James B., mention of shooting party composed of 'a chinese (a pleasant man), two South Americans, the Duke of Parramatta, the Australian Ambassador and a New Zealand man'.

Series RUSI/NM/169. Commander Henderson? Watch and Quarterbook of H.M.S. Nelson, Australian Station, c.1884

Includes: Procedures for: Stations; prepare for action; general quarters; fire quarters; organisation for landing; abandon ship; out anchor; stations of upper yardmen; sails.

Description and particulars of H.M.S. Nelson.

Details of Ships complement - details of crew and cause of leaving ship 'run at Adelaide' etc.

Abstract of summary punishment 30 September 1881 - 14 January 1885.


Series RUSI/NM/194. Captain W.F. Owen. Account of his services in East Indies, 20 August 1811 - 10 October 1811

Account of military action in East Indies, by Commander of H.M.S. Barracouta

Places mentioned include: Japara, Lerang, Sourabeya, Batavia, Sunda, Malacca, Madura, Java, Catapan, Besookie, Bangur, Sumatra.

Also includes: Remarks on the East Indies, natives, pirates, Chinese, Dutch policy 'this fruitful country is now open to ravage from every petty party of bonditti which the little isles from Rhio to Banca vomit forth by shoals and without mercy in the Javarr Seas'.


Series RUSI/NM/235/ER. Captain Edward Riou Collection, February 1776 - 1801

9 items

Captain Edward Riou (1762-1801). Riou entered the Navy in 1774, joining the Barflour at Portsmouth. In 1776 he sailed in Discovery on Cook's 3rd voyage. On his return in 1780 he was promoted Lieutenant and served in the West Indies and Channel. In 1789 he was appointed to Command the Guardian, carrying convicts and stores to Australia. The ship struck an iceberg and was badly damaged, but Riou managed to sail her back to the Cape of Good Hope. He returned home in Sphinx in 1791. He was killed at the Battle of Copenhagen in 1801.

Filmed selectively.

Biographical notes (16p.), n.d. (File 1)

Notes on the Riou Family, Edward Riou's early life and naval service, his voyages with Captain Cook, and appointment to Guardian; the circumstances of hitting the iceberg and being towed by whalers into Table Bay; his later career and death.

Copy also: Transcription of inscription on monument to James Robert Mosse and Edward Riou.

Discovery log (342p.), 10 February 1776 - 30 October 1778 (File 2/1)

Details of: Winds; weather; course; duties onboard; taking on stores; with Resolution at Plymouth; voyage to Cape of Good Hope; taking on stores at Table Bay; voyage to South Seas; sighting islands and rocks; position of Resolution; observations at Adventure Bay, Van Diemen's Land; voyage to New Zealand; observations at Charlotte's Sound, New Zealand; voyage to Otaheite; descriptions and position of islands sighted; Palmerston Isles; Annamoke; Rotterdam Isles 'read an order from Captain Cook for prohibiting any person trading except those appointed by the Captains'; Middleburgh; Isle of Otona; sightings of birds, seaweeds, driftwood; 5 April 1778 'natives surrounded the ships in a hostile manner'; Providence Bay.

Computations, 1789 Guardian (76p.), 11 September 1789 - 20 February 1790 (File 3/8)

Observations; altitude of the sun; distances observed of the moon.

Sketchbook from Guardian (72p.), c. 1790 (File 3/9)

Includes: Sketches of people at Cape of Good Hope, Isle of St. Helena; Isle of Ascension. Berg River farm and estate showing death of hippopotamuses.

Correspondence, November 1789 - July 1791 (File 4/2)
6 items

Filmed selectively.

Biographical notes (14p.), n.d. (Item [A])
Letters to his family from Cape of Good Hope (56p.), 4 November 1789 - 26 January 1791 (Item [B])

Subjects include: Life on Guardian carrying convicts and supplies to Port Jackson 'I verily believe the few convicts I have onboard never were so happy in their lives, plenty to eat, with little to do and less to think of'; that he is safe at Cape of Good Hope; sending the Guardian's stores on to Port Jackson by other ships; the condition of Guardian; activities in Cape Town; 'my situation begins to weary me'.

Admiralty to Riou re circumstances of loss of Guardian and his actions; orders to return to England (4p.), 8 October 1790 (Item [C])
Riou (London) to Lord [Unknown] exonerating crew of Guardian, 28 June 1791 (Item [D])
Riou ( to Navy Commissioners re Guardian pay books, 11 July 1791 (Item [D])
Universal Magazine (4p.) re Riou at Cape of Good Hope, July 1790 (Item [E])
Observations etc. by R.F. [Purser Farquarson] (51p.), 22 December 1789 - 19 January 1790 (File 7/1)

Observations relative to the loss of H.M. Guardian and the proceedings of the officers and the men who embarked in the launch of the said ship and were the 10th day picked up by the Viscountess of Bantany, French merchant ship.

Account of collision with iceberg, damage sustained by Guardian; boats launched and provisioned; Riou stays onboard Guardian; names of crew on the launch; rations while adrift; rescued by Viscountess Bantanie (sic) on 3 Jan.; conditions onboard the French ship; landing at Cape of Good Hope.

Includes: Typed transcript. (48p., two pages 14)

Remarks at sea (31p.), 23 November 1789 - 26 December 1789 (File 7/2)

Details of: Taking on livestock at Cape; sailing from Cape of Good Hope; serving 'sour krout'; sighting iceberg on December 22; hitting iceberg; damage; pumping; cattle thrown overboard; decision to abandon ship and launch boats; remaining crew drunk; Edward Riou plans to reach Marion and Crozets Islands.

Includes: Typed transcript of part of Remarks. (19p.)

Log of Guardian (112p.), 24 December 1789 - 23 February 1790 (File 7/3)

Details of: Wind; course; weather; hitting iceberg; damage sustained; pumping; launching of boats; drunkenness amongst remaining crew and convicts; making steering machine; pumps breaking down; making raft; bailing; 'no man in the ship had ever doubled the Cape before except the Botswain and one seaman'; 22 February taken in tow by whaling boat.

Includes: Typed transcript. (99p., pagination erratic)

Guardian notebook (45p.), 1797 - 1801 (File 7/4)

Includes: Note on the Guardian, signed R. Berens, 6 September 1797.

Poem, signed W.R.

Extracts from a journal of the proceedings on board H.M. Guardian, Lieutenant Riou Commander as delivered to the Admiralty Board by Mr Clements, Master.

Boats - (account of voyage by Clement in the launch and rescue by Viscountess of Bartannie).

Letters addressed to Philip Stevens, Admiralty by Riou re Guardian, 25 December 1789, 22 February 1790.

[Account of Battle of Copenhagen.]

[Riou's later career.]

[Berens was Riou's nephew.]

Fonds WEL. Sir Henry Wellcome Collection, c.1759-1904

2 items

Archival History

National Maritime Museum Section 5: Artificial collections previously assembled.

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M3040.


Discovery, HMS (1776–1795) (ship).

Biographical / Historical

Sir Henry Wellcome (1853-1936).

Chief Officer, A.P. Jackson. Diary of voyage in Antarctic Relief Ship Terra Nova (37p.), 19 August 1903 - 29 March 1904 (File WEL/39)

Details of: Boarding ship at Dundee 'a dirty little barque'; arrangements onboard; voyage to Hobart; 'no library aboard, wish I had brought more books'; weather; Malta; Port Said; Suez Canal; Aden; trouble with drunken crew at Hobart - Mitchell sentenced to three months hard labour for assault; voyage South; Winter clothes given out; sighting icebergs; pack ice; Scott Island; met with Discovery; visited by Captain Scott; blasting away ice to release Discovery; coaling Discovery; voyage to Auckland.

At back: two menus for banquets at Christchurch, 7-8 April 1904.

2 press cuttings of photographs of Terra Nova and her officers.

Captain Thomas. Field log of HEIC Royal George (130p.), c.1759 (File WEL/45)

Log of voyage to India and back.Filmed selectively from back of book.

[Remarks on Navigation], c.1759. (130p.)

Includes: Note re discovery of Tyral rocks in 1718 by Dutch ship...lyes 30 leagues West from Coast of Holland Nova'.

Directions for sailing through Straits of Malacca.

Directions for sailing from England to China, 'it would not be improper to make the Coast of Hollanda Nova'.

Abstract of a journal of the ship Walpole from the coast of New Holland to the Ladroon Islands in China, 1759. Includes notes on birds seen near coast, surroundings taken.

Remarks of Hector making the Coast of New Holland, July 1759.

Fonds AMS. Merchant Shipping: Administration, 1865 - 1874

2 items

Archival History

National Maritime Museum Section 6: Manuscript volumes acquired singly by the museum.

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M3073.

Series AMS/22. Wages account books of Gresham and Coldstream, 1865 - 1874

2 items

Filmed selectively.

Gresham and Coldstream on voyages to Melbourne and other places, 1865 - 1874 (File AMS/22/1)
2 items
Gresham voyage to Melbourne, 1865 - 1866 (Item ff.1-45)

Details of: Pay and deductions for tobacco etc. for crew.

Gresham voyage, 1870 - 1871 (Item ff.52-62)

Details of: Pay and deductions.

Coldstream voyage, 1872 - 1873 (Item ff. 63-69)

Details of: Pay and deductions.

Coldstream voyage to Newcastle, 1873 - 1874 (Item ff.70-71)

Details of: Pay and deductions.

Account of Wages for the Gresham, 1869 - 1870 (File AMS/22/2)

Gives details of crew wages and any deductions made.

Fonds ART. Art and Architecture, 1826

1 item

Archival History

National Maritime Museum Section 6: Manuscript volumes acquired singly by the museum.

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M3073.

Coote Carroll Nelson. Sketchbook while on H.M.S. Java. [130ff.] Indexed, 1826 (File ART/9)

Includes: Sketches of Singapore; Goats Islands, Manila; Penang; Malaya Sampon; Cape Leeuwin; King George's Sound; settlement of Frederickton, Princess Royal Harbour; King George's Sound; Peter Parker Smith's house at Perth; Garden Island; Swan River.

(Pagination erratic, some pages torn out.)

Fonds BGR. Biography, 1775 - 1950

3 items

Archival History

National Maritime Museum Section 6: Manuscript volumes acquired singly by the museum.

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M3073.


Davies, Thomas, Lieut.;

Admiral Sir Charles Penrose. Memoirs of James Trevenen, December 1775 - 1783 (File BGR/2)

4 items

Published in abbreviated form in C. Lloyd and R.C. Anderson (eds.), A Memoir of James Trevenen, Navy Records Society, 1959.

Filmed selectively.

Biographical / Historical

James Trevenen (1760-1790) sailed with Cook, became a Lieutenant in the British Navy and a Post Captain in Russian Service.

Part 1: Describes his early life and education and his voyage on Cook's third voyage and friendship with Captain King, 1783 (Item ff.1-17)
Appendix Part 1, No. 1: Trevenen (Royal Academy) to brothers and mother re death of father and his appointment to Resolution, 16 January 1776; 19 December 1775 (Item ff.[5-8])
Appendix Part 1, No. 2: Trevenen (London) to his sister that Mr Knight is to speak to Captain Cook on his behalf, June 1776 (Item f.1)
Appendix Part 1, No. 3: Transcription of notes by Trevenen in the margin to his brother's copy of Cook's last voyage (Item ff.[2-16])

Includes: Notes on Christmas Island, Nootka Sound, Cook's character and the circumstances of his death.

Anthony Enright. Recollections of an ancient mariner: autobiography, 1854 - 1865 (File BGR/38 ff.98-149)

Appointment as Commander of Lightning, owned by Messrs Baines and Co.; voyage to Australia - contributes 'Our Captain's letter' to Gazette; rescue of Thomas Davies who fell overboard; arrival at Melbourne, March 1855; voyage home loaded with wool, tallow, copper and 69,000 ounces of gold and passengers; second voyage to Melbourne, September 1855 - trouble with drunken 2nd Officer; meeting icebergs on voyage home; third voyage to Melbourne, May 1856 - trouble with drunken female passenger who was placed in irons; fourth voyage to Australia, February 1857 - gambling on board; arrival of Great Britain to Melbourne; attends opening of St. Kilda Railway; leaves Lightning due to ill health of wife; takes Command of Highflyer; voyages to Sydney and Shanghai 1861-1863; takes Command of Childers; voyages to China and Melbourne-1864; Childers lost after running aground at Fow-chow Harbour.

(Later voyages to India.)

Filmed selectively.

Biographical / Historical

Captain Anthony Enright (1816-1910).

Commander J.C.H. Nelson. Memoir of a life in the Royal Navy, 1918 - 1950 (File BGR/39)

Includes: Details of Japanese attack on Singapore and sinking of Repulse and Prince of Wales and retaking of Malaya.


Fonds HIS. Narratives, 1810 - 1851

2 items

Archival History

National Maritime Museum Section 6: Manuscript volumes acquired singly by the museum.

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M3073.


Banda Islands, Indonesia; Cole, Christopher, Capt.; Easter Island.

Captain Christopher Cole. Narrative of the capture of Banda Islands (53p.), 1810 (File HIS/24)

1 May 1810. Ordered to Eastern Seas in Caroline and other ships with provisions for Garrison of Amboyna; visit to Penang; decision to attack Spice Islands; passage between Borneo and Molwalli; resupplied at Sooloo; told Sultan of intensions; plan of battle for attack on Banda; landing; capture of native guide; ordered to take the force to Castle of Belgica; battle engaged and sucessful; description of Banda; capitulation of Dutch Governor; holding of church service; Dutch prisoners to be landed on Java.

Cornelius Green. A journal, August 1851 - October 1851 (File HIS/36)

1 item

Account of two years voyageing in Blue Bell.

Filmed selectively.

Details of voyage to Adelaide, 7 August 1851 - 21 October 1851 (Item ff.1-34 v)

Duties of crew; bad weather; food; sighting fish; Algoa Bay; Cape Town; natives; arrival at Adelaide; description of the Port 'the houses ... very temporarily erected; the public houses being the most substantial erections'; slothfulness of inhabitants; drunkeness; floods; taking stock on board for voyage to Mauritius.

Fonds LAD. Royal Navy: Local Administration, 1882

1 item

Archival History

National Maritime Museum Section 6: Manuscript volumes acquired singly by the museum.

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M3073.

Station orders for H.M. Ships and Naval Establishments on the Australian Station. Sydney, William Bullard, 1882 (File LAD/28)

Orders re uniform, leave, medical attendance, funerals, prisons, routines, forms. Printed with manuscript annotations and additions.

(70p., Printed)

Fonds LBK. Letterbooks, 1842 - 1850

2 items

Archival History

National Maritime Museum Section 6: Manuscript volumes acquired singly by the museum.

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M3073.


French in the Pacific.

Captain Henry Kellett. Letterbook on board H.M.S. Herald Pacific Station, May 1849 - October 1850 (File LBK/61)

3 items

Copies of Kellet's letters.

Filmed selectively.

H. Kellett (Honolulu), letters to Rear Admiral Phipps Hornby, Commander-in-Chief and Admiralty, 16 May 1849 - 18 May 1849 (Item ff.122-126)

Subjects include: Purchase of stores; placed Pandora's provisions in Government Store; discharging men; Pandora ordered to Pitcairn Island; news of Plover.

H. Kellett (Honolulu) to Commander-in-Chief and others, 5 May 1850 - 20 May 1850 (Item ff.182-193)

Subjects include: American whalers due to go to Bering Sea; surveying; purchasing stores; bad provisions; that he cannot interfere in case of Thomas Nixey.

H. Kellett (Honolulu) to Commander-in-Chief and Admiralty, 17 October 1850 - 19 October 1850 (Item f.206)

Subjects include: Arrival in Port; the Plover.

Commodore J. Toup Nicolas. Letterbook on board, H.M.S. Vindictive. Pacific Station (302p.), December 1842 - May 1844 (File LBK/67)

Copies of Commodore J. Toup Nicolas' letters and despatches from Hobart, Sydney, Tahiti, Valparaiso to Admiralty, Rear Admiral Richard Thomas, Commander-in-Chief and Captains of other ships on Station.

Subjects include: Movements of other ships; activities of French at Tahiti; taking Mr Pritchard, H.M. Consul to Tahiti; Queen Pomare seeking British protection; feelings against the French in Tahiti; movements of French ships.

(Faint in places)

Fonds NVP. Navigational Practice, 1767

1 item

Archival History

National Maritime Museum Section 6: Manuscript volumes acquired singly by the museum.

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M3074.


Dutch East Indies; Easter Island.

Instructions for the East Indies with useful observations (174p.), 1767 (File NVP/18)

Includes: Straits of Malacca; Macao to Manila; West coast of Sumatra; Straits of Sunda; view of Island of Cruccatoa [Krakatoa]; Captain Harris' remarks on a China voyage 'it's necessary for the security of your passage to be sure to keep enough Easterly and rather than fail make the coast of New Holland as the Dutch always do in Lat. 23 so you should by all means make St. Pauls and Amsterdam for fear you should not make New Holland ... '.

Fonds NWT. Newspapers and Playbills, 1877

1 item

Archival History

National Maritime Museum Section 6: Manuscript volumes acquired singly by the museum.

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M3074.


Cook, James, Capt..

Loch Garry Magazine (58p.), 24 February 1877 - 24 March 1877 (File NWT/4)

Magazine compiled on board Loch Garry on voyage Melbourne to Glasgow.

Includes: Poems, puzzles, articles, notices, loss of Mr Hannaford overboard.

Fonds REC. General Records and Descriptions, 1772 - 1947

3 items

Archival History

National Maritime Museum Section 6: Manuscript volumes acquired singly by the museum.

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M3074.


Cook, James, Capt.; Curzon-Howe, Sir Assheton.

Captain James Cook. Drafts of sections of Narrative of the Second Voyage (19ff.), 1772 - 1775 (File REC/20)


i) Draft of historical introduction to official narrative.ii) Draft of account of Cook's stay at St. Helena.iii) Draft summary log of second voyage.

H.M.S. Challenger. Documents deposited at Kerguelen Island in 1874 and other documents, 31 January 1874 - 29 November 1947 (File REC/32)

5 items

[Formerly FD/46].

Filmed selectively.

G.R. Warner (Christiania) to Lord Curzon forwarding documents, 28 February 1921 (Item f.1)
Captain G.S. Nares. Record [of H.M.S. Challenger's activities] left at Christmas Harbour, Kerguelen Island (includes transcription), 31 January 1874 (Item ff.2-26)
Note written by Captain Nares, found in cairn at Kerguelen Island, 18 October 1909. [Very faint and damaged], 31 January 1874 (Item ff.29-31)
Epitaph by Sir Ernest Shackleton for those members of his 1914-1917 Antarctic Expedition. [Photostat], [n.d.] (Item f.33)
Press statement on retrieval of Shackleton's note, 29 November 1947 (Item f.34)

The Tristan da Cunha Group, 1825 (File REC/37)

1 item

Description of the Tristan Da Cunha Islands from various authentic sources intended to accompany a picture by W.J. Huggins of the Fairlie taking on board the crew of Nassau, wrecked when homeward bound from Australia.

[Formerly HIS/16].

Filmed selectively.

Voyage of Nassau from Sydney and wreck on Tristan da Cunha from journal of Williams, Chief Mate, 1825 (Item ff.73-81)

Fonds THS. Theses and Essays, 1740

1 item

Archival History

National Maritime Museum Section 6: Manuscript volumes acquired singly by the museum.

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M3074.

F.B. Maggs. Anson's voyage round the world, 1740 (File THS/11)

A paper read at the Radlett Literary Society, 19 February 1951.

[Formerly HIS/10]. (22p.)

Fonds VBK. Visitors' and Autograph Books, 1951 - 1957

1 item

Archival History

National Maritime Museum Section 6: Manuscript volumes acquired singly by the museum.

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M3074.

Peggy Mackillen. Merchant Navy autograph book (323p.), 1951 - 1957 (File VBK/10)

Autograph book kept by Peggy Mackillen, Auckland. Contains autographs, pictures, photographs and poems by merchant seamen.

Includes: Autographs of Lieutenant General Sir Bernard Freyberg and photographs of Canberra Star, Port Adelaide, Southbank, Port Chalmers, Port Pirie, Ottawa Valiev, Empire Star, Cape Howe, Waitemata, Hurunui, Gothic, Neptune and others.

[Formerly AGC/48.]

Fonds WQB. Royal Navy Ship Administration, 1838 - 1851

3 items

Archival History

National Maritime Museum Section 6: Manuscript volumes acquired singly by the museum.

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M3075.


Fly, HMS (ship).

T. Anson. Watch Quarter and Station Bills. H.M.S. Fly, 1838 (File WQB/12)

Details of: Crew, watch, setting sails, fire bill.


Watch Bill and notebook of Portland, 1850 (File WQB/19)

Portland was the flagship of Rear Admiral Fairfax Moresby in the Pacific, 1850-1854.

Details of: Ballast; stores and provisions; dimensions of spars and sails; proceedures during fire quarters; daily routine in Harbour; abstract log; vocabulary in Sandwich Islands language.


Watch Station and Quarter Bills of H.M.S. Fly, 1849 - 1851 (File WQB/21)

Fly was commanded by Captain Richard Owen on the New Zealand Station, 1849-1851.

Details of: Watches; proceedure during fire bill; manning and arming boats.


Fonds ADL. Administration and Law - Naval, 1780 - 1843

4 items

Archival History

National Maritime Museum Section 7: Manuscript documents acquired singly by the museum.

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M3075.

Series ADL/D. Papers re Naval Stores, March 1825

1 items
Navy Board to Captain Hamond (Wellesley, Portsmouth) requesting he report on the quality of the wheel rope made from New Zealand flax. (2p.), 4 March 1825 (File ADL/D/16)

[Formerly ADL/1/B/18].

Series ADL/Q. Commissions, warrants and service documents, October 1780 - April 1839

2 items
Sir James Clark Ross Commission to Captain of Erebus (1p.), 8 April 1839 (File ADL/Q/17/5)

[Formerly ADL/3/B].

William Harvey Commission to 3rd Lieutenant of Resolution confirming Commission given by Captain Clerke, 15 February 1779 (1p.), 26 October 1780 (File ADL/Q/51)

[Formerly FD/54].

Series ADL/S. Service documents of Marines, April 1843

1 item
Transportation order for George Bents, signed by Queen Victoria. (1p.), 4 April 1843 (File ADL/S/7)

Fonds AGC. Autograph Letters, 1740 - 1902

17 items

Archival History

National Maritime Museum Section 7: Manuscript documents acquired singly by the museum.

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M3075.


Bounty, HMS (ship); Cook, James, Capt..

Notes on Anson's voyage. (2p.), 18 September 1740 (File AGC/1/6)

Rear Admiral T.J. Cochrane (Agincourt off Borneo) to Captain G.R. Mundy (Iris) instructions re operations in the area (4p.), 6 August 1846 (File AGC/2/24)

James Cook draft order for survey of Surgeon's Stores on death of W.B. Monkhouse, Surgeon of Endeavour, [5 November 1770] (File AGC/2/33)

Includes: typed note re order. (3p.).

Captain Basil Hall [] to Lord Stuart re proposed voyage of circumnavigation. (16p.), c. 1830 (File AGC/5/25)

Nevil Maskeleyne. List of instruments delivered to Captain Cook. (2p.), 22 May 1776 (File AGC/8/29)

Sir Ernest Shackleton (Winter Quarters, South Victoria Sound) to Lethbridge (Harrow), 20 September 1902 (File AGC/13/28)

That he has been selected for the Southern Journey; the weather; beauties of the terrain; fauna; 'we hope to do good work this year and make some discoveries that will benefit science and our country'. (8p.)

Admiral Collingwood (Portsmouth) to Captain King (Sirius) that he has been ordered to hoist his flag on board the Sirius and proceed to sea immediately. (2p.), 13 May 1799 (File AGC/25/4)

James Cook (Cape of Good Hope) to Lord Sandwich, 26 November 1776 (File AGC/C/15)

That taken on extra provisions at Cape 'Nothing is wanting but a few females of our own species to make the Resolution a complete ark', 'Permit me to assure your Lordship that my endeavour shall not be wanting to accomplish the great object of the voyage'. (2p., facsimilie)

Matthew Flinders (Reliance) to his father that awaiting orders to go to New South Wales; has been writing an account of his explorations in New South Wales and Van Diemen's Land. (4p.), 7 October 1800 (File AGC/F/7)

[Formerly FL/14].

Midshipman H.F. Hopkinson (Calliope, Apia) to his mother and ? re hurricane at Apia, 1889-03-19; 1889-03-25 (File AGC/H/24/1-5)

Includes: Sketch of Apia Harbour showing position of Calliope and other ships before and after hurricane.

Navy. H.M.S. Calliope: Report of the hurricane at Samoa on 16 March 1889. (C 5756), H.M.S.O., 1889. (Printed).


Peter Heywood (Batavia) to his mother re the mutiny on board Bounty; why he remained on board; voyage in Pandora and ship wreck; voyage to Timor and Batavia. (15p.), 20 November 1791 (File AGC/H/26/1)

Peter Heywood (Hector) to Dr. Scott (Isle of Man) sentence of death has been passed on him. (3p.), 20 September 1792 (File AGC/H/26/2)

Captain Ranier (Caroline, Batavia) to Admiral Sir Thomas Troubridge describing action against the Dutch off Batavia. (3p., damaged), 19 October 1806 (File AGC/R/6)

T.C. Spaulding (Anger) to ? re whaling in Southern Ocean (references to Rosemary Island and Pejou). (3p.), 1 September 1858 (File AGC/S/5)

Includes: typed copy. (1p.)

[Formerly AGC/54].

Walter Stock (Hereford) to Will and Nell, 21 February 1882 (File AGC/S/18)

Re voyage to Sydney; food; other passengers; many of the crew are working their passage to Australia; arrangements on board; catching fish; ceremony of the Dead Horse; abstract log 3 February - 15 April 1882; adverse winds prevent entry into Sydney Harbour; magnificence of Sydney Harbour. (36p.)

Walter Stock (Goulburn) to Will and Nell, 5 May 1882 (File AGC/S/18)

Re landing in Sydney; difficulty getting accommodation; mosquitos; demand for mechanics and labourers; travel to Goulburn - 'it is a straggling place and as dull as ditchwater'; dislikes New South Wales and advises against any other family member coming out. (8p.)

Memorial card for Walter Stock, died Goulburn 29 May 1882 (1p.) (File AGC/S/18)

[Formerly BGY/S/1).

Fonds AML. Administration and Law: Merchant Shipping, 1804 - 1961

14 items

Archival History

National Maritime Museum Section 7: Manuscript documents acquired singly by the museum.

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M3075.

Series AML/F. Service documents: Officers, May 1866 - June 1883

2 items
Harry Upjohn discharge certificate from Cutty Sark. (2p.), 5 June 1883 (File AML/F/2)

[Formerly ADL/6/A/15].

Marine Board of Queensland certificate of exemption from pilotage dues to James Clarke. (1p.), 15 May 1866 (File AML/F/8/4)

Series AML/U. Passenger documents, December 1868

1 item
Contract ticket for vovage on Lincolnshire to Melbourne Mrs Stallard, three children and servant £150. (1p.), 23 December 1868 (File AML/U/4)

[Formerly ADL/5/B].

Series AML/W. Letters of marque, March 1804

1 item
Letter of marque for Lord Nelson against the Dutch Republic of Batavia. (1p.), 9 March 1804 (File AML/W/5)

Series AML/Z. General and small collections, 1867 - September 1961

10 items
Manifest of Cutty Sark from Brisbane to London showing amount of wool shipped. (2p.), 29 December 1894 (File AML/Z/5/3-4)
J.A. Campbell (Burns, Philp and Co., Brisbane) to Head Office re Cutty Sark. (1 p., copy), 21 September 1961 (File AML/Z/5/5)
F. Gibson [] to Mitchell re Cutty Sark in Australia. (1p., copy), 22 September 1961 (File AML/Z/5/6)
Marine Board of New South Wales. Pilotage Certificate for Ralph Hudson. (2p.), 17 November 1890 (File AML/Z/7/4)
Crew list for Highflyer. (2p.), December 1867 (File AML/Z/15/4)
Wages book for Highflyer. (53p.), 1867 - 1868 (File AML/Z/15/5)
Accounts re seventh voyage of Highflyer to Melbourne. (5p.), 1867 - 1868 (File AML/Z/15/6)
Crew agreement for voyage of Highflyer to Melbourne. (2p.), 5 December 1867 (File AML/Z/15/7)

[Formerly BGY/3-6].

Agreement between Henry Green and Norwood Harrison for Command of Melbourne. (1p.), 13 June 1878 (File AML/Z/15/8)

[Formerly BGY/7]

Captain Henry Norman. Discharge certificates and testimonials (57p.), 1878 - 1912 (File AML/Z/16/1-40)

Includes: Service on Remmington, Lindfield and Brabloch on voyages to and from Australia.

[Formerly BGY/8].

Fonds BGY. Biography, 1853 - 1902

1 item

Archival History

National Maritime Museum Section 7: Manuscript documents acquired singly by the museum.

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M3075.

William Ross. Letters and two sketches re visit of H.M.S. Virago to Pitcairn Island, 1853. (8p.), 1853 - 1902 (File BGY/R/2/1-6)

Includes: 28 January 1853. Margaret McCoy (Pitcairn) to Drs Trevan and Ross re their, unsuccessful, attentions to her husband.

Fonds CMP. Charts, Maps, Plans, 1896

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

National Maritime Museum Section 7: Manuscript documents acquired singly by the museum.

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M3075.

Sydney Naval Yard, Garden Island, 1896 (File CMP/43/23)

Scale 80 ft. = 1 inch. 23 × 30 inches.

Fonds HSR. History: Reports and Narratives, 1837 - 1883

10 items

Archival History

National Maritime Museum Section 7: Manuscript documents acquired singly by the museum.

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M3075.


Berridge, Henry, Capt..

Account of wreck of H.M.S. Orpheus off West coast of New Zealand. (11p.), 7 February 1863 (File HSR/B/17)

[Formerly ADL/7/5 and ADL/1/B/11].

Testimonial presented to Dr James Harris by the passengers on Royal Mail Packet Ship Donald Mackay on voyage Liverpool to Melbourne. (13p.), 28 December 1856 (File HSR/N/8)

Signed by 450 passengers in Saloon, Second Cabin, Intermediate, and Steerage accommodations.

Copy Also: Photograph of Dr Harris.

[Formerly BGY/4].

Richard Thompson. Survey of Population of Pitcairn Island. (2p.), 8 December 1837 (File HSR/U/9)

Details of: Names, ages, and relationship of present population; births, marriages and deaths during last twelve months; inscription on John Adams' tombstone.

[Formerly SCN/1/5].

Miscellaneous papers, January 1849 - 1882 (File HSR/U/23)

3 items

Filmed selectively.

Bond between James Middleton of Sydney and John Watson of Yass. (3p., damaged), 23 January 1849 (Item Item 3)
Commander L.B. Denham. Track chart of H.M.S. Opal from San Francisco to Pitcairn Island and on to Valparaiso. (1p.), 1872 (Item HSR/X/8)

Opal was delivering a harmonium, a gift of Queen Victoria to the Islanders; 'great difficulty was experienced in landing the harmonium in the surf in the only landing place viz a cleft between two precipitous rocks'.

[Formerly FD/35].

Track chart of H.M.S. Alert on round the world voyage, 1878 - 1882 (Item HSR/X/9)

10 × 24 inches.

Mrs Maud Berridge. Diaries and photographs, 1874 - 1883 (File HSR/Z/14)

7 items
Diary of a voyage to Melbourne on Superb, Captain Henry Berridge (20p., incomplete), 22 June 1880 - 17 August 1880 (Item A)

Details of: Boarding ship with her two sons; sea sickness; other passengers; gentlemen take salt water baths on poop deck; weather; ceremony of burying the Dead Horse; ceremonies of Crossing the Line; concert on main deck; gales.

Diary of a voyage London to Melbourne to Newcastle, New South Wales to San Francisco in Suberb, Captain Berridge (170p.), 12 February 1883 - 2 October 1883 (Item B)

Details of: Boarding ship; other passengers; weather; service held on poop; ceremony of flogging the Dead Horse; fancy-dress ball; ceremonies of Crossing the Line; catching sharks; entertainments - theatricals, concerts; arrival at St. Kilda; excursions at St. Kilda; concert at Town Hall; trotting races; ship chartered to take coal from Newcastle to San Francisco; description of Newcastle ... 'Christchurch Cathedral is a very primitive building, and now being pulled down for the new Cathedral to be built'; visit to Warratah Fruit Farm; ball; football match 'most of the Newcastle team are very big young men'; visit to Sydney in Maitland ... 'the town seemed specially attractive after Newcastle'; visits to Manly, Milson's Point, Coogee Bay, by steamer to Parramatta; sailing to Newcastle on Morpeth (Saloon ticket tipped in); taking on coal 'very dusty and unpleasant'; gift of dingo 'we hope to tame it'; voyage to San Francisco; weather; services in the saloon.

Four photographs of crew on Superb, 1882-1883, Highflyer, 1874 and Walmer Castle, 1878 (Item D)

Includes: Photographs of Public Library, Melbourne, Deaf and Dumb Institution and Exhibition Building Melbourne and programme of sports held on board Superb on crossing the Equator, 24 March 1883.

The Superb Gazette, 1882 (Item E)

No. 1, 24 March 1882 - No. 6, 2 June 1882. Melbourne (23p.)

Printed edition of newspaper published on board Superb during her outward voyage to Melbourne.

Includes: List of officers and passengers; 'our daily doings'; puzzles; letters; results of whist and chess competitions; poems; notes on fauna seen during voyage.

Watercolour sketch of islands, 1 September 1876 (Item E)

Inscribed 'For dear Capt. Berridge in remembrance of many kindnesses received from him during our passage home. Highflyer, 1 Sept 1876. Mary C.G. D'Arcy'.

Note on donation, n.d. (Item F)

Archival History

[Formerly BGY/1/2].

Fonds NOT. Historical Notes, 1935

1 item

Archival History

National Maritime Museum Section 7: Manuscript documents acquired singly by the museum.

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M3075.

F.V. Smythe. Some notes relating to Dunbar Wharf, Limehouse (10p.), 4 January 1935 (File NOT/4)

Paper on the shipping firm Duncan Dunbar. References to its links with Australia - shipping beer from Taylor Walker's factory at Limehouse; Duncan Dunbar passenger ship to Australia; Dunbar wrecked at the Gap, Sydney.

Includes: List of Duncan Dunbar fleet with tonnage, and by whom and when built.

Fonds SNG. Music, n.d.

1 item

Archival History

National Maritime Museum Section 7: Manuscript documents acquired singly by the museum.

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M3075.

Songs by Charles and Thomas Dibdin, n.d. (File SNG/3)

1 item

Filmed selectively.

'Tom Truelove's Knell'. Written and composed by Mr Dibdin and sung by him in his new entertainment called Great News or A Trip to the Antipodes. (3p.), n.d. (Item 3)

Archival History

[Formerly AGC/39/3].

Fonds JOD. Journals and Diaries, 1740 - 1940

68 items

Archival History

National Maritime Museum Section 6: Manuscript volumes acquired singly by the museum.

Originally filmed on AJCP reels M2831-M2835.


Active(ship); America (ship); Australia: visits to; Bounty, HMS (ship); Brookes, W.T.; Comus, HMS (ship); Cotten, Richard; Cruizer, HMS (ship); Cygnet (ship); Dolphin, HMS (ship); Duprey, Alfred F.; East Indies; Easter Island; Gifford, Henry, Capt.; Herzogin Cecile (ship); Heywood, Peter, Capt.; Lady Jocelyn (ship).

Series JOD/2. Alfred F. Duprey. Journal on Port Jackson Training Ship for Cadets, voyage to Australia and round the world, 29 August 1913 - 10 July 1914

Boarding ship at Rotterdam; description of ship; sailing duties; appointed organist for church services; weather details; noon position; sighting of porpoises and flying fish; ceremonies of crossing the line; chess tournament; reading; arrival Wallaroo 2 December; excursions on shore - visit to circus, Wallaroo Smelting Works, Wallaroo Races, Paul Default concert at Town Hall; visit to Adelaide; sailing to Port Philip, 27 January; played football against boys from Invernesshire; visit to Tasmania - walked up Mount Wellington, Port Arthur 'now all ruins but a guide took us round'; social events in Melbourne; trip to Sydney - surf bathing at Manly, walking in Botanical Gardens, visit to Little Theatre to see 'His House in Order' by Pinero, butchers' strike 'meat is getting very scarce'; Blue Mountains; train to Melbourne; visit to H.M.A.S. Australia 'crowded with sightseers'; taking on wheat; left Melbourne 18 March; sighting Aurora Australis; sailing round Cape 'living up to its reputation'; other ships; arrival in Humber, 7 July.

Includes photographs taken on board ship. [Formerly LOG/M/13]


Series JOD/8. Lt. Col. Richard Bunce, Royal Marines. Journal of Campaign in Java, 1811 - 1812

2 items

Filmed selectively.

Remarks etc. on H.M. Ship Scipion off the Island of Rispondi (33p.), 13 July 1811 (File [a])

Re military action in Java.

Testimonials and orders received by Bunce during his career and memorials presented (60p.) (File [c])
4 items


Estimate of the British Force landed at Java

Memorial drawn up by Bunce after reduction of Java and presented to Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty

Statement of servitude

Extract from Plymouth newspaper re Bunce's action in Java (08-01-1812)

Poems in the middle of the book were not filmed by the AJCP.

Series JOD/15. Journal of H.M.S. Challenger [by Assistant Paymaster John Hynes?] (116p.), 13 December 1873 - 17 March 1874

Leaving Cape for Kerguelen Island; scientific purpose of voyage; trawls and dredges; Marion Island - flora and fauna - Keruelen's Land cabbage; Bligh's Cape; Island of Desolation - surveying and exploration, shooting; meeting with whaling ships; 'nearly all the officers in the Ship have islands, mountains and points called after them in this Sound [Royal] and the fellows in the Hydrographic Office will find when the chart goes home that they have not been forgotten. Hynes Rock is now a well marked danger and my name will be handed down to posterity…'; lists of birds, plants, fishes of Kerguelen; description of glaciers and icebergs; sailing to Australia; Prussian Fleet at Sandridge.

Press cutting re death of Hynes at end.

(Some blurred pages)

Reports of Captain Nares H.M.S. Challenger were not filmed by the AJCP.

Series JOD/16. Robert Guthrie, Surgeon R.N. Journal on Undaunted and Seringapatam, 8 March 1829 - 20 April 1831

1 item

Details of temperature and wind and remarks on places visited: Easter Island - description of natives and houses; Pitcairn Island - details of mutiny on Bounty and of families of mutineers on Pitcairn Island; Marquesas; Tahiti - visit from chiefs, missionaries; Friendly Islands - Kava; bartering for curiosities.

Filmed selectively. (174p.)

Series JOD/26. T.M. Philson [and C. Pine] Medical Journal, September 1845 - June 1846

2 items

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2831

Journal of medical occurrences during a voyage from Sydney to Auckland in a detachment of men of 58th Regiment [in British Sovereign], 19 September 1845 - 22 January 1846 (File [a])

Details of illnesses and accidents, and remedies. Some metereological remarks.


Journal of a voyage in H.M. Ship Castor from Auckland to Sydney, 16 May 1846 - 10 June 1846 (File [b])

List of invalids taken on board. (3p.)

Series JOD/30. Henry W. Gifford. Autobiography, September 1837 - November 1841

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Details of his service on Hyacinth, Wolf, and Cruizer in East Indies. (10p.), September 1837 - November 1841 (File)
A list of ships on the East Indian Station, 27 September 1839 - 1 November 1841 (Item)

Series JOD/36. Lamille Champ. A Narrative of Commodore Anson's voyage into the Great South Sea and round the world, 18 September 1740 - 15 June 1744

Commissioning of Squadron against the Spanish; Madeira; catching dolphins; Terra del Fuego; situation of ships going into Cape Horn; Juan Fernandez; flora and fauna; burning of prize ships; Accapulco; petition to Anson re prizes; Chequetan; poisonous manchineal tree; destruction of Gloucester; Officers and men transferred to Centurion; Isle of Tinian; condition of the men - number of deaths on board; sick men taken on shore, soon recovered 'so good a remedy is the earth to any body afflicted with the sea scurvy'; descriptions of Tinian Island; Island of Formosa; Macoa; Anson goes to Canton; Philippines; engagement with enemy ship which is captured; to Canton; to search ship; finding treasure concealed as cheese; fire at Canton; trade, cultivation, religion of China, government etc.; revitualing of ships for home passage; Cape of Good Hope; Hottentots; Spithead.

Includes drawings of animals.


Series JOD/38. Captain Giffard. Diary of events on Volage and Cruizer, December 1837 - February 1840

4 items

Filmed selectively.

Service on Hyacinth in East Indies, 3 December 1837 - 17 [Feb.?] 1839 (File [a])

Sailing to Madras; to Penang with mail; to Singapore - Diana arrived with captured pirates; situation of Singapore; to Malacca - Captain 'got a black cheeta'; situation of Penang 'its fruit and fish celebrated'; sailing to Madras past Sumatra.


Taking up command on Cruizer at Singapore, 8 August 1839 - June 1840 (File [b])

'One of the happiest periods of my life… the people very hospitable… the Governor treated me like a brother'.


'The Mock Doctor'. Programme for play put on by crew of Cruizer at Penang. (1p.), 9 December 1839 (File [c])
John Bull'. Programme for play put on by crew of Cruizer at Singapore, 27 February 1840 (File [d])


Series JOD/42. Lt. Thomas Davies. Journal on America, 1844-1847 in Pacific, and Cygnet, 1850-1852 off West Africa, June 1844 - October 1847

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Voyage to Rio de Janeiro, 5 June 1844 - 21 October 1847 (Item ff.1-118)

Voyage to Rio de Janeiro - social events while ship refitting; round Cape Horn; Gallapagos Islands; Charles Islands; coast of South America - 'porpoise, sharks and dolphins were our constant attendants'; burning volcanoes of Central America; coast of California; San Francisco; Puget's Sound and natives; 21 October 1845, Honolulu - impression of the island, uses of taro plant, natives, houses, harbour; voyage to St. Blas - local ague complaint; Mazatlan; met with American Squadron; Valparaiso; voyage to England round Horn to Plymouth.

Series JOD/44. John Rorke. Diary on Clipper Ship Loch Vennachar, Greenock to Melbourne, 5 April 1877 - 23 June 1877

5 April - 23 June 1877. Diary of passage to Australia undertaken for his health. Details of other passengers and the ship; livestock on board - Clydesdale horses for Melbourne; crew routines; passenger entertainment; food; death of sheep; passengers take Sunday Service; programme of Grand Concert; serving of lime juice; condensing engine to make fresh water; ceremonies of crossing the line; rat catching by Captain's dog; stealing of passengers' rations by crew; disagreement between Captain and one of passengers; crew cleaning up ship for visitors in Australia; sighting of land, 22 June; visited by Doctor; address presented to Captain and Chief Mate for kindness and courtesy; anchorage in Hobson's Bay; visited by Bakers' Butchers' and Greengrocers' boats; landing at Sandridge Pier.


Series JOD/54. Captain J.S. Roberts. Abstract of journal of East India Ships Malabar, Highflyer, and Cable Ships S.S. Britannia, Bucaneer and Silverstone, 1869 - 1896

5 items

Filmed Selectively.

Abstract log of Highflyer on a voyage London to Melbourne 1869-1870 and Melbourne to London, 1869 - 1870 (File [a])

Details of position, course, weather, remarks on weather.


Abstract log of Highflyer on a voyage London to Melbourne and back, 1870 (File [b])

Details of position, course, weather, remarks on weather.


Abstract log of Highflyer on a voyage London to Melbourne, Fremantle and Calcutta and Madras, 1871 (File [c])

Details of position, course, weather, remarks on weather.


P and O S.S. Khedive Malta to Australia via Suez Canal; Adelaide to Sydney and return; King George's Sound to Colombo, 1885 (File [d])

Details of position, course, weather, remarks on weather.


Note re R.M.S. Himalaya, Sydney for London via Hobart, Melbourne and Adelaide (1p.), 1896 (File [e])

Series JOD/56. Richard Pickersgill. Narrative account of voyage of Resolution, 13 July 1772 - 2 October 1773

13 July 1772 - 2 October 1773. Sailing from Plymouth; latitude and longitude of Fanchall determined; history of Madeira; Carpenter drowned; anchorage at Table Bay; ice floes - shortage of water remedied by taking ice on board; naming new bird 'Antarctic peteral'; Southern Lights; 25 March, sight mountains of New Zealand; use of wort and 'sowercrout' for scurvy; beauty of coast and Pickersgill's Harbour; meeting natives; Dusky Sound - flora, fauna; exploration of coast of New Zealand; water spouts; Queen Charlotte Sound - met with Adventure - her explorations in Van Diemen's Land; inter-island warfare of natives; Cook's Straits; Low Islands; Tahiti; natives bring fruit; visited by King of Ohitepeak; changes in attitudes of King since previous visit - refuses to trade for hogs; Pickersgill demonstrates what a musket can do; Matavie Bay; visit from King Otoo; Pickersgill's reception by natives of Potatows; details of recent war on Island; manage to get hogs on Bahine Island; Botanist knocked down by natives while collecting in woods; Oamonenas; King Oreo invited Captain Cook to go ashore and see play or Heva; procuring food for hogs; natives of Uliateah; report on other islands; islands of Middleburg Amsterdam - natives came out to the boats - use of hair powder.

[Includes many details not in Cook's account]


Biographical / Historical

Richard Pickersgill (1749-1779).

Series JOD/57. Richard Pickersgill. Log of proceedings of H.M.S. Dolphin, Samuel Wallis, 21 August 1766 - 20 June 1767

Log kept from Plymouth to Tahiti. Details of course, wind, remarks on weather, fauna etc. '13 May. Punished John Smith Seaman with a dozen lashes for throwing his provisions overboard'. 31 May 'open'd a cask of pork'.


Series JOD/59. Commander W.T. Brookes (?). Journal of a voyage to the South Seas in the Ship Active (287p.), May 1838 - May 1842

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Journal of whaling voyage to South Seas. Details of course, winds, remarks on: weather, sails, sighting of other ships, whale catch, 29 May 1838 - 6 May 1842 (File)

Places visited include: Sandlewood Islands, Copany Bay, Timor Straits, Banda Sea, Hummock Islands, Honolulu, Sydney, north of New Zealand, Bay of Islands.

(Some faint pages)

Letters on spiritual subjects and cash account were not filmed by the AJCP.

[Formerly LOG/M/19]

Series JOD/61. Commander W.T. Brookes (?). Journal of a voyage to South Seas in Recovery, 1828-1831 and Journal of a voyage to South Seas in Matilda (227p.), March 1828 - May 1836

2 items
Journal of a whaling voyage to South Seas in Recovery, 4 March 1828 - 16 March 1831 (File (a))

Details of winds, remarks on weather, position, Deacon's Group, whales caught, number of barrels of oil etc.

Places visited include: Coast of Peru, Columbia, Guam, Marianas, Japan, Kingsmill Group, Oahu, Cape Horn.

Journal of whaling voyage on Ship Matilda on voyage from London to South Seas, 31 July 1832 - 9 May 1836 (File (b))

Details of winds, course, remarks on weather, sails, whales caught etc.

Places visited include: Sandwich Islands, Rotches Island, Mariana Islands, Port Jackson, Bay of Islands, Cape Horn.

[Formerly LOG/M/20]

(Some faint pages)

Series JOD/78. John and Margaret Colquhoun MacGillivray. Diary of Voyage on Torrens, London to Adelaide, 2 November 1893 - 25 January 1894

Details of boarding at South West India Docks; drunkenness of stewardess; weather, daily position and run; problems of cleanliness; death of second class passenger; ceremonies of crossing the line; entertainments - 'dead horse' performed by crew, concert, chess, competitions; sighting of albatrosses, Cape pigeons, Cape hens; cricket matches between ladies and gentlemen; Christmas celebrations, and menu for dinner; sailor lost overboard; excitement at sighting of pieces of Australian seaweed; crew cleaning up ship ready for entry into port; passed by Austral; anchoring at Adelaide Harbour.

Includes: Track of Torrens and abstract of log.


Series JOD/81. Samuel Pring. Notebook kept as passenger on board Ben Cruachan, London to Sydney (38p.), 1886 - April 1903

8 items
Position at noon of Ben Cruachan, London - Sydney, 11 March 1886 - 11 June 1886 (File (a))

Details of position, weather, runs, sighting of sharks, birds, birth of child to Mrs Pearson.

Copy of abstract of log of Ben Cruachan, 11 March 1886 - 9 June 1886 (File (b))
[Details of the ship]: length, draught, passenger accommodation, livestock carried, names of passengers, meals, amusements, weather (File (c))
Plan of dining room (File (d))
Copy of letter of appreciation signed by passengers to Captain A. Roberts, June 1886 (File (e))
Notes of voyage to England via Melbourne, Hobart and Cape Town, 20 February 1903 - 18 April 1903 (File (f))
Ticket from Thames and Mersey Line of Australian Packets for voyage on Ben Cruachan [at back], 22 February 1886 (File (g))
4p. of notes re South Africa, including stories of Australians in South Africa. (Pencil, faint) (File (h))

Series JOD/82. Samuel William Pring. Journal kept as passenger on board Ben Cruachan, London to Sydney (62p.), 11 March 1886 - 11 June 1886

Details of ship, crew and passengers; taking on livestock at Gravesend; meals; problems with drunken cook; sighting porpoises, whales, other ships, birds; ceremonies of crossing the line; concert given by crew; beauty of the southern night sky; cleaning of ship ready to reach Port; a typical day; his luck at cards; sighting Tasman Head; presentation of testimonial to Captain; general summary of voyage; requisites for voyage.

Series JOD/90. Anonymous. Diary kept by passenger on board Abel Gower, Gravesend to Port Phillip (66p.), 16 July 1852 - 8 November 1852

Details of sailing; provisions very bad - beef thrown overboard; sea sickness in Bay of Biscay; birth of daughter to Mrs Munro; activities of passengers; necessity to take own medicines and food for voyage - deception regarding supplies on part of Captain and owners of Abel Gower; Captain requests no one gives drink to the Doctor; killing of livestock; Isle of Trinidada; passed by other ships; catching seagulls with hook and line; passengers weighed on deck by means of steel yards; gales; shooting albatross; taking on Pilot.

Series JOD/91. Charles Henry Bolton. Diary kept as passenger on board Lincolnshire, London to Melbourne (43p.), 23 February 1872 - 22 May 1872

Details of sailing with brother and his family from Tilbury; weather, food; speaking with other ships; flying fish; doing washing on deck during rain storm; ceremonies of crossing the line; explosion of tin of preserved soup in store room 'accompanied by a delightful perfume'; catching albatrosses by meat on end of line; gales.

Series JOD/94. Winifred Lloyd. Journals of voyages between Europe and Australia in four-masted barques (7 vols.), January 1935 - May 1940

6 items

Filmed selectively.

Journal of a voyage in Herzogin Cecile, Port Lincoln to Falmouth, 15 January 1935 - 18 May 1935 (File JOD/94/1)

Details of ship, Captain's quarters; other passengers; weather; food; killing sheep; gales round Horn; changing sails; becalmed in Doldrums; gales approaching Falmouth carry away a number of sails.

Includes: Chart of route; watercolour sketches by W.L.; photographs of ship, life on board, crew etc.

Copy also: List of crew and details of ship on end covers.


Journal of a voyage in Viking, Wallaroo to Falmouth, 13 February 1936 - 16 June 1936 (File JOD/94/3)

Details of ship, quarters; which sails set; sighting birds, ships; duties on board; killing pig; arrival at Falmouth; hear Herzogin run aground near Salcombe.

Includes: Photographs of ship, life and duties on board and crew etc.

Copy also: Crew list and details of ship on end covers.


Journal of voyage in Olivebank, Goteburg to Port Lincoln, 9 October 1936 - 6 February 1937 (File JOD/94/4)

Details of ship and quarters; three American sailors desert own ship and ask to be taken on without pay; food; weather; grey cat found in hold - previous Ship's cat stolen by Archibald Russell; gales - ballast shifts, sea anchor out; repairing sails; crossing the line; albatrosses; sighting Tristan da Cunha; celebrating Christmas Eve in Finnish custom; hunting rats; sighting Neptune Island; hear news of abdication; Port Victoria.

Includes: Crew list and photographs of ship, activities of crew, Port Victoria etc.


Journal of a voyage in Olivebank, Port Victoria to Falmouth, 15 March 1937 - 18 May 1940 (File JOD/94/5)

15 March - 15 July 1937. Details of sailing from Port Victoria; weather; storms; food; March 32nd crossing date line; killing pig - 'blood pancakes'; white crows on board; changing sails; catching fish; becalmed 'we believe Olivebank to have taken root now and expect every day to see leaves beginning to show on the mast'; Falmouth; Glasgow.

Includes: Crew list; photographs of ship, activities of crew etc. and press cuttings re Winifred Lloyd Australian Women's Weekly, 18 May 1940.


Journal of a voyage in Olivebank, Copenhagen to Durban to Port Lincoln, 7 October 1937 - 13 March 1938 (File JOD/94/6)

Details of settling in; new crew; poor cooking by Steward; Swedish lessons from Captain; ceremonies of crossing the line; celebrations on Christmas Eve; holding a seance; W.L. put onto painting figuehead; visitors on board at Durban; leaving Durban for Australia, 12 February; sewing sails; lying off Boston Island. (116p.)

Includes: Crew list and photographs of ship, crew, activities on board, Durban, etc.


Journal of a voyage in Olivebank, Port Lincoln to Falmouth and Glasgow, 14 March 1938 - 1 October 1938 (File JOD/94/7)

Details of loading cargo at Port Victoria; extra police on duty from Adelaide 'hanging around looking for trouble and we generally gave them a run for their money as, of course, it would be bad for them to get their pay for nothing'; voyage via Cape of Good Hope; weather; duties on board; rationing of fruit and chocolate; changing sails; short rations; sighted Ascension Island; Falmouth after 135 days; Glasgow.

Includes: Crew list; sail list; photographs of life on board, crew etc. and press cutting 'Woman sails as able bodied seaman' Daily Tribune (Durban), 10 January 1938.


Series JOD/97. Captain George Buck. Journal of Triton and Disbursement book of Triton and Journal of Brig John Wesley, September 1840 - 6 April 1846

2 items
Journal of a voyage from Hobart Town to Sidney and from hence towards Friendly Isles and Feegee in schooner Triton, 17 September 1840 - 21 March 1841 (File JOD/97/1)

Details of voyage in missionary schooner; weather; religious thoughts; Kawia, New Zealand; Waingaroa Harbour; Sunday service; Mount Egmont; voyage to Friendly Islands; Tonga - visited by native chiefs; Rev. Waterhouse and Rev. Tucker visited 'heathen fortress called the Bea'; voyage to Vavau; Friendly Islands - native service.


The missionary brigantine Triton disbursements, 1840-09 - 1844-02; 1846-02-10 - 1846-04-06 (File JOD/97/2)

Includes:Journal of voyage from England to Sydney and New Zealand in missionary Ship John Wesley, 10 February - 6 April 1846

Details of expenses - beer for crew, provisions, coals etc.

Account of nails supplied.

Log of John Wesley: details of course, wind etc.

Series JOD/110. William Wheeler. Journal of rating on board H.M.S. Carysfort, 12 October 1880 - 7 May 1882

Details of sailing to Simons Town; ordered to Melbourne; duties on board; Divine Services held on deck; presumed loss of Bacchante - later learn she is at Albany; all ships in Melbourne Harbour dress in honour of Queen Victoria's birthday; visit on shore 'finest place ever I was in'; visit to exhibition; 'Governor General of Victoria' comes aboard; ball on board Bacchante; Squadron leaves Harbour; voyage to Sydney - man killed falling from Inconstant's foretop mast rigging; 'a most beautiful harbour'; Governor visits Admiral on board; coaling and cleaning ship; Prince Edward of Wales lays Foundation Stone of statue of Queen Victoria in Hyde Park; departure of Squadron from Harbour to Brisbane; Governor on board; voyage to Levuka; Governor of Fiji visits Flagship; entertained by native war dance 'a very amusing affair indeed'; 'Inconstant showed her electric light… a sight that the natives had never seen before'; voyage to Yokohama; Micardo of Japan visits Bacchante; voyage round Japan; Shanghai; Hong Kong - other ships in Harbour; Singapore; Straits of Sunda; voyage to Simons Town; fire on board Inconstant; poems.



Series JOD/119/1-3. Richard Cotton. Journals of voyages in H.M.S. Comus, China and Pacific, 1879- 1884 and H.M.S. Bacchante, East Indies, 1885-1886, and Poetry Book, 22 November 1879 - 7 March 1884

6 items

Filmed selectively.

Log of H.M.S. Comus, Sheerness to East Indies and Pacific to Sheerness (117p.), 22 November 1879 - 7 March 1884 (File JOD/119/1)
6 items

Filmed selectively.

List of places visited with dates (Item (a))
Log of H.M.S. Comus (Item (b))

Details of voyage; Tristan da Cunha; Cape Town; Crozet Group; searching for ship wrecked sailors - leaving provisions on shore, building huts; Christmas Harbour - tended graves of seamen; 'these islands are overrun by rabbits'; St. Paul's Island - found shipwrecked French fishermen; Straits of Sunda; Batavia - 'a very sickly place'; Singapore and Hong Kong; Japan; Amoy and China coast; Vladivostock, 'well fortified'; Singapore; Labuan; Borneo; settlement of British North Borneo Company to mine area; Sulu Islands - Sultan 'told our Captain if the Queen would drive the Spaniards off the island she could have any one of them or more if she wished'; Singapore; Pellew Islands; burnt down villages on Babelthaup Island - 'we punished the natives of the Island for plundering a schooner which got wrecked on a coral reef'; orders for Pacific Station; Esquimalt; San Francisco Station to embark Marquis of Lorne and Princess Louise; sailing coasts of Peru and Chile; disturbances between rebel forces at Guayoquil; voyage home.

Poems and miscellaneous notes (Item (c))
An account of our search for shipwrecked people among the Crozet Group and Kerguelens Land (Item (d))
H.M.S. Comus and Lily at the Pellew Islands (Item (e))
Poems (Item (f))

Series JOD/120. W.F. Carslake. Private Journal on board Pearl, 18 September 1874 - 18 September 1875

Visit to mission stations on a Pacific island; Fiji - social activities; talk of annexation - meeting with chiefs 'all afraid to sign'; warfare on islands; lowering of Fijian flag and hoisting of Union flag 'the Isles of Fiji have become English'; Sydney - docking at Cockatoo; social activities, trips to Parramatta by river; Portland - 'Botanical Gardens are very pretty'; kangaroo hunt; Spencers Gulf; Port Lincoln - description of area; journey inland by rail; Liverpool; Campeltown; Woolongong coach 'uncomfortable looking affair'; Mittagong, 'the Swindon of this line'; Berrima mines; uncomfortableness of coach travel; 'the Queanbeyaners think a great deal of their town'; visit to Mr Campbell's run - his family and house, shooting, riding; voyage to Rotumah Island - visit to mission station; description of island and natives 'seem to be a mixed race by their own account they come from Samoa'; Mr Fletcher the Missionary 'he has no one but the Roman Catholics to fight'; Havannah Harbour - expedition inland, cannibalism, native religion; visits to other islands in New Hebrides - descriptions of villages and native customs; Vanikoro - finding large piece of copper - Commodore identifies it with La Perouse; Santa Cruz - war-like natives; Commodore Goodenough shot by poisoned arrows; Bligh Island; deathbed scene of Commodore - says goodbye to assembled Ship's company; death of other injured men; telegraph news from Port Stephen; Sydney - burial of Commodore and other men, plans for monument. (240p.)

Series JOD/128. L. Jeffery. Diary of voyage in M.V. Limerick, England to Australia, 10 December 1931 - 8 June 1932

Details of boarding ship; duties on board - painting ship, blacking winches; Fremantle; Port Pirie; Sydney; Brisbane; Townsville; Sydney - firework display for opening of Bridge; loading timber; Melbourne; Albany; voyage home; Hull. (100p.)

Includes: Watercolour sketches of boats, birds, fish and interior of Limerick.

Series JOD/134. Henry Stopher. Log book kept by Chief mate on Barque Orestes, London to Bombay, 1849 and on John Melhuish, London to Port Phillip, 1852-1853, 29 September 1852 - 31 January 1853

Log of voyage to Cape Dromedary.

Details of weather, course, position, remarks re passengers - death of child and burial at sea - coffin so light it floated; with help of passengers violent Boatswain put in chain locker; fire in brandy cask in hold; loss of seaman overboard; Port Phillip; Melbourne - 'thought it a miserable place'; migrants living in tents; high prices; taking on passengers for Sydney; Captain arrested at Williamstown to answer some charges made by some of the passengers; Captain fined for selling spirits to passengers; voyage to Sydney. (32p.) [incomplete]

Includes directions for Port Phillip copied from Sydney Herald of 8 March 1854 on board Schooner Shamrock.[Formerly LOG/M/42].

Filmed selectively.

Series JOD/137/1-2. L. Garbett. Journals of 3 voyages to Australia on Torrens (2 vols.), October 1896 - August 1899

2 items
Subseries JOD/137/1. Journal of 1st and 2nd voyages to Adelaide and return, 26 October 1896 - 17 July 1898

Details of crew; position; weather conditions; ceremonies of crossing the line; shooting albatrosses; killing livestock; duties on board; anchoring at Port Adelaide; account of stay in Adelaide; return voyage to England - same details; visit to St. Helena; details of 2nd voyage as before; death of passenger on return voyage to England. (280p.)

Subseries JOD/137/2. Journal of 3rd voyage to Adelaide and return, 25 October 1898 - 28 August 1899

Details as before; nearly dashed on rocks during fog; striking icebergs - damage; 'the ladies passengers kept cool all through'; return voyage to England - loss of seaman overboard. (158p.)

[Various inks and pencil used]

Series JOD/150. Gilbert James Inglis. Journal kept by Purser on Duchess of Northumberland from London to Hobart Town with female convicts, 16 November 1852 - 12 March 1853

Details of female convicts boarding - their dress, 217 women and some children; food allowance, mess duties; Minister from Thames church preaches to the women; Mary Murphy put in 'the box' for stealing piece of fresh meat; sea sickness - served a glass of wine; other convicts confined to the box for fighting and stealing; gales - could not light a fire in the galley; Doctor reads prayers and distributes religious tracts which were generally used for curl paper; knitting stockings; deaths of children; deaths of Ann Jones and Jane Nottingham; hot weather - women allowed to stay late on deck. [Ends before reaching Hobart] (30p.)

Series JOD/158/1. John Rowland. Journal of ordinary seaman in llione, London to Negapatam, 1868-1869; Darra, London to Adelaide, 1870-1871; and Caroline Hutchings, London to Colombo, 1872, August 1868 - March 1871

3 items

Filmed selectively.

Journal of voyage in llione, London to Negapatam and Pulo-Penang, 5 August 1868 - 8 September 1869 (File [A])

Details of ship's company; loading coal and locomotive machinery at Newcastle; weather; sighting fish and birds; sails set; Negapatam Regatta; light phenomena; description of Penang; quarrelling between ship's company; voyage home. (43p.)

Copy also: Draft article? letter? re light phenomena in Straits of Malacca.

Journal of voyage in Darra, London to Adelaide and return, 9 July 1870 - 1 March 1871 (File [B])

Details of crew and passengers; weather; sails set; course; sighting other ships; arrival Port Adelaide, 24 September 1870; passengers on return voyage; Mrs Taylor commits suicide by dropping through stern porthole. (32p.)

Official account of a cyclone experienced by Captain Lodwick on the homeward passage of the previous voyage, 17 December 1869 (File [C])

Detailing the narrow escape of the Darra and account rewritten as draft article? (4p. and 9p.)

Series JOD/171. Alfred Withers. Diary of voyage in James Baines, Liverpool to Melbourne, 5 January 1857 - 23 March 1857

Details of loading passengers and their luggage; accommodation on board; stowaways; sighting other ships; 'James Baines Times'; quarrels among passengers; sighting dolphins, birds and porpoises; dancing; discussion groups; weekly concert; histories of passengers - 'family scapegraces...ladies running after husbands...; ladies running from husbands...lucky diggers'; birth of litter of pigs; death of child; 'The Story of the Clipper' song composed and sung by Mr O'Donnell the Chief Officer; sighted Kerguelen's Land; sighting Australia. (110p.)

Also includes: History of James Baines; chart of course; watercolour sketches of life on board ship.

Series JOD/172. Daniel Paine. Diary as kept in a voyage to Port Jackson N.S.W., a short residence in that settlement, and passage to China with return by way of Manila, Batavia and St. Helena, interspersed with remarks and observations, April 1794 - 11 August 1797

Details of appointment by John Hunter to be builder at N.S.W.; sailing in Reliance; weather; Santa Cruz; ceremonies of crossing the line; reception at Rio de Janeiro; 7 September 1795, arrival Sydney Cove; reading of Governor Hunter's commission; arrival of other provision ships; finds workmen have to be 'closely attended'; his accommodation and garden; Muir escapes on board Otter; 'came in a Schooner built in New Zealand by crew of Endeavour wrecked there (17 March 1796); D.P.'s house attacked by seaman from Indispensible, his servant David Lloyd shoots John Smith; trial of David Lloyd; D.P. incurs displeasure of Captain Collins re circumstances of trial and is dismissed; good character of Governor Hunter; Mr Moore appointed to his position; takes passage in Prince of Wales to Macao; remarks and observations on the Colony of New South Wales - setting, buildings, Court of Justice, climate, settlement at Portland head, native animals, timber, Indigenous Australians; 'most irrational and ill formed human beings… deriving as yet no benefit from civilisation', vocabulary; loading tea at Wampsa; leaves Prince of Wales at Macao; character of Chinese; takes passage on American Lady Washington for Manila; run aground at entrance to River - removal of everything from the ship; rides to Bigan; dined at House of one of Spanish dons; trips up country. (33ff.)

Copy also: Transcript. (30p., two p. 27)

Series JOD/178. Sgt. Major Arthur Sims, R.M. Journal on board H.M.S. Tamar, Chatham to Sydney, 1884-1885 and H.M.S. Diamond, on Australian Station, 1885-1889, 22 October 1884 - 11 February 1889

Details of embarking on Tamar; taking relief crews to Australian Station; ceremonies of crossing the line; Cape Town; Albany 'work is rather plentiful'; Sydney Harbour; log of H.M.S. Diamond - details of sail, steam, remarks - duties on board; weather, departures and arrivals etc.; principal events of five island cruises - places visited include Dinner Island, Normanby Island, Port Moresby, Eddystone Island, San Christoval, Samoa - details of German interest, Fiji, Sunday Island - Captain 'hoisted British flag and took possession in the name of H.M. Queen Victoria', New Caledonia - details of French convict settlement, New Hebrides, Santa Cruz - description of natives 'the women are more ugly than the men', Solomons, Renny Island, Tonga - problems caused by Rev. Shirley Baker, hearing of case Baker v. Hanslip, Sir Charles Mitchell and all staff entertained by the King and people at a Laka Laka, Noumea, Esperito Santo, Santa Cruz, punishment of natives for massacres on various islands - burning villages, cutting down coconut trees, Thursday Island; trips to New Zealand, December 1887 - February 1888; Sixth Island cruise - Norfolk Island, Noumea - Anglo-French conference on new Hebrides, Malicolo Island, Apia Island, Tanna; Melbourne Centennial Exhibition; leaving Sydney and homeward voyage. (165p.)

Includes: Photographs of ship and natives; ferns; press cuttings re cruises of H.M.S. Diamond.

Series JOD/180/1-3. Thomas F. Miller. Diary kept by passengers on Walmer Castle, Gravesend to Melbourne, 1869-1870, Melbourne to Tasmania, 1870 and return voyage on Lady Jocelyn, 1870 (3 vols.), November 1869 - July 1870

3 items
Subseries JOD/180/1. Diary (134p.), 9 November 1869 - 12 July 1870

Details of other passengers; weather; fight between passengers; Divine Service held on deck; 'dead horse' day; 'the jacks celebrated the crossing the line in a most scurvy and low spirited manner'; taking photographs; sighting other ships; entertainment - concert, drunkenness on Christmas Day, card games; presentation of testimonial to Captain; description of Melbourne - 'everything seems to be only half finished'; visit to pantomime 'at which there were some very severe cuts at the 'mother country''; hot winds; 'sick of Melbourne', decides to go to Tasmania; bad passage to Launceston; Tasmania 'a most delightful place'; Campbelltown; rabbit shooting; kangaroo hunting; Melbourne; took a passage home in Lady Jocelyn; 'Merchant of Venice' at Princess' Theatre 'never laughed so hard in all my life'; sports at Melbourne Cricket Ground; debate at House of Assembly; 29 March 1870, embarked on Lady Jocelyn - other passengers; fishing; entertainments and games; 'Lady Jocelyn Weekly Times'; gales; sighting iceberg; death of Capt. Heywood; rounding Horn; crossing the line dinner and dance.

Subseries JOD/180/2. Account of expenses in a trip round the world (40p.), 1 November 1869 - 30 March 1870

Details of costs of hotel bills, coach fares, theatre, train to Sandridge, etc.

Subseries JOD/180/3. Tracing of track round the world

Series JOD/187/1-3. James A. Gardner. Journal of voyage as passenger on Hotspur, Gravesend to Sydney. (3 vols.), 15 August 1828 - 3 October 1898

3 items
Subseries JOD/187/1. Journal of voyage on Hotspur (presumed to be a pseudonym for Percy), 15 August 1828 - [n.d.]

Details of embarkation and taking leave of family; sea sickness; Madeira; food and drink; weather; sighting other ships, birds; ceremonies of crossing the line; Simons Town; Lord John Churchill sends potatoes from his farm; visit to winery at Constantia; entertainments in Cape Town; description of Cape Town; St. Pauls' Island - pack of wild hogs. (139p.)

Includes: Watercolour sketches of life on board.

(No dates given; some damaged pages; some missing pages - pagination erratic.)

Subseries JOD/187/2. 'The Emigrant or Ups and Downs' Vol. 2 (134p.)

Details of enquiry by Capt. Joshua Halbton, Commander of Hotspur against John Freeboy, Mate, for purloining spirits ; quarrels amongst passengers; King Island; Cape Otway - 15 October 1829; arrive Sydney Harbour, 1 November 1829; description of Sydney - 'the public buildings are numerous and well adapted for business', prices of mutton and beef; aboriginals 'excessively fond of drink, foolishly given them by the white inhabitants in exchange for opossums, young kangaroos, etc.'; residence at Cummings Hotel; trip to Parramatta - description of countryside, walk in Government Gardens, prices, Rose Inn kept by Dame Walker; bushrangers on road to Sydney; visit to Cockle Bay to bathe and eat oysters; taking up lodgings in Pitt Street.

Loose pages at end of volume: applying to Superintendent of Convicts for a female servant - details of Lucy Charrington, transported for 14 years; accident on way to Parramatta causing death of Lucy; inquest.

(Few dates given; damaged pages; loose pages at back of volume; missing pages.)

Subseries JOD/187/3. Xeroxes of Gardner family tree; press cutting re P.J. Mason; memorandum of services of Capt. James A. Gardner, 1782-1814; J.A. Gardner's death certificate, 3 Oct. 1898 (9p.)

Fonds LOG. Logs, 1775 - 1905

41 items

Archival History

National Maritime Museum Section 6: Manuscript volumes acquired singly by the museum.

Originally filmed on AJCP reels M3041-M3047.


Allen, J.D.; Alsager, merchant ship; Amphitrite, HMS (ship); Barracouta, HMS (ship); Boyer, F.H.; Carlisle Castle (ship); Champion, HMS (ship); City of Poonah, merchant ship; Clarence, merchant ship; Clio, HMS (ship); Crescent, HMS (ship); Curacoa, HMS (ship); Cyclops, HMS (ship); Daly, James; Dover Castle (ship); Duke of Clarence (ship); Duke of Wellington, HMS (ship); East India Co; Dutch East Indies; East Indies; Encounter (ship); Espiegle (ship); Flora, HMS (ship); Galatea, HMS (ship); Garnet, HMS (ship); Hamilton, Thomas; Hammond, Leslie J.L.; Hawaii; Hodgson, J.B.; Huggup, Ralph G.; Hunter, C.E.; Karrakatta, HMS (ship); Katoomba, HMS (ship); Kelso, merchant ship; Le Marengo, French vessel; Legris, Duslos; Lin, Oscar W.

Series LOG/C. Logs of East India Company Ships, October 1775 - November 1836

4 items

Archival History

Official logs of the East India Company are in the Marine Records of the India Office Library; logs at the National Maritime Museum are personal copies which remained the property of the writer.

Subseries LOG/C/18. Thomas Hamilton. Log of Dover Castle to Madras, Bombay, China and return to St. Helena, 17 October 1801 - 22 October 1802
1 item

Filmed selectively.

Log of voyage from Bengal to East Indies and China on 'secret expedition', 17 October 1801 - 22 October 1802 (File)

Details of: Course; wind; weather; remarks - taking on troops; voyage to Pula Penang; found Asia, Admiral Ranier and Cornwallis from Port Jackson at Malacca Roads; discovery of dangerous rocks and shoals; spice trade of Amboyna; Macao; Samkoke; 'A Spanish frigate arrived from Manilla with a flag of truce and brot the pleasing intelligence of a general peace having been concluded in October last - Fleet manned their yards and cheered' (29 March 1802); typhoon; return voyage to Bengal via New Guinea; location of King William's Island and other Islands; sailing through Dampieres Strait [remarks for sailing through wanting]; Pulo Pessang 'this island is very remarkable in appearance'; anchorage of Bally Town, Sumbawa Island; traded muskets and gun powder for provisions.


Subseries LOG/C/35. Commander William Igglesden. Log of Tigris on voyage to Torres Straits, May 1836 - November 1836

Tigris was ordered to discover the fate of Charles Eaton, lost on a voyage from Sydney to Singapore.

Details of: Position; course; remarks - weather; voyage Bombay to Cochin; Celyon; voyage to Hobart - social engagements; Port Jackson - social engagements; excursion to Parramatta; visit to Sydney Museum; voyage to Torres Straits; friendly reception by Murray Islanders; memorandum from Captain of Isabella re fate of Charles Eaton; the natives of Murray Islands and their customs; Double Island; the fate of crew and passengers of Charles Eaton at hands of natives of Boydancy Island as told by survivor Ireland; Wednesday Island - natives' customs; natives of Raffles Bay; Timor - celebrations for King William's birthday; Batavia - exports, botany, prevalence of fever; voyage to Bombay.

Includes: Watercolour sketches; head of Madoo - a distinguished warrior of Murray's Island; appendices and notes re orders to search for Charles Eaton; picture of a savage by Major Mitchell.

(358p., pagination erratic)

Subseries LOG/C/52. Lieutenant Robert Scott. Logs of Ternate, Star and Duke of Clarence (26p.), 12 March 1795 - 10 April 1801

Includes:Log of Duke of Clarence in Straits of Malacca bound to New Guinea (2p.) Details of: Course; wind; weather; remarks - islands sighted.

Log of Ternate from Amboyna to Ternate, Banda to Amboyna. Details of: Course; wind; weather; remarks - duties of crew, weather, sails set; locations of islands; attack on Ternate Island (12 February).

Log of Star from Amboyna to Ternate. Details of: Course; wind; weather; remarks - loading stores and troops at Amboyna.

[Very faint in places]

Subseries LOG/C/79. [James Sheriff?]. Log on board Lord Holland to East Indies and back to St. Helena, October 1775 - May 1777

Details of: Course; winds; weather; remarks - weather, position of islands, shoals etc.; punishments of soldiers and crew; crews' duties; private trading in East Indies; other ships in harbour - including French, Swedish and Dutch.

Places visited include: St. Helena; Bencoolin; Pulo Timoan; Whampoa; Nanka Islands; Sumatra; Krakatoa; Table Bay.


Series LOG/F. Logs of Foreign Navies, 1803 - 1806

1 item

Archival history

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M3041

Subseries LOG/F/2. Duslos Legris. Journal du voyage fait dans L'Inde sur le v. Le Marengo pendant les annes 11, 12, 13 et 14 de le Republique, 1803 - 1806

Journal of voyage to East Indies.

Includes: Remarks on Batavia, watercolour drawings including Bencoolen and track chart.


Series LOG/M. Logs and Journals of Merchant Ships, 1849 - December 1905

9 items

Archival history

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M3042-M3043

Subseries LOG/M/5. Midshipman Ralph Galilee Huggup. Log of Clarence, London to Melbourne and return, November 1870 - July 1871

Details of: Course; wind; weather; remarks - weather, sails set, duties on board, signalling other ships; other ships at Sandridge; two members of crew deserted at Melbourne; passengers taken on - carpenter fits extra mess tables in Second Class cabin.


Subseries LOG/M/6. Midshipman Ralph Galilee Huggup. Log of Clarence, London to Melbourne and return, September 1871 - May 1872

Details of: Passengers and ship's company; course; wind; weather; remarks -duties on board, weather, sails set, signalling other ships; suicide of Mrs Sutherland, Third Class passenger; met with Russian ship Imatra - all crew laid up with scurvy, Captain sends over provisions and two men to sail ship to Falmouth.


Subseries LOG/M/9. J.B. Hodgson. Log of City of Poonah, London to Port Phillip, Sydney to Calcutta, June 1852 - March 1853

Details of: Course; wind; remarks - weather, embarkation of passengers, duties on board, signalling other vessels, setting sails; met with French vessel Loire demasted in hurricane - sent over masts and sails and received turtles in exchange.

Includes: List of ship's crew, including those who left at Sydney.


Subseries LOG/M/25. Second Mate William Lock. Log of Kelso, 1849 - 1855

Details of: Mutiny west of Sandwich Islands while ship was en route San Francisco to Hong Kong, 17 August 1850; July 1849 leaving New Zealand for Hong Kong; voyage Singapore to Aracan, 1850-1851 - course, wind, weather; Aracan to Singapore, 1851; Singapore to Hong Kong, 1851; fire destroyed Kelso at Calcutta, 1852; voyage to Port Philip from Liverpool in Nelson, June 1852 - January 1853.

Includes personal papers of William Lock, including Mariners Register Ticket.


Subseries LOG/M/27. Oscar W. Lin. Log of Quilpue, Liverpool to Melbourne to Callao, May 1905 - December 1905

Details of: Course; wind; weather; remarks - weather, sails set, duties on board, signalling other vessels; dressing ship for Trafalgar Day; loading wheat in Melbourne; holiday for Melbourne Cup Day; voyage to Callao.


Subseries LOG/M/30. Anonymous. Log of S.S. Great Britain, 3rd voyage, Liverpool to Melbourne and return and to Crimea, 12 June 1854 - 24 December 1855
1 item

Filmed selectively.

Voyage to and from Melbourne, 12 June 1854 - 24 January 1855 (Item ff.1-62)

Details of: Course; wind; weather; remarks - weather, crews' duties, sails set; holding of Divine Service; in quarantine at Hobson's Bay 20 August - 7 September 1854; voyage to Sydney - took on wool and tallow; took on passengers at Melbourne; voyage home via Cape Horn; sketch of iceberg seen on 20 Nov.; deaths of seamen; Cork Harbour, 22 January.

Subseries LOG/M/33. Midshipman C.R. Longden. Log of Carlisle Castle on four voyages London to Melbourne and return, April 1880 - May 1884

Details of: Position; course; wind; weather; remarks - weather, sails set, sighting of other ships, duties on board; death and burial of Mr Gibson, First Class passenger on second outward voyage; cargo carried on third homeward voyage (wool, wheat, bark, etc.).

Includes: Lists of crew and passengers; sketches of Carlisle Castle and other ships.


At end of volume, list of voyages made, 1st, 1880 - 157th, 1919.

Details of: his rank, ship and destinations.


Subseries LOG/M/63. James Watters, Mate. Log of Alsager, from Gunape Islands to Melbourne to South Pacific Islands, May 1872 - March 1873

Details of: Course; wind; crew on look out; remarks - weather, crew's duties, sails set; seaman lost overboard after fall from cross-jack yard; anchorage in Hobson's Bay; visits from Peruvian consul; R.G. Rae takes command; list of crew; sailing to Island of Malden; eclipse of sun (30 November 1872); ship damaged on berthing at Malden Island, unloaded stores for the Island, took on guano from Malden Island Company; leaving Malden Island for Hamburg (5 February 1873); on 18 February find ship making water - eight inches per hour; pumping every hour but still making water; 26 February 'it is now coming to a close with us. We will not be able to keep her long at this rate as this is something terrible '; crew getting exhausted at pump; 28 February 'no log the 24 hours because we cannot attend to it. My arms is now swollen up very much and very sore with pumping'; crew want to cease pumping - Steward refuses to pump; Captain hopes to reach Tonga Tahue; 3 March 1873 Captain orders boats to be got ready, 2nd Mate left the ship without permission; other crew members in mutinous condition and holes made in ship's side; 3 March crew take to boats; J.W. makes land on island of Tonga Tabu on 5 March 1873.


Subseries LOG/M/66. Anonymous. Log of Parramatta, London to Sydney and return, September 1866 - May 1867

Abstract log giving details of position; distance run and note that G. Hancock drowned on 15 February.

Includes: Lists of passengers and crew.


Series LOG/N. Logs and Journals of Royal Navy Ships, January 1854 - October 1902

30 items


Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M3043-M3047

Subseries LOG/N/1/2. Admiral R. A. Allenby. Log of H.M.S. Achilles, Nelson and Espiegle, May 1882 - August 1885

Details of: Course; position; wind and weather; barometer and thermometer; separate remark sequence including details of duties; movements of other ships; Divine Service; courts martial; exercises; visits by V.I.P.s; delivery mails, Norfolk Island; proclamation ceremonies at New Guinea; voyage back to England.

Places visited include: Sydney; Norfolk Island; Fiji; New Hebrides; Hobart; New Guinea; Singapore; Batavia.

Includes: Track chart.

Chart showing tracks of P and O S.S. Parramatta, H.M.S. Nelson, and Espiegle 1883-1885 [at back].


Subseries LOG/N/9/3. Midshipman Douglas Edmund Boyle Henderson. Log of H.M.S. Zealous, Reindeer, Mutine and Scout, 18 April 1868 - 30 October 1868
1 item

Filmed selectively.

Log of HMS Zealous, 17 November 1867 - 17 April 1868 (File)

Details of: Course, position, wind and weather.

Places visited include: Vancouver Islands.

Log of HMS Reindeer, 18 April 1868 - 30 October 1868 (File)

Details of: Course; position; wind; remarks - duties on board; sails set; divine service; movements of other ships; Queen Emma received on board; taking observations; taking possession of Caroline Islands.

Places visited include: Vancouver Island; Honolulu; Christmas Island; Maldon Island; Caroline Islands; Tahiti; Valparaiso.

Other ships on South American Coast only.

Log of HMS Mutine, 21 October 1868 - 23 December 1868 (File)

Details of: Course; position; wind and weather.

Places visited include: Valparaiso.

Log of HMS Scout, 24 December 1868 - 17 April 1869 (File)

Details of:Course, position, wind and weather.

Places visited include: Falkland Islands, Spithead, Sandy Point, Cape Pillar,

Subseries LOG/N/18/1-2. J. G. Haggard. Logs of H.M.S. Victory and Satellite, 4 November 1866 - 29 February 1868
1 items

Details of: Wind; weather; remarks - duties on board, exercises, sails set, use of cutter and galley to burn out and destroy villages of natives in Nicobar Islands.

Places visited include: Simon's Bay; Singapore; Penang; Nicobar Island; Bombay; Aden.

Filmed selectively. (153p.)

Log of H.M.S. Satellite, 4 November 1866 - 29 February 1868 (File LOG/N/18/1-2)

Details of: Wind; weather; remarks- duties on board, exercises, sails set, use of cutter and galley to burn out and destroy villages of natives in Nicobar Islands.

Places visited include: Simon's Bay; Singapore; Penang; Nicobar Island; Bombay; Aden.

Subseries LOG/N/35/1-3. Midshipman Arthur Barrow. Logs of H.M.S. Minotaur and Galatea, Duke of Wellington, Agincourt, 2 November 1868 - 19 February 1871
2 items

Filmed selectively.

Log of H.M.S. Galatea, 2 November 1868 - 3 June 1869 (File LOG/N/35/1)

Details of: Wind; barometer; remarks - duties on board, sails set, landing of Duke of Edinburgh in State at Swan River and other places, entertainments in Sydney.

Places visited include: Cape of Good Hope; Swan River; Adelaide; Melbourne; Sydney; Wellington; Auckland.

Includes: Track charts.


Log of H.M.S. Galatea, 3 June 1869 - 19 February 1871 (File LOG/N/35/2)

Details of: Course; wind; remarks - French Governor and Queen Pomara come on board at Tahiti; King and Queen come on board at Honolulu; duties on board.

Places visited include: Tahiti; Sandwich Islands; Yokohama; Manila; Singapore; Penang; Calcutta; Mauritius; Cape of Good Hope; Wellington; Sydney; New Caledonia; Auckland; voyage to Falklands.


Subseries LOG/N/36/1-2. Leslie J. Lucas Hammond. Logs of H.M.S. Crescent, Katoomba, Orlando, Karrakatta, Royalist, Orlando, Ringaroomia, Flora, Vivid, Nautilus, 22 February 1894 - 30 April 1897
2 items
Logs of H.M.S. Crescent, Katoomba, Orlando, Karrakatta, Royalist, Orlando, 22 February 1894 - 15 March 1896 (File LOG/N/36/1)

Details of: Course; weather; remarks - duties on board; descriptions of Norfolk Island, Lord Howe Island; Pacific Islands encountered by Orlando; movements of other ships in Squadron; visits on board by V.I.P.s; survey of Middle Harbour, Pearl Bay.

Places visited include: Albany; Sydney; Fiji; New Hebrides; New Caledonia; Moreton Bay; coast of Queensland; Auckland; Wellington; Melbourne; Adelaide; Sydney; Lord Howe Island; Norfolk Island; Fiji; Niue; Samoa; Solomon Islands; Brisbane; Sydney; Melbourne; Adelaide; Fremantle; Sydney; Hobart; Christchurch; Wellington.

Includes: Track charts.

(c. 260p.)

Logs of Orlando, Flora, 1 March 1896 - 30 April 1897 (File LOG/N/36/2)

Details of: Course; weather; remarks - movements of other ships in Squadron; duties on board and exercises; description of Thursday Island; cricket match against team representing the military forces at Sydney.

Places visited include: Auckland; Sydney; Auckland; Fiji; Queensland coast; Thursday Island; Sydney; Adelaide; Melbourne; Sydney; Hobart; Milford Sound; Auckland; Sydney; Albany; Columbo.

Includes: Track charts.

Copy also: Photographs of Midshipmen Hammond and others. (10p.)

Filmed selectively. (c. 130p.)

Subseries LOG/N/B/3-4. Lieutenant E. D. Ommanney. Logs of Barracouta, Cyclops, and Penguin, 10 July 1874 - 8 September 1881
2 items
Journal of H.M.S. Barracouta, 10 July 1874 - 30 March 1876 (File LOG/N/B/3)

Details of: Voyage to Australia - weather, duties on board, amateur dramatics, visit to St. Helena; Cape Town; arrival Perth; impressions of Perth - social engagements at Club, cricket match; Adelaide - 'noted for its fine buildings', Botanical Gardens, social engagements; Sydney; Melbourne - take on board Governor of Fiji; Brisbane - visitors on board, first time a man of war in the Brisbane River, Officer's lunch at Parliament buildings, visit to Darling Downs, cricket match; Sydney - description of various areas; Hobart - visited by members of Legislative Council 'a jolly set of old gentlemen', social engagements, visit to brewery and Lady Franklin's Museum; Sydney - Ball at Government House; taking officials to Fiji, including Arthur Gordon 'passengers are not very jovial and don't mix with us'; Levuka - description of vegetation; arrival of Pearl landing Governor; take Dr McGregor to visit principal Windward Islands where people reported starving; description of natives and their canoes; Suva Harbour; misunderstanding between Governor and Captain Stevens; voyage round islands; news of death of Commodore Goodenough at Santa Cruz; visit to sugar plantation in Suva; visit to Raro Island; staying at Swan's cotton plantation; taking Governor round various islands; Samoa - British Consul informs Captain of complaints of white residents against Samoan Government; relationship of Colonel Steinburger with Samoan Government; pleasures of Samoa; 'women are generally good looking and well made' - their clothing; arrest of Steinburger's yacht by American Consul for carrying arms; description of Apia Harbour; meetings between Stevens, the King, Steinburger, Premier and other local persons re complaints against Steinburger; arguments re Steinburger's credentials; Stevens declares against Steinburger and for independence of English, American and German residents - other white men were sworn as subjects of one of the three nations who have Consuls; 'Steinburger called … an unprincipled adventurer'; visit to coconut plantation; further political consultations with Consuls; the King dismisses Steinburger and asks for American protection; Steinburger taken on board Barracouta as political prisoner; King dethroned for having discussed Steinburger without consulting his Government; sale of Steinburger's effects; Ommanney suspended from duty; visiting other islands; Pago Pago Harbour; 'our worthy Captain proceeded on shore with his normal lordly air, as if he would like all the natives to bow before him'; meetings with Chiefs regarding dethronement of King ending in gunfire; ordered to sail for Auckland.


Log of H.M.S. Cyclops and Penguin, 26 April 1878 - 8 September 1881 (File LOG/N/B/4)

Details of: Course, position, weather, barometer, remarks - duties on board, position of other ships in Squadron.

Places visited by Penguin include: Tahiti.

Includes: Track charts.


Subseries LOG/N/C/4. Midshipman F. H. Boyer. Log of H.M.S. Clio, November 1870 - November 1873

Details of: Wind; weather; remarks - sails set, ship board duties, visits by V.I.P.s to ship, movements of other ships in Squadron.

Places visited include: Sydney; Auckland; Wellington; White Island; Sydney; Brisbane; Melbourne; Hobart; Perth; Sydney; Lord Howe Island; Adelaide; Fiji; Samoa.

Includes: Water-coloured drawings of the ship, scenery, natives, animals, etc. and track charts.

(297p. Pagination runs p. 212-509, some pages missing.)

Subseries LOG/N/C/13. Midshipman F. H. Boyer, Log of H.M.S. Clio, Duke of Wellington, Lord Warden, Cruiser, Lord Warden, 17 November 1873 - 21 January 1874
1 item

Filmed selectively.

Log of homeward journey of H.M.S. Clio, 17 November 1873 - 21 January 1874 (File)

Details of: Wind; position; weather; etc.

Includes: Water-colour drawings of H.M.S. Clio rounding Cape Horn; Black Spur; Jacob's Ladder; Sydney; River Derwent; Milford Sound; Port Nicholson; Lake Macarrow.


Subseries LOG/N/C/38. Master's Remark Book. H.M.S. Curacoa, January 1865 - December 1865

Details of: Position; weather; wind; remarks - under sail or not, visitors to the ship, movements of other ships, naming uncharted shoals, comments/corrections to Admiralty charts, descriptions of islands; fired at village on Erromango Island.

Places visited include: Auckland; Sydney; Norfolk Island; New Hebrides; Samoa; Fiji; Sandwich Island; Banks' Island; New Caledonia.


Subseries LOG/N/C/39. Midshipman Humphrey Hugh Smith. Log of H.M.S. Champion and Duke of Wellington, January 1894 - June 1895

Details of: Position; weather; remarks - duties on board, services, movements of other ships, setting sails, celebrations for anniversary of Provisional Government; visits on board by V.I.P.s; surveying Necker Island.

Places visited include: Honolulu; other Hawaiian Islands - Hilo; Necker Island; Esquimalt; Callao.

Includes: Track charts; water-colour sketches of islands surveyed.


Subseries LOG/N/E/1. Lieutenant Angus MacLeod. Log of H.M.S. Encounter, Barracouta and Assistance, 1 July 1874 - 18 July 1876
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Filmed selectively.

Log of Barracouta, 1 July 1874 - 18 July 1876 (File)

Details of: Course; weather; barometer; remarks - voyage to Fremantle, duties on board, setting sails, death of seamen knocked overboard by jib, description of Fremantle; people of Adelaide sent fruit to ship; news of death of Commodore Goodenough; sailing round Fijian Islands with Governor; problems in Samoa re Steinburger.

Places visited include: Fremantle; Adelaide; Sydney; Melbourne; Tasmania; Fiji; Samoa; Auckland; New Caledonia; Sydney.


Subseries LOG/N/G/8. Midshipman J. D. Allen. Log of H.M.S. Anson and Garnet (2 vols.), 1 November 1891 - 31 March 1893
2 items

Filmed selectively.

Log of Garnet in Pacific, 8 April 1891 - 1 November 1891 (File LOG/N/G/8a)

Details: Course; weather; barometer; remarks - duties on board, setting sails.

Places visited include: Hilo Bay; Honolulu; Fanning Island; Christmas Island; Tahiti; Pitcairn Island; Coquimbo.

Includes: Track charts and charts of islands.

Remainder of Log concern's coast of South America.


Log of Garnet at Honolulu, 1 January 1893 - 31 March 1893 (File LOG/N/G/8b)

Details of: course; wind; weather; remarks - visits on board by V.I.P.s, duties on board, other ships in harbour.

Remainder of Log concerns coast of South America.


Subseries LOG/N/M/9. A. W. Richmond. Log of H.M.S. Monarch, Wye, Curacoa and Himalaya, 9 May 1890 - 31 August 1891
1 item

Filmed selectively.

Log of Curacoa in Australia, 9 May 1890 - 31 August 1891 (File)

Details of: Course; position; weather; wind; remarks - sails set, duties on board, holding services, embarked on Himalaya for voyage home.

Places visited include: Simon's Bay; Fremantle; Adelaide; Sandridge; Hobson's Bay; Tasmania; Sydney; Wellington; Russell; Auckland; Lyttelton; Nelson; Oamaru; Sydney.

Includes: Track charts and water-colour drawings of the ship, scenery, etc.


Subseries LOG/N/N/2. Midshipman C. E. Hunter. Log of H.M.S. Nelson, Tamar and Espiegle, August 1881 - August 1885

Details of: Course; wind; weather; remarks - duties on board, holding Divine Services, sails set, visits by V.I.P.s on board, movements of other ships on station, punishments, J. Davis killed by falling from fore topsail, experiments under steam; turned over to Tamar (14 January 1885); turned over to Espiegle (25 January 1885); voyage home.

Places visited include: Simon's Bay; Fremantle; Sydney; Hobart; Wellington; Auckland; Norfolk Island; Melbourne; Port Adelaide; Suva; New Hebrides; Sydney; Moreton Bay; Port Adelaide; Suva; New Hebrides; Sydney; Moreton Bay; Port Moresby; Sydney; Cooktown; Flinders' Island; Java; Singapore; Aden; Malta.

Includes: Track charts and plans of ships.

(c. 464p.)

Subseries LOG/N/P/1. Clerk's Assistant Alex V. MacCall. Log and journal of H.M.S. Victory, Pique and Amphitrite (206p.), January 1854 - June 1856
3 items
Log and journals, January 1854 - June 1856 (File A-C)


Log of Victory at Portsmouth Harbour, January 1854.

Log of Pique, Devonport to San Francisco. Details of: Course; wind; remarks-position of other ships, duties on board, deaths, visits on board by V.I.P.s; descriptions of islands visited; levee held by King of Sandwich Islands 'Report says that the Royal personage is very much addicted to the bottle'. Places visited include: Maderia; Falkland Islands; Marquesas; Honolulu; Petropaulski; Vancouver's Island; San Francisco.

Log of Amphitrite, San Francisco to England. Details of: Course; wind; weather; remarks - joining ship, movements of other ships, duties on board, death of King - proclamation of new King Kamehameha IV, New Year's Day celebrations; conference of Chiefs at Raiatea to settle civil war 'some of the chiefs seemed men of quick understanding and some talent'; description of Pitcairn Island - 'we received a hearty welcome'. Places visited include: Honolulu; Raiatea; Society Islands; Tahiti; Pitcairn Island; Valparaiso; Honolulu; Petropaulski; San Francisco; Valparaiso; Falklands; England. Includes: Water-colour sketches and details of ships' complements, stores, sails, etc.

Subseries LOG/N/R/3. James Daly. Log of H.M.S. Rosario, December 1873 - September 1875

Details of: Course; wind; weather; distance; remarks - movements of other ships, duties on board, 'finding all the land very much misplaced on the Admiralty charts, especially Ramos Island'; hostile natives at Port Prasliu - presume they responsible for loss of Lavinia; natives of New Ireland and Solomon Islands; description of Loma Loma Island - cricket match; natives of Rotumah Island 'they never beg, however much they desire anything'; investigation of charges against Captain Hayes for loss of Leanora; 'all the natives [of Strong Island] are Christians and fully understand the value of money'; preparations for voyage home.

Places visited include: Sydney; Fiji; Banks' Islands; Solomon Islands; New Britain; Duke of York Island; San Christoval Island; Sydney; Fiji; Rotumah (Rotuma) Island; Ellice Islands (Tuvalu); Gilbert Islands; Marshall Islands; Providence Islands; Strong Island (Kosrae); Sydney; Wellington; Sydney; Auckland; Cape Horn.

Includes: Track charts, sketches of native villages, islands.


Subseries LOG/N/R/9. J. T. Daly. Journal of H.M.S. Rosario on a South Sea Cruise, October 1873 - February 1875

Details of: Sailing from Sydney to Fiji; other ships at Levuka; ordered to islands off New Guinea and Solomon Islands to return labour; description of Levuka Harbour; 'the natives are a fine lot of men' - prevalent diseases; canoes; voyage to Banks' Islands; 'from appearances the natives were very glad to get their people back who had probably been kidnapped 3 years ago'; descriptions of the Islands, natives, villages; Ugi Island 'very thinly populated' due to labour traffic; Guadalcanal Island natives; misplacing of Solomon Islands in Admiralty charts; Port Prasliu; Isabel Island where Lavinia was captured - hostile reception by natives; Duke of York Island; Port Carteret ; New Ireland to collect evidence re loss of Lavinia; natives of New Ireland and Duke of York Island; dejection of natives of San Christoval Island.

Copy also: From back of volume, sketches of Rangitoto, wrecked off Cook's Straits, New Zealand and Malacca taking off crew of Megdra at St. Paul's Island, 1871.


Subseries LOG/N/R/10. J. T. Daly. Log of H.M.S. Rosario, March 1872 - October 1873

Details of: Course wind; weather; remarks - sails set, duties on board, holding of Divine Service, punishments, movement of other ships in harbour, privilege leave on January 28 'a general holiday'; provisioning for voyage to Fiji.

Places visited include: Sydney; Wellington; Dunedin; Auckland; Sydney; Solomon Islands; San Christoval Island; Sydney; Wellington; Auckland; Wellington; Sydney.


Subseries LOG/N/R/29-30. Allan R.A. MacDonald. Log of H.M.S. Royal Arthur, 15 May 1899 - 14 October 1902
2 items
Log of Royal Arthur, 15 April 1901 - 14 October 1902 (File LOG/N/R/29)

Details of: Course; wind; weather; remarks - duties on board; recommissioning of Royal Arthur as flagship on the Australian Station; movements of other ships in harbour; visits on board by V.I.P.s - including Duke of York; leave and celebrations re opening of 1st Parliament of Commonwealth of Australia; Royal Tour of Australia and New Zealand by Duke and Duchess of York; social events in Sydney; hockey match against ladies team at Wellington; cricket match at Picton; Sir Harry Rawson, Governor of New South Wales, came on board and made official landing; 'Norfolk Island was beautiful to look at after Australia. Everything appeared green and very fresh whereas in Australia the absolute browness and bareness brought on by the drought is very pitiable to behold'.

Places visited include: Sydney; Melbourne; Auckland; Port Lyttelton; Hobart; Adelaide; Fremantle; Sydney; Akarva; Wellington; Picton; Auckland; Fremantle; Sydney; Moreton Bay; Norfolk Island; Fiji; Sydney.


Log of Royal Arthur, 15 May 1899 - 15 April 1901 (File LOG/N/R/30)

Details of: Wind; weather; course; remarks - duties on board; visits on board by V.I.P.s - including Governor Lord Beauchamp; movements of other ships in harbour; 28 February 1900 'landed battalion to parade with departing bushman contingent for South Africa'; death of Queen Victoria.

Places visited include: Sydney; Fremantle; Adelaide; Sydney; Moreton Bay; Melbourne; Hobart; Sydney; Jervis Bay; Auckland; Wellington; Picton; Sydney; Fremantle; Adelaide; Sydney.

Includes: Track charts.


Subseries LOG/N/S/16. Midshipman James Brant. Log of H.M.S. Scylla, May 1869 - January 1870

Details of: Course; wind; weather; remarks - duties on board, setting sails, holding Divine Service, punishments, sighting other ships, visitors on board at Melbourne.

Voyage: Portland to Hobart, calling at Bahia, Rio de, Janeiro, Cape of Good Hope, Melbourne and Sydney.

Includes: Track charts.


Subseries LOG/N/S/22. Midshipman James Brant. Log of H.M.S. Scylla, January 1870 - December 1870

Details of: Course; wind; weather; remarks - duties on board, setting sails, visitors on board at Lyttelton Harbour; movements of other ships in harbour, holding Divine Service; method of laying out a sheet anchor.

Places visited include: Hobart; Lyttelton; Wellington; Auckland; Japan; Vancouver's Island; Esquimalt.

Includes: Track charts and sketches.